Limbo Coming To PC? Almost Certainly!

IndieGames has, thanks to NeoGaf’s wily residents, picked up the scent of spooky silhouetted platformer Limbo making its way to PC. Although the project has not been confirmed for PC, this link takes you to the Limbo trailer on your Steam client. I’d expect an official announcement on this fairly soon!


  1. SquareWheel says:


  2. Linfosoma says:

    Do want.

  3. mittortz says:

    I hope it gets extra PC goodies! Loved the Xbox version. I’d buy it again even if it was exactly the same. Except if you’re a publisher and you’re reading this. Then I’ll only buy it again if you make it super extra awesome.

    • Zelius says:

      I’m sure they’ll throw in a super extra awesome TF2 hat.

      Seriously though, I can’t wait for this to come out.

  4. Drake Sigar says:

    Want a boxed version. I like to fondle my games at night.

  5. Sensai says:

    I waited and held out from getting it on my 360…so happy to see it jumping ship to the PC.


  6. Kieron Gillen says:

    Looking for the verdict on this one. RICK DANGEROUS FOR TIM BURTON FANS.


  7. Manburger says:

    Ah–…Holy milky ways!! This is fantastic news! I was just thinking about this the other day, (yet again) how much of a bummer it was that this was not coming to the PC. I’ve been pining for this game for eons! Wow. Yes! Yes. Best news of E3! Calling it.

  8. StranaMente says:

    I waited for a long time and grabbed it on the 360 on a sale. The beginning of the game was nice, then the mechanics and graphics lost a bit of charm and grow really repetitive with some obtuse puzzle. And the it ended and I didn’t want to come back. It’s really, REALLY small, and only the first half of the game is nice, so I don’t reccomend it, whenever it comes.

  9. vodka and cookies says:

    Twas quite good, the varied gory deaths reminded me a lot of Another World or Prince of Persia you don’t see that much anymore in games. It was always a little shocking to see it and made me want to avoid having it happen again.

  10. Kadayi says:

    I recall some game journalist likened the main character to a Terminator and the girl as Sarah Connor which I thought was a pretty funny take on things.

    Still looking forward to this, though given it is pretty short it will be interesting to see what the pricing is.

  11. KilgoreTrout_XL says:

    Limbo: creepiest spider in videogame history.

  12. Enterprise2448 says:

    I could hardly name an xbox 360 game I really want on PC, but Limbo seems to be one.

  13. Keilnoth says:

    Windows Media Player is not installed…

  14. dr.castle says:

    Fantastic! Here’s hoping Fez will follow suit in escaping XBLA purgatory.

  15. Bioptic says:

    Sooo…what’s the moral stance on having resigned to the fact that it was never coming to PC about 6 months ago and watching the entire thing as a Let’s Play on YouTube in HD?

    Let’s Plays do occupy a very strange place in the morality spectrum. You supposedly buy games to play them and interact with them, and Let’s Plays are supposed to supplement rather than replace this experience. But many of the more narratively-driven games are part-film nowadays anyway, and are so intent on funnelling you down a corridor that it could you don’t lose that much by having never played it. And what if the game in question is only 2-3 hours long once you’ve cut out all of the bits where you got stuck?

  16. Zarunil says:

    Been wanting to play this one for a loooong time. Great news!

  17. Emil.BB says:

    This is truly great news. Can’t wait to play this!

  18. Wooly says:

    I’d buy it if it hadn’t taken forever to get to the PC…

  19. Khemm says:

    Oh please let that be true, PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE!… It’s one of those games whjch makes me furious at MS for arbitrarily having prevented it from being released on PC.

  20. ghiacciato says:


  21. KillahMate says:

    Of course they’ll come to us. Sooner or later, they all come to us…


  22. KillahMate says:

    With Bastion already confirmed for a PC release, now we’re just waiting on Fez…
    But seriously, Fez has to come. I want that game so bad.

  23. UncleLou says:

    I’ll buy this for the looks alone, but I do seem to remember the Xbox crowd being a bit underwhelmed, no?

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      I found it to be a nice little treat, the platforming and puzzles both having a pleasing tactility and the gently brooding atmosphere topped the whole thing off like a goth-y cherry. Nothing particularly big, clever or special but a fun time nonetheless.

    • Jahkaivah says:

      I hope it does better on the PC, I was so please when I heard how much better Super Meat Boy was treated on steam.

  24. Hatsworth says:

    Read some pretty unflattering things about it. Might check it out still.
    There’s quite a few other XBLA exclusives(and some PSN\XBLA) I’d like to see though, such as Shadow Complex and Bangai-O HD Missile Fury(No chance of that sadly). In fact XBLA might be close to the sole reason I eventually get a 360 :/. Guess Microsoft’s strategy of paying for\forcing smaller devs into exclusivity is working.

  25. sigma83 says:

    About fucking time.

  26. Shadrach says:

    Great news. Always thought Limbo was the kind of artsy game that belonged more on PC than XBox, home of Halo and Mans of Wars.

  27. Synesthesia says: