Trion Explain End Of Nations

Massiveness does not apply to everything in the game, sadly.
End Of Nations, the MMORTS from Trion Worlds, is not far away now. Trion are gearing up to explain how adding MMO to RTS equals a game that you might want to play, and they’re spooling up the hypecopter with a video, which you can see below. It talks a little about how progression in the game works, as well as mentioning customisation, persistence, and a bunch of other stuff in the overlap between pacey strategy and ongong MMOness. Also, those helicopters certainly absorb a lot of bullets, I would say.


  1. Jumwa says:

    The RTS genre (being as twitchy and reflex heavy as it usually is) is not my thing, however, a persistent one based upon co-op ventures could tickle my fancies. I’ll be interested to hear more. Trion’s first game was a rather impressive first outing, after all.

    • digitalus says:

      I’m really excited for this. The idea of massive cooperative strategy against a huge AI always get me interested.

      I hate MMOs. Will probably try this anyway, assuming the reviews closer to release align with my expectations.

    • Jumwa says:

      I’ll be doing likewise. I’ll remain cautiously curious in the meantime!

      Strategy games have always been a huge obsession of mine, though few of the real-time variety have been able to nab me, due to the high reflex requirement of most.

  2. loGi says:

    Looks really generic but not going to write it out yet.

  3. DSR says:

    Wake up, Trion!
    There is your “RIFT” WCO(Warcraft Clone Online) Game dying right here at your doorstep and you’re making out with new project already?
    You have no shame or no respect for deceased.

    • mmalove says:

      1. Rift is dying? Damn, and I just bought it too.
      2. End of Nations has been in development for years. The aren’t going to decide in the last two months to can/suspend everything for an emergency recovery project for RIFT.
      3. This looks kinda cool, but I’m largely curious whether there’s a balancing to prevent “zerging”, or whether the guy with 1000 internet friends will basically dominate the pvp persistent world game unchecked.

    • xotobacco says:

      Rift is FAR from dying. It’s actually been growing. On my server (Deepstrike) I’ve been getting random queues every few days. All servers always show in medium/high/full at all hours of the day (hell, even in down time it’s all medium/high).

      I hate those doom and gloom people.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Rift isn’t dying unless your version of “dying” is not having a billion people in every area of the game at all times.

      I play EQ2 still and you could probably say it’s dying according that criteria, but there’s plenty of people in chat and to do things with.

    • Burchard says:

      All three games over there have been announced and in development prior to Rift even launching.

      There are several other profanity laced fragments that I have decided to omit in proper gentlemanly fashion. But really, just get your facts straight.

    • DSR says:

      When RIFT was released, they could not keep up with demand.
      Opening new servers almost every day.
      Now half of the servers are dead and they even want to offer free transfers in future.
      If its not “dying”, I don’t know what is, then.

    • Warskull says:

      That’s because you are on Deepstrike, one of two servers everyone is fleeing to as their server dies out. There is a reason Trion is putting a rush on character transfers. It is at the 3 month dying mark and at 6 months will be at the two server all but dead mark.
      Anyhow, regarding an RTS, it will be very bad. Balance is kind of important in RTS games and Trion has repeatedly proven they are mind bogglingly incompetent when it comes to balance.

    • plasticsaint says:

      lolwut? I have a 20-30 minute wait in the Q on my main RIFT server every night… My secondary server I hardly ever have a Q but I still see tons of people everywhere– especially during the crazy invasion events they’ve been doing.

      Rift isn’t dying.

  4. rayne117 says:

    Didn’t see anything about a beta or demo on their website. Hopefully one of those or a trial appears around the release date.

  5. BurningPet says:

    Developed by Petroglyph? or published by them? if developed, colour me extremely uninterested.

    • tsmike says:


      I’ll probably give the game a shot, because some of the people at Petroglyph were behind the original Command & Conquer titles. But as Petroglyph, they haven’t done anything that great yet so I’m a bit skeptical too.

  6. voidburn says:

    I’m not sold on the concept. From the short clip all I get is “persistence will be applied to your choices of army and customizations made on it”. Well my advancement in army tech is persistent across single player campaigns in non MMO rts games. Will keep an eye on it but I’m not sure how much different (besides the genre it encapsulates) this will be from, say, World of tanks.

  7. Justoffscreen says:

    That video is terrible; telling us literally nothing about how the game is actually played, or showing off the viewpoints, UI, or economics of how the game will be seen by us, the players. I have to say i’m interested, though.

    The character and vehicle design alone is going to make me keep tabs on this game, much like Hawken.

  8. Felixader says:

    Um, the vehicles often in this video just stand there and exchange Bullets.

    That reminds me strongly of the standart MMO Battlesystem.

  9. Dana says:

    So, how is this an MMO ? Do we have 64 players per game there, like in World of Tanks, another great ‘MMO’ :D

  10. bruno says:

    I am not impressed by their video. They keep on repeating how great their game is without anything to back such statements. I don’t like their attitude.
    Show some gameplay, then players will decide if your game is great or not.

  11. Solcry says:

    As a former Shattered Galaxy player, this is pretty exciting for me. Hopefully they can capture the magic of SG, from the political system, to the clans, to the epic 50 player battles. Looking forward to this!

    • 13194013 says:

      I loved Shattered Galaxy and have often wondered why no other company made an SG clone. Logging on and finding out your nation’s boarders have been pushed to the brink and fighting for survival was pretty fun.