Hellgate Closed Beta Starts Tomorrow

Well, they’re calling it closed, but it looks like anyone can sign up, and they’re also offering the client download on the main site (and mirrors) for anyone to download. Anyway, this means the return of the long-dead action-RPG in a free-to-play guise. Will it work? Do we even care? I guess we’ll find out pretty soon!


  1. bglamb says:

    From the official site regarding how to play:
    “4. RUN TO GAME: Once launched , automatically updates are in progress.”

    Don’t walk. Run to it.

  2. Xocrates says:

    Is there any reason whatsoever why I can’t minimize the game downloader which will also run on top regardless of active window.

    Since I have no intention to stare at the downloader for 3+ hours, it seems like I won’t be getting this.

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      Developers, take note. Any downloader that could take extensive time to download files for a game install/update NEEDS to have an option to minimize to the taskbar/tray.

      For this particular one to lack such basic options is pretty damn silly. For it to be Always On Top and having to use a workaround to get it out of the way makes it even more annoying.

    • Punizher says:

      that ^

      and worries me when DEVs cant get the simple things right. i just hope the game its not to messed up, cos atm i am hating the damn downloader covering half of my screen view ( ok maybe not half but a good chunck)

    • pandora says:

      I am as disturbed by an always-on-top down-loader as anyone in her right mind would be. However, you can just grab it 1 or 2 pixels from top and left and move to far right of your screen, or similarly in other direction, moving 99+% of its surface off screen and forcing to render as merely a column of pixels so unnoticeable next to other applications’ scrollbars you may even be able to overlook its existence altogether.
      But yes, it was clearly created by some GUI-programming-experience-lacking intern who wanted to show off and thought it will look cooler if it won’t fit into your work environment.

    • irongamer says:

      *moves loader to second monitor* *bing*

    • djbriandamage says:

      Don’t use the game’s downloader app. It’s a bittorrent client that, amongst other inconveniences, will use 100% of your bandwidth upstream. This will use a ton of extra bandwidth and is likely to slow your download speed significantly.

      Here’s the link with all the official mirrors of the full download:
      link to hellgate.t3fun.com

      You can get it using the bittorrent client of your choice:
      link to forums.redbana.com

      I personally downloaded the whole thing in 4 parts in an hour from this German site via HTTP:
      link to gameswelt.de

  3. Theodoric says:

    I already have the old game. >.>

  4. Skeletor68 says:

    Is it worth playing? I love Diablo-esque stuff but am not sure about this.

    • Tei says:

      The old Hellgate London? I say yes.

      IMHO, is nice to fight hordes with weapons and magicks. The game lack challenging things, so is a game that you finish and never play again. I am curious about what this new thing includes.

    • abremms says:

      Hellgate was a good enough game, I think they tried to do too much with it. if they had just focused on making a diablo style action RPG with traditional multi-player instead of going for some weird MMO thing that obviously forced them to make some pretty big compromises. I’m not all that excited about this reboot, but who knows? stranger things have happened.

    • anonymousity says:

      My first play through of the game found me running backwards while shooting through identikit areas alot. I wouldn’t recommend the game.

    • Dawngreeter says:

      Yeah, backwards-shooting-everything-same sounds about right. It’s quite incredible how identical every area feels. And since almost every level is one huge corridor basically ,what you do is shoot a monster, walk backwards while they run towards you, kill ’em all, repeat. It wasn’t a very good game.

      Yet somehow it was still enjoyable. To a degree, of course. I haven’t finished it or anything. I guess the prime factor in enjoyability is Borderlands-style ridiculous number of weapon combinations. On the other hand, we have Borderlands now. Not sure I’d want to play Hellgate if I could spend that time playing the lands which border.

    • Mayjori says:

      while it was buggy at release, it got better as it neared the end, especially stonehenge and stuff, I LOVED the game, it is very Diablo-esque in its way, loot and procedurally generated levels, killing shiteloads of baddies, and whatnot, so unless they boogered it all up, yes its worth playing

  5. battles_atlas says:

    History may yet prove me wrong, but I really struggle to see reboots like APB and this making any kind of blip on the gaming public’s radar. Even if they’re remarkable improved, a bad rep is awfully hard to shift. Plus time is a savage mistress to the pc game.

    • heartlessgamer says:

      DDO and LotRO both had huge revenue increases and playerbase booms after switching to free 2 play models, so the groundwork is there for MMOs to reinvent themselves. What we’ve yet to see is whether a game can come back from the grave.

    • Mayjori says:

      hellgate isnt a true MMO and the revenue increase is cause they rape you harder with the whole item shop BS.

  6. mcnostril says:

    How was the SP for this thing back when it came out (wait, was there even any? I don’t even recall)?

  7. RiptoR says:

    The “SP Revival” mod for the old game has been out for a while now: link to hellgateaus.net

    Haven’t tested it yet myself though seeing I don’t own the original game.

  8. Metonymy says:

    I never got a verification email, which I requested about 10 times over the course of a few weeks.

    I’ve checked spam/junk/webmail/everything, it was just never sent.

  9. killmachine says:

    why cant i see any comments?

    anyways… why does the installer have to be always on top and why cant i minimize it? goood.

  10. Punizher says:

    beta yet to start and for me its already a fail.

    downloader on top of everything cant minimize, now everytime i click on the damn Play Hellgate icon i get the sytem check to only then get a window pop up with some error that my pc cant read ( maybe cos its meant to read in chinesse/korean )

    so yes so far its amazing, geez

    oh and in case anyone is wondering, u going to need t download the client you cant run Hellgate London ( retail ) to take part on the BETA.

    anyway hope it gets better

  11. Mac says:

    Given that they are following a similar model, I hope COD sinks as Hellgate did …