Death Becomes You: Darksiders 2 Glimpse

First there was ultra-bombastic supernatural sword-swinger Darksiders, and now there is two of it. The sequel, which was announced earlier this week, will features a different horseman of the apocalypse as its main protagonist – Death instead of War – and you can see a little of him in action below. I’m afraid the linked trailer quality for this one is in Super(bad) Grain-o-vision, as if filmed from a TV set in the 1980s, but I’ll try and update it with something a bit better if I manage to dig it out. EDIT: New vid up. Presumably it’s a leak of some kind, so go take a look before it gets zapped.


  1. Tei says:

    This game needs more Terry Pratchet.

    • Felixader says:

      Alone that would make the game a totally different thing, not necessarily a bad thing though. ^.^

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    Now you too can play the lovechild of Casey Jones and The Punisher.

  3. DTgreat says:



    Now it’s back!

  4. Matt says:

    Well that got zapped very swiftly.

  5. The JG Man says:

    Video is no longer available!
    Fortunately, this is and it goes up to 720.

  6. Fistulator says:

    This game’s likeness to the Legacy of Kain series will force me to play it. I didn’t even like the first one, yet I was compelled to finish it because it reminded me of Soul Reaver too much.

  7. TotalBiscuit says:

    I adored the first game, excellent Dark Zelda action with plenty of character to it. The second game seems to continue that nicely.

    • Holybasil says:

      Didn’t you call it vastly inferior to Bayonetta during a “Gaming the System”?

  8. CaspianRoach says:

    >Presumably it’s a leak of some kind, so go take a look before it gets zapped.
    Nice marketing mechanism there.

    Too bad first game was really average with overbuffed-looking characters.

  9. inertia says:

    Death looks to me like he has a very sour lemon in his mouth.

  10. StickyNavels says:

    Really liked the first one. Fluid combat, entertaining story. Pretty in a weird way – kind of ugly art style, but everything had a soft, hand-painted look to it that looked really good. Colorful too, which is always refreshing.

    Very much looking forward to Death’s Jolly Good Time! I hope they get the PC port up to speed a wee bit quicker this time.

    • subedii says:

      Yeah it’s probably one of the only games in recent memory that’s set during the post apocalypse, but still had a lot of colour to it. War himself was a vibrant red.

  11. Shroom says:

    If they ever get to Darksiders IV then having to ride around as “Famine” will be nowhere near as bad ass as being Death or War I’m guessing….

    • MrMud says:

      Considering the end of Darksiders I was kind of expecting all of the horsemen to be in the sequel.

  12. Dyst says:

    Adored the first one, including the art style. Not sure why people didn’t like that aspect of it.

    Can’t wait for this, though I don’t like Death as much as War.

    • Felixader says:

      The first games Art Style was a bit mindless, simply puttung demon faces and skulls on stuff just to put demonfaces and skulls onto stuff.

      But i really liked the gameplay except for the time when you start jumping and swirrling around in a big vertical cirlce and the gun was WAY to weak.

    • ThinkAndGrowWitcher says:

      “A bit mindless”

      Really? It was way more than ‘skulls on stuff’ – including the animation and excellent cutscenes. Sending you a specsavers voucher…it’s in 72 point font inside an A1 envelope. ;)

      One of the stand-outs with this – and also why it enhances the ‘Kain’ comparisons – is the excellent voice-work from the ‘Azriel’ guy and Mark Hamill, combined with a well-above-the-usual-level-of-crapness script. Definitely helps define the great atmosphere.

  13. kikito says:

    When I hear a depp, slow narrator’s voice like this one I always imagine it being used in common situations.

    – What can I do for you, sir?
    – That’d be 25 pounds.

  14. Teddy Leach says:

    Fine, I’ll buy the first one. Could you people please stop making me buy things? It’s getting silly now.

    • subedii says:

      IIRC you get the first one free if you pre-order Space Marine from certain DD retailers (including Steam I believe).

      Just an FYI in case you’re interested in that game.

  15. Sajmn says:

    Maybe this one will work link to

  16. Eukatheude says:

    Is that a Sunn O))) reference?