Risen 2: Dark Waters Gets Bright Images

I would play the heck out of an RPG where the protagonist was the one on the left.

Risen 2: Dark Waters! Will it be shit? We just don’t know. We do know that the first Risen was a pleasantly free-form RPG that had tons of potential and that this one is looking piratical. Now there are some new screenshots, showcasing the game’s new firearms and also the fact that giant enemy crabs can be kicked onto their backs so you can get at their weakspots. That’s innovation, right there. Poor crabs.

Jim used to own an insane crab called Otis, you know. He needed to live in warm water, so Jim bought a water heater for the tank. Otis’s “thing” was to go waddling over to these heaters and meticulously destroy them. I’m not making this up. These heaters weren’t cheap and he did this several times over. I must ask Jim what happened to Otis, actually.


  1. aldo_14 says:

    I must ask Jim what happened to Otis, actually.

    Made into tasty Rangoon, I’d presume.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      I know very little about Otis but I suspect in that case his last act on this Earth would be turning out to be poisonous.

  2. Faldrath says:

    Speaking of firearms, where’s Captain Smith?

  3. frenz0rz says:

    “Will it be shit? We just don’t know.”

    Cheers, that did give me a good chuckle.

    Such is the case with some impending releases – you just dont know.

  4. Alistair says:

    Why on earth would you start a piece of news with ‘Will it be shit’ ?

    Is there a list of developers you have to be on to avoid this?

    • John Connor says:

      Because this developer has made nothing but bad games, with their best games barely scratching the okay mark?

    • AndrewC says:

      But the developer has only made great games, with their best games nearly touching the eternal perfection of Platonic Form.

      It’s true, I read it on the internet, just above this sentence.

    • megazver says:

      “Because this developer has made nothing but bad games, with their best games barely scratching the okay mark?”


    • Alistair says:

      Perhaps the fact that every one of their games has had a demo would be a more constructive thing to note.

    • Grygus says:

      A lot of reaction to that line, but I found it amusingly frank. I mean, isn’t the answer to that question the reason you read reviews?

    • Tuco says:

      @John Connor: you are full of crap.

    • MD says:

      ‘Will it be shit? We just don’t know.’ is the sort of low-key semi-humorous cynicism/realism I like to see. But it does seem like only certain developers cop this kind of thing, while others deserve it just as much but are bigger and sacred-er and have greater hordes of angry fans. So I think it’s fair enough to ask that this attitude is applied consistently or not at all.

  5. BatmanBaggins says:

    I loved the first Risen, despite its flaws. This one should be pretty good.

    • Tuco says:

      Same here.
      This is probably my most anticipate RPG this year, on par with The Witcher 2.
      Fuck Skyrim with its godlike fast travel and enemy autoscaling.

  6. SilverSilence says:

    Will it be shit? Well it won’t be as good as The Witcher 2 that’s for sure.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Well, Risen was much better than the first Witcher. So I reckon I will much prefer this over the second Witcher.

    • Burning Man says:

      You do not understand. The Witcher 2 is simply better. And it will stay that way until Witcher 3 shows up, which will proceed to outshine everything else. And then Witcher 4….

      I think you get the idea.

  7. Lars Westergren says:

    I saw a mudcrab the other day. Horrible creatures.

    This game looks good though.

  8. Eraysor says:

    Does anyone know if it features real-time weapon change? That’s something I’m looking forward to with the next-generation of entertainment products.

  9. Unaco says:

    “Risen 2: Dark Waters! Will it be shit? We just don’t know.”

    Seems something of a strange opening to the article. Unless this is the new tack from RPS/Quinns. Are all articles going to be like this in future?

    “The Witcher 2 is out tomorrow… is it just overhyped conversation interspersed with cut scenes and quick time events? We’ll know soon enough.”

    “Guild Wars 2 videos coming up… But is it just a reskinned WoW? Well, yes, of course it is. That’s a silly question.”

    “Portal 2 Free-LC coming soon! Maybe we’ll finally find out if the rumours are true… that it actually steals your CC Info and sends it to Vietnamese criminal gangs resident in Alberta, Canada.”

    • megazver says:

      Yeah, I have to say I was unpleasantly surprised by that.

    • Drakon says:

      Indeed, that’s not a polite thing to say, is it?

    • Hydrogene says:

      I found “will it be shit” really funny considering how ridiculous the first image is. A giant crab! Think about it. That’s really a lazy idea for a monster. Like giant rats, giant spiders or giant earthworms.
      What’s next giant giants?

  10. Nero says:

    What a bastard. Kicking that poor crab monster like that. Just look at its agony :(

    • ross_angus says:

      “Oooh, me weakspot”. I might start spouting that, the next time I catch one in the goolies.

  11. Teronfel says:

    Risen was great,if this one is develloped first on pc then i’m sure it’ll be awesome

    • adonf says:

      You seem to be implying that the first one was a console port, but it was developed on the PC first then ported to the Xbox

  12. tomeoftom says:

    We just don’t know.

  13. The Colonel says:

    Arrrrrrrrrrr they going to include following tea-stained maps to buried treasure-type quests. Pirate questing is surely a rum and rich prospect.

  14. Anthile says:

    …attack its weak point for massive damage.

  15. Vexing Vision says:

    Said it before: Gothic was brilliant, Gothic 2 was awe-inspiring, Gothic 3 is a bad stain of blood, Gothic 4 had nothing to do with the original developers anymore, Risen 1 was nice for “testing the waters” and proved, I think, that people want more Gothic 2’ness.

    Very hopeful for Risen 2.

    • Drakon says:

      *brofists fellow Gothic/PB fan*

    • Rob Maguire says:

      Every time I see a comment like this, I regret not playing Gothic 2 past the opening few minutes. Gothic 2 had this control issue where bumping into a wall re-orients you in weird directions. That wouldn’t be a huge issue in an open-world game, except the opening segment was in a cramped castle with circular staircases.

      Later, I became a big fan of Gothic 3 (with the community patch) and Risen, but the bad first impression means I never have the urge to go back to 2 except when I hear people gushing about it. From what I hear, this equals liking Invisible War more than Deus Ex. ;)

      On a tangentially related note, does anyone have any news on how good Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods’ recent Enhanced Edition re-release is?

  16. noom says:

    Pirates vs Giant Crabs. It seems so obvious.

  17. Raziel_aXd says:

    “Will it be shit?” -sigh-
    Actually, seeing how Risen was a great sequel for the Gothic franchise, Risen 2 has big chances to be one of the best ARPGs.

  18. Alistair says:

    There was a good Eurogamer interview with these guys, giving a lot of info on the new title.

    link to eurogamer.net

    • Creeping Death says:

      “only decent on PC”

      Sometimes I wonder if I played the same game as everyone else…

  19. Multidirectional says:

    They likely will. Some “professional” idiots actually managed to complain that Risen 1 was “no Oblivion”. That says enough.
    Will Risen 2 be shit? Highly unlikely, seeing how it is being made by people who actually have a clue about RPG genre and what works in it. It is also true that most reviewers nowadays aren’t such people.
    Not like we should care about opinion of some dude who thinks Far Cry 2 is actually a good game anyway..

  20. Zarunil says:

    I don’t see why a lot of you are reacting negatively to “Will it be shit?”. I found it funny, and loved Risen.

    • Raziel_aXd says:

      Because it’s a bit excessive. Quinns has the tendency to overwork his profession as a Brit comedian. Anyway, Risen 2 won’t be shit.

    • Berzee says:

      we just don’t know…

    • MD says:

      I found it mildly funny too, but then when people complained I realised, yeah, there are certain developers who probably wouldn’t get that kind of irreverent treatment from RPS. My solution would be to adopt this attitude more broadly, rather than reverting to the default preview tone where every game is going to be wonderful, but as things stand it could be interpreted as picking on the (relatively) little guy a bit.

  21. Teddy Leach says:

    I would play that RPG too, Quinns.

  22. Sardukar says:

    I’m sure he meant, “Is it the shit.” Of course. Of course. Just as I’m sure we all chuckled at his gaffe or, perhaps, quizzical intro.
    This is the Quanternets, where optimism and polite, considered discourse hold sway. Sway, I tell you.

  23. Choca says:

    “Will the shitty console port developed by another company be reviewed and given an horrible score and then linked to the PC version even though it’s a gazillion times better ?” would have been a better question.

  24. BooleanBob says:

    Hear hear. It is games journalism’s fault that Risen 2 won’t be a better bridge.

    I mean game.

  25. Ergates_Antius says:

    I like that he’s taken up a fencing stance against a giant crab monster in the first picture.

  26. Sinkoristo says:

    Looks great.

    Gonna pick up Risen 1 ASAP. Probably after I’ve played The Witcher 2 a few times and need a break.

  27. Chaz says:

    Why does the crab in the picture where it has fallen upon its back, suddenly look about 5 times larger than in the picture where it is being kicked over? Answers on a postcard please.

    I see they’ve given the main protagonist a suitably nautical look given the new pirates angle. Still I think he could do with a couple of flint locks tucked into a large red scarf tied around his waist and Sienfeld’s puffy shirt to complete the look. It’s what all the fashionable pirates are wearing this season.

    • roryok says:

      The big one is clearly quite far in the foreground, with the player behind. Don’t worry, this ‘3D’ business will never catch on. most people can’t even perceive it anyway.

  28. bhlaab says:

    That bloom is hideous but c’est la vie

  29. Urthman says:

    A pirates RPG with low-tech guns mixed with voodoo (and, hopefully, boats and sea monsters) mixed with other fantasy RPG stuff seems like such an awesome and obvious combination, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before. I’m pretty excited about this.

  30. JackShandy says:

    Enough of shit, WHAT HAPPENED TO OTIS? I need to know, now.

  31. Lando2012 says:

    Ah yes, another in the ‘Gothic’ series. Gothic, the original, was excellent in what it introduced into the world of RPGing. Although the interface was quirky, absolutely loved it. Sinister dark characters with questionable motives, cool AI that get’s pissed if you draw your weapon in town, good leveling with bad guys and creatures to keep you guessing, loved it.

    Gothic 2, also very cool. Had a great time and felt like they really tweaked a lot of the weird interface and clipping issues with Gothic I here.

    Gothic 3, okay getting a little crazy, but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Risen…hmmm…well, at least we’re getting back to basics here. I played it because I am a die hard Gothic fan, you know? (I know some of you know what I mean). However, I had to say that using the EXACT same formulas as the previous titles was a bit tedious.

    But I MOST definitely enjoyed it better than the next one…..ugh…Gothic 4 Arcania. The ultimate in my least favorite RPG potential pitfall…’linearity’. I mean, was there more to the game than running around hitting the ‘attack’ button? I do have to admit that I LOVED the first big castle…great textures and may layout on that. But, man, could they afford a couple pixels to go with it? I felt like I needed to adjust the screen somehow, like I was doing something wrong.

    Risen 2….high hopes….

    • Vinraith says:

      Risen was called “Risen” because PB lost the rights to the “Gothic” name, consequently Gothic 4 was made by a completely different studio. In other words, it really has no bearing on what to expect from Risen 2, and is part of the “Gothic” series in name only.

  32. MSJ says:

    Look, for people asking what’s with the “will it be shit” in the article, it ‘s making fun of you lot on the internet who seems to hate every new thing that comes along. New film just announced? It will likely suck, people will say even if the reason makes no sense at all. New game announced? It will suck, people will think. Why? No reason, they just like to hate.

    Wonder if it extent to real life? Will my future lady/man be obese and unemployed with some horrible genetic disease? Pregnant? Well, let’s just find an abortion clinic first. Just got a job? Wonder how long before I’ll get fired? And so on.

  33. bastronaut says:

    I guess nobody else played Rune? I liked Rune, before I knew about Old Man Murray, so they couldn’t spoil it for me. Rune had crabs that you could flip over. Then cut off their legs, poor blighters. It were fun.