Wahey: Dragon Age: Legends Made Fun

It didn't ask me for money! Not even once!

Now this is more like it. Dragon Age: Legends, the Facebook game intended to a) promote Dragon Age II and b) suck out your very soul, has been remixed by indie chaps Pixelante, creators of the lovely Pixel Legions. (But not the same lot as Auntie Pixelante aka Anna Anthropythat would be something). The net result? Dragon Age: Legends becomes a romping good time, a festival of monster-splatting and levelling up rather than a glacially-paced exercise in begging.

‘Remix’ ain’t the half of it – it’s almost entirely a different game now. Focused entirely on real-time action, it’s fast and gloriously stupid and full of instant rather than cruelly drawn-out rewards. And not a microtransaction or two-hour wait in sight. Jolly good fun, and wastes no time in being enormously over the top. I may even have enjoyed it more than DA2 itself, but I’ll say that quietly.

Oddly, this remix is actually a promotional game in and of itself for the ‘proper’ Dragon Age: Legends, and even unlocks items within the latter. So a promotional game for a promotional game for a full-size game? That’s new heights of meta-marketing, surely.

This is Remix 01, by the way -hopefully that implies more are to come. I do love the idea of getting indie devs to rethink big licenses, like the mad Serious Sam stuff the other week. When all’s that coming out, by the way? Hurry up, chaps.

Play Dragon Age: Legends: Remix 01 for free in your browser here.


  1. bateleur says:

    If Anna Anthropy was really hired to remix Dragon Age : Legends that would be the coolest thing ever! Are you listening EA? I’m sure she’d sell out for $100K or so. :-D

    • AiglosCelt says:


      no ty

    • FalseMyrmidon says:

      Sounds like an improvement to me.

  2. SilverSilence says:

    That was actually pretty damn fun.

    • tomeoftom says:

      Yeah, that’s the longest I’ve bothered with a Flash game for a while now. Really meaty and responsive.

  3. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Had more fun playing that than I did DA2.


  4. gorgol says:

    That was fun! Bit too easy even on hard more though. Hope I haven’t worn out my left mouse button D:

  5. Tony M says:

    I know you guys have been looking for a “Server Down” RPS page. Have you seen DA:Legends Server Down page? Its brilliant. I can’t find a YouTube vid of it, so if you want to see it I guess you have to launch a DOS attack on the server.


  6. Betamax says:

    Great flash game, knocks DA: Legends out of the park. Really hope you guys saying it’s better than DA2 are joking though. Usually I would presume it was a joke, but in these dark times one can never be sure.
    I mean, if nothing else there is no VARRIC.

    Edit: Also worth mentioning that it is incredibly easy if you just pump points into one of the styles. Fun regardless though. :>

    • gorgol says:

      I don’t think they are joking about it being better than DA:2. That’s a crap game by most accounts. This on other hand is good!

      EDIT: the problem is that this sums up the gameplay of DA:2 pretty well, and its simplicity fits a short and intense flash game pretty well. Where DA:2 fails in comparison is dragging out essentially the same trivial gameplay to tens of hours worth with added crappy cutscenes :/

    • Betamax says:

      I can get the argument that this = good example of a flash game and DA2 = a bad example of an RPG. I still don’t think you can honestly say that this is a ‘better game’ than DA2. It isn’t a crap game by most accounts, that is hyperbole that has spread like wildfire. By -most- accounts it is an average game, one with good and bad points. Most reviews reflect this. Please don’t cite metacritic user reviews as a counter argument. Please.

      Seeing as today is the day The Witching commences (for most) I shall once again bring up the comparison of TW1 and DA2. Both are incredibly flawed examples of the RPG. One is now regarded as a cult classic. The other is considered ‘a crap game by most accounts’. They have had similar reviews, have similar faults (and certainly a similar number of faults), yet people are willing to overlook it in one case and not the other? It is purely because it is BioWare who made DA2, and we expected better. Does that make the game crap? Not by my reckoning.

      (For the record I am a fan of both series of games, so yeah).

    • gorgol says:

      Hmm, I guess I’m odd for thinking that TW1 was crap too :/

    • Bremze says:

      Had more fun with != is a better game.

    • Deano2099 says:

      But if DA:2 is an average game and this is a good game then this is better no? If you’re saying DA2: is average and this is worse, then it must be below average…

    • Spider Jerusalem says:

      I’m definitely not joking. And more fun most certainly = a better game. That is the point, is it not?

  7. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Pretty fun nice little hack ‘n slasher. Much better than the previous DA flash games.

  8. .backslash says:

    A game promoting a game promoting a game. GAMECEPTION!