Command Command & Conquer

This is Commander Conkers. I know I've made that joke before, but piss off, I love it.

Welcome back, commander. We know EA’s deathless strategy titan C&C is due for yet another reboot, but we don’t really know anything about what form it will take. Turns out EA – or at least their new strategy studio Victory Games – haven’t entirely worked it out yet either. Hence, they’ve put out an open call for suggestions and requests from players. It’s been a bit of confused old dear of late, but hopefully with fans’ help this once and future RTS king can be restored to its former glories.

Said an unnamed and grammatically-wobbly C&C bloke on Twitter, “Tell us your idea on how to improve future cnc games. Maybe it will be your idea, which changes everything!” Maybe it will be. To offer your ideas, you should head to the community forum here.

Already suggested? ‘Return to the basics.’ ‘Ignore the story in CNC4.’ ‘Really big maps.’ ‘RTS+FPS.’ ‘Crossover of all 4 C&C universes.’ ‘Don’t just push effort on Graphic! We need a good gameplay too!’ And generally a whole lot of moaning about how C&Cs 3 and 4 weren’t like the earlier ones. So it goes.

If you’re going to add a suggestion of your own, do be sure not to repeat one that’s already been stated. And try not to make it one related to some snippet of obscure or abandoned C&C lore, because that’s only fun for you.


  1. Sandune says:

    Stick to the original interface — be true to the game.

    The one good thing about Generals was that you got rid of gathering off the ground from Dune.
    It worked in Dune. Not so much with gold and gems.

    The upgrades that came into later version of the game added depth that was good.

    Need more depth if any thing to increase the strategy aspect of the game with out getting rid of speed.

    Speed is where CnC is strongest I would say.

    If I had a wish list it would be.

    1. Make it possible to use all former units depending on the side chosen. From all versions of the game.
    2. Include the World domination mode from CnC 3 Kanes Wrath. Its like Risk and CnC combined. Do more with that make it multiplayer.
    3. The upgrade on towers was one of the best features enhance that and include more types of trees depending on tech tree chosen. But make the player choose a route and have to stick to it, that will enhance strategy.
    4. Rather than create a list of new units. You could make the existing units upgrade based on tech researched. Addons and enhancements. In the process the player will create new units with combinations of abilities. The game has all these features they just need to be organized.
    5. The base fortifications from Sun where awesome for adding an additional element to the game.
    6. I loved Red Alert 2 and 3 the water adds another element. It needs to be in the game to be complete.
    7. Super weapons of all types should be availble to all players depending on research and money.
    8. Forget Tiberium — Generals was better for resources. Made more sense.
    9. Mobile factories are do not make sense either. If your going to use them make them resupply to make more units or have them supplied. It makes no sense a field unit would just keep making units.
    10. Include — Medics, Engineers, Snipers, Pilots, Commandos, Chronolegionars.
    11. More Resolution options and the ability to zoom further out.
    12. Vetrancy added alot to the game, enhance that and make it easier to establish teams that will support one another like medic, engineer, ect working together as a team healing one another fixing units ect..

    The game has plenty of depth already. Problem is sometimes you guys scrap really good things that the fans like. If anything you should keep them, enhance them and add more depth to the game. Strategy is the genre stick with that. Bring it all together and enhance it and — people will buy it.

    I have a played every game back to Dune II and my favorite so far is CnC3 Kanes Wrath. But there are things that are gone that I wish where included still as an option. I wish I could develop my own units and structures with parts from the existing that would add depth. And Include a map editor like the orginal CnC had.

    Of the senarios I enjoyed the most were the ones like in the orginal CnC where you started out with a damaged base, but a real base with walls ect.. and then you had to build some units to defend while trying to get some resources to survive and repair your base all at as fast as you could.
    That was fun — enhance that.