Take Your Pick: Terraria Released

He can dig it.

2D-Minecraft-except-not Terraria has been been released! More than that, it managed to sell 50,000 copies on its first day of release. If you have six pounds you can buy the game here here and also begin having fun whenever you please. Remarkable!

…the temptation is to leave this post there and go back to playing The Witcher 2, but I shall resist. I’ve been trained for this. Some details as to precisely what Terraria is, why you should be interested in it and a trailer await after the jump.

I haven’t had a chance to play this yet, but essentially it takes Minecraft’s framework of exploring a destructible environment, finding components, coming home to avoid the monsters that spawn at night, constructing something and then going off to find more components, except in a simplified, 2D environment. The advantage of this is that the Terraria team have been able to pile content into the game like laundry into a washing machine.

A look at the following trailer should show you what I mean. You don’t have to watch all five minutes of it, mind. Just click randomly to get 10 or so clips from it, and see how the biome, enemies and player equipment changes.

Another cool-sounding feature is that once you’ve built a hovel or castle or bunker of your own, “People will move in to live there and perhaps even sell you different wares to assist you on your journey”.

If you’re thinking that this sounds like something RPS would want to take a look at, you’d be absolutely right. Until then, however, you’re best off watching the developers’ twenty three episode long Let’s Play videos of their own game.


  1. Wilson says:

    Played some of this last night, and it’s good fun, but I think the enemies could use some adjustment. There are too many of them and they seem too tough. Of course I was learning the game, but it still felt pretty ridiculous. The game itself is good enough that I kept playing, but after a while the monsters were just getting in the way of my enjoyment with their constant irritating presence.

    If they do work on the monsters, making them more rare and more interesting to fight when they do appear, then the game will be truly fantastic.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      I find that in minecraft…


    • Wilson says:

      @jon_hill987 – One big difference to Minecraft is that in this there are always monsters including during the day, so you don’t even get that respite. Though I’m not saying the game shouldn’t have monsters during the day (that would be boring with no neutral mobs), but in general I would like to see less monsters and more interesting monsters when they do appear (slimes are extremely annoying to have as a basic enemy – I would probably rather just remove them from the game completely at the moment).

    • HybridHalo says:

      The problem I’m having is that nowhere seems safe. I’ve constructed a mountain top fortress surrounded by moats too deep to jump out of and too wide to jump over and then several levels of walls and doors between my inner sanctum and the outside world, yet the zombies are always *always* able to get within my walls.

      Part of the appeal of Minecraft is the ability to create a safe headquarters from which your world exploring is based. Whatever you are, behind a steel door over a hole in the mountainside – I am safe to dig downwards without the fear of you following me. This isn’t true of Terraria, the monsters seem to just spawn slightly off screen wherever you are, the design of the world needs to be taken into account with the monster spawns, I think. With their design and ability posing different levels of threat to your safe haven.
      Other than that, so far I’m quite fond of it.

      Edit : Some of the responses have clued me in to what was happening – they were spawning into areas without the back wall/areas there was dirt. Thanks RPS crowd, you have solved my problem and I’m now enjoying crafting my little fortress as a result.

      Now… Time to get some mates involved so I can actually go out and kill some nasties.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Halo: I know you’ve probably done this, but it’s possible they’re either spawning inside your fortress, or every night’s a blood moon. Have you been placing non-dirt background walls in your base?

    • DarkFenix says:

      Monsters can spawn anywhere there are no wall tiles, so placing outer walls and trenches is useless because they’ll just spawn inside.

    • Chalky says:

      As teddy says, monsters can spawn in areas with either a dirt or missing back wall. Use your hammer to break dirt backwalls.

    • bglamb says:

      I found the monster-count pretty low.

      And once you build a room with background walls, nothing will get in.

    • noom says:

      The volume of enemies annoyed me for a while, but honestly once you’re equipped with reasonable weapons and armour and have found a cpl of life crystals, the basic enemies cease to be much of a threat. You can safely slap them aside or just run through them most of the time. That changes as you get deeper of course.

    • terry says:

      I found this initially frustrating too, but it’s the game’s way of making you build a base as priority number one. With even a basic dirt-walled, no-doored room you can get peace enough to craft to your heart’s content, and even if no NPCs will move in with a house of that kind, it removes the problem of slimes or zombies jumping in your face while you’re in the menu and trying to get a foothold.
      Also the game gets exponentially easier* as time goes on, as items carry over on a per-character basis, not per-world. So you can happily experiment and start afresh with your hard-earned items.

      * With the strong exception of Blood moons, delving deep or a certain …eye.

    • Tacroy says:

      The enemies are a bit overwhelming at first, but they’re really supposed to be; I mean, you’re naked and whacking at them with a wooden stick, what do you expect? Once you have a gold sword (which should be your first priority, btw – as soon as you have the gold bars, build a sword, and then a bow, and then tools), some armor, and a stash of health potions pretty much all the enemies you can find in the standard biomes become nothing but annoyances.

    • Vinraith says:

      Bah, reply fail on my part, disregard.

    • Reefpirate says:

      No, no, no… I think you guys are missing the point.

      1. As has been said, you put walls in your house, and put doors on the outside, and zombies won’t get in.
      2. If you get a couple of NPCs to move in, it pushes the zombies back even further. You can be safe if you stay near your house. Quit whining.

      You see, it’s not Minecraft 2D. This game has a bunch of weapons and armors, and mana, and special items you can equip. If you ‘tone down the monsters’ then there’s little reason to get these fancy items. It’s supposed to kind of be an ACTION game. Sheesh.

      (sorry if that comes across as ‘pissed off’, but frankly this game is everything I wished Minecraft would be)

    • HybridHalo says:

      Cheers guys, your replies clued me into the problem and I’ve added an edit to my post.

      I’m well aware that Terraria is not Minecraft 2D, but you’d be crazy to say there are no similarities regarding the system of base-building, resource gathering and exploration. When games are similar either in genre or atmosphere, I think it’s pretty acceptable to talk about elements of each that you enjoy and would like to replicate. Both of the games do several things very well

      It turned out that my gripe was just the result of my newbie flailing. Cheers again chaps.

  2. Hideous says:

    Personally, I just love it. Some of the enemies might be a bit too annoying (in general, it’s kind of hard to keep them at bay), but there’s just so must stuff to do, compared to minecraft where I get bored after building a dirt shack nowadays.

  3. Mike says:

    It looks great. I think it’s only fair to say that it’s really not Minecraft, it does a lot more (and obviously a lot less in some areas). It’s a very different game, and it looks like it has some really interesting combat aspects.

    I didn’t know that people moved into areas you colonise! That’s really cool.

  4. abhishek says:

    Is it true that the release of the game was pushed forward from it’s original schedule by a month or two?

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Yes, it was supposed to be released in June. Thing is, there was a leak of one of the latest beta versions.

    • Witrim says:

      Yeah but also the thousands of ppl raging and demanding them releasing it might have something to do with it.

    • Robert says:

      With that strange sense of pirate justice:

      “Aaaargh aaaargh, release it already!” “Aaaaargh aaaargh, they are leaking it themselves.” “Aaaargh, aaargh, it is their fault that I am not paying for it now!”

      To what ends people go to validate pirating.

  5. Mr Chug says:

    It’s got a double jump and a grappling hook, so John should be all over it.

  6. Teddy Leach says:

    It is amazing. It is rocking great fun. Honestly, the monsters only seem irritating when you first start out. When you get even vaguely decent gear, they cease to be annoying.

    EDIT: That’s also an old trailer from before the sprites were redrawn. This is the new one: link to youtube.com

    • Wilson says:

      That’s good to know. I’ve managed to get some copper armour and weapons, but it doesn’t seem to help much. I haven’t found much iron around yet, but I’m hoping iron stuff will be better.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      In my experience (based on three worlds so far) you get access to gold around the same time as iron. Gold, unlike in Minecraft, is a brilliant material for gear. Iron stuff is actually pretty decent, but you want to save some to make three chains. Then go deep enough underground to find skeletons. If you power your way through enough skeletons (which should be easy enough with full iron gear, but make a gold broadsword as soon as you can) one will eventually drop a hook. From the chains and the hook, you can make a grappling hook. The game becomes significantly easier after you have one, especially seeing as you can use other equipment while suspended by the hook.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Iron is only marginally better, but where you find iron you’ll find other metals too. I’m in the process of making iron armour for myself, I have silver weaponry and a couple of gold tools (it goes Copper > Iron > Silver > Gold > ? and gold isn’t weak like minecraft).

      I’ve lucked out and found a musket down the first corrupted pit I explored, though I had to buy two dynamite to reach it. I also found a magic mirror pretty early (teleports you instantly back to your spawn point).

      Also I’ve heard a thing or two about mining meteorites, and I got a message saying a meteorite has fallen in my game. I haven’t had a chance to look for it yet though, I’ll have to do that today.

    • Wilson says:

      Oh, gold is good for gear? Damn, I wouldn’t have used what I found so far for making candles then…

  7. andrewdoull says:

    From what I hear, people are having problems tearing themselves away from this to play the Witcher 2.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Too bloody right. Particularly since I hear Witcher 2 has crippling release bugs, I’ll be playing Terraria for a while to let that get patched.

    • jwfiore says:

      I can vouch for this. I haven’t even got W2 yet, and I was looking forward to it a ton, just because I’m having so much fun with Terraria. For everyone complaining about the monster difficulty, I think (it was stated here before) that it really wants you to set up a home base quickly and get some weapons and armor.

      After a couple trips underground which inevitably end with falling into lava, I now have gold armor, a mining helmet (produces light when worn), a grappling hook, a musket, a supply of bombs (mining made easy!), a spell that lets me spit fireballs, and a lightsaber.

      You must play this game. I would equate it to minecraft+zelda+spelunky.

  8. DarkFenix says:

    I picked this up yesterday. Holy shite it’s addictive, I noticed after a ‘short’ while playing it that I’d completely forgotten about things such as food.

    I find this a lot more approachable than Minecraft, it’s got a fairly specific ‘point’ rather than being completely sandboxian and being on a 2d plane makes navigation very nice and simple.

    I’ve not got amazingly far yet, I’ve got a decent house going (more a block of flats, a floor reserved for each NPC) and have a reasonable loadout of weapons, armour and accessories.

    My only real ‘mistake’ so far is flooding the super-deep cave network I was exploring. My lack of forethought led me to believe that a good way to get at resources under a lake would be to blast out the lake’s bottom and drain the water. Then I reached the really deep levels and found basically a f***ing ocean down there. Looks like I’ll be finding a different cave to explore then.

    • Aymes says:

      A specific point?

      It looks very sandbox. Is there a story of some kind then?

    • bglamb says:

      While not having a specific end-game, the game has progression that continues for a long time. You always feel like there is more to find and loot. Harder areas to explore, new biomes, and there are bosses.

      After 20 hours you can still be crafting better equipment and exploring new (different, harder) places.

      Unlike Minecraft, where you progress for maybe a couple of hours and then sorta max-out, and end up exploring another identical cave or identical hilltop.

    • DarkFenix says:

      No story, but while Minecraft is basically a case of build literally anything you like (which tends to throw someone as uncreative as me somewhat), Terraria wants you to upgrade your gear and weapons so that you can explore further and deeper so that you get cool special toys and better resources to upgrade your gear more.
      Long story short it’s Minecraft meets action RPG.

    • Wilson says:

      @DarkFenix – One thing to consider is that NPCs won’t share houses, so a block of flats might not work, unless you keep the apartments background separate.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      It works, but you just need to create separate rooms. It doesn’t matter if the background wall overlaps.

    • Wilson says:

      @Teddy_Leach – Ah, my house had multiple floors using platforms. It works if you have solid bits between each part then.

  9. Love Albatross says:

    Monster respawns are annoying and it desperately needs a tutorial, but otherwise this is a brilliant game.

    I would like to see them introduce a proper objective though, otherwise it’ll soon get boring the way minecraft does once you realise there’s nothing else to do but mine and build. This could easily be done by making the point of the game to clear the corruption by defeating the bosses and clearing dungeons, and building a town to encourage a certain number of npcs to move in.

  10. sk2k says:

    Hmm, something fishy is going on here at RPS. :( SPAZ (http://spacepiratesandzombies.com) is out since a week and still NOTHING about it from RPS. What they have done to you, RPS ? :D

    On topc: The spawning is a bit off in Terraria but it does not kill the fun i have. :)

    • Dominic White says:

      The SPAZ devleopers have been trying to get in touch with RPS for months now. I’ve tried messaging, emailing, twitter-spamming Quinns and co just to get the slightest bit of attention, but nope, they’re just silent on the subject.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      That game sounds/looks extremely average. Now take your fucking spam somewhere else.

    • pakoito says:

      The game is pretty good, the problem looks like lately RPS editors have been more of news-gatherers rather than opinion creators or indiegame pickers. Most of the games now come straight from indiegames blog -.-

    • crainey92 says:

      I sincerely doubt that. Besides where does it say on RPS they NEED to cover every Indie game out there, they value quality and will cover games that are good so if they are turning a blind eye to it then they either missed it or don’t think it’s up to much.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Corrupt Tiki, last I checked you weren’t a moderator or a writer for this site, so you’re in no position to be giving anyone orders.

      That and if you haven’t played the game and have no actual experience with it, you’re in no position to make judgments. “It looks extremely average”, yes because people release Starcontrol style games on a regular basis…

    • JFS says:

      I also emailed the guys about SPAZ. Sadly, there was no response. Of course they are well within their right to cover whatever they feel needs coverage and not a single stupid game more, but I think SPAZ does well deserve attention. At least it’s not a Minecraft spin-off, if I may be so bold (and I’d still like to try said Minecraft spin-off).

      Oh, and by the way, if anyone has copies from a Terraria 4-pack left, please PM me in the forum :)

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Not being privy to the internal debate or the contact@rps mail on RPS, I wouldn’t guess what the story is here. They do get a lot of mail.

      Of course, mailing a bunch of British games journalists with a game called SPAZ is the sort of thing which has an eye-roll to get past. If a developers’ been thick enough to call a game it without realising it’s considerably more offensive over here, it doesn’t actually bode well.

      I just had a quick crack at the demo now, and it seems fairly cute, but fucking hell, talk about marketing blunder.


    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      I wonder if it was the name that actually got them rejected from Steam the first time around.

    • Antsy says:

      What next? Joey Deacon: Space Cop?

    • Harlander says:

      It could have been worse; I heard their original title was The War for Astral Territory.

      Too much?

    • JFS says:

      Oh well. I just looked the title up. I’m German. Okay. I hope I didn’t get on anyone’s nerves. Yet it’s still a fine game. Beta, that is. Perhaps best to wait a month or two and see how it develops, and even then only refer to it by its full name. Which is kind of funny, I think.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Funny, I was turned off by the name for an entirely different reason. The game looks kinda interesting, but “Space Pirates and Zombies” just screams boring unoriginality. Just add ninjas to complete the trifecta of I-couldn’t-give-a-fuck which was old six years ago.

      It’s one tiny step away from naming your game after a meme. Boring, lazy, braindead, indicative of a character which would make me loathe you personally, etc.

    • Tei says:

      SPAZ is a great indie title, better than the average game you can buy in Impulse, even most of the AAA ones. Is a 2 guys operation, and deserve some respect.

      In my personal “quality map” SPAZ is better than Stalker, and not as good as Morrowind. But thats me, and everyone has his own tastes, I suppose.

    • Meat Circus says:

      I could hazard a guess that maybe the name is a problem?

      You may or may not be aware, but in the UK, wherein you find Castle Shotgun, “spaz” is a nasty playground smear against the disabled.

      link to urbandictionary.com

    • Duality says:

      Space Pirates and Zombies is actually a pretty good indie title – I pre-purchased on Impulse and have been trying the beta for a while.

      I have to admit though, the name did warrant an eye-roll from me when abbreviated – it does certainly carry negative connotations in England at least.

    • Tei says:

      What about to rename it Marooned In Space?

    • Zwack says:

      Not the only game whose name can be reduced to an offensive acronym, some of which got plenty of RPS coverage. I think if it actually does contain space pirates and zombies and doesn’t contain mockery of the disabled then there’s no reason to hold its acronym against it. Of course it may well be seen as not good enough to bring attention to but that’s something else entirely.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      It does contain space pirates and zombies, and it doesn’t contain mockery, so… Yeah.

    • Zeewolf says:

      Re: Spaz – A similar thing happened with Nimbus, which (if we count Minecraft as a 2011-release) was the best indie-game released last year. Yet RPS pretty much ignored it (and the devs who said in a comment that they had tried to get in touch with RPS several times).

    • Grape says:

      If a developers’ been thick enough to call a game it without realising it’s considerably more offensive over here, it doesn’t actually bode well.

      You’re “thick” because you don’t magically know that a word that’s more or less completely innocent in your culture randomly means something entirely different in another, whose language you don’t speak? These guys probably had no way of suspecting that the name could be considered offensive in England. Should we do painstaking research on the internet about every damn word we put in our game titles because they just might-possibly-maybe-perhaps offend some people with some foreign dialect or accent we have no way of knowing? I can imagine the conversation going on inside the developer’s head: “Hmmm… I’ve decided to call my game ‘The Awesome Lampshade of Ultimate Destiny’. Better spend a couple of hours doing research, just in case the word “lampshade” is a horrible racist slur in Sweden!”.

      By that very same logic, doesn’t this mean that the guys at Rock Paper Shotgun who ignored the game because of the name, are equally “thick” because they had no way of magically knowing that a word that’s offensive in their “language” may not be offensive in another?


      As to the game itself; I’ve never played it, nor am I really interested in doing so. I’m just not into outer space/spaceship -settings at all. The reason I’m reacting like this is because of the principle. Not any defense of the game itself.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Zwack: It’s not that it *can* be abbreviated to it. It’s that they do. Hell, the loading screen is S.P.A.Z. in enormous letters.

      Zeewolf: It got posted about at launch!

      Grape: I know words which are offensive in the US/Canada which aren’t a big deal over here. If I spent several years making a game, I suspect I’d google it to see if there were any problems with it.

      To stress, I’m not saying that’s why it’s not been covered yet. That’s nowt to do with me. I’m just saying “Fucking hell, way to make a first impression”.


    • Grape says:

      Grape: I know words which are offensive in the US/Canada which aren’t a big deal over here. If I spent several years making a game, I suspect I’d google it to see if there were any problems with it.

      In my opinion, that depends strongly on the word in question. If it’s something you really should have suspected that could be misintepreted as something offensive, then yes. If I was British and had made a game with an anti-smoking message, I wouldn’t have called it “I Hate Fags”, obviously. But words like “Nimbus” and “Spaz”? No. I can honestly say that I find that unreasonable, personally.

    • Vinraith says:

      Wait, wait. I’m aware of the different connotations of “spaz” here and across the Atlantic, but what’s wrong with “nimbus?” That’s a scientific term, after all, what have you perverted Brits turned it into?

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      To stress, there is no problem with Nimbus’ name in the UK. The comparison was brought up as an indie game they thought RPS should have covered more, not to do with any specific reason.

      Your fag example really just illustrates my point. Brits are forced to learn that “Fag” has a dual meaning, if only because we’ve been feeding on US pop culture for decades.

      I’ll admit, thick is a bit harsh, but the alternative – “Ignorance” – isn’t much better. You should just as a vague due-diligence do a little google.


    • skurmedel says:

      I don’t think anyone ever claimed Nimbus to be an offensive name. It is a meteorology term and a boat brand.

    • Vinraith says:

      To stress, there is no problem with Nimbus’ name in the UK.

      Damn, I was hoping to learn something new and disturbing.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Erm, “spaz” is already mildly offensive, or at least insulting in the US. You can’t really plead ignorance on that one.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      To be fair, it is mildly insulting in a IDIOT! sort of way. It’s not the sort of insult it is in the UK. The derivation of the insult between the two countries is really different.

      (And if anyone’s “Huh?”ing, Wikipedia will give you a quick run down)


    • Dominic White says:

      ‘Spaz’ is vaguely insulting in the US, but to the point where it’s a viable insult of choice to be used in saturday morning cartoons. It makes the game title silly, not offensive.

      Anyway, RPS’s most British contributor (it’s in his title, see?) Totalbiscuit managed to somehow look past this shocking cultural faux-pas (I don’t think he ever mentioned it, even) long enough to do two lengthy video previews. He has also attempted to bring the game to the attention of the other RPS writers, only to get stony silence in response.

      The game is basically Space Rangers meets Star Control, and a ton of fun. The fact that they can’t get any traction in the press can’t be all due to the name.

    • Tei says:

      I have a solution to this problem thanks to my *LEGAL DEPARTAMENT*!.
      Check this:
      link to spam.com
      Spam, the delicious meat food, is a different thing than SPAM, the horrible bloat that clout the internet tubes.
      Maybe we can pretend SPAZ is different than Spaz.

      Bonus link:
      “My vision is augmented”
      link to explosm.net

    • Antsy says:

      I can’t say I find the name especially offensive but I found it purile enough that seeing it mentioned in a few threads here at RPS I was never once moved to find out more about it until now. Which is a shame as it seems like a fun little game.

    • geldonyetich says:

      Having played the SPAZ demo just now, at the risk of sounding as though I’m over-exaggerating, this is the best game in the history of forever and I plan to get it as soon as I can without having to go through Impulse.

      I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying Terraria, so for the time being it seems that suddenly the golden age of PC gaming has kicked off. Go figure.

    • Vinraith says:

      Forget the acronym, “Space Pirates and Zombies” is just an absolutely awful name for a game. It sounds incredibly generic, evokes the incredibly worn-out zombie trope AND the incredibly worn-out pirate trope, and simultaneously comes off as incredibly inane. I’ve seen the game mentioned a number of times in comments on this site and never gave it a second thought until someone compared it to Star Control. I really think they sank themselves with their choice of title, though I certainly hope the game gets some positive attention anyway.

    • Dominic White says:

      Welcome to PC gaming, where we’re such grumpy old tossers that we don’t even get as far as judging a game based on it’s cover. We judge it based on second-hand mention of the *title*.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      (And if anyone’s “Huh?”ing, Wikipedia will give you a quick run down)

      *shrug* All’s I got to go on is my experience growing up in New York in the 90s. And as I remember it, it was typically understood that “spaz” was analogous to “retard”. Yes, a word that’s become a generic insult, but with unfortunate origins.

      Though this is one of the funnier things I’ve read today:

      In 1965, film critic Pauline Kael, explained to her readers, “The term that American teenagers now use as the opposite of ‘tough’ is ‘spaz’. A spaz is a person who is courteous to teachers, plans for a career, and believes in official values. A spaz is something like what adults still call a square.”

    • Tycow says:

      Just to echo the others… Space Pirates is possibly the best game I’ve played in a long while. It is entirely captivating, and amazing work for a two bloke team. Go go gadget RPS!
      The SURVEY2010 coupon still works on Impulse btw…

      At least try the demo before passing judgement on it.

      (Also, Terraria is goooooooood). :D

    • Vinraith says:

      Of course we judge games by their titles, we also judge books by their covers. We judge nearly everything in this media-saturated world by the first impression it makes because we’ve literally got no choice in the matter. There are thousands upon thousands of games out there, one quite simply cannot conduct a proper investigation of every one of them. If something makes a poor first impression with title or screenshots, or even if it simply fails to grab your attention, you’re going to pass it by. I don’t know what kind of world you live in where you have time to properly research every game title you hear in internet conversations, but most of us have jobs and lives.

      Having seen the comparisons to Star Control I went ahead and downloaded the demo for SPAZ. It may well be totally brilliant, I hope it is, but that won’t change the fact that its title does a poor job of selling it as a potentially interesting game.

    • Zeewolf says:

      “Zeewolf: It got posted about at launch!”

      I know, but did you read the post? A single big “meh”. It truly is an excellent game, and it deserved much more.

    • liq3 says:

      Everyone who finds anything wrong with the title needs to wake up and realise IT’S JUST A BUNCH OF WORDS. Any meaning those words carry is something YOU give.

    • geldonyetich says:

      Seems like a bit of a double standard to get hung up on S.P.A.Z. being the acronym and yet thinking nothing of advertising revoltingly pornographic RPG maker games or games involving navigating reproductive organs. S.P.A.Z. is proper brilliant, especially coming from two guys in British Columbia, it should really get a little acclaim.

    • unimural says:

      sk2k: Thank you for mentioning S.P.A.Z! Initially I thought Terraria was going to be the most impressive game this spring, but by Odin’s beard, SPAZ is bloody brilliant! And to think I had missed it entirely.

  11. DJ Phantoon says:

    That’s the old trailer- though there’s not much difference between the two, the new trailer is trying to be the old trailer, but with the new stuff. It comes off not feeling organic once you’ve seen the old trailer.

  12. Eclipse says:

    is it any good besides the shitty graphics with characters ripped and awfully edited from various 2d chapters of Final Fantasy?

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Don’t be an ass.

    • Dominic White says:

      Well, someone is full of piss and vinegar today. Also, the final fantasy sprites were placeholders while in alpha, and are nowhere to be seen in the release version.

    • Eclipse says:

      I was just asking if is it any good, as graphics\animations are amateurish at best

    • Wilson says:

      @Eclipse – Your comment really didn’t come across like that :) If you’re going to describe something as ‘shitty’ that’s an insult, and when you pair a question like ‘Is it any good?’ with an insult, it often sounds like you’re just taking the piss.

    • Eclipse says:

      well sorry but the graphics *IS* shitty, not to mention unoriginal (and no, the release still has sprites that are directly edited from FF ones or looks like copycat anyway).
      If was asking if at least the gameplay is solid, as there’s no demo

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      No, the graphics are not “is shitty”. It would be “the graphics ARE shitty”.

      Get out of here, Stalker.

  13. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Amazing that they got 50,000 copies sold! I dislike 2D games, but more power to them!

  14. gorgol says:

    What’s the PvP like? Does it have a nice lobby system for multiplayer games?

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Not yet, but a server system is on it’s way. As it is at the moment, multiplayer’s a no-go for some people because they can’t seem to connect at all.

    • saturnine says:

      Hamachi works brilliantly, tried it and hopped on a server of a friend’s friend without any fuss.

  15. trjp says:

    I got this and I’m enjoying it – it’s Minecraft with one less ‘d’ and a bit more ‘gamey bits’ (YMMV as to whether this suits you).

    It also has one-up on Minecraft in that it has the Guide who tells you a bit about how to play – and another in that you’re far, far less likely to get lost (again YMMV as to whether this is a good thing)

    It astonishes me that with millions in the bank and a team working with him, Notch can’t be arsed to put any form of tutorial into Minecraft – it has to the THE least approachable game ever made in that respect.

    That said, once you’ve heard what he’s said, the Guide here needs burying in a cellar as he gets a bit annoying :)

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Part of that is the fact that Minecraft players have gotten along fine with just the wiki and Youtube vids, and part of that is the possibility that Notch’s intentions for a proper tutorial may involve some more advanced features they’re working on.

      But more related to actual confirmed news: the current update is mostly focused on fixing several hundred(!) minor bugs that have been discovered over the last few months. So there’s that too.

    • Koozer says:

      “It astonishes me that with millions in the bank and a team working with him, Notch can’t be arsed to put any form of tutorial into Minecraft – it has to the THE least approachable game ever made in that respect.”

      Don’t ever play Dwarf Fortress.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Oh god, Dwarf Fortress..Flashbacks, flashbacks, woorghlle..

    • Tatourmi says:

      Minecraft is by far more intuitive than Dwarf Fortress.

  16. Kdansky says:

    What bothers me in the trailer: How little light there is, and how much it flickers. Light doesn’t just stop after travelling a metre or two. If the character you played was always a bit illuminated, I’d prefer it a lot.

    • Buttless Boy says:

      There are several items that do just that. Now I want a mining helmet in Minecraft, though…

  17. The Army of None says:

    So gooooood. Me and a couple mates have put in 20 hours already. We’re still gearing up to kill the Dungeon Boss (skeletron or some such), but the progression is fantastic. Thumbs up for sure!

  18. crainey92 says:

    Myself and my friend got this game and jumped into a multiplayer game using Hamachi, very simple no problems so far. Very very good game that I can see myself playing for a long time to come. I’d recommend this game to anybody who is a fan of Minecraft like adventure game, you really do get the same out of this as with Minecraft. For £6 you can’t really go wrong here it’s not like you’re going to regret spending £6.
    Might I add that Notch in particular should keep his eye on this game, there are leasons to be learnt.

    • Koozer says:

      Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress are wildly differing games though, I don’t think there’s much overlap with Minecraft players and DF players dedicated enough to donate.

  19. Tei says:

    Theres a lot of fun to be have with this game and friends.

    Mining is more interesting than in Minecraft, more gamey. Is a different game than Minecraft, but theres a lot of things to love in Terraria, that you don’t have in Minecraft.

  20. Mr_Hands says:

    It took a bit of reading/tenacity to get right into this, but once I did, man. Time just folded in on itself.

    Still stuck with largely copper gear. Managed to find some bombs in clay pots. Felt like a king when I got hold of my first life crystal. Desperately seeking iron. Still haven’t encountered corruption or the underground mushrooms. Can’t wait to start searching for a floating island.

    I did run into some kind of elite slime underground. It was tiny and pink. Aptly named “Pinky.” 150 health or thereabouts. Dropped a health potion, some bombs and a couple other things.

    Can’t wait to get home and replace my wooden walls with stone walls. Maybe dig a moat of some sort.

    • Pinky G says:

      Maybe I should consider getting a new name. I dont want to be associated with that.

    • MikoSquiz says:

      Copper gear apart from an iron breastplate. Only ever found the one vein of iron, and no gold. One piece of silver ore. Homestead bounded by Corruption on both sides. Trying to dig it up and wall it off and push it back, but keep getting killed by huge swarms of those flying soul eater thingamajigs, if only because slimes attack me from behind while I’m fighting them. Digging any distance with copper tools takes forever and only ever seems to turn up dirt or a little dead end cave with a few pots containing copper coins. Merchant has nothing useful to sell me. Send help.

  21. Buttless Boy says:

    It’s similar to Minecraft, but so far – after 18+ hours – I’d say it’s a lot more like one of the modern Castlevania games. The 2D exploration, item-based character progression, and focus on combat (especially the epic-as-hell boss battles) makes it feel very Metroidvania. The only similarities it has with Minecraft are random world generation, crafting, and building. It doesn’t play anything like it.
    That said, I’m pretty sure that Minecraft + Castlevania is the best genre mashup in history. I fucking love this game.

  22. Pemptus says:

    Is there any value to this for pure singleplayer enthusiasts?

    • Harlander says:

      Yep. The exploration-heavy Minecraftvania works equally well in single or multi -playered styles, in my humble opinion.

    • Pemptus says:

      I perceive fun times ahead then, thanks.

  23. terry says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this game as a companion to Minecraft but as others have noted it’s a very different kettle of fish. It’s a more focused experience in terms of progression – although there’s the odd bit of Minecraftian busywork to gather resources, there’s a very definite sense of the game getting more challenging in line with your progress – which reminds me weirdly of Spelunky.
    I haven’t played any multiplayer yet, although it looks a lot of fun, but from my point of view this is already the biggest bargain content-wise since that other digging game, and stands to only get bigger and better.

  24. noobnob says:

    If you have been bothered by Minecraft’s lack of sense of direction/objectives, but are still interested in procedurally generated worlds, this game might be for you.

    Back to the game now…

  25. MeestaNob says:

    So, is this a 2D scroller version of Fatal Labyrinth on the Mega Drive meets Minecraft?

  26. Suibriel says:

    Pixel Junk liquid physics, anyone?

  27. Bilbo says:

    It’s great fun. It’s basically what minecraft would be like if minecraft was a game.

  28. mashakos says:

    If this was released in ’93, it would have been ground breaking. Now? meh.

    I’m not being condescending right now, if a game of this level of sophistication was announced for the Amiga 500 at the time I would have been in line for a day one purchase. It’s just that in 2011 this doesn’t look very sophisticated, in fact an acquaintance of mine was trying to convince me to join his team who are developing a similiar game as a facebook application.

    • Wilson says:

      @mashakos – What exactly do you mean by ‘sophistication’? I would say that Doom is incredibly unsophisticated, but that doesn’t stop it being a fun game. Also, I don’t know of any other games like this which have been released at all recently. Maybe Clonk, but that’s it. So it’s interesting because it’s not an idea that I’ve really seen done much before.

      I guess I don’t really see where you’re coming from. Sophistication surely depends a lot on the type of game, many games from ’93 were more sophisticated than some of the games being released now, and that doesn’t reflect negatively on either side. They’re just different games.

    • mashakos says:

      What I saw from the trailer leads me to believe that the game is an amalgamation of different gameplay mechanics from the ’90s: platforming, building sims, 2d destruction a la Lode Runner and some hack n’ slash.
      There definitely have not been a lot of games that have combined as many genres as this game has (for good reason, working on the game design, the hours involved in fleshing out the ideas, not to mention all the art assets and the modules in the game engine, it must’ve been a nightmare for a small team!). The few attempts in the past have not been very good so if this game works kudos to the dev team for their dedication.

      For me sophistication can be in the concept (a seamlessly designed and developed game where all the art/gameplay/physics/interaction blend perfectly) or in the game engine.
      Everything in Terraria feels like it’s been blatantly recycled from the past, with added social media goodness
      I’m sure it’s fun, but it’s just not exciting for me. If this was 1993 though? Damn, that raster engine with all those flying sprites would have been sweet!

      If they release an iOS port, I’ll probably keep it on my iphone and play it when I’m on the metro or something.

    • Wilson says:

      @mashakos – That makes sense, I can totally see where you’re coming from. I’d say your summary of the game is pretty accurate. I think they’ve done a good job, but as to whether everything blends perfectly, I’m not sure I’ve played enough to say.

    • MikoSquiz says:

      I don’t think it would remotely have been possible to pull off on the Amiga. If this thing had come out in 2003 it would have been a huge damn deal, never mind 1993. Midwinter’s Pong compared to this. Don’t judge a game purely by the screenshots.

    • Dominic White says:

      “Everything in Terraria feels like it’s been blatantly recycled from the past, with added social media goodness”

      Social media? It has TCP/IP support at best. Yes, it’s very old-school, but at the same time, there’s been no game like it before. Others have done similar things – the Clonk and Diggers games especially – but this really is a fairly distinct mixture of elements that doesn’t really play like anything else out there.

    • Reefpirate says:

      The game dev community took a single pass through the 90s and made a handful of genres and games with 2D graphics, and you figure that we’re done with them now? We made all possible variants with Zelda, Castlevania, Mario, Contra… Now we’re done? That’s ridiculous. Terraria, first of all, probably wouldn’t run on a SNES or a Genesis. There’s too much at play. Secondly, as Cave Story, Iji, and Spelunky have very aptly demonstrated, the platforming genre is far from exhausted.

      Basically, this is what I read from you: “This is very 1990s, we did this in the 90s, we’re not in the 90s any more, so move on.” What a waste of an attitude.

    • mashakos says:

      @Dominic White
      Social media? It has TCP/IP support at best.

      My dislike of multiplayer slipped through here. By social media I was referring to the game’s focus on multiplayer with the implied future in-app purchases. There is no single payer game here, unless you count running around making stuff by yourself for no apparent reason.

      The game dev community took a single pass through the 90s and made a handful of genres and games with 2D graphics, and you figure that we’re done with them now?
      @Dominic White
      this really is a fairly distinct mixture of elements that doesn’t really play like anything else out there.

      I actually love games from the ’90s and don’t mind seeing new 2d platformers and puzzle games. The thing is, cobbling together different gameplay styles doesn’t make a great game. A 2D fighter/shoot ’em up/pet simulation game would definitely be unique, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s innovative. Like I said, I’m sure it’s fun if you’re really into sandbox gameplay but I’m not in that camp.

      I don’t think it would remotely have been possible to pull off on the Amiga.

      It would have required a couple of disks, and the resolution would be pretty low, but I don’t see anything in the trailer that couldn’t be done on the Amiga. Have you seen T-Zero or Project X on the Amiga by any chance?
      This definitely wouldn’t have been possible on the Genesis or SNES though. With controller and cartridge limitations (not to mention the Genesis’ barely above 8-bit era hardware) it wouldn’t have worked.

      Basically, this is what I read from you: “This is very 1990s, we did this in the 90s, we’re not in the 90s any more, so move on.” What a waste of an attitude.

      Being a programmer and adequate at pencil sketching/2d art, I have more options open to me if I get the urge to build an elaborate world in software, so Minecraft-like games are – for me – just unappealing.
      I just enjoy games that are so inventive that I couldn’t think them up on my own if I was handed a graphics editor, an audio mixer and an IDE. Games that fall into that category include World of Goo, Braid, the Oddworld games and Limbo (still waiting for that pc port…).
      I don’t see that quality in games like Minecraft and Terraria.
      If given enough time, anyone with skill can create a game like Minecraft since it’s just a level editor with a twist (and that twist is pretty huge in itself with several material propreties, systems reacting to other systems etc.). With Terraria it’s a matter of spending the time to develop all the gameplay elements and go through an intense iteration process to make sure everything fits. I’m sure all the “activities” are fun for a lot of people but without context or atmosphere it all seems a bit bland to me.

    • Fiatil says:

      Umm, I’m having a lot of fun playing the singleplayer. This isn’t minecraft, there’s a whole lot more progression that makes it much more interesting than just “building stuff by yourself”. Not to mention the fact that building stuff by yourself in minecraft can be fun as well….

    • Tatourmi says:

      “My dislike of multiplayer slipped through here. By social media I was referring to the game’s focus on multiplayer with the implied future in-app purchases.”

      No, there isn’t any implied in-app purchases here. This would ruin the whole point of the game. Besides it has a very capable singleplayer mode (Building stuff for yourself is just as appealing as building stuff for yourself and others). The rest of your post is, I guess, a matter of taste and I don’t think that answering it would be relevant.

    • geldonyetich says:

      Everybody has different reasons for playing games. If you won’t play a game simply because it looks dated to you, perhaps your preferences are more in the vein of multi-million dollar triple-A titles. In which case, I’m not even sure why you’re looking at Terraria as it never even pretended to be anything other than an indy garage game.

      Personally, I find the games I get excited about these days tend to be the ones that allow you to live vicariously in a gigantic, dynamically generated, completely mutable world. A roguelike, an elaborate 4x game, or a game like this. True, it lacks the the breathtaking panoramic views of Minecraft, but it does trump it in terms of interesting artifacts, foes, and environments to encounter. (Honestly, that Notch decided to take his Minecraft millions and make a online collectable card game can’t help but rankle: does the man have no idea how to make his elaborate environment engine into a game so he moved on to something else?)

      The fact that they’re not done adding to Terraria can only increase the value of just how far this $10 of entertainment dollar went. If this is truly not your cup of tea, you’ve my condolences, because you missed one hell of a ship that just pulled in.

    • mashakos says:

      If you won’t play a game simply because it looks dated to you, perhaps your reason for playing games is to push your hardware, more in the vein of Crysis.

      Hey! Don’t knock the Cysis sandbox editor, it’s awesome.

      As someone just mentioned, it’s a matter of preference and nothing to do with gfx.

  29. ross_angus says:

    Wow. This post went up at ten to noon. It’s now ten to four. In that time, no new posts have gone up.
    The Witcher 2 must be really, really good.
    Edit: Ah, John’s posted something. Phew.

  30. Jumwa says:

    I wasn’t interested, then I was. When I saw you could construct buildings that was the turning point.

    The exploration and fighting parts of MInecraft never drew my attention either.

  31. Moonracer says:

    A great game I’ve spent too much time on. There’s definitely similarity for Minecraft fans to enjoy but also plenty of room for both to be happy.

  32. vash47 says:

    I guess all the stealth marketing and “leaks” paid off in the end.

  33. Froibo says:

    Spelunky RPG?

  34. Avenger says:

    Does anyone know why searching for help regarding this game returns results from completely irrelevant site called creativehouseidea.com ?

    • Witrim says:

      Dumbest question ever? Because you suck at google obviously.

    • Avenger says:

      Try “terraria make doors” or “terraria delete background”. Tell me your first 3 results for each.

      I dare you.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Ha. It’s plainly a spam site. I reported it via their tool, for whatever good that does. You can go bother Matt Cutts on Twitter if you really want it taken care of.

  35. MythArcana says:

    I was going to check this out, but noticed it’s a Steam exclusive title. Hopefully they will include other distribution and multiplayer methods in the future ’cause for me that’s a deal breaker. Looks cool, though.

  36. MrWeed says:

    After seeing the trailer and reading some of the comments I was convinced to buy Terraria.
    I don’t regret this.

    This game is absolutely great! It has everything Minecraft lacks.
    Furniture, different types of weapons, cool enemies to fight, blue underground mushrooms and NPCs.

    So far I got my first golden broadsword and now I am fighting skeletons to finally drop a hook.
    While I have only encountered slimes, zombies, demon eyes and skeletons so far, I must say the fighting is really cool.

    I can only recommend this game! Go buy it! It’s worth the money!
    I’ll go back to building a second floor for my house, finally need a merchant to move in!

  37. pakoito says:

    I made a 2 hour raid to the only outdoor cave entrance in my world and went straight from copper hat to golden sword, pick, hammer and full iron set. Good times.

    Hoping to discover what mana is for, I already have 60 and nothing to spend it on. Also I don’t want the mining hat, but a light spell.

    • Witrim says:

      Mana is used for some weapons and items(ex the orb of light)

  38. trjp says:

    This is apparently doing VERY well – it’s the Top Selling game on Steam, beating Witcher 2 and the heavily discounted Singularity (and that chart is based on REVENUE and not sales I believe – this means it’s outselling Witcher 5-6 to 1)

    I’m enjoying it – there’s more to do and it’s more focussed than Minecraft – tho it shares the need to have the Internet have to tell you how most of it works…

    I’m really hoping this isn’t a trend in games – not bothering to document or guide people through them – in fairness to Terraria, at least it has the ‘Guide’ guy but there’s still a lot of reading required which is slightly crap.

    • notjasonlee says:

      i absolutely love how you have to figure it out on your own. reminds me of everquest back in 2000.

    • andrewdoull says:

      Sadly, having to figure out that you need to right-click doors to open them, and speak with the guide shouldn’t be on the ‘got to google’ list…

  39. Ezhar says:

    This needs a demo.

  40. Shazgurot says:

    Looks interesting and fun, but I don’t really see myself playing this for the next weeks.

  41. Meat Circus says: