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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Phoning It In

I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning, I’ve got to jump onto a train into Manchester shortly because I am heading to the RPS Social Club meet. If you’re in the area, why don’t you come join us? The details are confusingly spread over two posts here and here. As such, I’m a little briefer than usual. Don’t worry, normal service will resume by next weekend, assuming I’ve recovered from the no doubt epic hangover I’ll be having after tonight. SavyGamer‘s still a web site with lots of games that cost less than they normally cost listed on it. Here’s the deals:DotEmu Promo on GOG
A selection of older games which (typically for GOG weekend promotions) I’ve not played any of. You know, one of these days I’m going to have played all the games GOG have on promotion, and it’s going to be glorious. I’ll be able to tell you all about them rather than relying on my RPS colleagues having played them. Today is not that day though, so here’s Alec telling you why why Gobliins 2 made him.

Precursors – £9.98/€14.98/$14.98
Jim endorsed ambitious spacey adventure game. This is Wot he thought:

All this adds up to a rich, incoherent game that needs lashings of work before it even comes close to the production values of most games released by big publishers today. That hardly matters, because the scope and energy of the game diminish most of what those publishers are trying to do with those games and the experiences they provide. As I Alt-tabbed in and out of Precursors to chat to people online, I found myself checking in with a friend who had just completed Call Of Duty 4 for the first time. His weary sadness at the rigid scripting and predictable militarist point ‘n’ shoot of the game was made to seem ludicrous as I reported alien worlds, weapons that need to be fed, and just the general layers of weird shit that I had uncovered. At one point I said this: “I just found a bunch of people worshipping what seems to be a floating Rubik’s Cube in the middle of the desert!” What was that about? I still haven’t gone back to find out. But I could. There’s no going back to have a poke around for the CoD4 player, because the game just doesn’t work like that. And there are no floating Rubik’s Cubes in that desert, anyway. Precursors’ space imperials might be no more imaginative than Call Of Duty soldiermen, but they live in a far more surprising neighbourhood.

See how I quoted more from Jim’s WIT that I usually would, to give the illusion of me having done more words than I actually have. Sneaky hey?

Company of Heroes: Gold – £3.75/$7.49
North America/UK only for this one I’m afraid. Sorry folks in mainland Europe, I suggest you take it up with Gamefly, Direct2Drive’s new owner. The Gold edition of CoH includes the original game and the Opposing Fronts expansion, although is missing men of valour. That Kieron fella reveiwed the first one for Eurogamer, and Mr Meer tackled the expansion.

Star Trek Online [Digital Deluxe Edition], PC – £2.37/€2.75/$3.75
Alec documented the opening of his voyage into deep space here, and this is what he had to say about flying the space ships:

The space combat I’m not so sure about – the controls feel a bit off, imprecise and unresponsive. I’m surprised there isn’t a click-to-move-to-target thing on the ships, as that would seem to have more in common with Star Trek navigation as we know it. Clearly, it’s more hands-on this way, but I’m not convinced a city-sized spaceship from the far future should handle like a broken kite. Maybe I’ll get used to it, but right now it feels like an uncomfortable halfway house between, say, Eve and Freelancer. It’s a jolly nice change from running around pressing number keys, at least. And I can’t pretend I wasn’t thrilled that the name I gave my ship – the U.S.S. Pripyat – appeared on its hull.

More RPS coverage this way.

Deal of the week
50% off Arcen games
A bunch of you moaned at me for only including Arcen’s games in the “Also of note” section last week. I’d never want to miss an opportunity to bow to popular demand, and since they’re now on sale on Steam (and for a bit cheaper than the last sale, at least in the UK), I thought I’d promote them to deal of the week. If you’re after AI War and all the expansions, you can save even more by getting them in the Alien Bundle. RPS coverages of AI War here and Tidalis here.

Also of note:
Medieval 2: Total War – £2.49/€2.87/$3.75
Age of Fear: The Undead King x2 – £9.46/€10.92/$14.99
Hearts of Iron III Mega Pack – £8.99/similar prices in other countries. Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”.
Elven Legacy Collection – £1.81/€2.09/$2.99
75% off all Brother in Arms games.
Dirt 3 – £23.99/$34.99/€34.99

33% of all Ubisoft games, but don’t buy these until tomorrow (Valve Time), just in case any of the ones you want are the last daily special. Highlights include:
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory – £6.02/€6.69/$6.69
Zeit² – £4.68/€6.69/$6.69
Bloody Good Time – £2.67/€3.34/$3.34

For more cheap games throughout the week, get yourselves over to

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