Play On RPS’ Passworded Brink Servers

We’ve got a UK server in London and a US server in Chicago. And we’re going to have some evenings manshoot on there. More details below.

Now, my experience with us having servers is that they are either full of randoms, so we can’t get RPS people on, or we have the passworded and they end up empty. So what I am going to suggest is that we have them passworded by try and keep the momentum up for RPS Brink players. So here are the server details:

Password is: hello


[Servers are both provided for the RPS community by Multiplay.]

How to keep us playing together? Well, I’m going to post up event reminders on the Steam group event thinger over the coming days, and I’ll try to get onto the server tomorrow and saturday night for a bit of play. If you are signed into Steam, of course, you’ll see these events come up and you can be sure that you are playing with RPS types. Hopefully it won’t come across as too spammy.

We don’t have a dedicated Brink voice server at the moment, but I’ll try and sort that out soon. Maybe we’ll get some really good games going on.

See you on there!


  1. Alexander Norris says:

    You might want to stop using a screenshot in which someone is advertising selling Brink CD keys on the cheap, though. :P

  2. mbp says:

    The PC security industry will be shaken to its core by this new paradigm of “Security through Publicity”.

    Eh.. Why have a password if you are going to post it publicly on the internet?

    • CMaster says:

      The point of the password is so that only RPS readers can play,
      Therefore posting the password on RPS means that RPS readers know the password and others don’t.

    • GHudston says:

      To know the password you have to read it at RPS first, thereby ensuring that you are an RPS reader.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      It just reduces the likelihood it’ll fill up with randoms. At least having to know the password means RPS readers have a chance. But since RPS is a publicly accessible site, everyone/anyone could be an RPS reader.

      If I just post it on the forums, then it’s must RPS forum readers. If I don’t post it anywhere… you get the logic, right?

      Or not?

    • QuantaCat says:

      Also, since youre posting events through the general RPS steam group, does that mean I should scrap my Rock Paper Brink group?

      EDIT: or other possibility: do you want to take over?

    • Gnoupi says:

      However this is a bit falling flat with the fact that this article will be just under the game page in Steam until another site publishes something about Brink :P

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Quanta: I will use the main Steam group to direct people to join your group.

    • QuantaCat says:

      Wow. Very grateful for that.

      Also, I got my copy today. I forgot I didnt have my DVD drive on me (I have a portable one), and I just activated it on steam and downloaded it there in half an hour. Next time, Ill just ask someone from the UK to buy it for me and send me the code instead, so I save on delivery.

      also, Brink surpasses my expectations in an extremely good way. Hooray for it!

  3. GHudston says:

    The servers have been just empty enough since the password was added for me to get on and have a game whenever I like. You just had to go and advertise them to the world, didn’t you!

    Damn you Rossignol!!!

  4. Ebslike says:

    Oh Em Gee, I’m in the screenshot! Cya tonight RPS! ;)

  5. PickyBugger says:

    I’ve noticed the server a few times whilst looking for a game but there never seems to be anyone on, even when it wasn’t passworded.

    I’ll keep checking it every time I’m looking for a game.

  6. Cooper says:

    Maybe I’m getting it wrong, but Brink uses Steam, right?

    When I add that UK IP to my favourite servers in Steam, it never finds any games there. Do I need to direct-connect to that IP from within Brink itself?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Hmm, that SHOULD work. I will check it out later.

    • alh_p says:

      The easisest way is to direct connect, but the UI won’t remember your direct connect history, so you have to enter the details after each start up.

      You can also trawl the internet server search list for the RPS servers (i sorted the list alphabeticaly to find the RPS UK server) and then mark that a favourite, ready for next time.

  7. Nullkigan says:

    “We don’t have a dedicated Brink voice server at the moment, but I’ll try and sort that out soon. Maybe we’ll get some really good games going on.”

    Community Mumble has a Brink room: password rumpus

    Encouraging Phil Cameron to swear more by shooting him adds an entirely new dimension to the game.

    We also have a spillover Brink server on port 27015. I’ll look at removing the bots and adding a password later on this evening.

    • Cooper says:

      Add mumble server details to main post? This kind of info is useful.

      If I can get the IP working, I’ll be playing tonight. I finally caved in a bought Brink on Tuesday.

  8. MuscleHorse says:

    Still can’t get a reasonable framerate out of this, even after the patch and trying my nth archived driverset. :(

  9. Memph says:

    Still cannot buy this on steam in the UK. It’s a steam game, so like…eh? :(

    • Icarus says:

      I’m assuming at this point that they just hate money and are ashamed.

    • jives says:

      What is the deal with the steam thing? Are Retail copies usable or is the game just unworkable in the UK.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      I think you can buy the download from’s digital store. I had a poke around looking since it was so weird that it dissappeared. But on Game’s store it is £24.99, I didn’t get all the way to buying it since I have it. But it looked like they were selling it, maybe they have exclusivity?

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      Retail copies work fine in Britland, it’s just bizarrely missing from the store. It’s not a massive loss though given that Steam was charging over the odds for Brink anyway.

  10. AlabasterSlim says:

    Signing up for the Steam group so I can get in on this!

  11. Makariel says:

    Signed up for the steam group and all BUT I’m currently having some weird bugs when playing Brink online. Quite often the sound just gets messed up and in a couple of games my enemies were invisible. I saw blips on the radar but nobody in front of me and was shot by the air around me. :-(

    • Lilliput King says:

      Par for the course, sadly. From my experience the sound issues only happen on a couple of the maps, so maybe they can be avoided in a rotation, I dunno.

  12. Crimsoneer says:

    Is VOIP enabled on the server?

    Because by default, it’s off.

    MASSIVELY USEFUL TIP: It’s enabled by default, for fireteams. So add everybody to your fireteam so you can use VOIP.

  13. the_fanciest_of_pants says:

    Needs an oceanic server ;_;

  14. Rei Onryou says:

    Brink does have in-game VOIP, but it has to be enabled server side. Hopefully we can get this turned on as it’ll be easier than using an external client. The server commands for it are in here: link to

    If you form a Fireteam (a squad), you get a private VOIP channel in game – I’ve tested this and it does work on the RPS server. Check out how on here: link to

    The no sound bug is on the maps – we all suffer from it.

    Can we get map voting enabled? At least that way we can try to avoid the dodgy maps where possible.

  15. Crimsoneer says:

    Yes, please remove Refuel from the map rotation…it’s driving me nutty.

  16. Jim Rossignol says:

    I can’t figure out what the server setting is to enable voting. Anyone?

    • Rei Onryou says:

      Commands in here, Jim: link to

      Jump to “Map Rotations” for map voting at the end of rounds, or look through the whole lot for more specific settings.

    • Isheh says:

      link to

      This should help.

    • Misnomer says:

      Or, more simply.
      All other voting
      si_disableVoting 0 // Disable voting [ 0 = off, 1 = on ]

      For Map Voting you need to go to the ma_rotation.cfg and uncomment


      then add map names available to vote behind it. Make sure that


      is commented

  17. westyfield says:

    Ooh, an RPS steam group and server! I’ll just go and buy it on St- oh no I won’t.

  18. Binman88 says:

    I’d love to get in on some first person shooting with fellow RPS readers, but I don’t think Brink is the game for me. If you fancied footing the bill for a Ravenshield server, RPS, I’d be all up in that joint :D

  19. ninjapirate says:

    If only I could finally make up my mind whether I should keep my copy of Brink or sell it without touching it. The reviews I’ve read so far have been keeping me on the fence!

  20. Njordsk says:

    As much as I wanted to love that game, I in fast just hate it.

    Aweful weapon feeling, successive bottleneck-made maps, strange colors at time, sound cutting.

    I can’t even stand it anymore after 10 hours or so.

    • Spider Jerusalem says:

      Yeah :(

      I really want to like it. Maybe playing with RPS folks will make me feel better about the whole thing.

  21. Easy says:

    Well, if would be kind enough as to mail me the game I ordered eons ago, maybe I could join :(

    • DonCaballero says:

      Perhaps, unlike Splash Damage, they are waiting for the game to actually be finished before shipping it.

  22. EgyptianMyth says:

    long time reader first time poster….this game is very special indeed, and the type of players it attracts i predict is gonna be better than most shooters, mainly due to the lack of K/D ratio and complete focus on teamwork to be successful.

    Thank you for supporting this game RPS.

  23. Zanith says:

    The point of the password is so that only RPS readers can play. yet there’s a link directing to this page ON THE FECKING BRINK RECENT NEWS ON STEAM!!!!!!

  24. icheyne says:

    This server is down. Confirmed in Steam chat.