EverQuest II Gets Children Of War Update

I want a bird character and I want to call him WINGMAN

Are any of you lot still playing EverQuest 2? Some people are, it would seem, since Sony are continuing to churn out both pay-for and free content. The latest free update, The Children of War, adds the fortress of Drunder, seven new missions, new PvP maps and modes, new quests, new crafting recipes and all kinds of other gubbins. This comes after Destiny of Velious, the latest pay-for expansion, added flying mounts and reduced the number of stats belonging to each character to two.

It would also appear that somewhere along the line the developers stopped hiring professional voice actors for their trailers, as you’ll see below.

Are those… otters?


Three new heroic dungeons
Three new x4 raids with all new bosses
One new x2 raid
New daily missions
Explore the once lost Crystal Caverns

PvP & Battlegrounds
Lobby system so players can hang together between
matches with PvP merchants available locally
New Velious battleground map – The Frozen Tundra!
New Battleground game type – Vanquish!
PvP and Battlegrounds rule modifications for better
balance and fun factor
Fame system improvements
New PvP armor and adornments

More Content!
New Solo Primal Velium shard quest
Two new heritage quests
New signature quest line
New tradeskill quests and recipes
New Adornment interface


  1. JDragnarok says:



    I mean…cool, looks great.

    //Those otters seem to have made their home look a bit like the “diabeetus creatures of world of warcraft.

  2. Pamplemousse says:

    Taking the fight to the God of war seems to be playing into his hands.

  3. Bob Moron says:

    Otters indeed.

  4. tomeoftom says:

    That headline is shocking for the first split-second of reading.

  5. Maxheadroom says:

    I cut my MMO teeth on the original Everquest back in the day and spent a year or so with EQ 2 when it was first treleased and very much enjoyed it.
    Thought I’d give the free version a look as im much more casual in my MMO pursuits these days, but my god did it always look that dated?? Dispite the multi gb download it looks and plays like some half arsed flash based effort

  6. malkav11 says:

    I do play EQ2, yes. Not really high enough level for this update to matter much to me though.

  7. Dominic White says:

    I have neither the time nor inclination to play any subscription based MMO these days, but I have played a chunk of both WOW and EQ2, and I really did prefer the latter. It just felt more fleshed out, open and varied. Glad that they’re still truckling along.

    Terrible voicework, though, as mentioned.

  8. Stylosa says:

    I played EQ2 for the first few years pretty hardcore. Ended up as one of the raid leaders of Defiant (can anyone remember them?) unfortunately I had to stop playing due to real life commitments. Anyway the game was fantastic at the time.Then I look at things like this, I mean this trailer looks like a fan put it together, not a professional marketing department.

    I am tempted to re download the client and use the 45 free days SOE has been handing out to compensate for the hacking fiasco.

  9. Jumwa says:

    That is impressively bad voice work, no kidding. Definitely not something you’d expect out of a professional design team.

  10. DeepSleeper says:

    Everquest 2 is my all-time favorite MMO. There’s so much there, entire zones and dungeons of content that no one’s touched in years. You can get lost in that game for months if you resist the urge to charge down the beaten path to the level cap.

  11. BeamSplashX says:

    I was waiting for the phrase “Norrath will feel YOURwrath” but sadly it was not to be.

  12. ScubaMonster says:

    I started playing EQ2 again now that Sony is offering the free 45 days for the downtime. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. It has more substance to it than WoW and some other MMO’s.

  13. malkav11 says:

    I should note that voiceovers are an optional installation that I very deliberately have never installed.

  14. Tams80 says:

    The voice acting reminded me of anime dubbing, especially pokemon.