Major League Gaming: Final Day!

Major League Gaming‘s Pro Circuit Starcraft 2 matches are coming to a close in Columbus this weekend, and we’ve got the livestreams embedded below. You can watch what both players are doing at the same time. Both streams will play, so you’ll want to mute one of them, I should think! Head down there for top-level SC2 play with some decent commentary.




  1. Crescend says:

    Oh cool, I almost forgot about this :D thanks.

  2. Boozebeard says:

    “Please disable AdBlock in your browser or check your Internet connection.”

    But I love my adblock D:

  3. Sweep says:

    I only watch Koreans play starcraft. I’m just fucking hardcore like that.

    • Serious J says:

      Losira, MMA & July are participating in this, and are likely to at least make it to the last few rounds. They provided the Koreans for you :)

    • Eightyseven says:

      There are alot of koreans in this tourney too though :)

    • MrMud says:

      Dont forget MC, all of whom have placed very well.

  4. Serious J says:

    Big <3's for posting this. I've been watching it since Friday, but I've always wanted to see RPS do a bit of esports

    • Mechorpheus says:

      Do any of the Hive-Mind even play SC2 anymore? If not, its a travesty!

    • subedii says:

      I play DoW 2, although I doubt that’s much consolation. :P

      Although I have been watching Biscuits’ Starcraft matches recently (partly owing to the fact that CoH / DoW 2 commentator Harlequin’s off in China so nothing from him for a while), and I can certainly appreciate watching lower level matches. More relatable to the average scrub like myself.

    • Vandelay says:

      I know Quinns played the most at first, but I don’t think he stuck with it beyond a month or two. I don’t get the impression any of them are that into RTS games, particular not the competitive multiplayer side of it.

  5. Calneon says:

    How dare you call Tastosis and Day[9]/DJWheat ‘decent’.

    • Eraysor says:


    • Stochastic says:

      Day9’s casting qualified as fantastic in my book, and Tasteosis the casting archon put on a good show as always. Even DJWheat did a respectable job. I just wish there had been a Tasteless/Day9 combined cast at some point!

  6. Mike says:

    When is this on? Been watching for five minutes now, and nothing game-y.

    • MrMud says:

      They just concluded the match between Thorzain (TSL 3 winner) and Select (3 top 3 MLG placements). Comming up soon will be upper bracket matches (Idra vs MMA and Naniwa vs Losira)

    • Serious J says:

      They’re inbetween matches atm. It’s a live event with unbroadcasted brackets etc… so there’s a bit of downtime. Some really good ones should be starting shortly

  7. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Oh help, the ads start automatically at pageLoad, both at the same time, and I can’t find a way to pause or stop them (besides adBlock), until after they’re finished.

  8. Rinox says:

    This intermezzo music is…

  9. Srekel says:

    Here’s a pretty neat url for viewing the streams:
    link to

    Also bunch of info on this post:
    link to

  10. Pinky G says:

    But but but….Broodwar is so much better!
    link to

  11. sbs says:

    oooh djwheat is on? i loved his q3 casting

  12. KaL_YoshiKa says:


    • Dao Jones says:

      Agreed. Here I am watching an episode of Six Feet Under and I see a new RPS article in my RSS feed so I click it to open in a new tab and BAM. Ear fucked by surround sound in an awful, awful way. :(

  13. Temple to Tei says:

    Not a clue what is going on -but this is fun :)

  14. Nallen says:

    What the hell did Idra just do?

    • Fiatil says:

      Idra is kind of bad for being so good. Wow.

    • subedii says:

      As it looks. He could have had that game after the marine push failed, but he GG’d because of the setback.

      Too bad really. I suspect Idra’s going to get a lot of flack for that.

  15. Vandelay says:

    Did he just swig from an energy drink and Sadouken his opponent as a celebration?

  16. Hunt0r says:

    That was a big WTF moment there when he quit while winning!

    • Crescend says:

      Yeah my jaw just dropped when I was watching that :D Although I should’ve predicted something like this from Idra.. he just loves to quit.

  17. Kaira- says:

    I got scared when those videos started automagically. Plus I can’t stop them and now they talk over each other and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

  18. Temple says:

    Flashblock stops the autoplay -so install reaload page and choose your chaty one.

  19. Hunt0r says:

    damn these streams are VERY buggy!

    • Crescend says:

      I love these streams, I can watch the upper stream and get insta-replay of every situation from the lower stream ^^

  20. vivlo says:

    one red and one blue, like good ol’ pokemon

  21. rawtheory says:

    Idra fucking himself again….*sigh*

    • iHavePants says:

      “I raged” Is way too spooky of an anagram for his name.

  22. markcocjin says:

    Thank you for sharing this RPS. I don’t know much about Starcraft and Starcraft II except what I see from these replays. I’m trying to appreciate other games lately.
    I would like to also share something from my favorite RTS game Company of Heroes. If any of you have the time, please watch this video of what I can say is the best match I’ve ever seen of the game. My friends wont this match but I won’t tell you which ones they are. It was a real nail biter.

    What I love most about Company of Heroes is that it’s not a simulation RTS and yet it’s small enough to make skirmishes intimate. They have things like terrain that affects mobility and cover. Yes cover. They also have directional vehicle armor. Many factors that old school RTS players don’t want since it does not turn into simple rock paper scissors or blob versus blog games.


  23. Hunt0r says:

    MMA ftw? i don’t know but he seems to have had an easy path so far!

  24. Hunt0r says:

    OK I missed MMA go out anyone care to elaborate?

  25. Azradesh says:

    Thanks for posting this.

  26. Blackberries says:

    Good lord those last few matchups were astonishing. Going into this MMA was my favourite player, so I am totally thrilled he took the tournament, but many players showed some excellent games, especially the runner up, LosirA.

  27. Hatsworth says:

    Dramatic improvement from the disaster that was the last event.

  28. Arathain says:

    Oh goodness. That was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? I’d often heard that high level SC2 made for a great spectator sport even if you don’t play, and it really does.

    The commentary was of a very high quality, which helps a lot.

  29. A-Scale says:

    Why in the hell does it say it runs till June 6th when it is being recorded on EST and it actually ends on the 5th?

  30. Moraven says:

    Great weekend, lots of good games to watch.

    Was awesome to see Halo and Call of Duty end early, and basically the whole venue was all tuned to Starcraft 2. No chairs left, people sitting on the floor.

    Expect more improvements to the stream come MLG anaheim. MLG staff and ceo are looking to keep improving everything for the fans.

  31. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Man, Tasteless seems to have some problems with his voice. Or maybe he’s just a chain-smoker.

  32. kael13 says:

    Just adding my approval of this post. This MLG event has really put esports in the spotlight. Drama, action, fantastic commentary. Top notch all around!

  33. Kakrafoon says:

    Why does Starcraft II want to be played on FASTEST speed so badly in multiplayer mode and in the campaign? Okay, you get faster matches, but it looks awful and the animations are clearly made for normal speed. Also, imagine what kind of crazy micro moves those guys could pull off if the game didn’t run on “my unit blob mashed your unit blob in 0,5 seconds”-speed.