Alice Launch Trailer Is Messed Up, Amazing

Louise never reacted well when her flatmates used all the milk

You’re late! For a very important date! The trailer after the jump has been waiting just forever for you. And look at you! Straighten that pinny! Tighten those bows! What is that in your hair? Give me strength. Alright, off you go. And do try and remember your manners.

I’ve been hearing worrying things about the quality of the platforming and combat in this one, but I’m not personally worried. If the game can just maintain a steady stream of ominous, fantastical imagery, you better believe I’ll soldier through any mediocre puzzles or irritating jumping puzzles. Look at that disturbing vibrating rabbit-man at 0:27! The disturbing tooth creature at 1:18! Whatever the crap that thing is at 1:19! The range of dresses! Ooh yes, I’m looking forward to this.


  1. iq says:

    Looks great and all, but…

    Where’s the maths?

  2. Hensler says:

    Well, other than character and level concept, this looks like rubbish. But I thought the first game was hugely overrated, so maybe I’m still just biased.

  3. ScalyWg says:

    sounds like rubbish voice casting to me – looks good tho

  4. Paul2724 says:

    Looks thoroughly uninteresting tbh….

  5. DOLBYdigital says:

    I am absolutely in love with the visual style and character design (also noticed the impressive range of dresses). The voice acting was decent for me compared to other video games and definitely better than the first game. Also really liked the nut house areas where tweedle dee was tinkering with her brain.

    Now if EA would get their heads out of their own ass and get this on Steam I would be happy. They are currently only selling this through their crummy download manager and haven’t mentioned anything else as far as I know.

  6. Om says:

    Style looks fantastic, gameplay appears dire. Not expecting much from this

  7. Bodminzer says:

    I’m glad that now the Grimdark art style of the early 00’s has fucked off, we can have people who know how to do a dark aesthetic properly. Really looking forward to this, I’ve needed a good modern fantasy platformer since Mario Galaxy.

  8. nneko says:

    I’m not impressed with the execution of the graphics (yet), but I’ve got a favorable feeling about the narrative, design, and symbology of this game. I’m counting on RPS to render a *thoughtful* verdict about the depth of the game before I plunk down my dollars! (Especially to EA.)

  9. McDan says:

    Is there still that offer thing going on when you can get the first one as well? I heard about that on RPS and hope it’s still happening.

  10. Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

    Pre-order and get a part of soundtrack? What’s wrong with getting all of it?
    Other than that it looks fantastic, visually and mood-wise at least – will play.

  11. Morlon says:

    @Quintin: As a long-time-fan of the whole Alice mythology, I can tell you that that is no rabbit but a man with the Jabberwocky’s head, just as much as that is no tooth-creature but an oyster :).

    Overall this looks not only pleasing to me as a total fan of American McGee but also as an Alice fan.

    I’m mad pumped!