Hitman: Absolution Trailer is CG, Ambiguous

I say, those computer games people are getting rather good at making cinematic trailers! This one’s quite the thing.

The game is out some time next year.


  1. Antsy says:

    All because the lady loves Milk Tray.

  2. gwathdring says:

    Deja vu. Je crois que ce soit deja sur le site?

    My French is rusty … I think I did the subjunctive right.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      I think so yes, to the subjunctive that is.

    • Keilnoth says:

      Je crois que c’était sur ce site. ;)

      As you describe a finished action in the past you should use past subjunctive.
      But Subjunctive sucks anyways… don’t worry about it !

    • gwathdring says:

      Ohhhhh. It got removed after I saw it. Everything makes sense now. I thought the RPS boys were just getting really tired with all the E3 news to post and double-posted by mistake. My bad.

      PS. Thanks, Keilnoth. Something sounded off about it. :)

    • Tatourmi says:

      But: “Je crains que ce ne soit déjà sur le site”. Refers to the present, and thus is correct (and you also add a “ne” explétif, which is not a négation but… Well… Nothing actually. It does not serve any purpose apart from allowing some people to get all pedant and stuff. Oh, and these can only be found as far as I know in subjunctive clauses linked to one of four or five verbs allowing the structure. So yeah, really useless.)

      And for the most natural sentence in my opinion it would be: Je crois que c’était déjà sur le site.

      I think I just made an overdose of pedantry, sorry everyone ^^

    • gwathdring says:

      Not at all, thank you. I love French. I still have some issues with subjunctive and I don’t think I’ll ever stop mixing up the gender of words.

  3. werix says:

    I don’t remember 47 being so capable in hand to hand combat. Here is to hoping its good, but I’m kinda sick of these awesome cinematic trailers, I want gameplay. Hell The dead Island Cinematic trailer everyone was on about put me off the game until I saw the gameplay coming out of E3.

    • gwathdring says:

      I remember him seeming like he would have been that capable … I really hope they spice up our melee options. That looks fun. I’m certainly looking forward to watching gameplay footage. The animations in previous games were quite good and I want to know what they do with current technology.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Yes, it’s funny how off-putting CG trailers can be. It’s not just the obfuscation of not actually seeing the game, it’s that their content is often actual misdirection, with the game itself being something you might actually be interested in, if only you had been allowed to see it.

    • Gunsmith says:

      you do realise the melee combat will be of bashing one button repeatedly to start a cutscene of 47 killing someone.


    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I’m not sure it will. But we shall see.

    • gwathdring says:

      See, that’s why I’m WON’T be that. Of course if the animations are good, I’m fine with something akin to the disarms in previous games.

      As long as it’s damn near impossible to go in guns blazing (but not impossible), the takedown animations are slick, and the gameplay entertains me as much as blood money, I don’t need to manually punch or kick people. It would be nice just to have some variety in the from-behind takedowns and for when things go badly and you end up fighting someone–even if it’s mostly visual variety. Still, I can dream.

    • Kadayi says:

      I must admit I’m not opposed to the idea of 47 being somewhat capable in the Jason Bourne school of beating the living shit out of people. Not that I’ll actually be doing that, as I’ll be quietly garotting them with the old cheesewire before sliding off into the shadows, but still the notion that I could murderize them with some fancy hand & footwork if things don’t quite go according to plan is not a terrible thought.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I think this clip fits within the realm of the usual action exaggeration to be found in trailers, and that’s by no means a new phenomenon (hell, TF2 does it in the “Meet The” videos). In fact, the way 47, in all but one case, sneaks up and takes them on one at a time looks promising to me that this is a dramatisation of the same old gameplay that made Hitman great.

      Edit: From digging it up below: there was more “dumb action” in the trailer for the first Hitman game.

    • Brutal Deluxe says:

      That trailer was better than the trailer for the movie. Sometimes I think these things are much better suited to movies. Why hasn’t there been a COD movie?

  4. 12dogs says:

    if this game lets me do any of those things i will be mildly pleased, also when did cgi get so good *grumbles, is old man*

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Yes, CGi does seem to have gone a bit amazing in the past two years.

    • Malcolm says:

      I think it’s the animation as much as anything – the visuals have been nigh on photo realistic for a few years now (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within springs to mind) but as soon as someone moved it all looked very fake. The animation here is excellent – although the hair still looks like CGI hair.

    • patricij says:

      I really liked the CGi that ran when you left the game running on the title screen in Hitman: Contracts…those were top-notch

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      Yeah, probably the motion capture, and subsurface scattering (which makes things like skin look more realistic).

    • DrazharLn says:

      Clothes in particular looked too much like plastic, and the lady’s hair didn’t move right.

      Other than that, it was a good job. I liked the pulling the cabling out of the wall (or w/e that was supposed to be), that was slick. Oh, and the animation was excellent.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I like that she has slightly blemished skin and actual tendon structure on the underside of her feet.

      Seriously. Who even models that. You crazy people.

    • Wulf says:

      The teeth look very much like plastic, too. But it’s due to the overly refractive nature of them. Not even the healthiest of celebrities has teeth that refractive.

      I’m kind of hoping that one day we’ll get past this phase where everything looks like plastic. We’ve been stuck on it for years, now. :|

  5. DevilSShadoW says:

    Maybe it will feature Batman-style hand to hand combat.
    One can dream…

    • Nick says:

      Oh god I do hope not, that wouldn’t fit at all.

    • Shubb9 says:

      Maybe not something as over the top as AA, something that flowed well like that. You’d imagine someone who kills for a living would be fairly proficient at hand to hand combat.

  6. simoroth says:

    This isn’t Hitman.

    If it was Hitman he would of gone in dressed as a waiter and then died horribly when they raised the alarm because somone found the dead guy in the pond, despite the fact that you spent ten minutes meticulously hiding the body where no one would chance upon him for weeks.

  7. Chris Evans says:

    Looks very nice, but then again, haven’t most of these CGI trailers looked nice? I appreciate they are being used to build hype and excitement for games (not just Hitman) but surely more of them should include -some- in-game action?

  8. Wooly says:

    Needs a breasts tag.

    • Bremze says:

      Come for PC game words, stay for implicit nudity rendered in CG!

  9. hamster says:

    Melee combat should be pretty easy to pull off. A reflex based “counter” button that allows you to disarm guards rifle butting/punching you for example is a staple and is always really fun to pull off/succeed at. The key is to make sure the player doesn’t have too much time (ASSASSIN’S CREED is a good/bad example). And then there are throws and all kinds of stuff they could implement. Basically, I really want this game.

    • iHavePants says:

      So long as you still go down really easily and the game encourages and rewards you for getting into as little combat as possible, key preference being none. More intelligent alternate methods of indirect take-downs ala Blood Money please.

  10. Chris Evans says:

    In-game just past half-way here – link to dr.dk

    • Giaddon says:

      Well, it does show 47 smash a dude with a marble bust, so that matches the trailer.

    • Vandelay says:

      Yep, so at least the trailer seems to be showing some of the things they will be going for in-game. Looks quite impressive too.

    • iHavePants says:

      Well, that looked like *insert third person shooter here* mixed with Assassins Creed. Not promising, here’s hoping it’s the players fault not the game. Or maybe they just edited everything but the pure action segments out.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      Did anyone else think “Magicka: Absolution” while watching that?

  11. Rii says:

    This game sounds terrible from what little we’ve heard of it, but I do have to give them credit for going with a female assassination target for the teaser. Sure she’s sexed up and all, but still.

    • iHavePants says:

      From her voice, it sounds like she is the physical form of your disembodied voice companion Diana from Blood Money (I don’t remember the plot of the earlier ones). And from the end of Blood Money, I can imagine 47 being pissed at her.

    • Rii says:

      Ah, thanks. I haven’t played a Hitman game since Silent Assassin so the universe is entirely foreign to me at this point.

    • Tatourmi says:

      iHavePants: I would advise you to finish the game again, you might have missed something quite important there ;)

    • iHavePants says:

      I’ve been replaying it on and off since this one started being heavily hinted at. One of the best ways Absolution could improve on the formula is unlimited quicksaves or some kind of swanky rewind feature ala Dirt/Grid(along with accompanied bonuses for not having to use them) to allow experimentation.

    • Ian says:

      Yeah the…. well… there’s something that changes what happened with Diana.

    • heretic says:

      I can’t believe so many people didn’t do anything when the credits rolled up. It has got to be the most fun mission when you find all the garden tools to dispatch the witnesses.

  12. Binman88 says:

    They shouldn’t have added that sound effect at 1:22. I know it’s meant to be her finger on the glass, but it sounds like she’s just let one rip.

  13. MadMatty says:

    got my fill with Hitman 1 actually, which was great- havent bothered with the sequels, and i wont be.
    The movie is actually ok watchable a slow tuesday night.

    • iHavePants says:

      That’s a shame considering how much the series improved with its sequels.

    • drdss says:

      Yes, I found this out the hard way – don’t buy the multipack off Steam and then play the latest one first, you’ll find the earlier ones unplayable in comparison.

  14. Jac says:

    Eurogamer posted some impressions of actual gameplay yesterday and i am fearful for this one.

    • Ian says:

      I was hoping to read it and come back calling you a big grumpytrousers but…. well you’re right, based on what they saw it’s not that promising. Not least the complete lack of any talk of a brilliant infiltration.

      I’m really hoping that they’re showing off stuff that shows the action-y stuff is improved and not that the game itself is actually more of an action game.

  15. oxymelum says:

    Why you no Hitman: Subtitle?

  16. CMaster says:

    No “Silent Assassin” rating for THAT man.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Trailers of sitting watching guards go back and forth until they’re in-phase to sneak past probably aren’t compelling enough for marketing materials.

      Remember that the trailer for the original Hitman was bang, bang, bang, ASPLODE!

  17. Radiant says:

    Since we’re re-doing stuff.

    The headlines after that job are going to be atrocious.

    Should read:

    Massive series of unconnected random accidents claim dozens of employees lives in woodland prison mansion. No witnesses.

    Instead we now have:

    Psychopathic former employee storms woodland prison mansion, kills dozens of armed mercenaries with his bare hands before realising he brought a silenced handgun. Witness describes him as “a bit of a perv”.

  18. soulblur says:

    E3 2011 – best year for game trailers EVER.

    But on a different note. When a guy is being strangled, why doesn’t he just fire off his gun a few times? Surely that would bring his mates, and improve his chances of survival. Guards are so silly.

    • Auspex says:

      When someone is being strangled they often don’t act rationally. This can often present itself in failing to fire one’s gun or to utter the agreed safe word.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Well, in this case, 47 appears to twist his gun out of his hands as part of putting him into the lock required to hold him underwater.

  19. Salt says:

    They should bundle the models used in all these trailers on to the PC release’s DVD so that future generations may mod them into the games.

    • LionsPhil says:

      It would take mere nanoseconds for someone to ragdoll pose naked Diana in a compromising position. I’m wise to your cunning ploy.

  20. Yage says:

    I cant wait for the day when game trailers are lower resolution the the actual games.

  21. kud13 says:

    if he doesn’t shoot the woman, IO sold out.

    the one great thing about the hitman movie (which was decidedly average) was the fact that they stuck with the character from the original hitman, who shuddered in disgust when given a thank you kiss from a Hong Kong woman bhe helped escape.

    less emotions, more cold-blooded proffessionalism in my hitman, please.

    • Ian says:

      Surely it depends what he’s actually there for? If it’s Diana (which seems a logical guess) then it’s far more likely that he’s just trying to get TO her rather than trying to take her out I’d have thought.

    • Oak says:

      Bearing in mind what happens five minutes into their previous game, I don’t think there’s any risk of a pulled punch here.

  22. DK says:

    I doubt this’ll be an actual “Hitman” game. It wouldn’t fit story wise anyway – the time for contract work and getting paid for being sneaky is gone for 47. If anything this’ll be his shadowy war in the shadowy private estates of the shadowy people who employed that lovable shadowy killer and then tried to screw him over.

  23. Strife212 says:

    The sudden quality CG is explained by the fact Square Enix is involved, it’s always been more of a console thing in the past.

  24. Guiscard says:

    As far as E3 announcements doing the best to screw up franchises goes, Brothers in Arms holds the aces, but based on that trailer Hitman is holding a strong hand as well.

    Hopefully this trailer is disproportionally focusing on the capacity 47 has always had for violence if desired, rather than the actual intended playstyle. Something of Blood Money’s quality and design is exactly what is needed, not a Splinter Cell Conviction style of “kill everything in the area steathily-ish”.

  25. MiniMatt says:

    So, I may have missed the gossip, but erm, what happened to the earlier release of this that got yoinked from the site yesterday?

    Was it some embargo thingy? Did the Corporate Man buy the journalistic integrity of RPS with money off coupons for jammy dodgers?

    (only poking fun btw; besides there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for a jammy dodger)

  26. LionsPhil says:

    Damnit, snake, give me back my gun.

    You don’t even have fingers.

    You are a snake.

    • Jake says:

      I hope he says ‘I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on my motherfucking gun’ at some point.

  27. gwathdring says:

    Somebody check that spambot for a barcode.

  28. negativedge says:

    FMV trailers/interludes/intros have looked this good for like ten years now, guys. just don’t play enough blizzard or square games, I guess. also should be noted that all these recent CG trailers for western games are for games being made by companies that are now owned by square enix. so I’ll let you figure out who is making them

  29. Pamplemousse says:

    No silent assassin for him then.

  30. Nallen says:

    There is a bum.

    I have never played a Hitman game.

  31. Dominus says:

    for some reason the trailer reminded me of the Thief 2 intro link to youtube.com

  32. Dana says:

    If it wasn’t for the suit and red tie, It could be Sam Fisher. Tobias Reiper never was so messy.

  33. Urael says:

    I’d like that first screenshot as a desktop wallpaper, please. To replace the one that currently serves as my Win7 bootscreen:

    link to wincustomize.com

  34. harvb says:

    The woman in the shower, the voice sounded quite a bit like Diana from the other games. Not sure why he’d be “busting a cap in her bottom” though.

  35. Kefren says:

    This looks like style over substance; puerile violence and titillation.