Firefall Video Talks PvP, Instancing, Robots

Red Five Studios have taken some time to answer community-derived questions about their forthcoming free-to-play Tribes-but-an-MMO game, Firefall, and have posted it up as a developer diary, which you can see below. They talk about the nature of the world’s openness, PvP, autonomous vehicles and robots, and a bunch of other stuff. Go. See. Judge.


  1. Protagoras says:

    Looking ok so far.

    I gotta say I was really hoping for an EvE style FPSMMO (single shard, each area being on a couple of servers for load balancing) – but I guess a sorta tribes meets TF2 meets WOW is good as well.

    Also, the devs kinda freak me out… They’re the stereotypical Brooklyn Italian dudes.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Tiki bar

      Okay, I don’t really know what to think now.

      They are a little unexpected, but the game still looks good (though I say that, I may be under some sort of beard-induced shock).

  2. N says:

    Yeah, they are way older than I thought too lol. Odd bunch.

  3. subedii says:

    Alright I’ll bite: What’s the QR code for?

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Youtube says:

      the barcode = “Thanks for the beer VideoVillian!”
      UIBlood 1 week ago

  4. skyturnedred says:

    Would have been much cooler if he had finished his beer by the end.

  5. Fenryz says:

    It sure looks nice, but from the comments it sounds like a lot of focus on pvp. Judging from what we´ve seen so far, Im afraid the pve missions are all about running to a spot in the jungle, popping a tower, blasting waves of insects, then run back home again to check possible upgrades.

    • BathroomCitizen says:

      Fenryz, I think that focusing on pvp might be a good thing. Think of human players, they can outsmart you, change their tactics on the fly and really push your own skills to the limit. Don’t you get bored of pve generally in games? The ai could be prevedible after a while!


    WIsh I’d not seen this.
    They speak with forked toungues.