A Quiet Day For PC Gaming News

Sir. Your hat reflects poorly on your manhood.
Due to it being a lovely holiday day both here in Blighty and in the United States (and probably other places too) the RPS team are going to be having a bit of a quiet day. We’ll be around to post a few bits and pieces, but the site will be sleepier than usual. So let’s talk among ourselves for a bit. I’ve got two questions for you:

1. What’s your Game Of The Year so far? And do you expect that choice to last until End Of Year List season?

2. Have you recently upgraded your PC for gaming purposes? If you haven’t, and your PC is getting on a bit, what would make you do so?

To answer my own questions: The Witcher 2 is my game of the year so far, and that was what made me upgrade my PC, too. The side effect of everything else running like a dream is a bonus, too. What about you lot?


  1. Cinek says:

    replay fail

  2. HermitUK says:

    Portal 2 is my GOTY thus far. Funny and smart in equal measure, and the co-op was inspired genius. I expect Skyrim to find its way onto my GOTY shortlist in the winter, but for now Portal 2 is the king. Hearing a lot of good stuff about The Witcher 2, as well, but I want to finish the first game before buying it.

    The pre-release ARG was brilliant fun to get involved in, too. Defence Grid was something I hadn’t played before the Potato Sack, and it’s also one of the best games I’ve discovered this year.

    As for rig upgrades, I intend to build a new machine over the summer in preparation for Skyrim and BF3. My current rig isn’t half bad, but it’s getting on a bit. I had to replace the graphics card a couple of years ago, a year or so before that I did a fairly extensive upgrade, but parts of this machine (case, some of the fans, the soundcard, The HDD and both disc drives) are knocking on five years old, now.

    Come to think of it, this current PC started life as a machine built in 2006 so that I could run Oblivion. Bethesda dictates my upgrade schedule.

  3. Meat Circus says:

    Terraria, right now. But I suspect Frozen Synapse will displace it in about ten minutes. Honourable mentions to Portal 2 and The Witcher 2.

    By the end of the year, I expect Dark Souls to be my game of the year, however.

  4. Doug says:

    For me it’s Portal 2. But I still haven’t played The Witcher 2 yet, and if how I’m loving The Witcher 1 means anything, it will be pretty hard to decide after I played the sequel.

    By the way, is anyone here having any success playing TW2 with a 9800/8800gt in 1440×900 or any resolution near that?

  5. Stranglove says:

    For sheer amount of gameplay and replayability, MOWAS. You can race tractors in it, which just makes it my GOTY straight away. For Co-op I’d have to choose Magicka, which is insanely fun. I think Terraria should be up there as well for the most suprising release for me, I had no idea about it until 24hrs before release.

    I have installed a new PSU for gaming purposes, but haven’t had the money to make use of it’s extra watts.

  6. Kdansky says:

    Portal 2.

    Terraria was a very fun distraction, but it probably won’t keep me interested for long.
    Witcher 2 is also quite good (I’m not through yet), but it’s just so much more frustrating, with its bugs (a dozen crashs and counting), weird difficulty spikes and shaky performance on my HD 4870. I’ve gotten used to my rig running every game, and I don’t feel like shelling out a thousand gold coins for a single game.

    And to top it off, Portal 2 is one of the best games ever. Period. It’s just so much ahead of the pack that most people have not yet understood what makes it such a mile-stone.

  7. Makariel says:

    1.) Brink, closely followed by Magicka. I was sure Portal 2 would be a hot contender for my GOTY but I was a tad disappointed and found myself having way more fun with Brink and Magicka. I doubt it will stay my GOTY however, seeing Deus Ex 3, Skyrim, Arkham City, Battlefield 3 marching in this year, among others.

    2.) Upgraded my RAM from 2 to 4 gb and got an extra HD so far. Later this year I plan to upgrade my graphics card and was thinking of a SSD. Unfortunately my mainboard is causing troubles since a couple of days, so I might have to replace that and since I’m already at it I might very well go for a new CPU.

  8. CMaster says:

    If I’m being honest, my game of the year is SWAT4. Yes, it’s 6 years old, but it’s new to me and my crew and it’s brilliant.

    The only stuff I’ve played which actually launched this year so far are Magicka (fun, but falls down in so many places it gets no awards); Cities in Motion (fun, but needs some tweaks still to stop it being equal parts frustrating and enthralling) and Frozen Synapse (solid, but a distraction not a GotY).

    As for upgrading – I’m still running my (mostly) 4 year old rig with Core 2 Duo E6400, Radeon HD4850 and 4 gb of RAM and a Velociraptor 300GB. What would make me upgrade is 1:getting out of my current weird financial limbo situation; 2: Having a need to – finding a game that I couldn’t comfortably run at 1680 x 1050; 3: SSDs at reasonable price/size combos.

  9. Gnoupi says:

    Magicka, and Portal 2

    Brink was a nice entertainment, too.

    • Meat Circus says:

      Yeah, Magicka rather blotted its copybook with its terrible launch. Which is a shame, since it could have been a contender.

  10. apricotsoup says:

    Between Brink and Portal 2. Still having great fun with brink and am disappointed that the early bugs and stupid marketing campaign that hampered its launch and party lead to bad reviews.

    I want to get into the witcher 2 but I’ve held off because I just couldn’t find a single thing to like about the first one, I wasn’t able to get far into it to see where it apparently gets better.

    What happened to fantasy being fantastical? I’m so sick of seeing the same elves, dwarfs and orcs in every fantasy world.

    • Cinek says:

      I also didn’t like Witcher 1 – it wasn’t any good RPG, especially in matter of combat which resembled constant QTE. But Witcher 2 is completely different game, almost everything what was wrong with old game got fixed.

  11. Phinor says:

    GOTY so far is Portal 2 and there’s realistically only two games that can top that, Battlefield 3 or if for some reason the videos we’ve seen so far have given us the wrong impression and Deus Ex: HR is actually a good game. Witcher 2 and TDU2 are my disappointments of the year so far. Especially the latter is absolutely unplayable mess. Witcher 2 just lacks a bit of everything and is a computer-RPG with pretty bad combat mechanics. Magicka on the other hand was a hugely positive surprise although I had been following that game for quite some time before it’s release.

    I upgraded everything that matters 5-6 months ago. That is, CPU, motherboard, memory, GPU, monitor and of course keyboard. Seeing how little games demand, I don’t think there’s an upgrade in sight in the next three years unless something breaks down. Probably my bios modified GPU is the first victim ;)

  12. Laurentius says:

    1. Witcher 2 is great game but Portal 2 is just perfect gaming experience, i don’t care if it’s short or easy or anything it’s just that i have now two games that i can play whenever i want to relax and have good time : GTA IV and P2.

    2. I bought myself Radeon 6850 as a last Christmas present so no upgrades in coming 2 years i think. ( unless GTA V force me to it.)

  13. Jonathan says:

    3) I don’t have a holiday today :(

    • JohnnyK says:

      This. But I wish I had.
      OTOH, my work week ends at noon on Wednesday (took the rest of the week off), so I can accept my fate.

      As for GOTY – AssBro MP. It has some flaws, but I still play it extensively and it’s a lot of fun as it is so different from any other MP games I played. The jury’s still out on the SP, but it’s pretty much waht I expected. Although whoever decided having fixed camera angles during certain acrobatic scenes was a good idea should be fired on the spot.
      Portal 2 was nice, but I enjoyed the Coop much more than the SP, really (due to some really unnecessary levels in SP that just seemed to serve as “make the game longer” levels)

  14. Jumwa says:

    Would have to be Portal 2, a wonderful experience, the co-op especially. Absolutely adored it, a master piece. Though with Skyrim coming out this year I don’t expect that to last. I doubt much could triumph over the amazing fulfillment that a new Elder Scrolls game will give me.

    Haven’t had to upgrade my PC in a while as it’s still devouring all new games at top settings even after a couple years. Definitely the best machine I’ve had put together in my time as a gamer. I might slap some more RAM in there eventually though, as I think that’s the only real deficiency it has right now. I only put in 4GB at the time of construction, but always planned to go back for more later. But since I’ve never had any issues or frustrations with slowness I never felt the urge to do so.

    Oh yeah, and no holiday today in Canada. ) :

  15. Joe Duck says:

    Up to now it is a tie between Portal 2 and SpaceChem. However, 2011’s best game is finally coming out in October… Yes, you all forgot Minecraft. Game of the year 2011…
    My PC is 3,5 years old, chugging happily with maximum settings in all games except Crysis (yes, even Minecraft!). I play at a resolution of 1900*1200 in a 24″ monitor and my Radeon 4870HD 1Gb does a perfect, perfect job. I do not intend to upgrade unless BF3 makes me feel woefully inadequate and underpowered, but if I can lower the resolution and still play, I will hold on until 2012 at least.

  16. Oozo says:

    The Witcher 2 got me a CPU and motherboard-upgrade just last week. Got me an Core i5 2500K, and I pray this was a good decision… (looks to be up-to-date right now, so I hope that I won’t have to change to a 6-core or anything similarly terryfing any time soon now that games have decided to use the power of the PC again…)

    As for game of the year so far… well… looking back with the fondest memories so far on:

    Cave Story (only played it now, so there’s that…)
    Portal 2 (Coop)
    Don’t Take It Personally, Babe

    And a bunch of other games that did not come out this year, but that were remarkable nevertheless (The Witcher, Deadly Premonition, Demon’s Souls).

  17. Phydaux says:

    With all the great games that have been released this year I don’t think it would be fair to pick one. Magicka, Minecraft (It’s out this year and I’m playing it now so I think I can give it a goty ;) ), Portal 2, SpaceChem, and a whole bunch of others that I haven’t bought yet. There are a few that were out last year but I didn’t buy until this year so I’m including them too: SupCom2, Civ V (I like it), Super Meat Boy.

    So there :P

    Also, my wife and I spent around £900 on a new PC for her (we have one each), and she’s just discovered the wonders of Peggle. So that’s money well spent. :)

  18. gwathdring says:

    The only 2011 games I’ve bought are Frozen Synapse and sort-of Minecraft. I suppose it’s technically not released yet and practically speaking a 2010 game … oh well.

    I’m falling in love with Frozen Synapse very quickly. The game is enthralling. The music is spot on, the interface is slick and intuitive (some issues with registering clicks properly when zoomed out, but that’s mostly me stubbornly refusing to zoom in to anything less than full map view). I’ve died too many times because I thought I checked a certain combination only to discover that there IS line of sight from that hallway if he steps back a few paces before proceeding sideways … there’s a wonderful, terrible sense of dread when you realize everything you thought wouldn’t happen does.

    I think one of my favorite gaming moments this year came out of Frozen Synapse: I was in a bad spot, no one dead, but completely surrounded with no great way to hold the central area I was claiming as my bunker until my lone shotgunner made his way down screen from where he was cowering behind a box. Every time I tried to move him, and so much as pointed a sniper or a nearby enemy shotgunner in his direction, he was doomed. Unable to afford the loss, I decided to leave him in place until I could bring him down safely. But the enemy shotgunner was in a perfect position for a rush, and had been moving like he was going for one … and every angle of attack on my box resulted in death. So I carefully counted seconds and tenths of seconds, running simulation after simulation. The end result left my crouching shotgunner bouncing his aim from one cover angle to the next ten times over the course of two seconds, each turn of his gun marking a simulation gone wrong, now made right.

    The shotgunner instead tried to rush two of my machine gunners in their bunker and died. But the shotgun wielding vatborn dutifully spun back and forth. Ready for almost anything. It turned out to be utterly useless, but it was a useless job thoroughly done.

    I will upgrade my PC when I collect a thousand dollars worth of pennies in parking lots. Or when I graduate. It’ll be my Happy Thesis gift to myself. I’ll be saving up.

    • gwathdring says:

      Oh yeah …. Magicka, I loved magicka for a while, until I realized it had very little respect or love for me. Our one-way relationship continued until I finally burnt out on the last level. Insta-kill spells and over-powered knock back effects simply made it not worth the effort. If I’d kept at it, I would have eventually pulled through. I collected all the trinkets in VVVVVV, and died far more times than seemed strictly reasonable … but that was FUN difficult. Magicka was just difficult. At times unintentionally difficult. That’s no good.

      Co-Op is still pretty awesome though. I got my money’s worth out of it and loved the magic system. I also wished the order of adding components and the quantities of each component had more of an effect such that there was more variation in spells beyond the Magickas.
      I also finally finished the main quest in Fallout 3. I knew they were going to ++++++++SPOILERS+++++++++ SPOlLERS+++++++++
      send the old bastard where the red fern grows the moment I found him again. I loved the whole sequence from post mortem to catching up with Fawkes outside of Raven Rock. Especially meeting Fawkes, meeting the president, and walking out of a flaming building to find a friendly meta-human with a gatling laser. A god-damn gatling laser. -happy sigh- The anti-communist Robot was entertaining, I suppose, but it was really hard to beat that moment outside of Raven Rock. I felt like a million bucks after using logic to convince a computer it was a terrible president. The ending was, relative to that, underwhelming. Especially since I was accused of being a coward and not a “true hero” for asking a guy IMMUNE TO RADIATION to suffer exposure instead of needlessly getting my stupid self killed just to feel good about it … er .. never. Reloading an earlier save out of curiosity, I also found it hilarious that with Brotherhood of Steel installed you wake up safe and sound even after dying from radiation exposure. Maybe there’s a maguffin to explain that later on in BOS.

  19. ForestOfMirrors says:

    I recently upgraded from a dying GTX 295 (that couldn’t run any game past 2006 without crashing after 10 minutes) to a HD 6970 and am very pleased so far.

    The Witcher 2 takes the cake for being the funnest (and prettiest) game I’ve gotten my hands on so far this year, but I am certain Dark Souls will be GOTYAY. Demon’s Souls was the most immersive video game I have ever played as well as being incredibly addicting and fun, and Dark Souls seems to be an improved version of that. It’s just a shame that From Software never bother releasing their games on PC.

  20. Squirrelfanatic says:

    What holiday?? I wants some too! :(

    My game of the year so far is The Witcher 1. Ha! I need to finish it to start with The Witcher 2, whi(t)ch will then in turn become my game of the year. And for that purpose, I didn’t have to upgrade my machine. I had to build a new one. For the first time ever. And I did. Oh, those bitter tears pouring down from my cheeks onto the mainboard. But in the end, it all worked out and everything is running smoothly. So right now, I am plowing through Chapter 4 of the first title and hoping to finish the game later this week.

    • Scandalon says:

      That’s wot I was going to say. At least, it better be, since I just suffered through the end of chapter 1…otherwise Portal 2 maybe?

      Not really an upgrade, more a sidegrade, but my amazingly performing and great value X1950 Pro seemed to start having issues, so now I have an HD4xxx. Doesn’t throw quite as many triangles around as before, but doesn’t need any external power and has DX10, so I can run Just Cause 2.

      1.8Ghz C2D is starting to feel the pinch though…

  21. sexyresults says:

    Haven’t had time for Witcher 2, so Portal 2 is still firmly my GOTY.

    Also haven’t needed to upgrade my computer in awhile. If my computer starts to struggle to run current gen games I will look into upgrading/replacing.

  22. Ertard says:

    Can’t decide between Portal 2 and The Witcher 2. Regardless, they will not last past Battlefield 3 and Batman: AC (almost wrote Bathman, what an awesome game that would be).

    I currently have an i5 750 @ 3.8ghz, 4GB of RAM and a 460. I was planning on upgrading the whole shebang, but I’m more leaning towards just smacking in an extra 4GB of RAM and a 570/670 before BF3. Sadly I reckon GeForce 6 won’t be coming out this year.

  23. Vandelay says:

    Game of the Year so far is Portal 2, but I’m still only a little ways into Chapter 1 of The Witcher 2, which is looking like it could potentially usurp it. I reckon it will be one of those two at the end of the year too. Deus Ex 3 seems like the only one that could better them, if done right, but my hopes are currently set towards it being very good, rathr than the best thing this year. Skyrim doesn’t have much hold on me and I expect BF3 will just be more BF, which I was never that interested in.

    I built a new computer at the start of the year. It’s an I5 2500k, Radeon HD6950 and 4gb RAM, which I might upgrade with another 4 at some point. It maxes out The Witcher 2, excluding ubersampling and AA, so I’m happy with it.

  24. Icarus says:

    Game of the year so far has to be Portal 2, but I’m expecting Deus Ex Human Revolution and/or Space Marine to trump it for me. I did recently get a new desktop and I am intending to stick a bit more RAM in there, but otherwise it’s working well enough.

  25. Zarx says:

    Personal game of the year so far would have to be The Witcher 2, despite it’s many UI issues, bugs and a rather abruptly short 3rd chapter it is still the best RPG I have played since the first and 2 has better all round voice work and I would argue an even better handling of choice as it has an even grater impact on how the game plays out.

    The last upgrade I made was a new 24in monitor, I turned to the dark side and went 16:9

  26. fastcar83 says:

    So far I’ve played Dead Space 2, Portal 2, Brink and Witcher 2. So far my game of the year is Dead Space 2 but only cos I haven’t played nearly anything of Witcher 2 cos I need a new graphix card to complete my monster rig (called Normandy). I’ll get a GTX570 as soon as I can.

  27. nabeel says:

    Portal 2 is easily my GOTY so far, and I haven’t even had a chance to play co-op yet. But this series is my feelgood place, and everything about the sequel just did it for me. I do expect my pick to stay by the end of the year but I’m still looking forward to a few more games like Human Revolution and Arkham City. Frozen Synapse is a close second in the meantime.

    I did upgrade my PC a little, though not out of my own choice. My video card, a Geforce 9600 GSO 384MB died on me a week or so back, and so I had to make an emergency purchase of a 460 GTX 1GB, which isn’t high-end or anything but is within my running budget and now the fastest thing in my whole aging rig.

  28. Synchrony says:

    My GOTY so far is Portal 2
    I have also upgraded my pc, well, I say upgrade, the only part I didn’t replace was the case. Replaced my ageing Athlon x2 4000 with a Athlon II X3 450 and my 9600gt with a HD 5830 Extreme, as well as increasing my ram from 1gb to 4gb and my hard disk from 300gb to 1.5tb

  29. squirrel says:

    Unfortunately currently no “Game of the Year” for me. There doesn’t seem to be any good game around after Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is the only game I am still playing. Witcher 2 may be an exception, but I’ve waited for a legit DRM remover to be released…… till now. Will go to shop for it this coming weekend to see how great it is.

    Besides, haven’t upgrade my machine for 2 years. With my HD 4870 still being powerful for most of the currently popular games, may not be in need for an upgrade as there is still no games that would look substantially more beautiful under DX11.

    Used to seriously considering buying a game console, Playstation or Xbox. Not to quit PC gaming altogether but with more and more games being ported to game consoles, isn’t it making perfect economic sense to switched to console gaming once one’s PC becomes obsolete for PC gaming? Recent news of new generation of game consoles really holds me back though.

    Days after BC2 were sad for me to witness creativity being replaced by marketing effort. How can we allow craps like Medal of Honor and Homefront to be selling like hell under aggressive marketing campaigns? But thank you RPS for feeding me with information of good games from idle developers. Keep it on, mates!!

  30. Spiny says:

    1: Portal for me. Still playing witcher 1.
    2: Battlefield 3 will probably have me upgrade my cpu from a core 2 duo. To what depends on whether an i5 bundle is anywhere near the price of a core 2 quad. Think I’ll be OK with a radeon 5850 still.

  31. Symitri says:

    Best game of 2011 is a toss-up between Witcher 2and Portal 2. Somewhat curious how Skyrim will pan out at the end of the year as that’s the game most likely to change anything.

    My computer is around two years old and the only thing that’s kept me from upgrading is that it runs everything ‘ok’ still. I can’t pump out ultra graphics on Witcher 2, sure, but it looks better than most games even on low to medium and runs well enough I don’t notice any real hiccups. I might be planning a move to a different country and if that’s the case, I’d probably get a new one over there rather than pay shipping but that’s just me :p

    Again, Skyrim will probably force me to upgrade regardless, not least of all because it’s Bethesda and we all know their track record with how laggy their games can run due to bugs even on good machines T_T

  32. WarpRattler says:

    1. Portal 2 by default. I did just buy the most recent AI War expansion, though, so maybe that’ll grab me?
    2. Not really an upgrade per se, but I did spend several hours working on getting a DVD-ROM drive working in this computer so I could reinstall BioShock. Before that I had been making disc images whenever I needed to install a DVD game; this worked fine for my retail copy of Portal 2, but not for a game bogged down with SecuROM.

    I’m to the point where I basically need to start over with a new computer (my machine was never a gaming rig to start, and it’s six years old now), but at the moment I have no money to do so due to tuition. :(

    • squirrel says:

      Haha, women in my city, who think they can outsmart every other one in the world, consider disc drive as a cherry on the top for a PC, be it desktop or laptop. Therefore, a kind of laptop called “netbook” is quite popular here. I dont know if netbook sell well in Europe or America, but it sells extremely well here in East Asia. A Netbook is run by some very weak processor with minimum ram and is so “primitive” that one is often without any disc or floppy drive, as users are often assumed to be satisfied with very basic pieces of software factory-installed. Any damn, those stupid machines can’t even run a speedsheet with several hundred thousands of rows (those working in finance / trading business would realize how common it is to come across with those files). And without a disc drive I ran into trouble while trying to install a newer version of MS Office. Damn MS for introducing new file format with Office 2007, and who the hell produces netbooks with obsolete Office 2003 installed?!

      The truth is, women here take it for granted to have men helping them to sort out all computer problems the women would come across, and most of them wouldnt bother to learn what we take to solve the problem. If we need to install new soft through disc drive, we do it without informing those “smart” women. So, is disc drive an essential component for a PC?

    • Nick says:

      yes netbooks are quite common here too.

  33. Auspex says:

    1. Portal 2

    2. Last upgraded in 2008 (graphics card).
    “What would make me upgrade?”: Employment :(

  34. Vexing Vision says:

    GOTY this year will be a tough match between Batman Arkham City and Skyrim. So far, Witcher 2 beats Portal 2 (barely), which beats the fun I’m still having in Rift.

    There’s a likelihood that Deus Ex 3 will sneak away with the prize, though, and I’m still very eager to look at Secret World, whenever that is out. Probably not this year.

    I’m still using my five year old computer, which runs Witcher 2 at a reasonable 25 FPS on medium. That makes me happy enough, I play games for their story and mechanics, not the graphics.

  35. tameimpala says:

    My GotY so far is Shogun TW (I’ve had uni exams and so wisely haven’t bought Portal or The Witcher yet). I built my own rig 12 months ago so no upgrades needed. Question for anyone thats got it, do you think I’ll be able to run The Witcher on ultra settings? I have an i5 processor, a 5850 HD and 4 Gb of DDR 3 RAM. peace

  36. Inglourious Badger says:

    Agreeing with you here, Jim. Witcher 2 just pips Portal 2 to the post. That said, I finally got Frozen Synapse this weekend and it is brilliant in so many ways I did not expect, I’ve been totally blown away by it. But it’s impossible to say how it compares after only a couple of days play.

    I’m not sure either of those can hope to be GOTY in a year when Skyrim, Deus Ex:HR, Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 come out. Which will win? I think Deus Ex actually, with Skyrim being the one I’m still playing in 2012 and in hindsight wistfully look back on as perhaps the one that should have won.

    And on the upgrade front the Witcher 2 is the first game I’ve played on this (2.5 year old) PC that I’ve had to run on ‘Low’ settings to run smoothly, so that upgrade need is slowly creeping into the back of my mind. It’s a real eye-opener as to how much console specs are holding back graphics, the good news being as long as games are being made for Xbox and PS3 I know this rig will run them. I’ll probably hold off until next year and get a whole new rig then. This one needs upgrading in every department.

    Anyway, I can run Frozen Synapse on full resolution so thats all I care about right now! Speaking of which, got to go….

  37. Velvetmeds says:

    1 – My goty is Dragon age 2. Both Witcher 2 and Portal 2 are some of the worse games i’ve played in recent years.

    2 – I upgraded my gpu from 4870 to 5850 because the previous one heated up too much.

  38. Carra says:

    Portal 2. Although Spacechem has really impressed me too. I thought Portal 2 had some clever puzzles but once I started playing Spacechem they seem ridiculously easy.

    Still got to play the Witcher 2.

    And no, my PC is 3 years old so it’s about time for an upgrade. When the first games come out that I can’t play anymore on medium settings I’ll go and buy a new PC.

  39. rozpocet1 says:

    1) My game of the year so far is Portal 2. I hope it will be replaced by Deus Ex: Human Revolution later this year.

    2) Do not remind me… I always need to upgrade…

  40. Turin Turambar says:

    1. Witcher 2. I think it will be the GOTY at the end of the year.
    2. No, i still have a somewhat powerful computer. Maybe in 2012.

  41. Fistulator says:

    My GOTY so far is Spacechem. I don’t know if it will hold up after I’ve played The Witcher and Deus Ex, but it’s an awesome game nonetheless.
    I recently bought a new monitor because my old one died. The last real hardware upgrade was about a year ago, when I bought an Nvidia 285GT, but my computer runs everything rather smoothly so I doubt I’ll be upgrading soon.

  42. hellboy says:

    Portal 2 is my favorite so far, but I’m only on chapter 1 of Witcher 2 at the moment, so that may change soon enough.

    I got a whole new PC a few months back.. It kicks serious ass. Having said that my old PC (which was top of the line 3 years ago) still manages to play most games, though on increasingly lower settings. The fact my highest resolution monitor is only 1680×1050 probably helps…

  43. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    Game of the year so far is Portal 2.

    Upgrade-wise, the beating heart of my machine is still a bit of a beast. Problem is I kind of skimped on the graphics card and it seems to have a bit of an overheating problem when faced with certain games. The monitor is a bit wanky too, and if more games are, like The Witcher 2, madly going to insist on supporting only one widescreen resolution it has got to go. But I think both of those can wait until next year, because cash.

  44. Lewie Procter says:

    I got a new PC last month, and I adore it.

    The SSD is wonderful. So many things are faster with an SSD. I’ve got my old 1tb drive in there for data.
    2×5870 has ran everything I’ve thrown at it at max on a 1920×1080 resolution.
    I’m making plans to overclock my i7 this week.

  45. deadstoned says:

    My favourite game of the year so far is Portal 2, followed very closely behind by Shogun 2: Total War (Its certainly my most played game this year). I still need to play Witcher 2 though.

    I have plans to upgrade this year, I’m just setting some cash a side for a new graphics card prior to the release of Battlefield 3. I plan to upgrade by ageing socket 775 mobo + Q6600 on release of Ivy Bridge I expect.

  46. Frye2k11 says:

    Upgraded my gfx card from a 9800gtx to a 480gtx on sale for 240 euros to bring it in line with the rest of my hardware (i7 920 @ 3.6ghz). I always buy ‘old’ top end cards but broke my usual rule not to spend over 200 euros for once to celebrate having time for gaming again. I hope and expect this to be my last upgrade for at least 3 years. I can live with lower than maximum settings, but it sure is great to keep everything maxed for a while.

  47. Symbul says:

    Witcher 2. Portal 2 was excellent but W2 takes the cake.

    I’ve not upgraded lately. My ~3 year old box is still doing everything I need it to.

  48. cairbre says:

    Best game so far this year for me is the Witcher 2.

    I upgraded very recently to a core i7 and it was mainly for BF3 but glad I did with the Witcher looking so good.

    Oh and in Ireland there is no bank holiday this week so I am at work but next Monday we have our bank holiday while all you suckers will be at work!

  49. bill says:

    Haven’t played any games from 2011, as far as i can remember.

    If i had played any games from 2011 then i’m pretty darn sure that Portal 2 would be my game of the year, and I doubt anything would change that. Infact, it’s the only game from 2011 that i’m cosidering buying….
    i just wish it had a demo so i could tell if it’d work on my laptop. I hear it’s well optimised so i guess it would, but i’d like to be sure.

    Which should tell you the answer to question 2.
    I have a 2-3 year old laptop that already has the max memory for vista 32bit. So I have no plans or way to upgrade. I have no real desire to upgrade either, as i still have a big backlog of games to play. I might consider a cheap upgrade for Portal2 if one was possible, but frankly I’m well past the days of enjoying upgrading PCs every few months.
    I’ll keep this laptop for a few more years, and then probably get a new low-priced one.

    I am considering spending a fair amount of cash on a smartphone though, which will replace the PC for a lot of functions, so it’s going to be harder to justify spending lots on a laptop if the ONLY reason is games, and if i have to keep the smartphone up to date too.

    I did try sticking in a 4gb sd card as some people said Readyboost was cool, but i haven’t noticed any difference. I might consider upgrading to Win7 64 bit, but the price is offputting for the minimum changes.

    (of the games i’ve actually played this year, I guess Jade Empire is my GOTY.. but it wasn’t mindblowing. )

  50. D3xter says:

    Witcher 2… no competition (although i’m not quite to the end yet).
    Portal 2 was very good and fun and all but it was somehow missing that *spark* that the first had (might be the deliberate design by statistics), which Witcher 2 now has instead.