A Quiet Day For PC Gaming News

Sir. Your hat reflects poorly on your manhood.
Due to it being a lovely holiday day both here in Blighty and in the United States (and probably other places too) the RPS team are going to be having a bit of a quiet day. We’ll be around to post a few bits and pieces, but the site will be sleepier than usual. So let’s talk among ourselves for a bit. I’ve got two questions for you:

1. What’s your Game Of The Year so far? And do you expect that choice to last until End Of Year List season?

2. Have you recently upgraded your PC for gaming purposes? If you haven’t, and your PC is getting on a bit, what would make you do so?

To answer my own questions: The Witcher 2 is my game of the year so far, and that was what made me upgrade my PC, too. The side effect of everything else running like a dream is a bonus, too. What about you lot?


  1. Tomcat says:

    Most Played here is HoN and Minecraft. been getting into a indie EvE-Style robot MMO (Perpetuum) my GOTY may be Deusex or Skyrim. though the storyline to portal 2 was a exercise in laughing muscles and asphyxia especially Cave Johnson’s quotes

    my gaming pc is a beater these days. running a 1gb 8800gt and a e6750C2D 5 years of BTTW overclocks and voltmods have knackered it to the point i have to underclock to stay stable. when will i upgrade? when i get my lazy arse a job.

    i know i can run Deus ex, Skyrim and maybe Bf3 on this machine. all on “8bit graphics settings” my next upgrade will be a total overhaul. maybe keeping only my DVD drive and PSU

  2. airtekh says:

    As always, I’m perpetually behind with current releases. As such I’ve only played a handful of 2011 games.

    Of the ones I have played, the few that have impressed me have been Portal 2, SpaceChem and the Streets of Rage Remake.

  3. MD says:

    SpaceChem! I reckon it’ll remain my GOTY unless Deus Ex 3 is unexpectedly brilliant, or Amanita pull out something Machinarium-esque.

    Regarding upgrades — I bought a new monitor last year, if that counts, and did a pretty comprehensive upgrade of the innards (motherboard, graphics card, CPU, RAM) earlier in 2010(?), just to drag it into the modern era. I have no money at the moment, so what it would take for an upgrade now is the whole thing going up in smoke, I guess.

  4. magnus says:

    An upgrade? Well hopefully it’ll be a quad CPU and motherboard and maybe even a new fan as my 9800GX2 has been getting rather ‘hot’ recently. All ready for Rage!

  5. Scroll says:

    The Witcher 2 made my pc cry last week so now I’m fully invested in a complete upgrade.

  6. Anton says:

    My GOTY so far is also Portal 2, but I am eager to see how Witcher 2 plays out. I already have it installed but im still currently finishing up Witcher 1. I’m also waiting for Deus Ex, Rage, & Skyrim. =P

    I upgraded my vidcard late last year to a GTX 460 coming from an ATI HD4830. I read reviews about its price for it’s buck thing and was sold. Also, I was really looking to upgrade to a good card to play Starcraft 2

    Already on win 7 x64 since mid 2010, and never looked back since. =D I also had the same reservations about moving from XP x86 to win 7 x64. So I waited for my officemate to go first, hehehe. He told me about his good experiences, so I upgraded right away. =D

  7. KillahMate says:

    Portal 2 by default, ’cause I’m still catching up on a lot of stuff from last year.

  8. Shakermaker says:

    1. Either Portal 2 or LA Noire. Not sure yet.

    2. I bought a completely new rig earlier this year, so no upgrades.

    • squirrel says:

      I too heard that LA Noire is a great game. Any news if it would be ported to PC?

    • skinlo says:

      I’m pretty sure it won’t be, after the GTA 4 fiasco, I think Rockstar has been put off making stuff for the PC. Which is a shame, because their open world games are ideal for the PC because it has the power.

    • Henke says:

      Can’t believe it took 3 pages of comments before anyone mentioned LA Noire. (Though I guess it was sortof implied that we’re talking PC-only games here)

      But yeah, LA Noire for me as well. Honorable mention goes to Dead Space 2. Portal 2 and Magicka are still on my to-play list.

  9. World One Two says:

    Well my favourite game so far has been, predictably, Portal 2 — it played much more to my particular appetites than Witcher 2, which I enjoyed less than other people. To be fair I’ve not finished Geralt’s journey yet, having gone way over my download allowance with the original 17GB download and weeping when I saw the 9GB patch.

    I upgraded my PC just before Christmas, six-core Phenom II, 8GB RAM, ATI numbernumbernumbernumber graphics card (6870 maaaaybe), and my games looked beautiful and I did rejoice. Then I tried to play Witcher 2 with uber-sampling and the framerate dropped considerably so I cursed and wailed at the unfairness of my life.

    Will Portal 2 stay my game of the year? Deus Ex looks very good but perhaps not superlative. I didn’t get on with Oblivion but will of course give Skyrim a fair go. And when’s The Witness out? Late this year, yes? Exciting times.

  10. 8-bit says:

    I haven’t really played many new games this year, especially not on pc where most of my gaming time is dedicated to old stuff, I did like don’t take it personally so there is that for PC. From what I have played though my favourite so far is a DS game called ghost trick, because Missile is just so damned adorable and the game itself is very inventive and funny. I just finished the witcher last night though (bloody brilliant game) and I am installing the second game right now. Most of the other big games this year don’t really interest me (am I the only one who just doesn’t find portal funny?) and I expect TW2 or dark souls to take the crown by years end.

    I was thinking of upgrading recently but I decided to put it off since my PC isn’t really having many problems with anything. I was thinking of possibly upgrading the RAM (currently 4GB), but I would only really need 2 GB and I cant find anywhere that sells a single stick of that size for cheaps, also the gpu (XFX 4870 1GB), but again its not exactly struggling with anything. If the witcher 2 doesn’t give me any problems I am going to leave it until the new year, we might know more about the new lot of consoles so that will give me an idea of what I should expect to move up to.

  11. Plivesey says:

    Goty: Ghost Trick on the DS, brilliant game. PC-wise it would be The Witcher 2, shame the ending seems a bit sudden and it’s pretty disappointing, but overall superb game.

    I’m hoping Skyrim is the GotY, as I’m sure a lot of people are.

    Recently got myself an SSD (OCZ Agility 3), the loading times of EVERYTHING are damned impressive.

  12. kergguz says:

    1. Frozen Synapse. Prob won’t be my favourite by the end of the year because I haven’t played The Witcher 2 or Skyrim yet.

    2. No upgrades for 18 months- it was a new build then. I don’t expect to upgrade it this year- I have heard that Witcher 2 looks mighty fine even at medium settings. It’s the story I’ll be playing it for not the eye candy.

  13. Rinox says:

    1. Witcher 2 – even more so after a second runthrough.

    2. I upgraded my graphics card with the Witcher 2 in mind.

    So basically, just a carbon copy of you Jim.

  14. Inarborat says:

    The Witcher 2 and unless Skyrim has a competent story, it’ll stay there.

  15. drewski says:

    I’m desperate for a new gaming PC, as this one dates to the mid 00s, but unfortunately I have no money and because this rig is so, so, so old I’d need to buy a whole new system.

    Which I can’t afford, no matter how cheap they are these days.

  16. Wizlah says:

    Despite having purchased Cliffs of Dover and Witcher 2, I’ve only really had time to play one game this year: Frozen Synapse. Enjoying it, and think I’ll enjoy it even more when my best mate from school gets up to speed and the two of us can relive former laser squad days.

    In light of both cliffs of dover and witcher 2, reckon I’ll at least need to dump a new cpu into my ageing am2+ mobo, although I’m not looking forward to doing the bios flash on that. May need to get some new memory too, as I’m only bumping along on 4 gb (bumping, hah!). I think with those improvements, I can probably scrape by until next january before getting a new card. Not like I’ve got a choice, as funds are tight, and other things have greater priority.

  17. daphne says:

    The Witcher 2 — closely followed by Frozen Synapse, it would seem!

  18. Solivagant says:

    Waiting on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  19. Recidivist says:

    Top game: Portal 2
    What would make me upgrade: AMD Bulldozer finally seeing the light of day. Me wants (preferably before BF3 too)!

  20. TormDK says:

    The game I’ve been spending the most time on so far this year is Dawn of War 2 – Retribution.

    I haven’t upgraded my machine just yet since it’s not that old by comparison with some of the other posters here, but I am saving for a larger upgrade once we see some Ivybridge solutions released from Intel. My CPU will have survived three chipset evolutions by then, so it’s time for retirement for it!

  21. eldwl says:

    Spacechem continues to absorb vast amounts of my time. Portal2 was brilliant, but I just can’t stop trying to improve my (relatively rubbish) solutions. It shouldn’t be fun, being a busman’s holiday.

    Completely replaced my whole PC in January. It couldn’t handle any more upgrades, it was turning into Trigger’s broom! I think I did quite well to keep Windows 2000 going for so long.

  22. Cradlejoe says:

    Witcher 2 is my GOTY so far, and it’s why I last upgraded my PC (Not disappointed either, spent about £100 on upgrades and can play it on high settings smoothly!).
    I’ll be interested to see what becomes of Skyrim, but I reckon it’ll be a powerful contender.

  23. Nameless1 says:

    – TW2, hoping they will give us full 16:10 support *soon* (half of the players use a 16:10 resolution, see steam HW survey) and correct the part of the game they didn’t get right (inventory ui-functionality)
    – Will do for battlefield 3.

  24. ata says:

    The Witcher 2 is my GOTY so far, Portal 2 is a very close second, really looking forward to BF3 & Skyrim.

    Also upgraded my system to an i5, GTX570, 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD (so impressed with the SSD) about a month ago in anticipation of The Witcher 2.

  25. JayTee says:

    GotY so far is SpaceChem. Brilliantly simple in design but one of the best puzzlers I’ve played in a long time.

    Haven’t yet played Portal 2 or Witcher 2, but based on how much I loved Portal 1, I imagine the sequel will nudge out SpaceChem once I finally get around to buying it.

    The only thing that is clunky on my PC is the ageing e6400 CPU I’ve got in it, which is badly due for an upgrade. It’s overclocked by ~65% so isn’t actually too shabby, but I’m noticing more and more that I’m CPU limited. I’ll upgrade at some point, though at this stage it’s either pick up something like a q9450 off Ebay or replace the whole motherboard, CPU and RAM.

  26. skinlo says:

    Portal 2 is my GoTY so far, we’ll see what happens with Skyrim and BF3.

    I haven’t upgraded anything for a while now, my 2007 computer still runs everything.

  27. westyfield says:

    1) I can’t think of many games from this year that I’ve bought other than Portal 2 and Dragon Age 2. So Portal 2 wins there. I don’t think it’ll last as BF3 will likely be my new GoTY.

    2) I’m on my 2-3 year old PC, I’ve been slowly upgrading parts of it but I haven’t changed anything since January 2010. Probably going to upgrade once exams are over in order to play Deus Ex 3 and Battlefield 3, as well as being able to run ArmA2 well.

  28. JFS says:

    I’m don’t have a high-end gaming machine but play on my laptop, so The Witcher and stuff doesn’t work with me. So here are the results of the Tübingen vote:

    1.) Terraria. I don’t know whether it’ll last, but as L.A. Noire doesn’t come out on PC…

    2.) No. I have my laptop, that’s enough for a lot of games, at least for most of those I’d like to play (barring The Witcher, for example).

  29. chokoladenudlen says:

    1. Portal 2.
    I doubt it will be my GOTY come News Year’s eve (see why 2 lines below).
    2. Recently upgraded my video card to a nVidia GTX 470.
    Stuff that would make me spend more $$$ on hardware: RAAAAAAAGE!

  30. Kolchak says:

    My GOTY so far is Witcher 2 as well. It was a tie between Witcher and Shogun 2 but then Shogun 2 unveiled pricey DLC and who likes DLC?

  31. MikoSquiz says:

    I was hoping my GOTY would be Fable III, but turns out that’s quite a lot weaker than my beloved Fable I in many respects and ends up landing around the same area as Two Worlds 2: “Nice try, but..”

    For about one evening my answer would have been Terraria, but the start and the endgame are troubled and in hindsight the middle part is more compulsive than enjoyable as well, the combat is actually mostly quite awkward and the mining is tedious. I loved it, briefly, but it’s awful. We’ll see where it develops from here, but as it is, it’s like a thing with tentacles and Objectivist ideas which you wake up next to after a fun night.

    I think it’ll have to be Portal 2 for me as well, so far, although I did not love it. Not quite my thing, but lovely craftsmanship. Look at those seams. What seams? Well, exactly. And you could use your reflection in the polish to shave.

  32. Unaco says:

    Game of the Year so far = The Witcher 2. And I haven’t even finished my first playthrough. The only issues I’ve encountered thus far have been minor… nothing game breaking or show stopping, just small annoyances mainly, like having to edit the .ini to get inverse mouse before the patch.

    On the other hand, what the game does is fantastic! It looks phenomenally beautiful, it runs smooth as butter on my system at almost max settings (good but not that good, Quad i5, 4GB ram, 1GB HD5770), the story is engaging, it’s cinematic, the music is brilliant, the gameplay is engrossing, varied and involving, and the combat is great fun! I can’t take peoples complaints about the combat seriously… I had very little difficulty on the prologue, and have found the only time I’m getting my arse handed to me is when I do something stupid, like trying to attack 1 Nekker in a large group, and ending up in the middle of the large group of Nekkers. I learned from that though… the lesson of not getting stuck in the middle of large groups. Geralt might be a killer, but a sword/claw/pincer in the back is going to be just as fatal to him as it would be to me or you. Instead, I find the combat makes you fight like a Witcher likely would… using your knowledge to find weaknesses, preparing before a fight, fighting smart, using the terrain to split up mobs, isolating one or two enemies and striking at them, using all the tricks in your arsenal (signs, potions, bombs, oils, traps). Combat in this game reminds me of something like Zangband or NetHack… every fight I have to take seriously and think about.

    As for TW2 staying GOTY for me… I think Deus Ex is going to be a contender, but I can’t say if it’s going to come out on top or not. If DX is anywere approaching the brilliance of TW2 though, I know I’m going to be having a lot of fun at the end of August. I think the only other contender on the horizon would be SkyRim, but, unfortunately, although it is looking fantastic, and some of whats been said has been quite encouraging, I’m still not convinced that it’ll be the game for me on release. Rather, like Oblivion before it, I think it’ll be 6 – 12 months of modding before SkyRim is the game it could be for me.

  33. BobsLawnService says:

    1. Drakensang : The River of Time

    It’s a wonderful throwback to a different era. It’s utterly charnming and I wish one of the bright minds at RPS would do a Wot I Think since there really are no decent reviews of it out there and it deserves some love.

    2. I haven’t upgraded my Q9400/Nvidia 9600GT combo in about 2 years.

    3. A lack of disposable income and time for gaming means I can’t justify upgrading for a while.

  34. Quaft says:

    GOTY so far? Witcher 2 hands down. I think my GOTY will be Skyrim however for obvious reasons. Also I would like to mention Portal 2 here since it’s so awesome but it didn’t blow me away as much as Witcher 2 did.
    As for my PC I bought a new one with i5 and hd5850 1,5 years ago so I think it will last for quite a while without upgrading.

  35. phenom_x8 says:

    I’ve been busy with my trading bussiness lately, so I dont have many time to spend in front of my PC! But, The witcher 2 attracts my attention and I’ ve spend some money to buy the 1st Witcher at GOG (so, I wont be very surprised when playing the sequel later), unfortunately I dont have any 2 or 3 hours to download it yet!
    About my PC, I’ve upgrade my onboard HD 3200 to hefty Radeon HD 6850 recently (6 months ago actually). I just hope that my old Athlon64 x2 4800+ still be able to handle some future title(Although some of them will be bottlenecked by it) until my full upgrade next year. The reason I was upgrading were not because of certain game, it is due to my 2 yr old HD3200 onboard was totally suck in many games released in 2010 (and a few games in 08 and 09)! I’m totally excited when replaying my old collection ( crysis warhead, bioshock, STALKER SOC, R6 vegas 2,GRID,etc) with this new card! And it’s one of many reasons (including cash problem) I’ m not buying any new game recently .

  36. gganate says:

    Like about everyone else, I’m going with the Witcher 2 for GOTY, but I haven’t played Portal 2 yet. As for upgrading, the Witcher 2 beats the hell out of my nearly 4 year old computer. I’m running an AMD 6000+ X2 with 2 gigs of ram and a 250 GTS. This is the first game I’ve been unable to run really well.
    I work in an apple orchard, so my employment is seasonal. Come July, I might finally upgrade, although I’d like to put it off even further, since I don’t see anything approaching the Witcher 2 in system requirements.

    Actually, the latest Stalker game didn’t run very well on my system, there was a lot of stuttering while the game loaded textures, which is what I experience with the Witcher at at anything other than low settings.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      CoP needs loads of memory to run well, I think, far more than it recommends. It didn’t run really well on mine until I got a 3D card with 2GB onboard.

  37. DigitalSignalX says:

    Probably the only person who thinks so, but my GOTY so far would be Dragon Age 2. While I did indeed greatly enjoy Portal 2 and Witcher 2, they were far too short by comparison, and I measure my overall enjoyment of a game by how much I want to just start over again when I complete it. I have no urge to replay them, and yet I’m on my 4th run through of DA:2 now. I’m hoping Skyrim knocks everyone off the table because I must have played Elder Scrolls like a dozen times through.

    • jaheira says:

      You’re not the only one mon frere. DA2 is my GOTY so far, with Portal 2 a close second.
      Recently bought a new comp: i5-2500, 8GB, Nvid 560. Kicks ass.

  38. McDan says:

    It’s a holiday here? Although to be fair I’ve finished uni but still on campus so no idea what goes on in the real world. Game of the year, hmmmm, I haven’t bought many so far this year but for me it would be portal 2.

    And I haven’t upgraded my pc yet but when I have money I jolly well shall. Doing so because I’d quite like to play this “witcher 2” people go on about, and would like to see it in as much prettyfullness as possible.

  39. Horza says:

    Top game: probably The Witcher 2. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was my GOTY in december also. Although there’s lots of potentially excellent stuff coming out in the near future.

    As for PC updates, I’m actually considering upgrading my graphics card so Witcher 2 runs smoother on my second playthrough. Unless that patch really gives me +30% fps.

    Tho right at the moment I’m looking at buying a new keyboard/mouse and a second monitor. Those are easier to justify since they’re useful for serious stuff too.

  40. goldrunout says:

    My goty so far to Portal 2. Simply the best. I don’t think any other game will beat it this year. At least this is MHO

  41. Ephaelon says:

    Old PC: Core2Duo E4400 (2.0GHz), 2GB DDR2 RAM, GTX260 (216SP, upgrade from an old 8800GTS which I gave to my sis)

    Earlier this year, my good ole desktop was slowly dying. More like, if I shut it down then turned it back on, 50% of the time the HDD would fail to initialize. So I decided I needed a new HDD. At the same time, I figured I may as well upgrade to Win7(from WinXP). But in doing so, I’d definitely need more RAM. But if I were to upgrade my RAM on the current setup, it’d be the old DDR2, and definitely not a long-term solution. So a-shoppin’ I did go(late Feb.).

    Now got an i5 2500k, 8GB DDR3 RAM, and a new HDD of course. The video card is still more than good for the majority of games (thank you, consoles) but I’m tempted to upgrade just because I can’t slap on everything in the Witcher 2 and play smoothly. I probably won’t tho. This setup should see me through for most of what’s coming out the forseeable future, barring PS4 and X720 (or whatever) suddenly releasing.

    Portal 2 and Witcher 2 definitely in the list of current GOTY games released. Tho I’d be more inclined to really want their babies when:
    1. Portal 2 gets its challenge maps and that summer DLC, and
    2. Witcher 2 gets more bug fixin’.

    Most looking forward to Arkham City, Deus Ex and Skyrim (if it lives up to expectations. I somewhat enjoyed but didn’t love games like Oblivion and Fallout3) as possible upcoming GOTY contenders.

  42. Hatsworth says:

    1. Portal 2. I expect its status to be usurped by Super Street Fighter IV AE simply because of its nature as a competitive multiplayer game. If talking about singleplayer only, maybe not. I think comparing games cross genre is pretty silly to begin with.

    2. Yes, though what brought it on in the first place was trouble with my old computer.

  43. Tei says:

    A lot of very good games this year, and some brilliant ones, like Portal 2, and probably Witcher 2.
    But these are flawed gems. I don’t feel like can make then GOTY…. I don’t have a GOTY game, but I have a lot of potential GOTY’s.

    Oops… I forgot that Fallout New Vegas. was released this year. My GOTY is Fallout New Vegas.

  44. UncleLou says:

    1. So far: Portal 2.
    I expect Dark Souls* to better it, if the predecessor is anything to go by.
    2. Yes, just recently. Went from a C2D/GTX 260 to an i5 with a 560Ti GTX. Just pulling all sliders to the right in the graphics options at the moment, it’s nice while it lasts.

    *I’d put Diablo 3 in there, if only…

  45. oldestgregg says:

    Got a good deal on a pair of gtx 580`s last week so i don`t plan on having to touch my beast for quite a while.CPU is only 12 mth old as well so i`m at that nice place now where i can pop a game in and turn everything all the way up.

  46. Lars Westergren says:

    Fallout: NV or Portal 2 for me so far. I’m just one hour into Witcher 2, but it looks like it may be a new winner, I suspect it will be between that and Batman: Arkham City at the end of the year. Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Skyrim look like they might be strong contenders too. Wildcards: Dungeon Siege 3, Age of Decadence.

    I may get a new computer this year to experience Witcher 2 in it’s full glory, the only problem is where to put it. I want to be able to use it as a HTPC and for TV gaming, as well as for programming, web surfing etc. But I don’t want it where I can see it or hear it.

  47. Xanadu says:

    Spacechem, Fate of the World and Magicka are my only 2011 games(as opposed to the 30 odd older games I’ve bought in sales. haven’t bought anything full price since dragon age), so I’ll throw my vote in for Spacechem, for being bastard hard and fun, as opposed to FOTWs bastard hard and depressing. Come end of year, I’ll doubtless pick up Portal and Witcher sequels in sales, and Portal 2 will from what I’ve heard end up as my GOTY

    As for upgrades, nothing planned this year – my 3 year old rig manages fine with what I throw at it. Rather than upgrade I tend to get a new mid range system every 5 years or so, so will probably hold on till 2012 or later. Unless I succumb to a little portable netbook or the like for travel.

  48. Robert says:

    1: Dragon Age II would be my pick for the best game.

    2: No, but in dire need. But for a new computer you’d need excess moneys, which I don’t have.

  49. Flameberge says:

    Game of the Year so far for me:
    Dirt 3. Unlikely to remain there, as I plan to buy Space Marine, Skyrim and Witcher 2 before the end of the year, the latter of which sounds fantastic, the second of which probably will be fantastic and the former of which I desperately hope will be fantastic. Not to mention Deus Ex Human Revolution.
    As for upgrades: Skyrim and Battlefield 3 may finally force my hand. This box has served me well since early 2008 with no upgrades – the only thing it can’t max out that I’ve played being Crysis. However this year I’ve noticed developers are finally starting to take advantage of the latent potential power in PC hardware, and so are starting to push the envelope again. Have to be honest, although some call it a stagnation, the last few years of being ‘held back’ by the consoles has actually made PC gaming financially viable, which is the positive flip-side.

  50. Betamax says:

    1) Oddly enough it is currently Dragon Age2. Now before anyone makes off with my head and looks for a suitable spike to place it upon for having the sheer gall to mention that game as a GOTY contender I don’t actually think it is, not even for me (someone who loves BioWare games to death despite any flaws that are present). Rather it has a lot more to do with me not having PLAYED many of the big hitters yet this year – my time so far has been taken up either with DA2 or (and this in particular) replaying old games or completed ones from past years I never got around to (RDR, AC:B to name but two).

    What can I say, life is busy at the moment!

    My mind would be blown if Skyrim isn’t my GOTY when it comes to it anyway.

    2) Yes! I am in the process of doing just that, in fact it’s the only reason I haven’t tucked into TW2 yet. I actually have the game, so confident am I of actually building this thing (okay, so I know a guy who’ll help :P). It’s quite exciting to be honest, never built one from scratch before now.

    With this years line up of games though it seemed the perfect time to upgrade: Deus Ex, Skyrim, TW2, and a host of others all should (and in some cases can only) be played on the PC.