Bang: Bulletstorm Gun Sonata DLC Released

Bang bang, he shot me down, bang bang, I hit the ground, bang bang, he pushed me back off the ground again

Did you like Bulletstorm? Did you enjoy the multiplayer modes? So did I! I can’t imagine anybody’s still playing them, but that’s for Epic and not me to decide. They’ve just released the Gun Sonata DLC pack, offering three new maps for Anarchy, the game’s arena co-op point-scoring mode, and two new maps for Echo, the game’s corridor-shooter point-scoring mode. For this they are charging ten American dollars, which is a number that is a little more than nine dollars, but significantly less than twelve dollars.

I think I need another mug of tea. Press release after the jump.

Seriously though, ten bucks for five new maps? And don’t Activision charge $15 for the Call of Duty map packs these days? I think a penny just dropped for me. That’s ridiculous.

New maps, more mayhem, more over-the-top action! The Bulletstorm Gun Sonata Pack is now available on PC in North America for $9.99. Players will have access to three new maps for the game’s Anarchy multiplayer mode, including the calamitous Sewers of Stygia, the abandoned Hotel Elysium and the open spaces of Villa. In Anarchy multiplayer mode, teams of up to four players fight together to survive waves of blood-thirsty mutants while scoring Skillpoints in order to advance. These new areas provide a playground for gamers to work together to pull off heart-stomping team skillshots as they decimate their foes with creative mayhem mixed with an arsenal of the most gut-wrenching and unique weapons to appear in a first-person shooter game.

Gun Sonata Pack also includes two new Echo mode maps, including Crash Site and Guns of Stygia, offering completely new challenges for those competing to top personal high scores and global leaderboard rankings. In Echo mode, Bulletstorm tracks and compares players’ scores through locations typically found in the campaign.


  1. DominicWhite says:

    I honesty can’t imagine that anyone is still playing the multiplayer. It was a grand amount of fun, to be sure, but it didn’t strike me as having any staying power.

    • abhishek says:

      Yea I’m pretty sure the multiplayer is dead by now. It was fun when playing with a good team though.

  2. ran93r says:

    Not going to bother, enjoyed the single player enough to play through twice (technically not quite finished the second playthrough on hard but will get to that at some point). My enjoyment of the multiplayer was short lived, there really isn’t much of a game there to justify throwing more cash at them. Shame really.

  3. Inigo says:

    Seriously though, ten bucks for five new maps?

    And now you know why they refused to allow support for the UT map editor.

  4. BooleanBob says:

    Significant in what way, though? Death to the tyranny of the discrete, etc.

  5. Giaddon says:

    It’s like they aren’t aware that I could buy the entire full game of Splinter Cell conviction, or BOTH Chaos Theory and Double Agent, for that $$$. Or Bulletstorm itself, in a few months.

  6. Dao Jones says:

    I love the caption! :D /sings

  7. VIP0R says:

    I miss free maps with patches. =[

    • baby snot says:

      TF2. What other devs still include free maps? I’d like to know.

    • ArtVandelay says:

      Killing Floor still gets free updates.

    • VIP0R says:

      Not many though these days, I mean I miss the yee olde days like when BF1942 would have an update but include a couple of maps too. =]

    • subedii says:

      Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead.

      For all the whining people seem to do about Valve’s DLC, they’ve always supported their games with free content and crucially, kept the community unsplit by providing all game modes and all maps for free.

      Relic are also really good for this kind of support. DoW2 has had new game modes, new maps, all for free. New costs come in when you want to get in on a new race or singleplayer campaign, but that’s understandable, and in general they again try to keep the community unsplit between addon packs (although that wasn’t possible with the latest one, understandably since they were getting rid of GFWL).

      Similar to Valve they’ve started charging for chapter specific DLC as well now, but like there, it’s all cosmetic. Frankly, I don’t care. If they can make more money and that allows them to continue supporting the title even years after release, that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

      IIRC Brink’s scheduled to get some free maps as well isn’t it?

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Didn’t all of the BF games get free map packs? IIRC even Vietnam had Wake Island or something.

  8. KaL_YoshiKa says:

    Did anyone actually play the multiplayer on PC? It was a horrible matchmaking affair that matched me to people with +300 pings…Not even a lobby :/

  9. Inigo says:

    gut-wrenching and unique weapons


    So every time you pull the trigger you have to watch a cutscene of young Jimmy Bullet, a promising round of ammunition just leaving Projectile Weapon academy with a medical science degree. However, his bright, polished brass alloy jackets a solid steel core of sadness – his beloved sister, innocent Alice Bullet, lies within her bed at home, stricken with the dread disease Sympathetic Detonation. Though she brightens Jimmy’s heart with her winsome smile, he cannot help but think of the horrific incident that afflicted her with the cursed infection – the tragic cooking off of her closest friends at her birthday barbeque. Every second that she lies in bed is a thousand daggers to Jimmy’s heart… for all his training, all his medical knowledge, he is utterly powerless to help her by himself – if only he could raise the money for her hideously expensive medication… then she may have a chance of recovery.
    Leaving the academy with his girlfriend, Gretel Grenade, he spies a recruitment poster. He freezes. It suddenly becomes so clear – if he joined the army, if he volunteered to join a magazine… maybe then he could raise the money to pay for his sister’s treatment! In his excitement he immediately leaves for the nearest recruitment office – his mother receives only a letter declaring his intentions, for he knows she would only try to discourage him. Neither her sobs of despair nor his girlfriend’s pleas reach his ears – indeed, even the dissenting voices within his head are submerged within a deluge of fantastical daydreams and countless stories of courage and derring-do found within the pages of Boy’s Own. Why, with his education and the expertise of the Assault Rifle commanding officers, what could possibly go wrong? At most, all they would do was allow themselves to be brandished at some simple natives, and laugh heartily as the foolish creatures retreated back into their bushes and mud huts.
    At last, the call comes. Jimmy finds himself pushed into the magazine. Around him he sees his comrades, brothers-in-arms, friends: “Buck-tooth” Harris; “Nobby” Wilson; “How to Go” Benjamin; Abdullah “Abdullah” Abdullah… with such fellows by his side, how could he possibly fail? A quick jaunt outside, rattle the natives, then back home for tea and corned beef – and enough money to see to it that his little sister will see another day, no, another year… a decade!
    The first pull of the trigger. Jimmy hears old “Buck-tooth” roar overhead. He stifles a chuckle – from down within the magazine, it almost sounded as if the fellow was shrieking in blind agony. Jimmy makes a mental note to tease Harris for being such a girl when they arrived back at the barracks. The eager old sport is still fighting back a chortle or two as he finds himself lifted up into the “firing chamber”, as the “old hands” called it.

    The hammer comes down. The pin is struck. The propellant is ignited.

    The bullet is fired.

    Jimmy doesn’t feel it at first. The adrenaline sees to that. The mixture of fear and exhilaration as he flies through the air acts as a tonic for all physical sensation. The effects are ephemeral as the wind buffeting his face, however – the brave soul’s vision is soon dimmed by the red stygian haze of mortal agony. The invisible hammer of the air is implacable and unceasing – no sound is able to leave Jimmy’s lips as they part in a silent scream of animalistic terror and pain. Slowly, as if time itself is slowed to a crawl through horrendous wounding, Jimmy’s head turns back. His eyes, glazed over with pain and the pale encroaching claws of death, take in the ruin that was once his body, his mortal shell, his temporary ‘home’ of brass and zinc that enshrined his very soul. All he can see is his upper half – the only sign that he once comprised of anything else is a mere scorch mark, the stain of his lower body being rent asunder in a infinitesimally short cataclysm of fire and horror.
    These images of mortality and the bitter fragility of the physical self barely have time to pass though Jimmy’s mind before it is shattered by the brute force of impact. His consciousness, broken and dying, floating peacefully in the dissociative, blurring limbo of imminent extinction, lazily browses the final moments of life. Its metaphorical fingers drift lightly amongst pictures of fire, rushing air, cloth, and blood. As the edges of life begin to fragment and drift, it reaches one final, absolute conclusion.


    Jimmy was fired into someone’s bollocks.

    Then all is darkness. And peace.

    The letter arrived some weeks later.
    Jimmy’s mother sits silently upon the wooden stool in the kitchen. No tears will come. Not yet. All that is felt is a cold, hollow void – an empty, shrieking hole in her very soul.
    Her son is dead.
    A life extinguished.
    Her son is dead.
    A promising future, denied.
    Her son is dead.
    Her daughter, without a brother.
    Her son is dead.
    A sickly voice comes from the room beyond.
    “Mother, did a letter come? Is it from Jimmy? Did he say when he’ll be coming home?”

    She doesn’t know how to answer.

    Then you click the left mouse button again.
    You piece of shit.

    …What was I talking about again?

  10. Oasx says:

    I would much rather see an expansion of the single player game

  11. PearlChoco says:

    As long as people keep buying these ridiculously overpriced DLC`s, they have no reason to ask reasonable prices.

    Oh, and people buy them, that`s for sure…

    link to

  12. Carra says:

    They’re just creating this so they can make a GOTY edition in half a year *with the mappack* for the price we paid on release date.

  13. Kazang says:

    Never paying for a map pack dlc ever checking in.

  14. Vandelay says:

    I really don’t have an issue with paying for DLC. A team has put effort into making these for the consumer and they deserve some payment for that; that’s just the way of our capitalist world. It is nice when things are given for free, but I don’t think it should be expected.

    They do completely screw up on price though. Map packs should cost, at most, a dollar a map. $10 is about half the price of what an expansion pack would have been and five maps certainly isn’t anywhere near half the content.

    The Call of Duty ones do seem slightly more ridiculous, with recycled maps, although the zombie mode in the recent one does sound quite substantial.