Well Sourced: Clear Skies Movie Hits Part 3

The extraordinary labour of love that is the Source-powered Eve Online fan movie Clear Skies has now reached its third episode. You can download that in full here. This work of machinima is one of the most extensive and dedicated I’ve seen, and it’s awesome to see that it’s still going. The incongruity of the Half-Life 2 characters in space hasn’t really lessened, however… I’ve posted a stream of the original first episode below, so those who are unfamiliar with it can get a taste. Go take a look.

Clear Skies from Ian Chisholm on Vimeo.


  1. Dana says:


    • slight says:

      Do it do it do it do it! :D

    • Dave says:

      Resist! You can do it! I have to believe you can do it because if you can’t then i can’t and i dont want to go back there man… 7 years of my life. 7 YEARS! DO YOU SEE? DO YOU SEE?

    • Althilor says:

      Will reminding you that the game is in actuality nothing like this help?

    • RCGT says:

      Don’t do it. EVE is a terrible game and I only play it because I’m in an abusive relationship with CCP. That’s right. CCP BEATS ME.

    • mpk says:

      It’s okay RCGT, you’re amongst friends here. Let it out man. Let it all out.

  2. President Weasel says:

    Clear Skies is easily my favourite machinima,

  3. Mashakosha says:

    I watched it yesterday and I can safely say that it’s easily the best of all three. Sure, it might be a little predictable at times, but it’s bloody brilliant and you’ve got to admire the work they all put in to it.

  4. subedii says:

    I didn’t even know there was a second one. I think I only watched the first one.

    Just so I’m sure I’ve got this right, this is the one where they basically combined EvE online and Half-Life to create one big machinima right? And it was something like an hour long?

  5. darthmajor says:

    This is a thing of beauty really, no words can do it justice (except RPS’ words, their words are special).

    A more enjoyable movie than 90% of what you can see in the cinema atm :P

  6. Urael says:

    There are no words. They should have sent a poet…the writers of Clear Skies.

    Easily, and I mean BY FAR, the best machinama of any kind anywhere. What these guys achieved with parts one and two is simply staggering. I’ve given copies of Clear Skies to just about everyone I know. That there’s now a third part is…well, it’s up there in my hallowed pantheon of favourite sci-fi series alongside Babylon 5, Deep Space 9 and Battlestar Galactica (modern). I’m in raptures right now, especially as utorrent seems to be pulling it down the tubes at an unprecedented speed; it knows.

    • Urael says:

      I had my worries. Was it going to be as good as the first two? Would it still have that same magic?

      YES. Holy gods of all things wonderful, YES. I rewound approximately half of that while watching it, just so I could really appreciate the truly awesome bits.

      I feel blessed. Christmas and the Rapture combined. Genius.

  7. Anorak says:

    That was something special.
    It does irk me when people say with authority things like “This was made with Garry’s mod”.
    No, it wasn’t. And no, you can’t do better.

  8. bascule42 says:

    Thanks Jim. Thim.

  9. Daiv says:

    Clear Skies is more entertainment than most episodes of Star Trek.

  10. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this, its a very inspiring piece of art.

  11. feffrey says:

    Favorite line:
    Don’t worry this is a shaped charge.
    What sort of shape?

    • Stick says:

      Seconded, thirded and fourthed.

      Enjoyed the whole thing immensely, even if #2 still remains my favourite.

      (Again: would someone please give the man stupid amounts of toys and money to do this sort of thing more regularly? That’d be good.)

    • Berzee says:

      This is a shaped charge.
      What sort of shape,

  12. heretic says:

    Great find! Just watched 1 and 2 and the bloopers for 1, hilarious stuff!

    I have to say so far the start of 2 is the BEST.

  13. vodkarn says:

    It’s a machinima about EVE done in the Half-Life (source, yes) engine called Clear Skies? I had about a half dozen different games fly through my mind just reading that.

  14. oldmanbob says:

    This is possibly one of the best things to have come out of EVE.

  15. Nameless1 says:

    That…was awesome.

  16. Premium User Badge

    FhnuZoag says:

    This is very well written and expertly produced… he should make a TV show…

  17. Mr_Initials says:

    This was absolutely great. “Opens door. Closes door. Aw come on Roark at least talk to him. Opens door. Go away. Closes door. Manual override.”

  18. Cirdain says:

    That was bloody good.