Dragoning On: Fourteen Minutes Of Skyrim

It’s Magicka morning here on RPS! No, wait… the other one. G4 have released a big old slice of Skyrim footage (although some of it is repeated) with dicussions between their presenters and Besthesda’s charming frontman, Todd Howard. He says the game has “micro-detail”, and the presenters talk about all the flowers on the ground. Bunch of hippies. More pertinently, Howard gets excited about the dual-wielding spell stuff again, shows off the map zoom thing, and totally kicks a wolf in the face. He also says “just looking at your perks is a lot of fun”.



  1. Mayjori says:

    gettin my towel

    edit: I keep getting all excited whenever i think about that “150 hours”….. mmmmmm

    • DSR says:

      How much time exactly, will we spend on looking at our perks? From those 150 hours.

    • Pie21 says:

      On a scale of 1 to G4TV studio audience, how excited are you?

    • godgoo says:

      The presenters made me misanthropic. Is it wrong that I find a vaguely attractive American woman enthusing about ‘huge freakin’ dragons’ so inherently unappealing?

      EDIT: not to mention son of Woody Harrelson and Mr Peanut.

    • Davee says:

      I share some of your unappealing feelings for the ‘exited woman’ in the start – it was sooo in her script and not her own feelings (thus ridiculously faked)…

      Of course, that dosn’t change the fact that I AM SO EXITED ABOUT THIS GAME!

    • Stormbane says:

      godgoo & Davee, you two are clearly ignorant and as such I would advice you to refrain from sharing your colorful insight.

      Morgan Webb games for more hours everyday than you two assholes spend thinking. She also happens to be a babe and I would wager your misanthropy is perhaps due to little cognitive dissonance.

      Then there is Adam Fucking Sessler. Adam Sessler has been playing games and working in game journalism before you learned to type. Adam Donovan Sessler is a fucking institution.

      The point I’m trying to make gentlemen is simple. Shut the fuck up.

    • Zyrxil says:

      Why don’t you shut the fuck up, Stormbane? Jesus, the level of idol worship you’re exhibiting is ridiculous. No one has to respect anyone for simply existing for a long time. Their level of pandering to the dev was simply disgusting.

    • msarge says:

      Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, the hosts, are terrible. I’ve disliked them since they hosted Extended Play together on Tech TV. They might know what they are talking about with video games, but are godawful hosts and interviewers. Everything they say feels so forced and unnatural. One would think that their skills would develop over the years,but it actually appears they have gotten worse.

    • nimnio says:

      Sessler and Webb’s enthusiasm usually appears insincere.

      edit: I should say that their gushing usually appears insincere. They’re at their best when they focus on the content, but I suppose that’s personal preference. Back in the day, I had my “OMG Battletoads!” moments, so I’m sure some of their fans appreciate the enthusiasm, even if it is exaggerated.

    • Bettymartin says:

      I thought they presenters were great. I particularly enjoyed how they became completely different people halfway through.

    • RandomGameR says:

      I didn’t find their questions to be of terribly low quality for an E3 interview. They’re also known only for their ability to be snarky in reviews.

      I do have to say that I met Adam Sessler at a gay bar in SF (I think he was bringing his gay producer out on the town during GDC) and he was very nice. He was also very drunk.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      All gamers are profoundly misanthropic, thats why they spend their free time killing virtual people and not interacting with live ones.

      I like how the hosts are being positive about the game. Would you like some morons like yourselves there to discourage devs from displaying stuff they’ve been working on for years?

    • Basilicus says:

      Gotta back Sessler and Webb up on this. They’ve both put in years of long hours at G4 and picked up show, interview, and guesting duties for other hosts left, right and center. They could be genuine assholes in real life – who knows? Certainly none of us – but they could just as easily be reporters who’ve worked in an industry for years because they love it.

      Reporters in any industry do not get any information or trust from their subjects without displaying enthusiasm. Sometimes that’s going to be real; sometimes that’s going to be faked. It’s an incredibly hard job, even when you’re being paid well and you’re reporting on games. At E3, I’d imagine they haven’t gotten much sleep and – unlike many reporters there – much of that is due to research and prepwork. I’d also like to suggest we show a little respect for two people who have used their platform to argue time and again for games as a viable art form.

    • Commisar says:

      well then , you’ll be pleased to know that Bethesda has promised to “streamline” and “simplify” the game for consoles, even possibly removing stat numbers, hop onto reddit r/gaming and you’ll see

  2. mjig says:

    Remember when Morgan Webb was hot?

    • Hurion says:


    • Orija says:

      I feel offended, that woman’s act of frothing at Skyrim was akin to the Kevin Butler guy’s bullshitridden speech to gamers (I know it was supposed to be ‘so outlandish that its actually awesome’) at last year’s E3. It’s as if those in the games industry that gamers are nothing more than a bunch of antisocial neckbeards who would spasm on seeing someone with a uterus talking about video games or some hired actor making corny speeches.

    • Basilicus says:

      Yes, I remember the very moment we’re in. Why do you ask?

  3. Davie says:

    I wish they would just shut up and show us the footage. Howard’s basically restating what we see in the video, and all I heard from the presenters was “WOW COOL AMAZING WOW HYPE GREAT HORSE ARMOR LOL”

    I’d rather just see the playthrough and form my own opinions, but of course, that’s not going to happen. Regardless, it does look excellent, once you turn the sound off.

    • Quine says:

      In some parallel universe where Englishness still reigns, there is an E3 equivalent with some guy in a dinner jacket carefully understating his mercantile outfit’s latest offering:

      “May I draw your attention to this, gentlemen. It’s rather good…

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Ooh. I want that version!

  4. Dzamir says:

    “Loading Content” spinning forever on Safari (but it works on Firefox)

  5. jameskond says:

    So.. same footage as from Gametrailers?.. great.

    Oh wait, shit they have UI and Menus and dialogue.. fuck that’s cool nvm.

    • Heliosicle says:

      Seems like a bit more than was on GT.

    • oxymelum says:

      “These dragons behave completely random.” *dragon does exactly the same thing it did in the other gameplay footage*.

    • Orvidos says:

      Because it’s, gasp, an extended cut of the GT footage?


      (And for good measure, a pre-recorded demo, since Todd is talking about “here you see me _____” when he’s obviously not currently playing.)

  6. Holybasil says:


  7. wodin says:

    Still not impressed….maybe becasue it’s a 360…if the animations etc aren’t improved on the PC then it’s underwhelming indeed…slighty better than Oblivion…maybe…

    Those Dragons aren’t top creatures…more like a wolf in different clothing…also those presenters..”How are the Dragons tougher”…jesus…

    • Wulf says:

      Me neither. It’s all very “Me hit things! Hurrrp.” and that’s just not what interests me. I’d love to see them show off the character generation and what makes this game as magnificent and gloriously odd as the ever surreal Morrowind (which never seems to get old to me). I really covet Morrowindiness, and they promised it, but I haven’t seen it.

      I’ve seen “Me hit things!”, and “Me hit things!”, and “Me hit things!”, and “Cor, lookit the blud graffiks!”, and “Me hit things!”, but nothing that even begins to hint at Morrowind.

      I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with “Me hit things!”, but after years of that I feel rather starved for a slightly more cerebreal experience where you can actually talk to characters in a game, and immerse yourself in a really interesting, alien world, and have fun with interactions other than sticking the personification of your wang into the nearest available orifice of whomever or whatever looks at you funny.

      Again, fine for those that like that… but I long for something more.

      (It’s worth noting that in these sorts of games I prefer playing the chatty sorts and the thieves, the charismatic corsairs, vain vagabonds, dashing desperados, and roguish… rogues. I prefer to lie, cheat, and steal my way to an end-result that works for everyone. And I like doing it in a setting that’s appreciably not-Earth. Morrowind gives me that so much. But Skyrim seems “Me hit things!” in Alaska, with giant flying lizards.)

    • Richard Beer says:

      Sorry if I’m not being sufficiently cynical for the average RPSer, but every time I see this game I get freshly excited about it. The world they are creating looks amazing.

      I do share Wulf’s concerns about it being more Oblivion (which I couldn’t be bothered with after a few hours) than Morrowind (which I lost large chunks of my life to), but the passion they’re clearly putting into it seems comforting.

      Besides which, you get to battle unlimited dragons and absorb their souls!!

      Actually, one thing I hope they don’t borrow from Morrowind: the ability to make yourself effectively invincible with the right amount of upgrades in the right places. Unlimited dragon souls seems like it might offer that possibility.

    • heretic says:

      “I prefer to lie, cheat, and steal my way to an end-result that works for everyone.”

      I love games that give you the option to do just that, seems like Prey 2 will give you that very option. I was so disappointed at Deus Ex 2 though when trying to screw over each faction didn’t quite work out as planned as it seemed the designers thought you would align yourself with a single one only. Example there is a mission where you have to kill some scientist or steal the weapon, just as soon as you kill the scientist the door to the weapon closes, so I blocked the door with a crate, except the weapon magically disappeared as well… bastards.

      Anyway back on topic, I hope they have interesting guild missions like in Oblivion. I never bothered with the main storyline but I did enjoy the thief / assassin missions – these were good fun. I hope they make the story a bit more engaging though…

    • Stevostin says:

      Improving the rendering, but improving the animation ? WTF ? They’re already pretty awesome. The dragons are moving better than any dragon I’ve ever seen in a video game, considering it’s open world. I can feel their weight, the air resistance when they fly – all in all, very impressive… And look at the giants, or even the archer fighting the dragon, how the hell could you “improve” those animations ?
      I really don’t get the people who says “who, it does look like Oblivion’s engine”. Considering it’s working on the same console, it’s as big as a gap as I think it’s possible. Character animation is hugely better. Real world rendering is dramatically improved, especially weather, snow rendering, fog, clouds, zoom out on map, etc. Most of all, lightning is indeed really impressive – and this without annoying bloom everywhere. So ok, it’s maybe not as insane eye candy as BF3, but on a PC I expect it to be at least as good than Crysis 2. The only question is what kind of improvement on distance of view will we have on PC. But considering what we see here is running on a 360, I expect the answer to be “quite a lot”.

    • Ian says:

      @ Wulf: While I’m generally feeling reasonably positive about the game it does seem (based on what little they’ve showed of Skyrim and what was in Oblivion) like they’re namedropping Morrowind to pique interest.

      I think for me with the player character the interesting thing will be to see just how differently you can actually build yourself up with the various shouts and weapon/magic set-ups, whether it’s all as open as it looks like it could be or if in the end everybody’ll just be gravitating towards a few shouts and spells.

    • heretic says:

      @Stevostin, bro, you sound like the ultimate fanboy!

      “I can feel their weight, the air resistance when they fly – all in all, very impressive…”

      Very poetic.

      “how the hell could you “improve” those animations ?”

      -_- you can always improve stuff.

      “I really don’t get the people who says “who, it does look like Oblivion’s engine”.”

      In the opening moments of the gameplay I really thought “this isn’t any different from Oblivion”. Later scenes did show improvement, but I still feel like there’s something off.

      “on PC I expect it to be at least as good than Crysis 2.”

      I’ve heard C2 had pretty dubbed down graphics so I guess this could be correct! Ahahah..

    • Wizlah says:

      @Wulf and Ian

      I think you’ve got to keep in mind that presentations by E3 are never going to parade morrowind weirdness as a virtue. Ultimately, you’ve got to take the programmer’s at their word – if they were saying that they felt they’d lost something in oblivion and they were trying to return to some of that feel in Skyrim, then that’s what they’re trying to do. And if they fail, they fail.

      another thing to bear in mind (and this is aimed at wulf in particular) is that you prize unique and atmospheric game worlds, and its hard to convey how well that’s going to play unless you actually get hype from a lot of people who have played the game at length. Games publishers don’t really ever approach this well with their marketing (maybe those guys who did zeno clash, who are doing a fine job conveying the fun nature of rock of ages, but that’s it that I can really think of). so you’re stuck waiting until folk get actually playing it.

      Me, I’m going to wait for the first quinns preview before getting properly excited about it. I generally agree with his assessments of what constitutes pleasingly weird and interesting and what is just plain pedestrian.

    • Stevostin says:

      “bro, you sound like the ultimate fanboy!”
      You have yet to show me a dragon with better animation in a video game. Until you do that, I think I am the only one who’s provided some sort of landmark to make it clear whose subjectivity is further away from a consensual observation of what we have here.

      In the meantime you’re the one stating a video that shows some unmatched-in-the-market-qualities isn’t good enough for you. It’s your right, but it wouldn’t hurt to make it clear that your beef is about state of the art in videogames in general and not about Skyrim. I feel it would be more honest of you to admit that (unless, again) you can prove me Skyrim isn’t doing good, animation wise, compared to the competition).

    • Urael says:

      Wulf, you are so this game’s bitch and you know it. Admit it: you’re excited in spite of yourself :)

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Anyone saying the animation hasn’t improved much is talking through their hole. As an animator I consider myself somewhat qualified. Just look at the giant as an example, the way he’s walking down the hill and there was some serious stirring in my loins when he bounded down the hill after the player. There’s a real sense of weight to the character. There were a few times with the mammoths and the dragons where they turned a little too quickly and floatily, seemed a little gamey but I trust they will be tweaking that kinda thing til release.

      Of course there’s will be some holes and glitches in it and a few bad animations. But go look a morrowind or oblivion then come back and try and say the same thing.

    • heretic says:

      Lets stop this argument once and for all:

      The Witcher 2 is so much better.


    • Stevostin says:

      @ Heretic
      1) you didn’t mention any dragon with best animation in the competition. It would be honnest to ackowledge you asking for best animation on Skyrim was not really fair to the work shown in the above video, don’t you think ?
      2) about the Witcher 2, I deinstalled it in the middle of Floatsam. Every quest was mostly boring despite good writing. It keeped assuming I was inherently motivated to do stuff (why the hell would I car about this Kraken or those two guys that I am supposed to know from the first episode exccept the first episode was so boring I deinstalled after the introduction) and didn’t even try to make me interested in anything. It tried so hard to be consistent with its specific world that it forgot to even introduce it and interest me in it. I felt I was supposed to have read the book or at least played the first to like it.
      The gameplay OTOH was not bad at all, especially the action. All the craft/upgrade stuff seemed uneededly confused but in itself it wasn’t a big issue. I think, apart the dramatic fail of just paying attention to the player’s motivation and the lack of consistency of the relationship with NPC, the three other main things that ruins it for me are TPV , lack of characterization of my character (Bioware did understand this very well by allowing us to chose Shepard’s face) and a world where everything 50 meters away is blurry and feel so highly filled with wall and ‘please explore what I want you to explore” constraint.
      I’d play any other big RPG of the last 5 years a second time before I’d play the Witcher 2 until the end. Actually I went back to Fallout 3 just after quiting on TW2 after 12h – and I had alread 180h with it. And it feels so much more enjoyable. So I understand some people (my brother for instance) loves TW2 and I acknowledge it’s an important game on several point. But it’s certainly not a great game for me.

    • RandomGameR says:

      link to youtube.com

      Compare the animations in this supplied youtube video with the third person at about 1:50 in this article. Skyrim has improved animations. The environments in Skyrim also look more realistic.

      Wulf, the most exciting thing to me in this video was the guy grinding the axe and the other guy picking up the tree trunk for his logging. Sure, it’s not the hideousness of morrowind, mind you, but what all of these games have done well for me was give me a sense that I can do anything.

    • Soon says:

      I think the Morrowind trailer was mostly hitting things.

    • Stephen Roberts says:

      I’m an acolyte of the school of Oblivion and would quite like to get into Morrowind, but I am concerned it will seem dated and hard to get into. Are there any must have mods or fixes that create a wholly more playable game (I’m a stickler for decent UI designs). Your advice (should you choose to give it) is quite likely to make me purchase the game.

  8. KauhuK says:

    I was just replaying Stalker SoC with complete mod (it was long ago i last played SoC but I have played pripyat not long ago with complete mod). It’s great to play it again with complete mod. It’s a game where you really can immerse yourself in. I hope that Skyrim does the same and since its supposed to be mod friendly I think it will be really awesome. Morrowind and Oblivion were great games and you could mod them to suit your tastes to make them really shine.

    I’m so exited about skyrim now.

  9. Bebob bob says:

    Did anyone else notice that the women changed clothes midway through the video?

    • Pemptus says:

      She was so excited she just couldn’t keep her clothes on.

    • heretic says:

      you mean the hosts were completely different at one point? I skipskip through the vid cos the dude’s voice is incredibly annoying and I wanted to see gameplay.

    • Stranglove says:

      That’s nothing, the man changes person O.o

    • heretic says:

      Isn’t it a different lady as well? That’s why I said the hosts were completely different, I think they must have swapped!

    • Hydrogene says:

      It’s the magic of playing Skyrim. The more you play, the more beautiful you become.
      Well done Bethesda!

  10. Stranglove says:


  11. McDan says:

    I hope that when Todd Howard said: “looking at your perks is a lot of fun” someone said “and in the game”. Otherwise my faith in the game industry is gone.
    Also to quote a friend about Todd Howard: “TODD HOWARD IS A BABE.” Mhm, yes.

  12. kuran says:

    The graphics are kind of disappointing to me, I wonder how it would have looked had the PC been the primary platform. At least we know it will not require a state of the art system to run on max settings!

    • Stochastic says:

      I think it looks decent enough, but one thing I’ve noticed of a lot of Bethesda games is that the textures look really muddy. And I don’t just mean low resolution, although that’s certainly part of the problem. They just look kind of bland and flat. Fortunately, the new weather/fog effects seem to do a good job of masking this and make Tamriel really come to life. I just wish the new engine had something akin to id Tech 5’s virtual texturing.

      Also, the game world as seen in this demo seems a bit bland. A mountainous/tundra-like environment just isn’t as exciting to me as something more alien. While the lighting effects, draw distance, animations, and general level of detail are fairly impressive, I feel like they could have done a lot more with their art design. It’s not bad by any means and I can’t think of too many games with this setting, but it just feels prosaic in comparison to Morrowind’s aesthetic.

  13. Rush Ton says:

    That was some very good looking salmon. could this be the start of a new age of videogame gastonomy?

  14. Tony M says:

    I can’t listen to those hosts.

  15. Ian says:

    I rather suspect that if you want to play as a stealther then you’ll be nobbled when it comes to the big fights, as was the case in Oblivion. Possibly you’ll be able to do it if you’re going for a stealther of the archer/sniper mould.

  16. Furius says:

    Get the impression Todd thought those two were dicks too.

  17. Wizlah says:

    jesus fuck on a bike, I can’t listen to the sound of any trailer which starts with a woman shouting ‘I’M SO EXCITED’ from her script.

  18. FakeAssName says:

    that UI looked like shit.

    oh it was clean and all, but common it’s a fantasy game! It’s supposed to look like a leather bound book or something, not like the UI for a cell phone.

    • Mana_Garmr says:

      I hope it scales at the very least. In a game where you carry around the amount of stuff I tended to have on hand in Morrowind only being able to see 10 or so item names at a time would be really annoying. I’d personally be happier with a larger list and a smaller picture of the selected item.

      Also I’d prefer it not look like a standard drop-down menu or something.

    • Urael says:

      (sarcasm mode) Oh, like NO fantasy ever has used the image of a leather-bound book. (/sarcasm mode) Jeez, developers try to do something new and all gamers want is the same old, same old…but prettier. Me? I LOVED the UI. The perks screen? I think I may have creamed myself a little. C’mon, a living interactive series of constellations isn’t better then a dry, dusty, boring, done-a-hundred-times old book page?

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Does the inventory menu look either functional or attractive to you?

      It’s “clean”, I’ll give you that. It’s also, like Fallout 3, missing all the tasty visual cues that we’ve come to enjoy in such games, which make an inventory screen easy to scan and fun to look at.

    • Outright Villainy says:

      I’ll put it this way: The fact that I can look at the U.I, and immediately know where everything is is a good thing. Fallout 3’s was done well in terms of presentation, but it got a bit cluttered and hard to navigate. But that’s nothing on the travesty of Oblivion’s interface. It’s the most cluttered, confusing, and downright awful interface I’ve ever seen. So far, Skyrim is undoubtedly a massive improvement in that regard.

      Also, sort of off topic, do people on RPS ever look forward to anything? Everyone was bitching at the newest Bioshock trailer for no good reason, and now this? You’re a bunch of grumpy old gits!

    • Stephen Roberts says:

      I think perhaps if you had a scaler and it went from ‘generic fantasy UI’ at the left to ‘The Mac philosophy’ on the right, the UI might be going too far right. But I’m glad it’s well away from the left. Both idioms seem to value form over function and I’m one for function in UI design. Unsurprisingly that means I’d like something in the middle. I think what we could see of what they are using now it’s actually pretty encouraging.

      Also Outright Villany, I am a RPSer and I get excited about stuff. So now you know.

      Watching most of this video made me start thinking ‘shit I gotta get this when it comes out’ followed by ‘shit I need a new computer in time for this coming out’. There are two factors in hand with forum comments here in general: I don’t think people at RPS are keen to those bursts of enthusiasm like Lady Webb there and two: Consider anything not mentioned as praise by omission. At least for me. So only the complaints come out into the light. I’m putting way too much thought into this. Really all I’m saying is “I like stuff so there! Teehee!”

  19. Valvarexart says:

    “Some people are already shouting game of the year” orly. Too bad, because by my estimates, The Witcher 2 is probably better in nearly every way except for the free-roaming part.

    • Robert says:

      Silly speculating. The game isn’t out yet.

    • Hanban says:

      I disagree!

      I liked the Witcher 2, but there was a lot in the game that annoyed me. So I think it’s fair to say that Skyrim is still quite a contender!

    • Commisar says:

      While Skyrim looks nice, Bethesda has said “Consoles ARE THE LEAD DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM” Need I say more???

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Depends on how much the free-roaming part matters to you, I guess.

      Enough with the console blather: a good game will be a good game, and a bad one a bad one. We’ll see what this is like in November.

    • MultiVaC says:

      Consoles have been the lead platform for every game in the past 5 years save for a few notable exceptions, and no Bethesda game during that time has been one of those exceptions. I don’t see why anyone would expect PC to be the lead on Skyrim, and even if they had claimed it was I would have just assumed they were lying. Anyway, I don’t feel like Skyrim is something that consoles can really ruin in any meaningful way. When it comes down to it, as long as I end up spending most of my time in the game running around the gigantic world trying to do some quest but getting constantly sidetracked by all the cool stuff I find on the way I’ll be happy with it. The Elder Scrolls game to me have been more like wandering and exploration games than they have been role playing games. They have always had shitty interfaces, shitty stat systems, shitty combat, shitty characters, and shitty writing. The one thing I really miss from Morrowind is its wonderfully strange world, and unfortunately I don’t think that’s ever coming back, consoles or not.

  20. Davee says:

    Did you notice that they somehow managed to seamlessly swap the interviewers somewhere in the middle of the whole clip? I was a bit surprised when the camera focused on them towards the end. Their excitement for the game seem to have been on the same level however (as in written into their script). :)

    EDIT: Damn it, Bebob bob beat me to it :p

    The game seems great anyhow. Hope they put up the full 30 minutes in HD without commentary soon. If they made one on maximum graphical settings on a PC I’d be in heaven.

  21. UK_John says:

    Bethesda are obviously terrified of The Witcher 2 to be giving us 15 minutes of edited gameplay and giving out so many gameplay features in June,when the game is still 5-6 months away! This is a way to divert from that great game and take away some of it’s thunder. The last thing Bethesda wants is for The Witcher to become a series that supplants The Elder Scrolls!

    All I know is that after The Witcher 1 and 2, and their deep, mature, grey worlds, full of intrigue, your bog standard “save the world”, shallow story and two dimensional NPC’s just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I don;t think this “Radiant Story|” is going to be much more than “Radiant AI was in Oblivion!

    If The Witcher 2 gets an expansion that comes out same say as Skyrim, I think I will get the expansion and the Skyrim will wait! I never thought I would say that about an Elder Scrolls game, but The Witcher series has changed how cRPG’s tell a story and create a world.

    It’s exactly the same with STALKER. Ever since I have started playing that game, bog standard corridor shooters don’t do it for me either!

    With Risen 2 being a cRPG about pirates and voodoo, and due out in December, originality seems the name of the game, not generic. If Skyrim turns out to be generic I don;t know how interested I will be in a world of Witcher’s and pirate RPG’s!

    • Legionary says:

      It’s highly unlikely that Bethesda are “terrified” of The Witcher 2. That game’s already out, and theirs is still a way off. They can both do well without affecting the other.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      They are different enough games for this not to really be an issue. And I will play both. I’ll probably end up enjoying The Witcher 2 more, because I never seem to gel with Bethesda games, but I am enough of a fan of open worlds to give them each a shot.

      If The Witcher 2 was a roamable world, then it would have been the greatest thing ever.

  22. groghog says:

    Love the tubby horse. It’s like they took the oblivion horses, then used brink’s body type changer and set it to ‘heavy’.

    UI i’m not sure about, looks like there’s too much info flashing up. Plus i hate those symmetrical health bars.

    Now that that’s out the way HOLY SHIT CAN’T WAIT

  23. clumsyandshy says:

    Oh this charming man

  24. _Jackalope_ says:

    I love sitting under the stars and showing my wife all the constellations. “And that one’s Bash Disarm, my love”…

    • Urthman says:

      LOL. My wife would bash disarm me so hard if I said that.

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Nevermind that just wait till my wife hears about the HUGE FREAKIN DRAGONS!
      I wont be able to walk for a week.

  25. Premium User Badge

    Grimsterise says:

    Oh no, sorry this over excited, over produced American television stuff is too much. Who are those strange people, why are they excited about as geeky a game as can be imagined? Are they geeks, I don’t think so, so go away you non-geek people! You were probably popular in school!
    I genuinely can’t watch it, waves of embarrassment just batter me into exiting.
    Time for a cup of tea and a lie-down.

    • Deuteronomy says:

      You probably want to stay away from any videos with “Lisa Foiles” in the title. Your euro-trash head would probably explode.

  26. TillEulenspiegel says:

    I love “Clairvoyance”. It seems like instead of automatic quest arrows, you have to cast a spell. If so, that’s fantastic.

    The inventory menus look pretty awful, though probably not worse than Fallout 3. Funny how he brags about 3D items – that’s the easy, crap way to do it, reusing assets that you’ve already created to be displayed in the world. Making 2D iconified versions is more work.

    He also simultaneously talked up and played down the dynamic economy. Not expecting much there.

    I’m unreasonably excited about this game. I know it’s bound to be flawed, but I also know I’m going to spend hundreds of hours with it, even without mods. I’m a sucker for open worlds and skills that increase with use.

    • PFlute says:

      “The inventory menus look pretty awful, though probably not worse than Fallout 3. Funny how he brags about 3D items – that’s the easy,”

      Yes! It IS easier and more efficient.

      “crap way to do it,”

      …Nooo. I’d like to point out that the common gamer misconception that “Easier = Lazy/Bad” is wrong. I really don’t think 2D icons would add much at all to the game, leastwise enough to make up for the amount of time it would take to implement them.

      “reusing assets that you’ve already created to be displayed in the world. Making 2D iconified versions is more work.”

      Easier, or being time efficient isn’t USUALLY “lazy” in game development. More often than not it’s just smart.

      All that said I agree with everything else!

    • Urthman says:

      As someone who has done a bit of minor for-my-own-use modding of Oblivion, I can’t tell you how much I wish Oblivion did it this way. It’s easier and it looks so much better and you don’t have the problem of wondering, “Is that drawing the same as the item I’m thinking of?”

  27. jealouspirate says:

    Any Elder Scrolls game that isn’t Morrowind seems to draw a lot of hate on this site, but personally I’m really excited for Skyrim. They seem to have improved on some of Oblivions biggest flaws, and it looks great to me! This will be a Day 1 purchase for sure.

    (My only complaint so far is that I don’t typically like “modern” themed UIs in fantasy games. They tend to pull me out of a world. I like when they feel like your menu could be written in a book in the world)

    • Urael says:

      See my comment above re: the menu. (Essentially, the book template has been done TO DEATH. Congrats to Beth for trying something else.)

      The more I see of Skyrim the more I want to plonk down a preorder, which I’m normally very much set against. But this…looks AWESOME. And I have trumpeted Morrowind with the best of them (Hate Oblivion, really can’t stand it)

      link to grunty.wordpress.com

  28. Mr Fossy says:

    The game is so incredible that it turned those two Americans in two completely different Americans!

    It looks amazing though, in so many ways. I really can’t wait. Although I am curious about character generation, and also why we only see footage of this He-Man looking Dragonborn dude. You can still play as all the original races, right?

  29. Duffin says:

    Fook me that map is delicious.

  30. Stijn says:

    Seems to be a really good base game, and I can only imagine what the modders will do to this. Getting really excitied about this!

  31. Burning Man says:

    Why are they pretending this is a talk show of some sort? GT seems to strike a good balance between showmanship and genuine interest but these guys go waay overboard.

  32. KGB says:

    I must say that I was reasonably excited about Skyrim before E3 and assumed they would be able to fix the issues with Oblivion and improve.
    Now? I’m very underwhelmed by nearly every part of the game shown.
    The environments and textures look alright, for an Xbox 360 game. There’s much to do to make this look good on any reasonable PC and in many cases it looks a lot worse than the Beautiful Landscapes mods for Oblivion. But well, maybe they don’t want to spoil the good stuff? I cannot find anything of their “overwhelm you with detail” stuff, especially when they say it and show you this badly textured road with some boulders left and right, a couple of shrubs and trees…

    “Guardian stones” are new? “Can have only one of these at a time” Yeah, right! It’s true! They had some other irrelevant name in Oblivion…

    The inventory… I guess I’ll have to wait for the modders on this one. Maybe you could buy a touchscreen for the wall and show off your inventory in glorious 3D detail? Seems like it’s made for that purpose.
    Also: It’s a standard feature of RPG inventories now to allow you to compare your equipped items against those in the inventory. Doesn’t seem like we’ll get that when he cycles through those swords and axes.
    I give them the delicously looking salmon though, great work!

    So I select perks by zooming along stars until I get to the perk I want? Awesome! I can’t wait to spend hours watching those stars and having so much fun looking at my perks.

    The map does look nice however. That one is not only quite nice to behold but seems to be actually useful and detailed. I guess some people might like more of a real “map” feeling not an RTS view.

    I hope we’ll never have more than 4/5 dialog choices… or maybe the dialogue menu will scale with resolution? (Ah, quit kidding yourself, that would be too much)

    Dragons? So you’re outside, every hour (I’m optimistic) or so a small pack (!) drops onto your head and you absorb their souls. My question: How do you do your boss fights Bethesda? A Frost-Fire-Poison Dragon with 3 Heads, 3 Tails and as large as a mountain with icing on top?

    Ah, I guess I’ll see what’s to come. The flames of hype are being fanned heavily so there’ll be more…

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      If you squint, you may notice that when a skill increase happens (eg, 07:20), a display of progress towards the next level also pops up. That level is…34.

      I’m guessing/hoping that dragons will not be killable early on.

      It’s also not particularly surprising that they’re showing off a cool feature frequently in a gameplay trailer.

    • KGB says:

      I know that those demos really go over the top with the “cool” elements, but still the question remains: If a cool pack of dragons can just roam the countryside, how do you make your bosses even cooler? How do you make it a unique experience to kill the larger-than-normal dragon-boss after killing a slightly smaller dragon and a pack of fire and ice dragons a couple of hours before?

      I really hope that they learned a lesson from Oblivion when it comes to the levelled scaling of enemies, but the “you’re going to do that a lot” comment from Todd Howard with regards to the dragon shouts somehow makes me doubt that you’ll have to work hard for your first killed dragon.

    • Urthman says:

      it looks a lot worse than the Beautiful Landscapes mods

      The Unique Landscapes mods are great, but they definitely do not look better than this.

      Just look at how the rocks and boulders are so obviously separate meshes pasted onto the underlying world topography:

      link to games.softpedia.com

      And the best modded trees in Oblivion aren’t nearly as good as the ones in the high-res screenshots we’ve seen of Skyrim.

  33. Robert says:

    Is it wrong for me to keep envisioning these graphics and animations and dualwielding in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    Brb, gonna mail Obsidian to get them working.

  34. bill says:

    That looks rather awesome.

    The world might not have the originality of morrowind, but they’ve nailed the immersion part. I loved exploring morrowind, but let’s face it – the combat, magic, skills, levels and dialogue were all very poor.

    Simply the dragon AI and being able to have the world act as you’d expect – while at the same time havnig fights that look like they’re out of Game of Thrones… that’d be enough for me.

    And you can cook the salmon!

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      Cooking a salmon is great and all, but I think the real question on everyone’s mind is…can you bake a cake? Because if not I will not buy this and furiously write 32 1-star reviews on Metacritic to show my disdain.

  35. Betamax says:

    I’m not sure what some of you on here were expecting from this game? Everything they have shown so far exxceeds Oblivion and is more than what I had hoped for. Why would it look like Morrowind? They are in Skyrim! Part of the ‘problem’ with creating a varied world with distinct cultures is, y’know, they don’t all look the same? It certainly doesn’t look like Oblivionland to me beyond the colour palette – but would you honestly prefer Morrowind brown and grey to reign supreme again?

    Talking of Morrowind, it remains my favourite in the series (went through it again recently, or should I say ‘got lost in’). However everytime I see people talk about it, it seems they have a rose tinted brain. It was ugly, it involved lots of hitting things and the plot (while having lots of excellent optional depth) was on the surface as simple as any other. Oh and Cliff Racers.

    The dragons look freaking fantastic to me, they seem to have opened up the gameplay to allow much more varied playthroughs (at least without tinkering/modding a whole lot from the off) and the landscape looks suitably Nordic. Especially bearing in mind we have seen exactly ONE area of Skyrim so far, That’s like judging the places look based off of seeing the area around Balmorra in Morrowind.

    Lastly I am loving the attention to detail in the little things like menus/items. If they have already put in the ability to cook food (complete with different inventory image for the cooked item) then that speaks very well for the level of detail in the rest of the game.

    I would like to see them show us some of the Radient Story stuff in action though, along with some details on the main plot. Oblivion’s was mostly awful.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      Radiant Story is actually my biggest concern with this game. The way they’re describing it right now, it sounds more like “remove all consequences and some of the replayability from the story.”

      I LIKE my RPGs to cut me off from certain quests or paths due to my actions.I understand that TES games are usually more about exploration and freedom, but consequences are a major part of the illusion of freedom to me.

      That said, this is just my first impression of something that has only been slightly revealed, so I definitely have an open mind about it. I’m just wary, and a little concerned that they’re going the wrong way with this.

  36. KFJ says:

    Horkers confirmed!

  37. godkingemperor says:


  38. Maxheadroom says:

    I remember Ultima Assension being touted as the next evoloution in gameplay and ‘Micro Detail’ on a scale where when it rained every raindrop was individually rendered, and that bombed

    just sayin

    • kenoxite says:

      But, while buggy, Ultima IX was one of the inspirations for the creation of the first Gothic. Sometimes hyped individually rendered raindrops lead to unexpected awesome things.

  39. Jeremy says:

    Hey, I figure if the only complaint people have is that the people conducting the interview were a bit wacky, then there is hope.

  40. Phydaux says:

    “Over 16 miles of land to cover”

    So it’s linear then.

  41. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Looks pretty promising, to me. Also, I don’t get what all the graphics talk is about.. not only did I find the graphics rather impressive, graphics is not the most important aspect of a good rpg.

  42. geldonyetich says:

    I really, really hope that Bethesda’s going to remember to add PC keyboard shortcuts so we’re not stuck on a console-hobbled interface of having to scroll through a list to select what we’ve got equipped on left and right hand.

    It’s less dumbed down than I feared it’d be when I heard they were going for a three-attribute system and less skills because of the inclusion of a perk tree on the different skills.

    • Stephen Roberts says:

      This. I don’t particularly mind graphics being constrained to console level capabilities because it makes PC gaming less cost-intensive. But console button hampering is a pain in the butt. When he is talking about the d-pad bookmarks (a-la Oblivion and Fallout 3, right?) I got a little upset. Because my hand sits at WASD so keys 6-0 are not comfortably in reach. It might sound petty but, well, World of Warcraft is a good example. I rebound the action keys to QERTFGZCV(etc) because it was so much easier to use (aaaand then I modded the fuck out of it and had binds on my mouse for extra action bars giving me 48 binds within a buttons distance of wasd and all the UI was super clear and informative and ouheoauhgbuiu).

      I hope they have a console like Oblivion, cause that rocked.

  43. Reapy says:

    I liked it, about what I expect, I think I will have a ton of fun with it. I think I used to have a growing expectation from elder scrolls games after seeing the reach daggerfall tried to extend to the genera, and kept waiting for them to grasp at something that big, yet layer over more and more details. Unfortunately that is not the way, and maybe really something that big is better in our heads than in actual execution.

    I noticed that they got caught off guard asking if you could participate in the economy. He mentioned you could sabotage the lumber mill, but I wonder if that is more like a quest that has a one time affect rather than a fluctuating economy, ie not having something where you would buy a lumber mill here, then go trash all the surrounding ones, driving up the price of lumber and you being the only guy in town with a working lumber mill.

    Another thing I wish they had more of was defense in melee combat. It seems like you just hold your shield up as a blow comes in and probably get a reduced amount of HP damage. So really if you are focusing on melee it seems you will be back stepping or just equipment tanking through things, augmenting with dragon shouts.

    This is personal preference, but in a way I’m getting sick of the RPG fighting. I guess I sound like the ME3 guy and say that I would like action driving the combat, but not action as in like a beat em up game, but more along the lines of a simulation/action game. Like a giant is swinging a huge club at you, I want you to not be able to just block it with a sword, I want the force of it hitting you to splinter your crappy wooden shield and send you 15 feet back to crash into the ground.

    I guess more along the lines of instead of just attacking and landing a hit and rolling dice for hit then random damage – AC etc you instead have an almost dwarf fortress like mentality of hardness of armor vs type of weapon and force applied. Not quite the way it is, but you start to get more into where you are standing, what type of weapon you are using, what kind of armor you are against, how fast the person was coming at you.

    Even take the boar hunting example. You read it in fantasy novels all the time, the boar runs down the spear, killing itself due to the momentum of it charging you. Yet, never in a game could you set up something happen like that.

    I have gotten off topic ranting. Long story short, skyrim looks cool, if not revolutionary, it looks solid.

  44. Yosharian says:

    Man, looks even more consoley than Oblivion, if that was possible..

  45. Deccan says:

    Dang, that giant just didn’t give a shit, did he. I guess he gets grabbed by dragons and subjected to 100 metre falls every other day.

  46. sbs says:

    so even if the graphics do look a bit shit, that hasnt stopped me pouring dozens of hours into fallout games.

    i just really hope the voice acting will be decent and the non-combat elements are fleshed out and engaging. looking forward to this.
    also: spell combos seem interesting.

  47. stilzchen says:

    I’m not sure about dragons, seems like they may be the new cliff racers/oblivion gates. Sometimes I just want to peacefully roam the forest picking flowers and stalking deer, not being attacked by a dragon every few minutes. Will be ok if they don’t respawn or perhaps if they disappear after completing the main quest.

    Also suspicious about the enemy level scaling. It was less intrusive in Fallout but I hate it when they combine it with skill based leveling so you can gimp your character by leveling non combat skills. When you have to avoid sleeping because leveling up will make you weaker, and the bandits are all wearing priceless Daedric armour something is broken.

    Overall, still pumped though.

  48. MrGreen72 says:

    Jesus F. Christ, just put a female host on a gaming show and it’s all the freaking dork-o-trons are gonna argue about.

  49. Juuuhan says:

    I’d really hope this game would be game of the year, but what I’ve seen so far I really doubt if it will pull through.

    The only thing that really stands out in this video is the dynamic of the dragons.
    The graphic is a refined verision of Fallout 3. The combat is a refined verision of Oblivion, same goes for magic. While dual wielding as well as being able to use both magic and weapons in combat is a nice touch, the combat itself looks sadly, similar to the repetetive combat of Oblivion.

    I would be interested in knowing aswell how the starsigns from Oblivion and Morrowind will pull through as it seems they’ve just made Elder Scroll V to be of similar design as Fallout 3’s perks.

    About the levelscaling I can’t understand how they can go back to Oblivions system as it will cause players (once again) to set the difficult to hardest and spam on a rat to increase combat.

    My only hope now is that they’ve finally made dialogues better as they’ve been bad in all previous Bethesda games, unfortunally they’ve yet to reveal this ingame.

    And no, I’m not being cynical, I really want Elder scroll V to be an awesome game. I’ve enjoyed both Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3, but after eight years without any major improvement (except the graphic) I’m starting to loose my faith.

  50. Bweahns says:

    I couldn’t handle the presenters and had to stop watching.