“30% Better Framerate”: The Witcher 2 Patch

They are looking disdainfully at my headline. STOP IT, YOU TWO.

EDIT: Boo! Looks like the patch has been delayed after all, due to an issue with DLC compatibility. “We will update when we know more,” say CD Projekt.

Inbound at some point this evening is a v1.1 patch for The Witcher 2. Anything exciting in there? Ah, not really, it’s all bugfixes and performance upgrades. That said, the patch notes promise an “approximately 5% to 30% better framerate and faster game loading for many users, depending on their individual systems and game versions. Owners of retail versions can expect the biggest improvements.” So, mostly of interest to twitching luddites who insist on owning DVDs and any of you who bought the absurd Collector’s Edition, then.

v1.1 will also bring with it an option to invert the mouse, for those of you who think Geralt is an aeroplane. The developers are promising a second patch next week, and you’ll find the full patch notes after the jump.

Doesn’t “Internal tests are well under way” sound professional? I must remember to use it more often. “Internal tests of the next subscriber newsletter are well under way.”

Internal tests of Patch 1.1 are well under way. Our current target is to release it this evening. Please note that although we are doing our best to have it ready by then, the time still may change in order to be completely sure that the patch will function properly. This is our primary concern since there are significant changes and upgrades that will affect many users.

1. Simpler and more reliable game installation and activation. Details to be revealed soon.

2. Fixed the free Troll Trouble DLC download. It is now included n the patch so there’s no need to download and install it separately.

3. Fixed an issue that prevented some users from downloading other free DLCs (the ones given out with some pre-orders, special promotions, etc). The launcher now properly refreshes the list of available DLCs and allows for installation.

4. Performance improvements: approximately 5% to 30% better framerate and faster game loading for many users, depending on their individual systems and game versions. Owners of retail versions can expect the biggest improvements.

5. Fixed random crashes occurring on some systems, especially after saving and loading saves.

6. Key mapping – allows the arrow and number keys to be used for movement.

7. Added the option to invert the mouse.

8. nVidia surround vision now works properly.

9. More accurate assessment provided by the “auto-detect settings” option will help improve game performance.

10. Removed a bug that prevented completion of the “Blood Curse” quest.

11. Fixed a bug that prevented the additional link in “Extras” from being unlocked after winning the dice game against the GOG.com monk.

12. GOG.com credits now work properly.

The full list of all changes will be available upon the release of the patch. If you have experienced any issues that are not on the list above, please don’t worry. We have already started working on the next patch, which will address other difficulties and bugs, including those related to specific hardware setups; e.g.. Logitech g35. You may expect this second patch to be ready next week.

Patch 1.1 will be available for all the versions of the game, both retail and digital, except for Russian. However, we would like to assure our Russian fans that we are aware of the problems with the your version of the game (thanks for your reports!) and we are talking with 1C about possible solutions.


  1. Gunsmith says:

    Glorious :)

  2. Serenegoose says:

    I bought the DVD version because it was cheaper and it had nicer bonuses, not because I’m attached to having boxes. Frankly your blatant material racism has gone too far RPS. Too far. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to have to go and cry.

    Because I thought this patch came out last night, not this evening, which is miles away and I’m bored -now-.

    • godgoo says:


      I buy retail from shopto. cheaper than D/L, free postage and received guaranteed by release date or they put £3 into your account. As it was I got mine 4 days early! love those guys.

    • Mr_Day says:

      I am not attached to having boxes – in fact, I could do without them altogether and be a happy chappy – but when the retail version is £22 and the online version a hefty £30 to £35, I don’t see what makes the digital version so much better.

      Except in this case, where the digital version worked.

      I will happily go digital all the way, but I try to only buy digitally during the many, quite frankly fantastic* value, sales that they have.

      * originally typo’d as fabtastic, which isn’t a word. But should be.

    • Valvarexart says:

      As it was, I bought the absurd collectors edition. Now you are telling me that my version is inferior to one that is cheaper than mine! What kind of communism is this?!

    • Pinky G says:

      This vid shows shopto packing assembly line. ROBOTS, games, I enjoyed it.
      link to shopto.net

  3. tomeoftom says:

    “an option to invert the mouse, for those of you who think Geralt is an aeroplane” Ahaha.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      I chuckled as well.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Had to pretend I was suffocating on my coffee to not look like laughing loud to that one, in my workplace.

      RPS jokes are NSFW

    • hotcod says:

      Lets try a little experiment shall we*… look down and then look up. How did you look down? you pushed your head forward. How did you look up? you pulled your head back. You do not look around in the same way you draw on a bit of paper and the use of none inverted mouse for control of view in a 3d environment is crazy

      *I know it’s just a joke, I just enjoy making this point :)

    • stahlwerk says:

      When I look around I keep my head still and just rotate the world. I do this by inverting X.

    • MikoSquiz says:

      You can’t push a mouse into the desktop, and if you lift it off the thing it stops working. Now stop being silly, you know what happened to Charlie Brooker when he tried that argument.

    • Red_Avatar says:

      Haha brilliant comment indeed – +1 RPS

    • rocketman71 says:

      Typical joke from an inverted individual :-p

      “Invert mouse” in options should be called “normal mouse”. And I can’t understand how a PC game can be released without having that option.

    • MattM says:

      Flight sim and Descent gamers represent!

    • Wilson says:

      @hotcod – True, but you aren’t moving your head are you? You’re moving your avatar’s head. That said, I’d never actually thought about it the way you put it, and it does make sense. You could easily argue that you’re playing the avatar, so it feels more real to move their head like you’d move your head. I’m still going to keep my mouse non-inverted, however.

    • fionny says:

      Epic line, had to laugh,

    • Harlander says:

      Inverted mouse is controlling the tilt of one’s neck.

      Normal mouse is controlling the spatial position of the eyes, or the focus point of the visual system.

    • AlexV says:

      When I play first or third person, and I move the mouse, I’m not moving my head. I’m moving my point of attention, and my eyes, head, and body follow as required. Much like I do when I’m looking at things IRL. What I do not do is a QWOP-like direct moving of my head so that what I want to see lines up where I’m pointing it.

    • hotcod says:

      If the character is a puppet and you are controlling them with a stick attached to the back of the head you will move that stick upward to make them look down and downwards to make them look up. No matter how to cut it if you take how you point a “fixed” object to view 3d space (your eyes, a camera ext) and view that motion only in context of it’s x plane then that movement is the same as the way you move the inverted mouse. In other words the inverted mouse is provably a better analogue for tilting a camera in 3d space which is what you are doing in pretty much all 3d games.

      On a 2d plain where you are moving a point around none inverted is clearly the only way to do it. If you lay the screen flat on the table the movements you make with the mouse replicate exactly how the pointer is moving around. I just find it odd that people some how feel translating that for use tiling a fixed object in 3d space make any sense what so ever.

      Of course this is simply a none issue, it’s far more a matter of preference and what you grew up using but if people want to actually argue which makes the most sense all the logic says that an inverted mouse dose :)

    • hotcod says:

      @ Harlander

      I didn’t see this before I replied and it’s an excellent way of putting it.

      To use it in a way to back up what I’m saying the fact is when you move your eye around you are not changing (by any noticeable degree) the 3d perspective of the image you are seeing. When you move your head you do. In games when you move the mouse you are changing the 3d perspective and as such it relates more closely to that than how you move your eyes. You have to remember that you are also at the same time as moving the 3d view using your eyes to focus on parts of that view in the same way you do anyway. In other words to have the mouse be none inverted is to make the camerae act like your eyes rather than your head.

      If you guys can’t tell this is just a thing I like thinking about, it has no actual reasonable outcome it’s just a fun debate

    • Harlander says:

      it has no actual reasonable outcome

      Just like the best holy wars! We must defend the random happenstance of the way we first did things, even if its only advantage over the other way is it’s the way we’re used to :D

    • Avenger says:

      Inverted mouse is as intuitive as imagining you are grabbing someones head instead of the mouse and tilting it to the direction you want it to face. It has NO relation to anything you do in the real world.

      If you say “pushing your head forward” should translate to mouse-down, then by that logic, mouse-left should translate to “tilting your head left” like a retard…

    • Tyshalle says:

      The way I look at it is, if you laid your computer flat on the table and placed your mouse on top of it, and your cursor would go wherever you moved your mouse, then if you wanted to look up, you’d push the mouse forward, if you wanted to look down, you’d pull the mouse back. Inverted makes the most sense when talking wonky real life neck physics, but I don’t see how that translates to it “making the most sense” for mouselook.

      I’m not trying to argue that we shouldn’t have inverted mice or anything. Just that inverted is actually more natural. It’s not.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Although I’m inverted for life, it all doesn’t matter a damn as long as they keep having the option to switch between either. It’s piss easy to implement and developers have absolutely no excuse not to have it. Be it PC or console game.

    • Avenger says:

      Mouse was invented and used for the mouse cursor you use your operating system with. And, for many many years, pushing your mouse forward, moved that cursor UP. Not down.
      That is why every honorable PC gamer should expect their game view to go UP when they push the mouse forward and DOWN when they pull the mouse towards themselves.

      All others should REPENT I say!

      Inverted is for “sticks”. Hence, the flight simulators. Quentin nailed it perfectly in that.

    • bill says:

      Geralt isn’t an aeroplane?? I want my money back!

      non-inverted mouse always feels like playing Virtua Cop PC to me. It’s moving a cursor around on screen.

      Descent for life!

    • Deano2099 says:

      I always assumed people who didn’t invert the mouse had their mouse mats mounted vertically on the wall next to their PC. Which is why none inverted is okay for CODBLOPS as you could probably play that way for 5 hours, but wrong for the Witcher as after 35 hours your arm would get tired.

      Obvious really.

    • Daiv says:

      Non-inverted mouse users will be the second group up against the wall after the revolution.

      Let the waterboarding commence.

    • macil says:

      Actually, I think Duke Nukem 3D had an inverted mouse as the default. Quake might have also. I grew up on those games (and played the heck out of DN3D+custom maps) and still use an inverted mouse to this day (I can play reasonably well with a “normal” axis too, so I guess I’m, uh … ambi-inverted? ambi-axis? I also use a trackball. :P)

      I could be wrong … but when I was growing up, I never played flight sims (TIE Fighter FTW) without a flight stick, and yet I use an inverted mouse in all my games. (FYI you can edit the Witcher 2 config files to invert the mouse while you wait for the patch.)

    • Premium User Badge

      Waltorious says:

      Does inverted mouse make sense? Who cares? I use inverted mouse because I learned it while playing TIE Fighter with a mouse, before I owned a joystick. Then when I played FPS games I found I was used to the inverted mouse, and playing with a non-invterted mouse was extremely confusing and difficult.

      Other people just played FPS games right off, and learned them with a non-inverted mouse. For these people, playing with inverted mouse is just as confusing and counter-intuitive as playing with non-inverted is for me. All of this stuff about whether it makes sense in moving one’s head or eyes in nonsense. Moving a mouse is NOTHING like moving one’s head. I’m moving my ARM, not my head! It’s how my brain translates the motion into what I’m doing in the game. Since I learned inverted mouse, my brain thinks that way. I automatically translate mouse motions into camera motions in-game, because I learned how to do that using an inverted mouse.

      It’s silly for any game to only offer one of these control types. Why alienate those players who learned on one versus the other? And, while I am not a programmer, it certainly seems rather easy to implement. Isn’t it just a negative sign somewhere, which you can toggle on an off? I imagine most of the work is putting the option in the game’s options menu with the toggle. Actually inverting the mouse should be pretty easy. And now I see someone has pointed out that inversion is possible already in a config file, which is good. I’m hoping to start the Witcher 2 soon but I was worried I’d need to delay and wait for patches. Good to know that mouse inversion, at least, is possible already.

      I will admit, however… the line about Geralt being an aeroplane is, in fact, quite funny. Well played, Quinns. Well played.

    • Highstorm says:

      So I always invert the Y axis on a gamepad (or joystick, of course), but can’t even comprehend the idea of inverting mouse control. Am I strange? :S

    • Arglebargle says:

      What’s dim is not giving the player control over the controls. Just don’t understand why you’d hard set things when significant numbers of your customers prefer different modes. I pretty much won’t play a game with a non-invertable mouse. I have decades of reflexes that interfere with my enjoyment of the game in every single moment. The time of learning a whole new set of controls for each game is long past. Problems that effect how you do every single thing in a game, are not small problems.

      BAD GUI, BAD GUI! No treat for you!

    • m4x1u says:

      I, for one, can at las pilot my monster slayer into glorious victorty!
      deeeaath from abooveee!

    • Avenger says:

      A “flying witcher” eh?
      Actually, all he needs is a broom (not figuratively)

      Hey, quiddich!

    • Kdansky says:

      I’m a switcher. I was used to aeroplane people (because my first mouse-look game was Descent), until WoW and other TPS happened. I do not remember which one, but one of them had TPS and FPS support, and I used both. Having to switch up/down orientation every couple minutes was mind-bogglingly hard. So I learned to play with non-inverted, and I am happy since then, because support is just better. I suggest you retrain yourself, it only takes a few hours of cursing loudly. Also sniping with scoped vision is so much easier, when up = up and not up = down.

  4. Ralud says:

    Terrible picture, they look so The Morning After.

  5. Iokanaan says:

    ‘the your version of the game’, huh? English is so wonderfully dynamic, I wish I was born and bred in it.

  6. ukpanik says:

    Huzzah for key mapping. It stopped me from playing.

  7. Azradesh says:

    I’m sorry for liking more stuff for less money. How very odd of me. :P

  8. max pain says:

    How come they’re not monetizing patches yet?

  9. ran93r says:

    There is no way in merry hell I would have downloaded TW2, don’t get me wrong, I love what GoG are doing and I’m a huge fan of digital distribution but I’m weeping at the moment as the latest CoH patch trickles over my modem speeds.

    Looking forward to a bump in performance but really it’s been running great for me anyway, maybe I will get to rock up with übersampling on later?

  10. KauhuK says:

    I’ll gladly have better framerate and faster loading. Those are the only things bugging me with the game right now.

  11. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’ll just be happy if it works.


    • Red_Avatar says:

      Time to buy a bigger gerbil to power your PC then, Kieron :p

    • Jockie says:

      Think he’s more likely referring to activation/launcher problems. I had to download a pirate-made patcher, to offline patch my launcher so it actually did anything other than randomly close down after entering my activation key.

    • Guiscard says:

      Glad I’m not the only one with this problem. I had to uninstall and reinstall the game because I installed it on the wrong hardrive (default install location put it onto my rather tight-for-space system drive, when I usually install to my whopping secondary data drive), and I’ve yet to actually get the damn thing to accept activation over the last three days, despite the original install working fine.

  12. Ravenger says:

    I don’t know how a PC exclusive game could miss off essential PC features such as inverting the mouse, and the ability to bind the arrow keys and keypad controls (as well as other keys).

    I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned in any of the reviews. because control accessibility and customisability is one of PC gaming’s greatest strengths. When a flagship PC game fails on those points it’s incredibly disappointing, especially for me being a left-hander who uses the arrow keys.

    It’s a great game, but it really does feel like a good console port rather than a PC exclusive (and of course the console version has now been hinted at).

    Anyway, really looking forward to this patch so I don’t have to worry about the config program resetting my hand-edits of the ini file.

    • Okami says:

      There should be a law against the phrase “feels like a console port” in all it’s variations.

    • Ravenger says:

      Why? in this case it’s entirely justified. The menus and UI are designed with a controller in mind. There’s no in-game customisation of graphic options. The combat is obviously designed primarily for a controller.

      When you design a game to work both with a gamepad and mouse and keyboard you have to make design compromises, which is clearly the case here. That’s not to say it’s not an excellent game, but by no means is it a 100% PC centric release.

    • Tei says:

      Okami: Why? the witcher is tainted by a hundreds details that make the game a worse game and are console stylistic details, with console style menu UI standars. These things make the game hard to use and confusing. I will describe only one, so you know what I am talking about, but there are hundreds.

      Wen you walk near a ladder, the screen shows a icon of a mouse with the left button of a different color. This break inmersion. It his like that because on a console you show there a [X] or [Y] or other simbol labeled control pad button. On the console make sense.. these simbols are easy to tell from each another. A tiny draw of a mouse.. not so much. On the console culture is ok to have a [X] overimposed a dude, because pressing [X] you shot the dude. Is part of the culture. I think it looks horrible and destroy inmersion… but I am a PC gamer, with PC tastes (maybe thats why I have a PC, and buy …or try to buy.. PC games). Again, wen you click, the character runs a animation. The animation remove the control of the player, and you can’t interrupt it. If you are looting some bodies, and you accidentally left click on a ladder, the character will move up of the lader, and you get angry.
      On the consoles is ok to remove the control from the player, because the consoles are played on big TV’s, and part of the game thing is “for shows”, so is OK (maybe needed) to see cool things in screen. There are 1 person playing, but maybe 3 watching. So these animations are made for these 3 persons watching.. so you have 4 persons watching something cool on the screen for some seconds.
      I also have the impression that helps avoid making some animations, and since console games are blockbusters, is a good idea to minimize these things.
      On the PC, no one is watching, theres one person playing. So wen you remove the control from the player, you break the game, you break the flow of the game.

      Theres a better way to do this? hell yea. Just make the Z key loot any nearby bag. You don’t have that in witcher, because is streamlined to be played with a device with very few buttons. So you have a button for everything, with few feedback, that can trigger things the user don’t want.

      Is like a shower with a button for hot water, other for cold water, and another for warm acid. Odds are some people is going to get a horrible burn with that poorly designed shower. I say poorly designed shower… but I don’t mean console games are poorly designed, are designed against the strict limitations of the consoles. The PC don’t have these limitations.

    • Valvarexart says:

      Hundreds? Indeed, there are a few, but start by mentioning ten. Then continue on to hundreds.

    • KauhuK says:


      I have to agree with you with these “push button to do things” and the game takes control away from you. They are clearly things from the console world. Nonetheless I still like witcher 2 even with these silly designs. It’s one of the better RPG kinda games I have played.

    • AndrewC says:

      Because ‘console port’ is mostly used on the internet as a lazy euphemism for ‘shit’, or as a way to disparage any design choices you don’t agree with without actually explaining why. It has the same rhetorical structure as any prejudicial statement and, as such, is ugly.

    • briktal says:

      @AndrewC So what’s the new, politically correct term for it? Because it’s that.

    • AndrewC says:

      It’s not the words used, it’s the thinking behind them.

    • Ravenger says:

      The game would benefit from some seamless interactions – why must I click a button to climb a ladder, or to drop down a ledge? Games like Assassin’s Creed (itself primarily a console game) don’t require you to press a button to do simple actions.

    • Tom OBedlam says:

      Wait… “politically correct”? What could you possibly mean? I don’t think andrew_C is suggesting that we should stop saying ‘console port’ because it might insult someone’s race, gender, faith, class or sexual orientation.

      What you’ve done there is confuse Political Correctness and poorly thought out short hand.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Well in this case people have actually explained why it resembles a console port.

      Personally I agree. The “click to begin canned animation to end up somewhere else” is unbelievably tedious, and I really can’t understand why it’s necessary. Still, my main bugbear now is the looting system. It’s just so imprecise! And sometimes Geralt doesn’t recognise things you want to loot, so you have to shuffle him around in circles and run away in order to run back and oh god.

    • Felixader says:

      What the hell? I am an Consoleplayer. And since when is it okay to take the control from the player cause it’s on consoles.

      One of the game that i really liked in the last years is Vikings – Battle for Asgard. Want to know why?
      cause it exactly didn’t do that in it’s combat, except for the one or other Quick Time Unevent, but even those weren’t as bad as elsewhere.

  13. vandinz says:

    From their twitter “Patch is ready but we’ve encountered some problems with DLC. We apologize for not delivering the patch last night. More updates coming soon.”

  14. Gunrun says:

    What I’d like to know is why the fuck the retail copy runs worse. It doesn’t need the CD or to connect to the internet or anything so its not stupid disk checking DRM or anything like that.

    • Calneon says:

      Because the data on the CD is an earlier version than what you get if you download from digital distribution services.

    • Rii says:

      The retail version of the game has to go gold much earlier than the digitally distributed version to allow time for discs to be pressed, boxes to be assembled, and so on. The time between gold and release obviously wasn’t wasted by CD Projekt and the fruits of their efforts during that period were able to be rolled into the digital release, whereas retail customers will receive those updates (and others) with the first patch.

    • Gunrun says:

      I figured the 200MB or so day 1 patch I had to download was the data to bring me up to speed with the digital version though?

    • Rii says:

      Hmm, fucked if I know. Was that patch for the retail version only?

    • sonofsanta says:

      Reputedly something to do with the SecuROM protection the publishers demanded, so it got shoved in at the last minute and has had a negative impact.

  15. cmi says:

    if i would have been smart, i would have bought the digital copy at gog.com instead of pre ordering the ce. securom :(

    “taming” securom *might* also be a source for the performance improvements for the retail versions of the game?

    • Christian says:

      Again: strange: I’ve had no problems with this. And the DRM in this case isn’t noticeable at all (except for the need to insert an key, which is fairly standard). I really hope this game sells well. In your face, Ubisoft!

    • Red_Avatar says:

      GOG allows you to use their DRM-less files with your retail copy – they said so on the forums.

    • cmi says:

      @Red_Avatar: do you have any source for this? how do I even start? (e.g. how to download the gog-Version of the game without buying it (again)?)

      edit – found it:

      source: link to en.thewitcher.com
      obv. you can not download the client from gog but you can use the exe from gcw. might try 1.1 first when it comes out.

    • KenTWOu says:

      Red_Avatar says: GOG allows you to use their DRM-less files with your retail copy – they said so on the forums.

      I know that russian version of the game has awful performance and few additional glitches cause it has StarForce DRM. That’s why russian distributor (1C-Softclub) allows us to use DRM-less files from GOG version of the game on russian forums. Don’t know what CD Projekt thinks about it. : )

      And seemingly we will get russian version of patch 1.1 much much later : (

  16. Christian says:

    Hmm, strange. I seem to be the only one without any major problems (Activation, performance etc.) with this game (at least according to the people crying on the forums (gog and comments-section of the website)), and I’ve ordered the boxed version.
    Never been so happy with a newly-released game in quite a while.
    And I don’t even have some powerhouse-pc (Phenom 9750, 4GB, GTX 560 ti), so I really don’t get why people with their extreme setups seem to have such problems (btw: I’ve yet to understand why people spend 800,-€ on a crossfire-setup…seem a bit useless and causes more problems than it’s worth..).

    But I’m looking forward to the patch anyway, if only for the extra troll-quest. And respect to them for caring so much..they only should communicate a bit better. But then, still better than those devs that don’t even care to say anything at all.

    Regarding the boxed version vs. download: While I don’t exactly need a box, I do enjoy having a nice paper map and stuff that came with it. It reminds me of the “good-old-times” where Ultima 6 came with a nice map made of cloth and such.
    Also, it was cheaper than the digital version (no shipping).

  17. RegisteredUser says:

    That FPS increase sounds a suspiciously lot like the difference reported between people with the DRM version vs the GoG version.

    • andytt66 says:

      It does, doesn’t it? Still, if the patch actually removes the DRM, then I’m all for it.

      I’m still not entirely certain about CDProjekt’s “we use securom to ensure code isn’t leaked before the release date” stance on DRM, but I can’t complain if they then remove it once the game goes live.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Actually, that would be the only legitimate, effective use of DRM:

      Ship DVDs that install everything normally except the EXE, which is encrypted with a secret key. On release day, a server will send out that key. I’m fairly certain that’s how timed unlocks on Steam, etc. work, and it’s 100% effective for this specific purpose because unlike most DRM, it’s using cryptography in the proper way. Later, release a patch with the normal EXE so the game is no longer dependent on your server.

      SecuROM is still useless, unnecessary bullshit, though.

    • Calneon says:

      That actually sounds like a better solution to 99% of the already existing DRM, and a lot simpler.

    • Ravenger says:

      The best zero day piracy protection is not to ship an executable at all on the retail discs and digital preloads.

      The game is then essentially unplayable until you download the executable on release. If you include an encrypted exe then there’s always a chance someone can decrypt it before release.

      I don’t mind that DRM providing it gets patched out relatively soon after release.

  18. MattM says:

    The Witcher 2 is my most anticipated game of this year, but I have learned the hard way not to bother with RPGs until a few months after release. Bethesda knows what I am talking about.
    I have an SLI system and it seems like practically every game needs about 3 months of driver updates/patches before the SLI works. Some games (like divinity 2) even have much lower performance with SLI enabled for the system even if SLI is disabled in the game’s driver panel profile.

  19. Derpington Hurrrrrrr says:

    Sweet. I wonder when will they include a patch that introduces “retard” difficulty settings for button mashers that spend all their time on forums (and some of them in their reviews giving this glorious game an average score) bitching about dying in the game and how “hard” it is.

    • Christian says:

      Yes…that were my thoughts as well after reading around. Maybe the people seem to be just spoilt by all the handholding. Wasn’t this the same problem that kept a lot of people from playing and enjoying the Stalker games?
      Well, as long as they don’t make a giant QTE out of fights (I’m strangely ok with the way fistfights work, although they’re too easy).

      I’m not sure where (maybe even here on RPS?), but somebody posted the nice thought that this game will be quite hard if not impossible to convert to consoles because of the resident-audience there. They’re simply used to other game-mechanics.
      I thought that sounded quite reasonable..

      Ah, don’t mind that destructoid-guy. He just seems to be the kind of ‘no mainstream no matter at what cost’-guy. Also, he seems to getting quite a beating in their comments-section, so I’d say: just ignore them.

    • Derpington Hurrrrrrr says:


      The everlasting glory of Stalker is, among many other things, the punishing difficulty, that at one point left me beaten down, starved, wounded, radiated, at night surrounded by all kind of creeps and having only 11 bullets left to waddle my way across many loading zones to Sidorovich. And I would have it no other way.

      Yes, the hand holding and making games for moms instead of their kids, turned the great number of gamers into whiny little bitches that play games only for operant conditioning purposes (e.g. you push the button and something awesome happens, derp) and cannot understand the purpose of punishment for a failure and lack of skill or brain usage.

      P.S. Fuck Destructoid. That’s just another shitbag site gathering views by letting retards like Sterling write reviews.

    • Anthile says:

      Have you guys actually finished the game? It’s not a hard game at all, it’s just that the difficulty is reversed – the beginning is very tough but it gets gradually easier until in chapter 3 enemies have a hard time doing any damage to you. In this, it feels a lot like Icewind Dale. The Witcher 2 simply makes a poor job at explaining the combat mechanics and the tools you have at your disposal. The prologue is not bad in itself but it is horrible as a tutorial. Once you figure out that consumables are actually crucial (unlike in, say, 98% of all games) it becomes a lot more bearable.
      The Witcher 2 simply doesn’t allow any mistakes when you prepare for a fight as you can’t even heal yourself during combat. If you’re ill-prepared, sucks to be you, you’re going to reload. Especially in chapter 1 this can lead to some annoying trial-and-error parts.

    • Derpington Hurrrrrrr says:

      Have you actually read our responses? We don’t have a problem with game difficulty, we have a problem with retards bitching about it.

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      I’m not sure where (maybe even here on RPS?), but somebody posted the nice thought that this game will be quite hard if not impossible to convert to consoles because of the resident-audience there. They’re simply used to other game-mechanics.
      I thought that sounded quite reasonable..

      I can’t say I see that at all, the combat takes a lot of influence from Arkham Asylum, which is very console, and Demon’s Souls, which is a PS3 game, rather popular (at least in a cultish sense) and apparently even more brutal.

      The most potentially off-putting aspect of the game is that it dumps you into combat expecting you to pick up the vagaries of the quick/slow/block/dodge combat and the five spells, which are only fully explained in the manual, with only a few blink and you’ll miss ’em tutorial boxes for company. Which I found a touch refreshing (in between gnashes of teeth) but it’s going to put a lot of people off regardless of platform.

    • gganate says:

      The first time you fight the kingslayer and the dragon fight at the end are both ridiculous in terms of difficulty. Going back for a second play through, the regular gameplay doesn’t seem that hard, it just takes awhile to learn to parry and use signs. But those bosses are so over powered, I don’t understand how they passed play testing.

    • sassy says:

      I died quite a lot at the start of the game, all I thought was “this is hard difficulty, thank you for punishing me!”. It was fun learning the ropes and being beaten repeatedly or using the cheapest of tactics until then.

    • Big Murray says:

      Yes … you’re not a true gamer unless you take poor game design as being “a challenge”.

  20. Malleus says:

    When will they add proper 4:3 / 5:4 aspect ratio support?

  21. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    Frame-rate wise I’ve had nary a problem with the retail copy, aside from one particular rain-soaked battle getting a bit chuggy, and even then not unmanageably so. However there are some things I’d like to see in patches:

    – Support for non-widescreeen resolutions (I mean, what?).
    – In-game save management (compulsive stabbing of the save key netted me a 2.75GB save folder before pruning).
    – Scrollbars for long item descriptions.

    Of course those are largely moot for me now I’ve finished the bally thing, but still.

    • Christian says:

      Those would all be nice to have and I hope they add those. But they surely are no game-breaking issues. But funny, Wither 1 had the same problem with savegames. Never had such a giant savegames-folder. But then again I would expect that developing a good concept for this kind of game *is* quite hard with all the possible variations, in contrast for let’s say Arkham Asylum basically the only information that needs to be stored is ‘player saved on these coordinates’. Doesn’t excuse the giant files though.

      But tell me as someone having finished the game (I’m at the beginning of chapter 2): Are you motivated to replay the whole thing? I’ve been asking myself this question while playing, and my answer so far would be yes (which I seldom do as most games have some tedious part in the beginning or the middle which really puts me off, for example Mass Effect 2..just couldn’t stand the thought of starting again). How does this hold up?

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      Yeah, these are certainly not game breakers, just pet peeves of mine (though playing the game letterboxed with squinty text can hardly be considered ideal). I’d also not entirely blame the game for the huge save game folder, I really do save far too often for my own good, it’s just normally I can constrain that to fewer than 20 files that are compulsively rewritten, if the game will let me.

      At the moment I’m umming and ahhing about it. If they add support for 5:4 within the next few weeks I suspect I’ll dive back in from the end of Chapter 1, it’s properly mad how much the game can diverge at that point. I’m not sure why, but I have less of an urge to replay than with the more popcorn-y Bioware games. I suspect a large part of it is that, whichever path you take, you’re always scarry-eyed Gerald.

    • TariqOne says:

      @Puff, re: Geralt — I agree, and I’m surprised this isn’t brought up more. As an RPG guy, it takes one hell of an RPG to make me overlook being forced to be some standard guy, and not even able to choose gender or even a class or class-equivalent. And it’s particularly bad when the guy is a real unlikeable machoslavic drooler like Geralt.

      Between that and the twitch combat, I’m hard-pressed to see why this is now the standard-bearer for cRPGs. I hope to see more classic RPGs in the future.

    • gganate says:

      Machoslavic drooler? What game did you play?

    • Zenicetus says:

      Machoslavic? I grew up on Clint Eastwood spaghetti western movies, and the Kurosawa samurai movie precursors. So I can easily relate to that type of gruff, ironic, somewhat unlikeable protagonist, who can’t help but save the village anyway. And preferably, save it for profit. I like him a lot better than the generic, boring Hero of Dragon Age 2 with his affected Shakespearean accent.

      There is also the argument that having a strongly pre-defined character allows the telling of a better story. The story can assume certain things about the PC, instead of allowing for whatever the player might do with a blank slate. After all, nobody complains that Batman has a fixed back-story and some highly pre-defined attributes and attitudes (and yes, I know Arkham asylum isn’t an RPG).

    • TariqOne says:

      Bingo. At some point these things stray pretty far from what I enjoy about RPGs.

      And yeah, sue me. I don’t like his dramatically scarred albino face, ponytail, chick-boinking, raspy deal. That and the inability to choose a playstyle/class pretty much killed the original for me. Add the twitchy; rolling around arcadey/consoley combat bits and the Arkham Asylum analogy starts to work very well.

      Say what you will about the stable of BioWare offerings, even both Dragon Ages, you can pick gender, appearance, and a general personality, control a party, pause the action to study tactical options, choose a class, and the like. Even the oft-maligned Fable 3 offers gender choice. I like that stuff in RPGs and, no, I don’t think it negatively impacts storytelling in the slightest (Bloodlines or KOTORs anyone?).

      Plus my girlfriend will play alongside (and help me through the hard bits) because she doesn’t have to be a gruff, virile cocksman from Machoslavia. Diff’rent strokes, Willis.

  22. Rii says:

    I probably won’t have my new PC up and running till this time next week so I might wait for the second of the patches mentioned before venturing into the game. Thanks to all you beta testers out there!

  23. Cradlejoe says:

    “v1.1 will also bring with it an option to invert the mouse, for those of you who think Geralt is an aeroplane.”
    Made my day!

    I’ll be waiting for a few more patches and maybe a little bit of DLC before I give it my second play through. Don’t want to de-value the brilliance of my first go with just rushing over it a second time :)

  24. Anthile says:

    What was the Blood Curse quest again and what could go wrong there?

  25. sonofsanta says:

    Just be nice if they can get it out. I’m sat at the end of Chapter 1, not wanting to go any further until I can get the Troll DLC that I know slots into that Chapter. I know I could always pick it up on the inevitable second playthrough, but this being the first run through makes it the “official” run through in my mind, particularly if saves will copy over to W3.

    In other exciting news: AMD Hotfix to improve performance is out now. Crossfire Application Profile to follow on Friday, apparently. Would be nice, as my performance seems to drop day-by-day, which is just weird.

    • BarneyL says:

      The mod file for the troll DLC is available from sources other than the launcher, just check your favourite torrent site.

  26. Anton says:

    Patch away CDP!!! I’m still on The Witcher 1. =P I already have The Witcher 2 installed but I am so obsessively compulsive about finishing The Witcher 1 first. hehehehe.

  27. DBG says:

    Patch 1.1 will be available for all the versions of the game, both retail and digital, except for Russian. However, we would like to assure our Russian fans that we are aware of the problems with the your version of the game (thanks for your reports!) and we are talking with 1C about possible solutions.

    Aw, shucks.

  28. karry says:

    Unfortunately they never made a 30% framerate increase patch for Witcher 1. The machine i tried to run W1 on is standing right next to my current one, and it ran like 2 FPS, but it can run Dragon Age 1-2 moderately well on medium settings, like 15-20 FPS.I really do not see how Dragon Age is lower, technologically, than Witcher 1. To warp Aurora engine to this horrible state, thats a real skill… i want to use a Polish joke so bad…

    • Lilliput King says:

      Whaddayamean “warp”? The Aurora engine was always appalling on every front. Try running NWN2 on that machine and your performance will probably be comparable.

    • Fiatil says:

      That’s actually incorrect! The enhanced edition of The Witcher 1 did in fact give me a huge increase in framerate compared to the vanilla version. I’m also committed to beating the first before the second, and it runs like a dream at high settings on my laptop that it hated so bitterly to begin with.

  29. Tom OBedlam says:

    I kind of wish I’d sprung for the Collector’s edition, would have loved me a set of those poker dice.

  30. HexagonalBolts says:

    ‘v1.1 will also bring with it an option to invert the mouse, for those of you who think Geralt is an aeroplane.’

    haha, brilliant.

    • AndrewC says:

      AndrewC ‘likes’ this sentence. I have mad respect for our inverted brothers, though, for they are truly PC.

      Maybe pity.

    • Walsh says:

      Umm most console games ship with inverted option, not sure how it’s so PC.

    • Dominic White says:

      Invert Y is a system-level setting on the 360, even. You pick it for your profile, and it’ll automatically apply it to every game you play. Useful.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      We remember when computer games were played almost exclusively with a joystick, youngun.

    • AndrewC says:

      Argh! The inverted are CONSOLE GAMERS now?!? We are infested!

      Ummm, i always thought inverted players came from the days of early PC FPSs which had keys for ‘look up’ and ‘look down’ – but I am wrong in this?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I was hardwired for it from early flight and space games. I played Quake III inverted, and now have to have all FPS games inverted.

    • arghstupid says:

      actually that’s not as silly as it sounds, 5.1 was designed as the minimum number of speakers required to reproduce -some- surround information, not an ideal. when you start messing about with 8+ speaker ambisonic setups or wave field synthesis you start to realise just how crude the current state of sound in games (and cinema) is. better systems can massively improve immersion too as hearing is the only sense which gives localization cues from all around you all the time.

      argh reply fail, that was aimed arc the 9.1 comment below

  31. BrightCandle says:

    No patch for greater than 1920×1080 resolution monitors, oh well guess I can chalk that down as a bad purchase now and move on.

    • AndrewC says:

      Can I have an over/under on whether this is a troll joke, or whether some people actually think 1920×1080 just isn’t big enough? I’m afraid i’m terribly behind the times here.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      It depends how good your eye site is and how close you sit to the monitor as to whether you can truly resolve that kind of detail. I know I can’t but my eyesight is not perfect. 1920×1200 (on a 24″ monitor) is fine for me and given how close I sit to the screen going larger than 24″ woukd be a waste. For example I also sit at my desk and play xbox games on a 32″ tv at the same distance. 1080p looks great but I do have to move my head to take in the full image, it’s therefore a waste. So I’d go with trollish.

    • Unaco says:

      Yeah BrightCandle, I’m also refusing to play the game til they give me 9.1 Surround Sound support! It’s inconceivable they’d release a game without that. Bad purchase indeed.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      If I were making a AAA 3D game, I’d be sure it ran on a 27″ Mac cinema display, which has a native resolution of 2560×1440. All you really need to do is readjust the UI. If you’re going to ooh and aah at pretty graphics, why not do it on a good monitor?

    • BrightCandle says:

      I dont think its unreasonable to expect a modern AAA game to be able to play fullscreen at 1920×1200. I’ve been playing using this resolution at 24″ for 4 years and its a pretty common resolution for a PC monitor. I also have 3 of them for eyefinity, which all be it is a bit more hardcore but still not all that rare.

      The fact that the game crashes on launch without any message when you try and run it fullscreen if you have the hardware is a little disappointing. Right now I have to run it in a Window, and that stops the crossfire from working properly, which makes it run quite slowly. That means I have to run the game on medium graphics, in a window. I don’t have the option for fuzzy as the game wont start if your resolution is too high, regardless of what you set the games resolution too. This is classic console port sort of problem of course so it should be expected but still a little disappointing.

      So when I can play the game fullscreen I’ll return to it, but there isn’t anything quite as immersive killing as having your game run in a window.

    • Soon says:

      Hmm. I play 1920×1200 at fullscreen with no problems.

  32. oceanclub says:

    Does anyone know if this 30% inrease only applies to patching the retail copy? I tried the trick of replacing my retail copy’s EXE with the GOG.com version; along with upgrading to the latest nVidia beta driver, and removing the 3D nVidia driver (never use them anyway), I say a pretty respectable increase in FPS (outdoors, went from 20s up to 40s). I’m wondering will the patch give me extra FPS on top of that.


  33. oceanclub says:

    “v1.1 will also bring with it an option to invert the mouse, for those of you who think Geralt is an aeroplane.”

    Dara O’Briain and Charlie Brooker had a very amusing Twitter mock-fight about this very issue a while back…..


  34. Pemptus says:

    Patch or no patch, the game will still be unplayable for me due to the lack of 4:3 support. The interface is therefore unreadable. You can stretch it with an unofficial tool, but everything then looks like it has a bad case of anorexia.

    Oh well. Dirt 3 is out I suppose.

    • Unaco says:

      I didn’t find the letterboxing made the game unplayable, or the interface unreadable, and this was the first game I’ve played with those black boxes. To be honest though, I didn’t actually notice them until I stopped playing and started reading forums/reviews etc. I think calling the game ‘unplayable’ because of this is pretty disingenuous.

    • Sidorovich says:

      The game looks fantastic but the bloody annoying black borders on my 16:10 monitor are slowly chipping away at my enthusiasm. Are people with these aspect ratio displays in a minority or something? Why isn’t more of a fuss being kicked up over this?

    • Nim says:

      Because, Sidorovich, you don’t bother to read all the comments.

    • Pemptus says:

      You clearly missed the part when I said “unplayable for me”. I know for a fact that not *everyone* plays games on a 17” CRT in 1024×768 or 1280×960 like me. It’s the first game that gives me actual trouble because of that, though.
      Believe me when I say that the inventory is pretty much incomprehensible and trying to read the tutorial text and the combat log is an exercise in squinting and eye strain.

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      @ Sidorovich: The Steam hardware survey suggests both 16:9 and 16:10 have a similar install base, but I suspect not a great deal of fuss is being made because the 16:10ers like yourself aren’t losing that much screen estate (in the grand scheme of things at least). If more people were rocking 9 year old 17″ 5:4 TFTs and losing ~30% of their screen to the black bars o’ death I suspect there would have been more brouhaha. And even I’m somewhat thankful that I’m not in Pemptus’ boat and can actually play the game (albeit with squinting).

    • Robin says:

      @ Pemptus

      Care to explain what problems you have? 17″ 1280×1024 here.

      I just tried the game for a couple of hours and the only problem I saw was the unreadable combat log (but, is it useful with that kind of gameplay? I thought of disabling it, because, even if it was bigger, it would be still hard to read while you are fighting around).
      You say the inventory is incomprehensible. I just opened it a couple of times but it seemed fine to me. What problem did you find?


      (Just trying to understand if it’s better to wait for the patch which will bring 4:3 support, of if it is a “non-issue”).

    • Zenicetus says:

      @ Robin: It’s hard to say what’s “unusable” because everyone is using different sized monitors, and will be sitting at different distances. Use a small enough monitor and sit far enough away, and yeah… I can see it being something where you’d want to wait for a patch that supports more aspect ratios.

      FWIW, I use a 21″ 4:3 aspect monitor (high-end, calibrated pro graphics display), and I don’t sit very close. The letterboxing and down-sizing of the UI and everything else in the game isn’t stopping me from playing it, but I’m taking my time going through the game, hoping a 4:3 ratio patch is right around the corner.

      The two main issues for me are UI scaling and just overall immersion. Text in areas like the combat log is very small, the mini-map is small, everything in the UI on the main screen is a small and hard to see. It doesn’t help that the looting system is quirky, and I have to keep spinning Geralt around to find that tiny little hand icon. The other problem is immersion. It’s a stunningly beautiful game to look at, yet I’m seeing it through a slot of a view — down-scaled, with black bars above and below. I want to see this environment full-screen on my monitor, and I want to see Geralt at his full size, not a smaller puppet on the screen. I think it would have even more impact, as well as just being easier to use the onscreen interface.

    • Pemptus says:

      Pretty much what Zenicetus said. Inventory is badly designed as it is, with a lot of unused screen estate, but on my screen it’s worse – the little scrolling item descriptions are tiny. And yes, the minimap is tiny, the looting icon is tiny. The combat log, while not necessary, is there for a reason. It is beyond tiny.

      One *could* play the game in this state, on my screen, I suppose, but I’d rather wait. I’m neither desperate nor impatient, and will get a few free bugfixes and mods in the meantime, so everybody wins (mainly me). :D

  35. QualityJeverage says:

    “v1.1 will also bring with it an option to invert the mouse, for those of you who think Geralt is an aeroplane.”

    This caused me to imagine Geralt running in circles with his arms out making airplane noises. I laughed heartily.

  36. Saul says:

    Finished it last night, without coming across any major bugs. Biggest one was an NPC who was following me disappearing when I reloaded a game, but he reappeared at the next cut-scene. Maybe he just had magic powers I didn’t know about…

  37. bildo says:

    I can’t get past the very beginning where you must commandeer the artillery. I suck that hard at this game :X it’s a shame too, because I really wanted to play the game…but I’ll have to look around the internet on how to play since the in-game tutorial is absolute shit.

    • Mihkel says:

      Press “J” for journal. It has all the tips and tutorial messages.

  38. alilsneaky says:

    Very misleading title and article.
    The patch just fixes the DRM of the retail game axing performance (which is where the 30 percent number comes from).

    For everyone else there is probabably no or a very small improvement.

    Could have labeled it a fix for accuracy instead of making readers believe they’ll suddenly magically get a much higher framerates.

  39. deadstoned says:

    Sounds like a good patch :)

  40. Big Murray says:

    When’s the patch coming that’ll make the game fun to play?

  41. Sarkhan Lol says:

    Haha, excellent, no mention of the trouserless peasant bug.

    • Anthile says:

      You mean peasants running around in medieval hot-pants? That’s a bug?

  42. squirrel says:

    I hope RPS is just kidding to refer to those preferring disc version to digital version as “luddites”. It’s about the right buyers are entitled to actually own the copy, than “being permitted” by publishers to use the software though online activation. More surprising to me that they implement this restriction on disc version, not GOG.com version (though I realize that only DRM free games can be sold on GOG.com).
    But yeah, the collector edition seems overpriced, given GOG.com version contains everything digital.
    By the way, is “luddites” really a negative term?

  43. Jim Reaper says:

    I bought The Witcher when it was first released & completed it. I had planned to play through the Enhanced Edition in the weeks leading up to the sequels release, but didn’t get round to it. I now find that I can’t install the Enhanced Edition patch because the registration forums are down. So now I have all this time off work & I should be rampaging through a Polish fantasy land making sex with teh ladies and twatting things with swords, and I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs and making rambling comments on RPS…

    In summary: Bollocks!

    • Meats says:

      @Jim Reaper,

      There are various, shall we say “unofficial” patches for the 1.4 (EE) installer which remove the registration requirement, if you don’t feel inclined to give Gog another fiver for that version.

  44. KilgoreTrout_XL says:

    Heh, I was happy to see this post until I noticed that I already have the version that supposedly runs better. Sigh. It’s basically unplayable for me on my setup (Dual 2.26 GHz; 4GB DDR3, Geforce 9800M GTS/ 512 GDDR3), even on low settings.

    A little frustrating to find that out the other night, to say the least.

  45. 0p8 says:

    playing on intel Quad @3.0GHZ, GTS 450 OC’d, 4GB DDR3, setting on HIGH, with motion blur, V Synch and AA disabled on a 16:9, 1920X1080….. in the middle of chapter 2 ( which is brilliant btw) and no crashes or bugs to report….steady playeable framerates of 35-45fps (although not as high a i normally get with AAA titles)……so interested to see what ill get with new patch.
    btw.its funny to see how so many ppl are failing to use the journals tutorial section.

  46. Zenicetus says:

    The patch just kicked in a little while ago on Steam. And it’s… 9gb? That’s a pretty huge patch for what looks like fairly minor fixes. I guess a big part of that is the Troll DLC, which I already have installed. Oh well, I can play it later tonight if it ever finishes downloading.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Nope, the Steam version is a full 9 gigs, and people are screaming about it over on their forum. Apparently it’s a snafu on the Steam version only, where it insists on re-downloading a humongous pack0.dzip file instead of just the 16mb of actual updates. They need to fix this before the next patch.

      P.S. I don’t know if that linked patch file would work on the Steam version. Has anyone tried that? I’ve got less than an hour to go now on the patch download, so I’m not volunteering. I suspect there could be some conflicting DRM issues.

      P.P.S. (edit) Apparently the Steam patch removes DRM (yay), but I still don’t think that file will work.

    • Iokanaan says:

      apparently, it did patch my pack0.dzip. I think the rest of the update files is simply added or replacing older files. maybe the Steam version of the file is differently packed, and a proper patch has yet to be released.

  47. Yosharian says:

    Still trying to finish my Witcher 1 playthrough, it’s taking forever. I WILL have that save game to import into W2, dammit.

    • m4x1u says:

      @ Yosharian
      Good. It’ll give you some items and some backstory as well as certain cameos in the game.

      I have a perfect neutral path save from TW1. Can e-mail it to ppl i guess. Can’t wait for the official forum to get live so we can start a witcher1 save market similar to mass effect 2 market.

  48. Lurklen says:

    Yeah I got the big ass collectors edition so this should help with my DLC issues. How big of a difference does transferring your save from Witcher 1 make?