Sign Up For Hot Chat On RPS Forums

Hey, why not go and sign up and chat on the new RPS Forums while we try to figure out why the frontpage comments are broken? Don’t forget to introduce yourself.

That’s service, right there.


  1. Spinoza says:

    no its not broken

  2. Anthile says:

    What witchery is this.

  3. MrWeed says:

    Oh wow, comments work! Now THAT is a thing to be happy about.

  4. El_MUERkO says:

    So we have one log in for comments and another for the forums?

  5. zelgaris says:

    No avatar allowed on forums :(

  6. diebroken says:

    Hooray! Now I can check up on everyone’s comments again. Until the next time it breaks… (so later today, I suppose)

    Why does it keep working/breaking all the time? Test, re-test, and re-re-test, before you change the live site!

  7. HexagonalBolts says:

    Hot chat? This is even more alluring then those adverts I keep getting for ‘’

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Lol yeah I keep hearing “H-H-HOT CHAT .. 0 .. 8 .. 9 … 8 ….” jingling in my head. Too many hours in my youth waiting for the Television-X 10 minute preview to come on and its associated demographically targeted ‘advertisements’

  8. Gap Gen says:

    Has the forum been reset? It doesn’t recognise my username or e-mail when I try to log in or reset my password.

    EDIT: Yes, OK it has.

  9. Choca says:

    Introduce ourselves into what ?

  10. Teddy Leach says:

    It amuses me greatly that the post counts are STILL broken.

  11. Spacewalk says:

    This is some kind of trap, right?

  12. danimalkingdom says:

    Re: ‘Britons’. Can we make a policy of going back to using ‘Britishers’?

    • Rich says:

      That would imply we’re people who engage in Britishing.

    • Oak says:

      I don’t know about you guys, but I’m constantly New Yorking things.

  13. Tetragrammaton says:

    But I fear change…

  14. kyrieee says:

    Was there no way to have the same account for the comments and forums?

    • Wizlah says:

      Aye. I want my fancy avatar back. I can’t find it on me computer anywhere!

  15. Robert says:

    You don’t love me :(

    I registered on the forum and put ‘The Hivemind’ as my referrer. It was denied. Now i shall cry in this corner.

  16. MaxNormal says:

    I had to re-register from scratch – fortunately I could keep my username.
    That was the most PITA captcha I have ever encountered. 5 times to get it right.

    • JB says:

      I’m glad it wasn’t just me who struggled. I started to think I was a bot.

    • Reddin says:

      I had to refresh a least ten times before I had one where I was reasonably sure what the characters were.

    • DarkNoghri says:

      Is it just me, then? I was rather thrilled with how easy the Captcha was…

    • Poindexter says:

      My captcha was rather easy also.

  17. Dlarit says:

    I hear this is a buggy mess and requires a dayone patch to run! I’ll not be preordering with this rock paper shotgun again even if I get the next one for free! Cowboys :-P

  18. phenom_x8 says:

    When I look at this article screenshot in RPS newsfeed, I thought you change your site design thouroughly! Why oh why ye ol’ RPS never ever change this 5 year old site with a new face! Your Forum display are much…much refreshing than this site! But, I just can’t leave you no matter how boring your design now!