FIFA 12: Foot-To-Ball Is Real

In years gone by our top scientists, professional experts, and visionary cosmologists believed that games could only be used to model and simulate men getting shot. At a stretch the technology could be applied to zombies getting shot, or even man-like robots, but the basic laws of nature suggested that ultimately it was the fate of computer game systems to help us see men being machinegunned dead in their thousands of millions. In 2011, of course, science has vindicated our hope that one day it might also portray men getting stabbed and – in rare, exquisite instances of intense joy – men playing together on a field. Yes. Look at them play. Beautiful, beautiful. It gives me a sense of peace.

Foot-to-ball in videogames is a reality, people. And the world is more wonderful for it. Get used to it. And watch the new Electronic Artball Number 12 video, which I’ve posted below.

Look at those men! They’re not getting shot, no sir, they’re doing some sharing the ball. Oh that guy is teasing – he’s keeping the ball! – ah no he shares it in the end. Lovely, lovely sharing there. Well done, footmen. Ball.


  1. SpinalJack says:

    Reminds me of the time when the RPS Manchester meet was over run by foot-to-ball fans.
    Everyone left by then and it was just a few of us who stayed long enough for them to leave and free up the console area.

  2. DSDan says:

    This game would be way better if the players were dressed up as marines–especially marines who live in space.

  3. airtekh says:

    Man, I haven’t played a Fifa game in years. Or Pro Evo for that matter.

    Apparently Fifa is better than Pro Evo nowadays, is this true?

    • Resonance says:

      Yes. Yes it is.

      Pro Evo has heavily stagnated – it’s the same game it was on the PS2; FIFA has evolved thanks to heavy use of online features.

    • Fringe says:

      It feels very weird to say it but…

      yes, it is true

    • Ian says:

      Last time I played Pro Evo it was absolutely rotten. FIFA has been better for a few years now.

    • Gravy says:

      PES 2011 has been the best PES for ages, I liken Fifa fans to COD fans.

      Fifas totally unrealistic, sure its got better models and games feature players of york city doing roulettes and other completely ott tricks that A) Hardly ever happen in the real game. B) Shite players wouldn’t be capable of. ( Run standard check to see if the two players online are playing as Real vs Real or Real vs Barca)

      At least pes looks and plays like real football.

    • Ian says:

      @ gravy: Realism doesn’t guarantee a good game.

      I haven’t owned one of either set of games since the first Pro Evo Wii game (which was awesome) and I don’t consider myself a fan of either. I just like whichever one is best when I play it at a mate’s house. FIFA is the more arcadey game, but that doesn’t alter that the previous version or three of Pro Evo have been cack.

      Though I’m sure people who are fans of FIFA will appreciate your “they’re stupid and distracted by shiny things” sentiment.

    • Stardog says:

      @Gravy FIFA fans were only like CoD fans up to around FIFA 08. Since then it has been a far better game than PES in every way. This is coming from someone who has been playing since ISS 98.

      PES is clunky, old, and doesn’t play like real football in the slightest. It has the same old problems from PES1. Players don’t even make runs for you, which you can force in FIFA with LB/L1. Selection bug where you can’t do a first-time shot if the ball is crossed in quickly. Top Player is just cheat mode, with the shittest defenders using a “catch-up” system.

      Both games have a problem of every goal you concede is usually some BS where the game fucks you over.

    • Gravy says:

      If you haven’t played PES 2011 or FIFA 11 then its not really a qualified answer, I play PES regularly with friends and its always a good laugh and more realistic to boot, 09 and 10 were a step in the wrong direction but 2011 is a big improvement but you wouldn’t know that if you listen to people who as you say love shiny things or more to the point play games like COD and FIFA and don’t look beyond those.

      Frankly im bemused by the ignorance of these ‘gamers’ where by their game is the best and ignore the rest. I’ll take Battlefield over COD and Pes over FIFA anyday having played all the games i can make a fair assessment.

      Still horses for courses i suppose.

    • Gravy says:

      ^^ Some of thats absolute tosh, you see my arguement earlier of the similarity between COD fans and FIFA fans.

      I rest my case.

    • sidhellfire says:

      Pro Evolution Soccer is not realistic either. Additionally, it’s mostly just an annoying game. No good improvements for years (sic!).

  4. Cooper says:

    Player Impact Engine.
    Push and Pull.
    Precision dribbling.

    True Injuries.


  5. suibhne says:

    If it models “True Injuries”, shouldn’t it also model True Fake Injuries?

    • Pnikosis says:

      That’s exactly what I though.

      I’d love to have my Busquets rolling over the floor screaming in pain. Yes, I’m a Barcelona’s fan, and I’m not ashamed to make fun out of my team.

    • Mattressi says:

      Wait, there are true injuries in foot-to-ball? Here in Oz, guys break an arm in football (rugby) and walk off the field. All I’ve seen of soccer is people randomly falling and crying for the rest of the game. I thought it was like poker or something – the person who bluffs the best (injury) wins?

    • Monchberter says:

      If it can’t ‘do a David Busst’ then it’s not a real injury.

      (apologies for actual football reference link to

    • _Nocturnal says:

      Monchberter: Sir, you have succeeded in pointing me towards the first internet video that actually makes me sick. I hope you’re proud of yourself. I also hope you make a good cup of cocoa, because you now owe me one.

  6. McDan says:

    Mark my words, they’ll never be able to keep releasing this game every year with minor changes, it’ll never catch on. Not enough shooting.

  7. Stranglove says:

    Couldn’t people just round up a few friends and just play foot-to-ball?

  8. Sadraukar says:

    Unfortunately I had read that the PC version will not be getting all of these improvements (believe it or not).

    link to

    • ComradePenguin says:

      Sadly this is a familiar tale. The annual overpriced footyball £45 patch is one of the few reasons to keep the consoletoy. Why they make the PC version worse is always bit of a mystery.

    • Po0py says:

      I gave them a chance last year but they blew it. They will never learn. I’m done. I’m not buying a second rate game when the pc is more than capable of handling what the console version can offer and more. I had high hopes that they would come full circle and have complete parity across platforms but it was all a bit too much to ask for.

      Maybe PES will surprise us this year. I’ve not tried it in a while so it’s gonna be interesting to see how they do.

    • Jad says:

      I … just don’t get it. I know that they’ve done this before, but why?

      I can understand when the PC doesn’t get ports of games, because it takes money to do a port and the publisher may decide that the market isn’t big enough on PC to justify the effort. I can also understand when the port is done badly such that the game is runs poorly or is buggy, as it costs money to do testing and to optimize for the many configurations that PCs can have.

      But to make a PC version, that runs fine and is not buggy, but has a different engine and has had basic features stripped out from the console versions … that makes no sense. You’re already going through the effort to do the port, why are you not porting the console version that you already have? Why go through the trouble to make a different version of the game? Even if that means using last year’s engine, it still means much more testing and extra effort. And you’re definitely hobbling your sales if you make the PC version clearly inferior to the console versions.

      I truly just do not understand this.

    • thegooseking says:

      Oh well. I guess I should in some way be glad that they’ve totally abandoned the PC as far as NHL goes, then.

      Football? What’s that? The ice in this video looks weird.

    • sidhellfire says:

      I am mostly disappointed about the MP in fifa11@PC. They have failed to provide proper clubs(teams/clans), and 10v10 (or 11v11) modes. Not mentioning a lack of dedicated servers, and those p2p rage-quitters are plague.

    • Monchberter says:

      EA are also almost completely Steam-phobic when it comes to sports games.

      Then again the playerbase for console-style-sports games on the PC is rather small.

      Regardless i’d like the odd sports game to enthral my more footie leaning friends with when they come round.

    • pilouuuu says:

      I was going to say that as a joke, but now i know it is the sad truth. So, it’s another version that I’m going to skip until they realise that a PC is much powerful than a console. Idiotic developers.

    • sidhellfire says:

      It is small, because years ago, all PC sport-games fans were forced to migrate to the consoles due lack of releases on their platforms games such as NHL, NFL, NBL, NBA and so on. Handicapped FIFA is just a part of their non-ambitious campaign.

  9. Ian says:

    Where are the waist-height walls? There’s nothing to crouch behind.

  10. bill says:

    These games always look lovely in the videos… but when i see people actually playing them it’s always from a bird’s eye viewpoint that means everything looks the same as it did on the PS1 – and not miles ahead of Sensi.

    Is all this tech simply for the replays?

    • ComradePenguin says:

      The player models themselves could frankly be two bits of dairy lea with cocktail sticks holding them together for all you can see but more integrated animations do help. I spent most of the PS2 era watching players play out over elaborate I’ve been slightly nudged animations rather than respond to my frantic button mashing.

  11. Apocalypse 31 says:

    No zombies?

    On a serious note. I can’t take this game. My guys never give and go, nor do they ever make a break to the goal, allowing me to one-time it in. Score on a header???? Yeah right.

    FIFA ’93 still owns

  12. Patches the Hyena says:

    And Fifa 11 turns out to be a flash in the pan. No Impact Engine for the PC :(

  13. Unaco says:

    Foot vs Ball? Sounds interesting. Always good to see people taking risks with asymmetric multiplayer games. Hope they manage to pull it off.

  14. Kdansky says:

    Clearly, the pinnacle of imagination for PC games is the simulation of the most boring sport known to mankind.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      The most bring sport know to all mankind is baseball. I once watched some at a friends house after he convinced us that it was a good idea to stay up all night drinking beer and eating hotdogs while watching the final of something called the “World Series” that seems to feature only American teams. The ‘dogs and beer were fine but the baseball was mind numbing. I was shocked to find after this that it was only one night of several needed to decide who the winner was.

    • bill says:

      Baseball and American Football are designed to be boring, but with lots and lots of breaks for hotdogs.

      I watched a live game of baseball once when i was visiting LA and it was great – i had pizza, and beer, and hotdogs, and nachos, and burgers and icecream, and at one point everyone got up and stretched. No one seemed to much care about what was going on on the field.. they just chatted and ate and went to the bathroom.

      But yeah, never try watching it for the actual game or you’ll zzzzzzz……

  15. Jac says:

    Someone needs to make a frozen synapse mod of this here game.

  16. Schaulustiger says:

    Ah, RPS, the place where football haters from around the world come together. Seriously, I have seldom seen so much hate for a sport that is clearly enjoyed by millions. Yeah, we get it, you think it’s boring and cheap entertainment. Now get to the comment thread over there, they have manshooting :P

    Regarding the subject: EA really sucks when it comes to their PC FIFA. I’ll get it for the 360, just like every year, because that Impact Engine looks damn hot. I love how FIFA has evolved over the last years and it seems like it’s going to be even better this year.

    I somehow don’t really mind their annual updates. I get about 100-200 hours of fun out of each title, so I have no problem in paying 40€ for that each year.

    • Berzee says:

      I think you misunderstand hatred and bemusement. Bemusement is more like, “oh, well…that certainly is a thing. Who knows why people adore that thing? Anybody? Anybody? Hmm…that’s funny…how curious.”

  17. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    The way they built up the different angled, slow motion volley at the end from Nani, I thought the ball was going to fly into the top corner, instead it was just a really unimpressive bobbling shinner into the bottom corner

  18. Zeewolf says:

    I thought it was confirmed that this stuff wouldn’t make it to the PC-version?

  19. phenom_x8 says:

    A lot of my friend tell me to try FIFA 2011, tried it once using barcelona, but from the way he moves it looks like Messi arent just looks like Messi, he’s similar with iniesta , david villa,etc (from the bird view cam especially). Meanwhile, in PES you can spot famous player only by the way he moves, dribbling or his stance when doing free kick (they have been doing this since the PS one era with Roberto Carlos and Beckham persona) . In the other hand, PES always have the best Pc mod community around(they keep update it regularly). Why everyone here hate it (or it just my feeling)? All of RPS reader said that the number one PC feature that console wont have is the modding community and PES have it but still a lot of us hate it!

  20. aircool says:

    Have they included bungs, corruption and hair transplants?

  21. Megadyptes says:

    EA SPORTS, If it’s in the console version of the game, it’s not in the PC version of the game. Not quite so catchy though, I guess.

  22. LevelZeroZilch says:

    It’d be nice if FIFA actually looked like these rendered shots (especially on the PS3). Bought FIFA 11 and if I buy another football game anytime soon, it will be PES for PC thanks to the modding community that keeps it up to date.