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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Anti-Money Solution

Looking to part ways with a bit o’ cash in exchange for some cheap games? Why not throw your coins into the Bargain Bucket, and see what leaps back out at you. For cheap games every day of the week, SavyGamer‘s got you covered. Read on for this week’s best digital discounts.EVE Online: Incursion – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99
Quite possibly one of the more intimidating of the MMOs. Every time I hear about some of the stuff that goes down in EVE, I want to both run a mile and immediately get a subscription. Quinns sat down for a chat with head goon, The Mittani, last month, where he dropped such nuggets as these:

One of the reasons we make jokes about Eve being a bad game, or a spreadsheet or what have you, is that it lacks immersion. It’s just talking space ships. And most of the time you’re so zoomed out because of the lag that you don’t even see your space ship. It’s just a little bracket fighting another bunch of brackets, and the overview is a spreadsheet, and then your targeting reticule’s a bracket.
I would like Eve to be a better game. Eve has always been a vision, an idea of a universe, that’s always been poorly realised through the medium of a game client. I almost never log on to Eve Online itself because I run a spy network. For me, Eve Online is talking to people in a Jabber client.

The game so interesting that it doesn’t matter how boring it is. Hmmm.

Swords and Soldiers HD – £3.74/€4.99/$4.99
Sidescrolling 2D strategy fun from Dutch studio Ronimo Games. This is wot Alec thought of it:

Mechanically-speaking, it’s onto something. Taking away the direct unit control doesn’t simplify things so much as unhinge them, with your soldiers’ autopiloted stupidity forming part of the strategy. For instance, the teleporting Chinese monkey can and will leap a few feet behind an opposing force, who then don’t turn around even though they can blatantly see the hairy little bastard’s right there. So you’re required to make your next move about getting some sort anti-monkey solution out there as quickly as possible, rather than saving up for whatever it was you were saving up for.

More here.

Just Cause 2 – £5.49/€7.49/$7.49
Registers on Steam.
It’s been a while since we’ve had a sale on this. This has been cheaper before, but not by much. A jaw-dropping symphony of open world man shooting, sky diving and making explosions happen, Just Cause 2 is more than a little bit special. The physics is more like something out of an action movie than the real world, as you use the grappling hook to get around lightening fast, and switch vehicles at high speed. Find John’s WIT here, and more RPS coverage here. Demo here. Warning: Requires DX10, therefore Vista or Windows 7.

Magicka – £3.59/something similar in other currencies.
Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”. Registers on Steam.
Is this a change in policy from Impulse since the Gamestop acquisition? Only I don’t remember them having sold Steamworks games before now. Perhaps they have been doing it for a while, and I was too busy looking at the price tags to notice. Magicka, that game what started out looking like ridiculously silly fun, but then turned out to be somewhat broken, then went insane in the most brilliant way possible. I had a few problems with it back at launch, but I’m reinstalling it now, and hopefully everything will be fine.
The DLC/Expansion are also discounted:
Wizard Survival Kit DLC Pack – 59p/something similar in other currencies. (or 53p if bought with anything else).
Magicka: Vietnam – £3.14/something similar in other currencies.

Deal of the week
Machinarium, Lume, The Tiny Bang Story, Outpost Kaloki & Cloning Clyde – £12.95/€14.85/$19.95
Five indie games for ~£2.50 each is rather decent deal, especially when one of them is the lovely Machinarium, and two are recent releases which both charmed John’s socks off. Of The Tiny Bang Story, he said:

The work of two Russian developers, Colibri Games, this is just utterly lovely. It’s also smart. Things are hidden well, and never unfairly. Real thought has gone into the placing of every item. And the screens are just packed with things to explore, doors to open, machines to operate, and so on. It’s a pleasure to explore them.

And of Lume:

The set for the game is completely handmade, crafted out of paper and cardboard. It’s then been wired up like a school project, with little dolls house bulbs. And then it’s been filmed. So far, so The Dream Machine. But the crucial difference here is how it’s filmed. Moving from one area to another initiates a camera movement. Which is literally a camera movement. The guy holding the camera moves it over to the next area. And the effect is breathtaking.

Careful with this pack, you run the risk of overdosing on loveliness. Anyone played Outpost Kaloki or Cloning Clyde?

Also of note:
Plain Sight – £1.99/€2.49/$2.49 (Or £1.50/€1.88/$1.88 each for a 4 Pack).
30-50% off Arcen Games
50% off all Positech games at Direct2Drive UK/USA.
Men of War – £4.49/something similar in other currencies. Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”.
Anuman Promo at GOG.

Head to for updates on what games are cheap throughout the week.

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