Hey, Artists: Crunchy Leaf Games Want You

Pew pew pew!

Any artists fancy getting involved with a cute-looking shooter? That’s the appeal from an ex-Crytek tester turned indie developer, Crunchy Leaf Games (contender for best dev name?). At the moment it’s a one-man project, looking to find someone who can replace the placeholder artwork that’s currently in there. It’s an old-school space shooter, like your grandmother used to play, built in Flash. You can watch a pre-alpha tech demo of it here (which is the AI playing, with varying outcomes), or see much more action (accompanied by ludicrously melodramatic music) below. However, exactly how the game will play is still up for grabs. It struck me as interesting to see a game in such an early stage, and ideally hook up an RPS reader to get involved with the art. Especially as developer Max Dohme is suggesting he wants to take it in a Metroid progression direction. Want.


  1. mcwill says:

    Crunchy Leaf Games (contender for best dev name?)

    Well, we at Mutant Caterpillar Games promise to try not to eat them by mistake. That’d be dreadfully rude.

  2. DrazharLn says:

    I firmly believe this is part of a continuing RPS plot to insinuate its agents into all corners of the game industry. With all game developers loyal only to the eternal Hive Mind of RPS, world domination will be quickly realized.

    I for one welcome our new typo-ridden overlords.

  3. Carra says:

    Why would he need an artist? The game already looks great :)

    • airtekh says:

      I’m thinking the same thing.

    • Re2deemer says:

      If you click the “Credits” link on the page, you’ll see that “The art is almost entirely from the AI War 2.0 Graphics Library by: Chris Park / Daniel Cook / Philippe Chabot / Hans Martin Portmann”.

    • Tatourmi says:

      Besides, appart from the “pew pew'” effects I think that the game lacks personality. This just… Doesn’t do it.

  4. CrunchyLeafGames says:

    Hi there, as Re2deemer says the graphics are almost all from the free AI War library right now. The library is really great and the graphics are very nice, but there just aren’t enough for all the things I have planned.
    I could possibly make a motherload/roguelike type game with what I have at the moment, although I still need background and UI/Menu assets. But the game I really want to make would be more story-driven and have Metroid or Zelda like progression, and for that I will need lots of additional assets.

    • FalseMyrmidon says:

      Ooooo like Escape Velocity?

    • Outsider says:

      I am an illustrator with some experience who works mostly with line and watercolor. I can work, and have worked with a tablet in photoshop though. Could you give me an idea and some basic process (like is it creating a single top down image, etc.) and what program you think should be used for possible art assets? I’ll email you some artwork tonight, but it’d be good to know a little more in the meantime if possible.


    • CrunchyLeafGames says:

      @FalseMyrmidon I haven’t played EV but I think that was more freeform exploration, right? I was thinking more planned out levels and unlocking new areas with new abilities, but that is definetly also a possibility!

      @Outsider The assets need to be in png format with transparent background, you can use whichever program you prefer to create them. I can then import the png directly into the game.

    • Outsider says:

      Great, I’ll shoot you an email tonight to get in touch.

    • MikoSquiz says:

      Need any sound FX or music?

    • CrunchyLeafGames says:

      I’ve only got a couple possibles for audio at the moment. Definetly shoot me a mail if you’re interested!

  5. abigbat says:

    I’m lead artist on a game this year but could always try to fit more in…


    Let me know if you’re interested!

  6. PJMendes says:

    This reminds me a lot of Linley Henzell’s take on a 2d version of X-Wing/Tie Fighter/Freespace, “Angry Moth”, currently developed at link to forums.tigsource.com

  7. DarthBenedict says:

    I’m working on a vaguely similar game at the moment and don’t mind sharing some of my pew pew effects. The game is 3D, so I don’t think all that much will be useful for you, but the laser beams and bullets are sprites. Here’s the game if you want a look:

    link to apps.facebook.com

  8. CrunchyLeafGames says:

    Everyone who wrote or showed interest here in the comments should have received an email now.

    Let me know if I forgot anyone!