Deus Ex 3 Wants You To Want Things

'That's what you get for only buying the standard edition!'

Once there were demos (something I plan to write about soon). Now there’s just promotion, and promotion of promotion. The below video is an attempt to make you preorder the super limited megascloosive ultrobucks version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and contains lingering, porny close-ups of the various paper’n’plastic’digital goodies therein, to the accompaniment of what sounds like the Battlestar Galactic soundtrack.

Do you want these things? WELL DO YOU?

Never before has a slow, rotating close-up of an action figure had such dramatic background music.

All looks jolly pleasing for people who like that sort of thing, but just the game for me, please. And soon. Very, very soon.


  1. poop says:

    wonder what the likelyhood of this all being poorly hidden in the standard install files is

    • Chalky says:

      To be honest, if they attempt to hide a physical action figure in the install files, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed to be “poorly hidden”.

    • MrGreen72 says:


      Sorry, I’ve got nothing more to add.

  2. nayon says:

    It’s really weird that remotely detonated explosives and the grenade launcher is collector’s edition only…

    • Teddy Leach says:

      All of that crudola also comes with the Augmented Edition, which is minus the out of the box tat.

    • Rii says:

      Yeah they can fuck right off with that shit.

    • ShowMeTheMonkey says:

      I was about to say that! My tactic was always sneaking in, planting explosives, boom and sniping the survivors.

      And not I have to play extra for that?!


    • P7uen says:

      What a scam.

    • arccos says:

      I remember back in the day when buying a video game felt good. They had beautiful color manuals, good looking discs/cds, sometimes a map or a cool extra, and all in a box you could display on a shelf. You felt like you owned the game, and it worked out of the box.

      It all felt like a “thank you” wrapped up in a pretty bow from the developers for your purchase.

      Now I feel like a fool because I never own the game (just rent it from the authentication server). I feel like an afterthought because I’m missing content that I could have had if I bought it at Store X. I feel like an idiot for buying a broken game at release. I feel like a sucker if I pay more for some extra content, and I feel coach-class for buying the Cheapskate Edition.

      Video games and automobiles are about the only industries that seem to want to make their customers feel so bad just for buying their product.

    • goatmonkey says:

      pretty certain it is in the game normally you just get it initially rather than finding/ buying it in the game world the other weapons are just unique versions of the other weapons, still think the mission should be for everyone cutting proper content is a sure way just to make people feel used when they have to buy your super edition to get the full experience

    • arghstupid says:

      @arccos – yeah I think guild of thieves came with a manual, ID card, contract, newspaper and hint book. Cloth maps weren’t all that unusual. Admittedly many of the ‘extras’ in those days were actually just innovative copy protection strategies, but it was still kinda cool. Except for sodding code wheels. I remember being bitterly dissapointed when I bought quake (my first PC game) and opened up the giant box to find nowt but a tiny square manual and a CD. I always thought the vanishing extras were just down to money and that games used to cost more, but I just googled about a bit at it looks like games in the 80s used to retail for $25-$35 which is $50-$70 in now dollars – so not really any difference. Production costs have gone way up but then so have the number of copies sold.
      Back on topic, having to pay for what look like pretty standard weapons comes under ‘new low’ in my book, this one is increasingly looking like a ‘wait and see’ rather then a ‘run with wallet.’

      Edit – oh just read the other comments, I’ll let go of this end of the stick now.

    • Ogun says:

      I haven’t been playing video games for long enough to share the nostalgia, but well said.

      I stopped reading comic books in the 90s when every major title had a foil cover/alternate cover/extra story edition – our newsagent was stuck with extra stock that he couldn’t sell and I couldn’t always get the copy of Batman I wanted because it’d been bumped from the delivery in favour of some silly bloody card cover of mutant teen x-spiders. I just want to buy the regular comic – then when a story arc is complete, I’ll buy the collected hardback if I like the story. The publisher gets lots of money, I get a shiny thing, everybody’s happy.

      If you’re selling people the special edition before they’ve read the comic book/played the game/watched the movie, how do they know they won’t end up with a special edition turkey?

    • LionsPhil says:

      arccos’s comment could do with being whacked up on the site in a big, thick red border for all to see, then printed out and used to bludgeon publishers with.

  3. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Do you want these things? WELL DO YOU?
    Ummm… No, I just want to play the f***ing game. If I play the game I won’t need the artbook – because I’ll see the art in the game. Marketing is absolutely murdering the games industry and the more of this they do the less interested in actually playing HR I am becoming.
    So far it’s gone from a “day one purchase” to a “I’ll wait and see what people are saying and whether it needs a patch in the first week, then I’ll consider it” purchase because from experience I know when a company spends this much on hype and advertising (yes Black Ops and MW2, I am looking at you) the finished product is often A) not actually a “finished” product and B) not very good.

    • Hallgrim says:

      Hey at least they aren’t using stupid, man-boyish sexism to create controversy and generate awareness of the game, right?

    • nofing says:

      Yeah, I pre-ordered it (which I usually don’t do), but now I think I’m just going to cancel it again.
      It’s ridiculous when they sell items or even additional ingame money for a single player game.

    • l1ddl3monkey says:

      @Hallgrim: 2 years ago. Move on.

  4. bglamb says:

    Selling things like 10,000 extra in-game currency for real money makes me wonder where people will stand legally if they use some kind of cheat or hack to give themselves more in-game money.

    I mean, if you make and release a patch that makes your sniper rifle extra-long range, and gives infinite money, and some unlocking devices, are you gonna get sued?

    • DrazharLn says:

      No. You are not.

      (… unless you reverse engineer the code to do it, which is against IP laws, or something. IANAL)

    • bglamb says:

      Isn’t there a case to be made that your accessing paid content without paying for it?

      Like if they sent you a demo with a payment check and you edited it to allow you to play the whole game.

    • ix says:

      Making such a patch would involve breaking the DRM. Breaking the DRM is illegal in the US under the DMCA (it’s a bit more fuzzy in Europe, depends on the country etc.).

      If you patch it just for yourself no problem but if you distribute that patch they can sue your pants off.

  5. D says:

    You know, I’m not even sure I want to play the game anymore.

    • Fierce says:

      Of course you do, you little liar.

      It’s going to arrive and you’re not going to play it? Really?

    • D says:

      It’s just that exclusive-items marketing gives such a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sure I’ll play it once the rosy-flavored WIT pops up.

  6. jon_hill987 says:

    How long before games require you to pre-order if you want the game at all? As in, after the release date it is simply no longer for sale.
    Wait, I haven’t seen BRINK on Steam for a while…

  7. Rii says:

    Witcher 2’s was better.

    • subedii says:

      It’s a jokey cliche now to be sure. But still, the standard edition of Witcher 2 includes pretty much all the kinds of stuff they’re touting here, excluding the fairly naff looking action figure. Artbook, soundtrack, making of, even a full map.

      Oh, there’s the additional 10,000 in-game currency I suppose. That’s just dumb. “Buy our exclusive edition and break the gameplay right from the start!”. The only other thing I could guess at is that in-game currency isn’t actually worth much to begin with, in which case, what’s the point?

    • Rii says:

      Yeah it wasn’t a random comment, although I’m obviously not unaware of the meme. The Witcher 2 really has set a new standard here for both standard and collector’s editions.

      Mind you I’m still waiting for my standard edition to arrive. There’s something to be said for digital distribution after all.

    • Calneon says:

      And Automatic Unlocking Device.

      “Buy the collector’s edition and you don’t even have to play the game! Just sit back and watch it like a movie!”

    • outoffeelinsobad says:

      I got the Witcher 2 Premium Edition for $45 on Amazon and it came in a box with a bunch of fiddly things that I love with my whole heart. The game’s not bad either.

  8. Teddy Leach says:

    I’ve already preorded the Augmented Edition. Leave me alone.

  9. ImperialCreed says:

    I think the box art is absolutely beautiful. And that in itself has nearly sold me on it, sad chap that I am.

  10. Anthile says:

    Man can do what he wants but he cannot want what he wants.

  11. WJonathan says:

    I like artbooks. They’re pretty to look at. The rest of it is landfill food.

    • banski83 says:

      Same; I like artbooks (the HL2 one is still amazing to look at, even now), but the rest of the gumph is useless to me, apart from perhaps the soundtrack, if it’s any good.

      So it looks like I’ll be getting the Augmented Edition. Really don’t see the point in paying almost double for the Collector’s Edition, which seems to be identical to the Augmented Edition, apart from the Action Man figure in the box.

  12. westyfield says:

    I might get the Augmented Edition, as it’s only about £5 more than the standard edition (aka the game), but as lovely as that box art is, I’m not interested.
    I’ve only played the first two missions of Deus Ex, so I don’t know or care about Tong. Rescue yourself, whoever you are!

  13. Bluepixie says:

    Do these things actually sit on retail shelves? It just seems like a bit of a waste of time really. Why not just include a Gary’s mod like mode so you can put the characters in stupid poses and be done with it.

  14. HexagonalBolts says:

    There is so much marketing crap crammed in every possible hole in this game, I have low expectations of it.

  15. Sinnorfin says:

    That 10.000 credits is strange.. i wonder how much this amount of money impacts the game?
    If it’s cosmetics than its bad news…because it sounds like it should be an impact..
    If it is an impact..then how come its in the collector’s edition?

    ( if not the grenade launcher but yes, the explosives are strange too)

  16. skyturnedred says:

    So, I’m missing out on three loud weapons and some in-game currency with normal edition? Fine. Stealthy approach is always better. And no one even knows how much 10k credits is actually worth in the world of Deus Ex, could be pocket change or game-breakingly too much. Or something in-between.

    • Zarunil says:

      A pair of basic trousers will actually cost you 700.000.

    • Fierce says:

      Makes sense. In 2027, all trousers are augmented, especially trousers for males.

      Damn you Marketing…

    • Zarunil says:

      I’d buy some augmented underpants.

    • WJonathan says:

      I wear augmented trousers. (Hint: banana).

    • Dozer says:

      I wasn’t paying very much attention but I think it said the sniper rifle is suppressed, ie not as bangmaking as normal. (Which kind of goes against the idea that longer range == more propellant == more banginess)

  17. JackShandy says:

    Yes! Yes, I want it, ok?

    It’s only those extra weapons, the 10, 000 (!) extra credits and the unlocking device that bug me. Why do people assume that because I’ve payed the bucks for the Extra-Grande edition of their game, I must want the game to be much easier? I had to throw away the weathered pistol and armoured uniform in New Vegas.

    • Bioptic says:

      Worth repeating again that the ‘Augmented Edition’ in Europe comes with literally every single thing in the above video aside from the plastic toy (and the nicer boxart). Yup, including the artbook (more of a pamplet really).

      And yes, all of the pre-order shite really does grate at the core of my being. Part of me wants it for the sake of completionism, part of me dismisses it as being completely peripheral to the actual gameplay experience, and part of me fundamentally rejects it for breaking or diluting the game as intended by the creators.

      But mostly, mostly I’m just angered by the concept that I’ll have to dick around with various editions and pre-orders and Bioware social accounts and logging into my singleplayer game, whilst the pirates can drop the files into their install, run a tool, and never have to worry about it again.

    • Thomas says:

      The Augmented Edition as seen on the various digital outlets make absolutely no claim about having any extra in-game content.

      Is there a retail Augmented Edition i don’t know about?

    • Fierce says:

      Just to cut to the meat of the matter:

      1) As far as I know, and I may be mistaken, the Augmented Edition does not include the Rescue Tong mission. The mission was meant to be scrapped from the game and is only included as incentivizing marketing material.

      2) Some Eidos forum staffer acknowledged in a post that they were looking into other options for getting the Tong mission to people outside of the Collector Edition, but that was in 2010. Necrotic forum information from some dude who isn’t even on the marketing/dev team? Maybe.

      3) The physical version of the Augmented Edition in the UK apparently contains the extra mission while the digital international version does not. There’s also the long standing Gamestop shenanigans.

      4) The extra weapons are merely enhanced versions of vanilla counterparts contained in the game. Think “regular sniper rifle with a zoomier scope and a red tiger skin” and you get the idea. Also, who would WANT to skip picking locks in Deus Ex?!?!

      So yeah, a botched product lineup that will confuse and frustrate… if one cares about a single rescue mission that was Recycle Bin refuse in the first place. I’m expecting the extra 10,000 credits to either not be worth anything, be modded into the game by the community or simply available via some console command-line means.

    • sneetch says:

      I’ve preordered the Augmented edition from Amazon where it doesn’t mention the free 10 grand at all. Added to sweeten the deal, I wonder?

      I’m hoping the 10,000 is “optional” somehow, as in you have to pick up an envelope containing 10,000 from inside your toilet cistern and don’t just start with 11,000 as opposed to 1,000. I don’t like the idea that these games contain an advantage that you’re “forced” to use, maybe I’ll use it on a second playthrough, but I’d like to play through vanilla first (the ability to switch some of the DLC off when starting the game would be enough, extra mission yes, everything else no).

  18. GoliathBro says:

    I’ve already paid for this, but only because I want that nice box on my nice shelf, which is filled with other nice things, and this makes me feel nice.

    Hot dang I enjoyed unpacking my ultromega edition of The Witcher 2 and fondling Geralt’s head almost as much as I enjoy the game. (I really, really, really very enjoy the game.)

    • andytt66 says:

      Witcher 2 was the first collector’s edition that I’ve preordered. Despite Geralt’s head being all chipped on one side (did anyone not get a damaged bust? I don’t really mind too much, it seems.. appropriate), it’s spoilt me in terms of what I expect from something like that.
      This… this is not up to that standard. And I’ve cancelled my pre-order. If nothing else, what shone about the Witcher one was the care and thought they’d put into it. This doesn’t have that. Adding an action figure (that you can buy seperately) to a game box does not a Collectors Edition make.

      EDIT : Should you wish, the toy can be bought seperately here : link to (credit to

  19. Rond says:

    The grenade launcher takedown is the most silent way to spend extra bucks.

    • Bhazor says:

      What are we waitin for. I got a pistol.

    • Dozer says:

      If you get to the north dock, a UNATCO informant will give you a key to the statue doors. He responds to the codephrase “Iron Cock”.

  20. billyblaze says:

    I will pirate the toss out of the DLC mission. Screw this.

  21. Nim says:

    Grenade Launcher,
    Sniper Rifle,
    Remote Detonated Explosives,
    Automated Hacker Device,
    Extra Money,

    One extra mission,

    Remember those times when we were young, games were hard and cheat codes looked up on the internet using a modem? Looking for codes that gave us invincibility, resources and weapons. To be honest the hacker device and money feels like developer/publisher sanctioned cheats and that I can make my bad conscience go away by paying a bit extra. I assume the extra weapons are given at the start to the privileged customer but obtainable by all as I’d really hate to see them strip a large part of the game’s arsenal out of the game for the rest.

    The mission just sounds like a cash-in using recognizable elements from Deus Ex 1.

    • Zarunil says:

      Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Cheater’s Edition

    • Nim says:

      Deus Ex – Human Revolution – Handicap Edition?

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      but obtainable by all

      That’s key. If they’re removing remote-detonated explosives from the “standard” game entirely, then it’s immediately relegated to “buy it when the GOTY edition is 50% off”. That would be sad.

      It looks like they’re just cheats, but this is extremely vague:

      Q: Will the standard edition have lesser/different versions of the remote explosives (M-28) and the Grenade Launcher or not?

      A: Every weapon that’s included in the pre-order packs has an analog in the standard game in some form or another. You won’t be missing out on the possible functionality if you choose not to get a given pack, but you will lose the presence of these non-upgradeable pre-specialized versions. For example, it’s been announced previously that you can mix ‘n’ match various grenade types with different deployment mechanisms.
      You’re really not missing out either way when it comes to the weapons. All you get there are some shiny extras. No, the real difference is whether you want the extra mission or the extra credits.

      “An analog in some form or another” is not terribly reassuring, though the last sentence is.

    • Rond says:

      My bet is that these ‘exclusive’ weapons included in pre-order pack will be something similar to unique modified weapons in DX:IW. Like that pistol with a red flashlight instead of a usual one. Maybe this grenade launcher has extra ammo capacity, and the remote explosives make a bigger flash? Something along the lines.

  22. Dawngreeter says:

    Dramatic sounds. Bright, in-your-face colors. Flashing big title:

    it’s still free for people who don’t want to give us money

  23. jonfitt says:

    This marketing department to be doing their best to make the thought of buying a new DX game unpleasant.

  24. luminosity says:

    Giving in-game money and no doubt overpowered items away with the special edition just makes me not want it. Every games company that adds extra weapons or other in game items for pre-orders or special editions or DLC invariably screws the balance of the game up. Madness.

  25. Bhazor says:

    When will this “motion comic” (0:25) fad end? They always look like crap and in this case it looks so far removed from the Renaissance decor that it is just bloody jarring.

  26. mwoody says:

    A collector’s edition that includes an actual in-game mission. You incredible bastards. Apparently now “collectors” are the only people interested in playing a complete game.

  27. jon_hill987 says:

    JC DENTON: All I’ve got with me is a pistol and an electric prod. I don’t mind a test, but UNATCO better issue some hardware.

    PAUL DENTON: What? Didn’t you pre-order?

  28. TT says:

    isn’t this a SP game?

    a) buy the game
    b) a + pay extra to enjoy the full game
    c) … enjoy the full game

    mmm.. someone is shooting themselves on the foot

  29. DainIronfoot says:

    My action figure is also augmented.

  30. Salt says:

    If they’d stuck an augmented eyeball in there instead of a plastic man, I’d be tempted.

    Stick it on your desk, and you can constantly pick it up and say “my vision is augmented.” Oh, the laughs we’ll have.

  31. jackflash says:

    I plan to order the 50% Off Edition in a year’s time.

    • Mattressi says:

      Yep, after all the marketing crap I’m pretty much over DX3 now. I reckon I’ll wait until I can get it for $10 or so, unless RPS have an absolutely glowing review that makes me pine for more Deus Ex (in which case I’ll consider buying it for $20 – I’d rather save my money for indie games which actually have substance). Right now, though, it looks like Crysis 2 with a few stats thrown in and weapons which you need to pay real money for. I’m very underwhelmed.

  32. jameskond says:

    Good thing DLC can be pirated now as well..

  33. MeestaNob says:

    I think I’d rather just get the basic version and grab the extra stuff when in it’s inevitably released a bit later as DLC.

  34. Dana says:

    ‘Automatic Unlocking Device’ ? Really ? Buy collectors edition so you want have to hack things ?

  35. brulleks says:


  36. Sinnorfin says:

    “But mostly, mostly I’m just angered by the concept that I’ll have to dick around with various editions and pre-orders and Bioware social accounts and logging into my singleplayer game, whilst the pirates can drop the files into their install, run a tool, and never have to worry about it again.”

    buy the version with the nicer box then pira…augment it with those files…

  37. Sceptrum says:

    Not interested. Too pricey compared to other Collectors Editions’ and their content, plus the Nordic Edition which I pre-ordered costs just as much as standard edition will and I get the two extra DLC with it (Explosive Mission Pack & Tactical Weapons Pack).

  38. Iskariot says:

    I stopped wasting excessive money on hugely overpriced, useless plastic toy containing collectors editions a year ago. It is never worth it. I really want this game, but I do not really want to be ripped off.
    It saves me a lot of money I can buy other game’s for. So, no thanks.
    I am not even buying overpriced, rip off DLC anymore. Bioware has cured me of that too. If Deus EX is going the Bioware DLC ripp off road, I might even wait for the complete GOTY edition. I have not decided yet. It depends. I am so sick of the DLC trend in gaming land. It destroys games. It chops them up into little disconnected pieces of overpriced gaming. Rockstar is one of the few who get it right with DLC that can carry their own weight (GTA4) and do not rip a game to pieces in Bioware fashion.

  39. wcaypahwat says:

    I’ll shine up my old brown shoes
    I put on a brand new arm
    I get home early from work
    If you say that you love me

    • WJonathan says:

      Oooh freaky! Did Cheap Trick prophecy the coming of Deus Ex? I say yes.

  40. Talon says:

    There was a link on reddit as to the douchebaggery of various things promised in pre-ordering/collectors editions; I wish I still had it.

    I lose all respect for a developer/publisher when they start granting parts of the game (missions, tools, etc) to pre-order/collectors editions. Giving access to a beta? Sure. Giving access to purely ceremonial/superficial elements? Okay. Influencing gameplay? Fuck off.

    I am willing to pay full price for good games – as long as I am getting the entire game. To be held hostage to pay more for the actual ‘full’ experience is just vile.

  41. Muzman says:

    Since Hulk Hands were the coolest tie-in toy thing ever I don’t think this is likely to capture the public imagination without strap-on retractable arm chisels to go with it

  42. Pijama says:

    What a fucking disgrace.

  43. Sinomatic says:

    I could be wrong here, but aren’t the unlocking device and the explosive thing single-use items? I’m not thrilled with all this pre-order in-game content stuff at all. I’ve ordered the augmented edition, as I wanted the behind the scenes and the art booklet too, but I think its shocking that they’d hold back the Tong mission. I don’t mind if the weapons are just different flavours of what can be found/bought in the vanilla game, and if the other two things are single-use then its not game breaking, but the Tong mission (even if it is a side mission as a nod to the long-term fans and nothing more) should be available to everyone.

    I’m hoping any extras are added on through some sort of unlock code, as I want to play vanilla (apart from the Tong mission, obviously).

    I’ve been looking forward to this game for years and the only thing that has really put a bad taste in my mouth about it is how they’ve gone about this pre-order malarky.

    • Bhazor says:

      Yep. The auto-unlock device and URDED have already been confirmed as consumables. But don’t let facts get in the way of AIM rage.

  44. Chaz says:

    What do people do with all this tat, like the 40 page art books etc? Once you’ve spent 5 minutes looking at it all, lets face it its just going to sit on your shelf collecting dust whilst you get stuck into the game. You could could put it all in a box and stick in the loft I suppose, but its not like the value of any of this stuff is going to appreaciate.

    • adonf says:

      That’s why it’s called a collector’s edition, as in dust collector.

  45. Derpentine says:

    In other news, indy guys theres another $50 I have burning a hole in my pocket, I expect 5 titles and could two be TD of sorts?

  46. Zelius says:

    See, this is the kind of shit that makes me want to pirate games.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      This is the attitude that makes me want to strangle people. Don’t want the added tat? Don’t buy it. Don’t agree with it? Don’t buy it.

    • Zelius says:

      Eh, I prefer the phrase “Don’t agree with it, pirate it.”
      You can’t strangle me! I’m all the way over here, while you’re all the way over there!

      Edit for coming off like less of an ass: I actually meant pirating these kinds of ridiculous DLC/premium content, not the actual game.

  47. I LIKE FOOD says:

    In-game weapons excluded from the regular game? That´s just stupid.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I do believe it’s more of a case of getting access to the goodies straight away rather than getting to them during the normal course of play. We’ve been seeing things like that for years.

  48. Zwebbie says:

    99 Comments and nobody said “What a shame” or “desperate” yet?

    What a shame.


  49. Moorkh says:

    This is starting to break my heart.
    I have bought around 500 PC games over the last two decades, most of them at full price, and not pirated a game since around 1995. I have bought the collector’s edition of every game I was interested in that had one. It gives me pleasure every time I walk into my vault / basement room and I gaze over my collection of boxes and gimmicks. I take out art books times and again just as I would reflect on pieces of fine art. I have bought dozens of rare game editions from the internet for above full price. You could say I was a collector of games.

    Maybe I’ll need to start specializing on the pre-2010 era. I’m starting to hate even perfectly good games because I just feel like I’m purposely made to miss out no matter which version I buy. I couldn’t care less for cosmetic in-game extras, but I do about reserving different gameplay content for different groups of customers and about screwing with the game balance in this way. Instead of a product, I get an array of unsatisfactory options.

    If from this background I draw a sense of entitlement, I think I cannot be denied that. And with that sense, I’m starting to look at my options. Maybe I’ll still order this their very pretty collector’s edition, if just for the cover and the artbook. But I don’t think I will install it. Instead, I’ll check the torrents and see if I can get an even more complete edition from that. I certainly feel I have a right to, and screw the law.

    If publishers insist on making me value my games less, they shouldn’t be surprised if I start paying less for them. Or tale up knitting instead altogether.


  50. sbs says:

    no thanks i will get the super-ordinary edition…