Roll Up, Roll Up: Minecraft 1.6 Patch Arrives

Paper-thin design, that.

Slowly spreading mushrooms, dead shrubs, doors that make noises that everyone else can hear and paper maps? It sounds like Alec’s flat, but in fact it’s the Minecraft 1.6 patch, which has now gone live. You’ll find the full changelog after the jump, along with the following enigmatic entry: “The record player now supports more than 15 different songs (you can’t get the records yet, though)”.

Surely the only justifiable way of getting records would be from an NPC of some kind? I mean, surely Notch wouldn’t expect you to whittle a record. Surely.

This update requires both a client and a server update.



New features:
+ Added Nether support to multiplayer
+ The client will ask if the current login is valid. If the server says “no”, a warning message appears in the client. You can still play the game even if this happens.
+ Added craftable maps
+ Added hatches
+ Added tall grass in some biomes
+ Mushrooms now spreads (very) slowly
+ Added server property view-distance. Sets the radius of terrain updates (in chunks) to send to the players. Range 3-15, default 10.
+ Added dead shrubs in deserts
+ Added allow-nether (set to true or false) in
+ Blocks destroyed by other players in multiplayer now shows the breaking block particle effect
+ Doors make sound for other players in multiplayer
+ The record player now supports more than 15 different songs (you can’t get the records yet, though)
+ Activated dispensers make sounds and trigger particles in multiplayer
+ Players stuck in walls will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one

* Disabled Advanced OpenGL until we can fix some bugs with it
* It’s no longer possible to build solid blocks on the top layer of the maps (sorry!)
* Made booster tracks speedier
* Severely nerfed fire so it spread slower, and doesn’t spread infinitely
* Seeds are now found in tall grass, using a hoe on the ground no longer works
* Compressed network traffic more agressively
* Blocks that don’t change appearance when the data changes don’t send block updates when their data changes now
* Arrows shot by players can now be picked up by all players
* Nothing riding anything or being ridden by anything can enter portals

* Fixed running out of memory corrupting the current level
* Fixed the side textures of grass getting extra dark when mining them
* Fixed anaglyph 3d rendering mode having severe visual bugs
* Fixed the crash screen vanishing immediately
* Fixed not being able to target blocks when at x or z pos 1000
* Fixed the achievements screen messing up the sky color
* Fixed saving while sneaking dropping the player through the ground
* Fixed a system clock change messing up the game speed
* Fixed rain sounds not playing with fast graphics enabled
* Fixed hair and cloaks being rendered in the wrong locations on sneaking players
* Fixed the attack/swing animation not being applied to the armor layer
* Fixed player rotation not being loaded correctly when loading a saved game
* Fixed arrow physics, making them not get stuck midair when you open a door
* Fixed arrows hitting reeds, portals, and other non-solid blocks
* Fixed keybindings not getting saved properly under certain conditions
* Fixed the player not being able to sneak off lowered blocks like cacti
* Fixed a bug where the player could mine without swinging their arm
* Fixed boats placed on snow being placed too far up
* Fixed submerged boats rising very very fast
* Fixed sand dropping onto boats getting stuck in a falling animation
* Fixed a game crash when riding a vehicle or animal into the nether
* Fixed falling while riding not dealing damage to the rider
* Fixed buttons and levers too close to the player being impossible to use
* Fixed dispensers shooting through walls
* Fixed fire hurting through wall corners
* Fixed entities reaching water through wall corners
* Fixed placing doors next to cacti creating half-doors
* Fixed buttons and levers being placeable on leaves in “fast graphics” mode
* Fixed furnaces and dispensers not dropping their contents when destroyed
* Fixed dispensers biasing later slots
* Fixed farmland taking too long to dig
* Fixed tilling below some blocks being possible
* Fixed tilling the underside of blocks somehow working
* Fixed fences and stairs sometimes becoming invisible
* Fixed walking on top of fences not producing step sounds
* Fixed fire sometimes existing mid-air as an invisible block of pain
* Fixed fences and wooden stairs not being flammable
* Fixed fire effect on burning entities sometimes getting rendered in the wrong location
* Fixed fishing rod rendering being a bit lacking
* Fixed fishing rods being stackable
* Fixed mining glass hiding the clouds behind the glass
* Fixed rain falling through liquids
* Fixed items in glass blocks not getting ejected properly
* Fixed water interacting strangely with glass
* Fixed glass not blocking rain sound
* Fixed fences and signs preventing grass from growing
* Fixed rain and snow being incorrectly lit
* Fixed grass staying alive below stair blocks
* Fixed the achievement screen not pausing the game
* Fixed some screens breaking the sky tint color
* Fixed fullscreen mode switching causing mouse issues and screen closes
* Fixed chat messages surviving through game switches
* Fixed ice so it regenerates regardless of whether it’s snowing or not
* Fixed rain falling too slowly
* Fixed levers being placeable on weird locations
* Fixed floor levers sometimes not delivering a signal downwards
* Fixed floor levers sometimes not being removed when the floor is removed
* Fixed rail tiles sometimes not properly connecting to a new neighbor
* Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities (sorry!)
* Fixed wolves not following their owner if the name has different caps
* Fixed creepers retaining charge level when they can’t see their target
* Fixed dying in the nether spawning new portals
* “Fixed” beds in the nether
* Fixed inventory acting weird when portaling by making the portal close all screens
* Fixed wooden pressure plates being mined with pickaxes
* Fixed redstone repeaters having the wrong particles
* Fixed saplings being plantable through snow onto non-grass blocks
* Fixed ore density varying per quadrant from the center of the world
* Fixed dispenser graphics being one pixel off. ONE PIXEL!!!
* Fixed mushrooms spawning everywhere during nights
* Fixed animals only spawning near light during the night
* Fixed the multiplayer join screen input field being too short
* Fixed IPv6 addresses being parsed wrongly. To connect to a specific port in IPv6, use the format [1234:567::1]:25565
* Fixed network packets being sent unbuffered, causing huge amounts of packets being sent
* Fixed entity positions going out of synch sometimes. They get re-synched every 20 seconds now.
* Fixed inventory icons not animating after being picked up in multiplayer
* Fixed mushroom soup not leaving a bowl in multiplayer
* Fixed entities above the map height limit becoming invisible
* Fixed healing not flashing the health bar in multiplayer
* Fixed arrows being animated really strangely in multiplayer
* Fixed arrows triggering too many entity move updates in multiplayer
* Fixed the compass not pointing at the spawn location in multiplayer
* Fixed fires being impossible to put out in multiplayer
* Fixed record players spawning client-side fake records in multiplayer
* Fixed records not playing for other players in multiplayer
* Fixed players spawning in the wrong location and quickly lerping to the correct location
* Fixed monsters not being visible for players with their difficulty set to peaceful
* Fixed pigs getting hit by lightning in multiplayer spawning client-side zombie pigmen
* Fixed loads of exploding tnt generating way too many particles, possibly crashing the client
* Fixed bonemeal use in multiplayer sometimes spawning fake client-side trees
* Fixed saplings sometimes spawning trees client-side in multiplayer
* Fixed weather sometimes changing client-side in multiplayer
* Fixed grasscolor.png and foliagecolor.png not being read from texture packs
* Fixed stats getting saved to different files in offline mode if the caps in the player name differ from the true spelling
* Fixed fireballs not being visible in multiplayer
* Fixed ghasts’ fireing animation not being visible in multiplayer
* Fixed receiving more items than the maximum stack size sometimes causing an oversized stack in the inventory


  1. SilverSilence says:

    Just a heads up that there are some pretty big bugs in the 1.6 patch and you might want to wait for them to be fixed

  2. jonfitt says:

    I’ve seen Notch tweet about a 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 update being released which fixes some bugs.

  3. CMaster says:

    And now 1.6.3
    We’ll see if SMP actually works again yet.

    • Xocrates says:


      We’re waiting for 1.6.4 now.

    • CMaster says:

      1.6.4 Seems to fix our server’s CPU issues. However attempting to use a map still causes a crash.

    • Xocrates says:

      Aye, same here.

    • terry says:

      1.6.4 has some inventory vanishment issues too, as a word of warning. My furnace is vomiting glass blocks.

    • CMaster says:

      Yeah, 1.6.4 has made the game playable, but still buggy as fuck.

    • max pain says:

      LOL. If I released such a riddled update, I’d lost my job in a day.
      (If i had such a boom product, I wouldn’t test either :)

    • Towercap says:

      It’s a beta. We’re beta-testing it.

  4. Matt says:

    * Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities (sorry!)

    Well, shit.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      eXtreme velocities dude

    • GrandmaFunk says:

      the old-style boosters getting “fixed” is what worried me most about this update…but luckily he’s tweaked the powered rails recipe to produce 6 units instead of 1…and they’re faster.
      haven’t tested out the speed difference yet but the recipe tweak definitely puts my mind at ease…the amount of gold required before would’ve been crippling to any large rail project

    • Xocrates says:

      @GrandmaFunk: Pretty sure it produced 6 rails before.

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      Yes, glitch boosting is a bug in beta software and was fixed. Usually people complain about bugs, it mystifies me as to why this is different with Minecraft.

    • Sassenach says:

      Because it was fun?

  5. fallingmagpie says:

    That’s a lot of bug fixes.

  6. Daniel Klein says:

    * Nothing riding anything or being ridden by anything can enter portals

    Todo: craft a sign saying this and put it up next to a portal.

  7. fearghaill says:

    Right now records are obtained by having a skeleton kill a creeper for you. Which is about as easy as it sounds.

    • lhzr says:

      what? why? that makes no sense :|

    • mwoody says:

      You can also get them from hidden chests, which is slightly easier. Arguably.

    • Felixader says:

      @lhzr: Tell me about it. And as far as i know you have a CHANCE that the creeper then lets fall a Disc.

    • lhzr says:

      perhaps notch learned a couple of lessons about the benefits of grinding from blizzard?

  8. GallonOfAlan says:

    Currently on 1.6.3, still major CPU cycle inhalation bug, they are beavering feverishly on it.

  9. Jetsetlemming says:

    I was hoping he’d change his mind about ruining water elevators. :(

    • stblr says:

      Yeah, it’s baffling as to why he decided to “fix” this. It’s hardly an exploitable thing and marks an end to awesome water slide videos, which accounts for a wholly unscientific estimate of 90% of all Minecraft youtube videos that are worth watching. Waterfall elevators, you will be missed.

    • Urthman says:

      I think that water elevators still work, they’re just not so crazy fast that you come shooting out the top and flying into the air (and smashing your head on the ceiling if you tried to make an underground elevator — yet another of the ways I’ve managed to die on “peaceful” mode).

  10. KauhuK says:

    After the latest patch the minecraft window goes black and i cant do anything about it

    EDIT: OK it had somethinf to do about those texture packs

  11. phlebas says:

    ONE PIXEL!!!

  12. Mr_Initials says:

    Gonna have to wait for bukkit to update now. The joys of running a server.

  13. Callum says:

    Now the Yogscast can continue their adventure!

    I’m also excited to play with some of these changes as I am just getting back into Minecraft after a small hiatus.

  14. Inigo says:

    Recently I’ve been having major problems with Minecraft – after an hour or so the game becomes completely unresponsive, the blocks don’t react at all, and I’m seemingly unable to do anything.
    Then I realise that I’m not playing Minecraft and that I’m actually sitting with a pile of Lego.
    Then I realise that my parents threw out all my Lego several years ago.
    Then I realise that I’ve spent the last 45 minutes sitting in the back yard, staring at a pile of mud and pretending it was a mighty fortress that I had designed and constructed.
    Then I start crying.

    I hope Notch will fix this at some point, as it is becoming increasingly problematic.

  15. Bhazor says:

    “Fixed pigs getting hit by lightning in multiplayer spawning client-side zombie pigmen”

    Best patch note I’ve read since

    “Fixed: Size of the moon”

    • Kaira- says:

      Oh, I liked this one (1.6.2):
      Bug Fixes:
      Fixed new item duplication bug
      New Bugs:
      The item duplication bug was not actually fixed; items placed in a furnace can still be taken out of a furnace and duplicated infinitely by right-clicking (although it appears the newly duplicated item will not function).

  16. DrazharLn says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to choose which version to “update” to?

    It would be fun to play the earliest betas and compare them to the new game or update to a stable release while we wait for the bugginess to go away.

  17. MythArcana says:

    The only game in the world to actually go backwards in development. I’m patiently waiting…and I’m sticking with v1.501 until the smoke clears, but this whole thing is starting to get a bit disappointing I must say.

    I was under the impression that Notch hired his entire team to pour massive resources at the game to finish it up and add more content. Then two guys go work on Scrolls, two other guys leave for a while to get some air, then Notch is left hammering this out himself and probably getting frustrated in the process. With all the MP issues alone, this game is going to miss the launch date for sure – if not, it will be sadly incomplete. I love Minecraft, but I hope I didn’t buy into vaporware.

    • Stitched says:

      “Then two guys go work on Scrolls, two other guys leave for a while to get some air”

      I really don’t get the idea behind that game. They went from “Minecraft”, a really unique game and market, to “Scrolls”, which is competing head-to-head with “Magic: The Gathering” Online. Can someone explain why you would want to lose that advantage and take on the largest competitor, in a genre ?

  18. zelgaris says:

    I like what Notch is doing, but damn, he should use some betatesting before releasing it.
    This time, the bugs created in last patch are really annoying :(

    • RocknRollJoel says:

      Umm…. You DO realise this is the Minecraft Beta, right? Meaning that everyone who plays the game in its current state is, in fact, betatesting it?

  19. zelgaris says:

    Wow, how obvious…

    Yeah, I understand that, but rather than quibbling let’s focus on the issue.
    And the issue is, why not testing it with smaller community of people and after the initial test releasing it to whole community.
    We both know, it’s in “beta state”, but we also know, it’s not your typical beta as is the case of other games.

    • RocknRollJoel says:

      I agree, it’s different from other betas in that everyone has essentially paid to be a part of it, and therefore expect a bit more. But i guess i just don’t see the point of having a pre-beta betatest. I too get a bit annoyed sometimes with how buggy the game is, even straight after it’s meant to have been fixed. But we all knew we were buying into a game that was only half done, I guess we just have to put up with it, and hope things get better the closer it gets to Nov 11th..

    • zelgaris says:

      I understand that having pre-beta test is somehow pointless during beta, but sometimes the bugs created are something you met in alpha stage and not in “near finished game” which beta phase usually is.

      Anyway, most important bugs solved, so no need to continue with arguing ^_^

  20. facupay says:

    The ammount of new bugs that 1.6.4 has is just ridiculous.