Interview: CCP On DUST 514 And EVE

A whole new world?

While we’ve known about DUST 514 – the console accompaniment to the PC’s grand space MMO EVE – for quite a while, yesterday’s announcement that it’s to be a PS3 exclusive has brought it to everyone’s attention once more. So I grabbed CCP’s senior producer on EVE, Torfi Frans, and DUST producer, Thomas Farrer, to try to find out their motives. What is DUST? How exactly does it relate to the EVE universe? And how will a game of EVE change once it launches?

RPS: People have been surprised about DUST 514, and its being a PS3 exclusive.

Torfi Frans: Eve players have known about it for quite a while, so they weren’t that surprised, although they didn’t know it was a PS3 exclusive. Among our hardcore community there was some rumbling, of course. “Why can’t I play it on my PC?” But you already have EVE on the PC, and what we’re trying to do is introduce the world of EVE to a larger audience. And we felt that by being on console that would open up the world to a much wider audience. And as a corporate policy we wanted to learn how to make games for a console.

RPS: But at the same time, obviously it is opening up to a wider audience, but also you’re closing it off to your core audience.

Thomas Farrer: Well, we don’t want to cannibalise our own player-base. The thing with the world of EVE Online is that it interests an awful lot of people. It’s a fascinating world. We wanted to make that accessible to a wider audience, to invite new people in.

RPS: But at the same time this is a shooter, and EVE is… is not. You’re not really introducing them to EVE, are you? You’re introducing them to a unique game.

Torfi: Ah!

Thomas: You’re introducing them to that audience. But to say that the two games are linked is a misnomer. They’re one. DUST isn’t calling into it. They exist on the same server, on the same shard.

Torfi: They share the same economy, the same world map, the same corporation structure. You can be a DUST or EVE player and be in the same corporation, and the same alliance. You share the same currency. It is the same game. It’s just different game modes.

RPS: But very, very different, right?

Torfi: Yup.

Thomas: It’s “fleet” and “mobile infantry”.

RPS: I understand that there are advantages for you in using Sony’s infrastructure. But again, cutting off half of your console audience seems, from my perspective, to be a risk. That’s 50% of your player base gone.

Torfi: Sony understand. They have an understanding, and they’re curious.

Thomas: Our vision for the future is more closely aligned. For example, most of DUST is running on our own technology, it’s running on our own super-computer, on Tranquillity. And Sony is a lot more… open, shall we say, to allowing you to do those things. It may seem silly, but on Xbox Live your identity is your Xbox Live identity. In the EVE universe, having people not know who you are is quite important.

RPS: Would you say that you couldn’t do DUST on the 360? The way their infrastructure is set up, their policies, would making doing this with Microsoft impossible?

Thomas: I don’t think it’s about saying we “couldn’t” do it. I think some of the challenges we’d meet would be tricky. But then also as a developer you’ve got to weigh the balance. It’s nice to work on one platform rather than two, because it means you don’t have to make any awkward compromises, technically. Also you get the benefit of a closer relationship with that platform. And with the production methodology that we have, we don’t fire and forget the games. It’s about continuous development. So we keep working on them, and you see the huge number of updates that have occurred on EVE in the last seven or eight years. The thinking is the same with DUST. So having that relationship with the platform holder is important for us.

RPS: So can you explain a bit more about DUST?

Thomas: It’s a thinking man’s shooter. One of the core tenets of belief and design at CCP is the sandbox, and not treating our players like they’re idiots. I’ll give you an example. You don’t go onto the battlefield and pick, say, a sniper, and be given this stuff. We give you the tools to create your fit, your loadout. You create your own role on the battlefield. And the possibilities, the ways of doing that, are endless. Endlessly terrifying to our QA department.

RPS: So what scale will these matches be?

Thomas: We don’t have a technical limitation in terms of size of maps – we’re not doing entire planets, but we can have maps as big as 5k by 5k if we want. We won’t go that big to start with. At the moment we’re looking at 32, but we haven’t decided. And this changes with the mode of match – if there’s vehicles we’ll open up the maps lots. A purely infantry mode would take place in a single outpost.

RPS: How do you have persistence in a match-based game?

Thomas: We have, much like EVE – in fact exactly like EVE! – we have different security levels. We have high security, low security, and nulsec, where anything goes. And that’s where we’re pretty much hands off. When you’re in highsec we have NPC generated battles, so you’ll always be able to find a battle, you’re able to grind and get money, but without being exposed to the depth building an infrastructure on the surface of planets, things like that. But then as you play through into the lower levels of security it starts to be about: okay, I’ve got the hang of the game, I’ve got a group of friends, we’ve formed a corporation, and we’ve got backing from some EVE members for the corporation, so we’re going to hire a war barge, we’re going to load it up with supplies, and we’re going to try to attack this location. We’re going to get our first foothold on a planet. And that is all scheduled and controlled. Those matches are planned, and the defenders are warned in advance so they have the opportunity to defend. Once you get into that kind of game you’re making a larger commitment in terms of time to be able to defend your things. And so the more you invest, the more commitment you have to have to protect what’s yours. But there’s always matches rolling in highsec.

RPS: So, if I’m an EVE player, how is my game going to change after DUST is released?

Torfi: Well, you have the ability to be more strategic when you are conquering planets and solar systems, in nulsec. Those are the main touchpoints. Highsec carebears need not worry. The same for lowsec. The main touchpoint upon the launch of DUST, will be in nulsec, will be in sovereignty, will be in inflicting damage and destruction and death upon your enemies, destroying their infrastructure and their means to survive, either by means or scorched earth or by stealing their installations on the surfaces of planets. There will be more going on on the surfaces of planets. We’ve introduced mechanics allowing people to manufacture goods on the planets, but planets will play a more pivotal role in sovereignty mechanics further down the line.

RPS: For the nervous EVE planner who fears the change, will it dramatically affect their game?

Torfi: It will certainly add to the game of the high and the nulsec EVE player. He can choose to ignore it, but as with any tactic if anyone else is doing it, then he will probably not be very successful. But we believe that the DUST players and the EVE players will have a truly symbiotic relationship. And EVE alliances will be strongly incentivised to recruit DUST players into their corporations. They will just be more capable of waging war and fighting with the enemy. So yes, the game will change. It will become more interesting, more visceral, more real, and more brutal.

RPS: Do you think there’s evidence that there’s a hardcore in the PS3 community? This isn’t Modern Warfare.

Thomas: If you look at Modern Warfare or games like that, you see players dedicating enormous amounts of time, and what we’re offering players is that they’re not just going to be endlessly fighting the same battle and moving up and down some abstract leaderboard and unlocking gear. You’re actually going to be part of a universe. It’s not just another battle. It’s actually your planet and this bugger over here is trying to take it. You didn’t just spend the last two weeks moving up to position 58 and unlocking this gear. You spent it investing in this space! And these other guys over here, if you lose, they’re going to lose! And they’re not even involved, they just happened to be there. So there’s more at stake. I think it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of player it is going to attract. We were really interested in this idea. We thought, this is the kind of game that I’d like to play. We feel that there’s got to be other people out there too.

Torfi: We’re pretty sure that they want to do this. They just haven’t had the opportunity yet.

RPS: I get that, and obviously no one can yet prove otherwise, but I’m sure that your core audience – even the people who’ve stopped playing EVE – it just seems so strange to not offer this to a PC audience. So what is the reason? You were saying about cannibalising from your playerbase, but I’m sure there are people who would play both, or pick up DUST after having formerly played EVE.

Torfi: It is a different experience though. It is a different means to access the EVE universe.

Thomas: And never say never, of course.

Torfi: Sony do have a number policies about how you present the user interface, and how accessible the game is. For us it’s somewhat healthy, to have those policies in place, because let’s face it – EVE is not the most accessible game in the universe. Although we have made great strides to make it more accessible over the years. So the answer is, we feel that working with Sony we can deliver the EVE world to a bigger audience, and partnering with them exclusively makes it a more meaningful relationship.

Thomas: It’s certainly a much more beneficial relationship for us. And this is the first time we’ve worked on console, so this is what we need to get our heads down and focused on doing it. And then like everything we do we’re going to drop it into the hands of the players, into the EVE universe, to see what happens. How do people want to play with this?

RPS: I know that EVE has surprised you again and again with what it’s become. Obviously you can’t predict surprises, but are there directions you can see DUST going in from where it is right now?

Thomas: There’s an awful lot of ideas. One of the nice things about this model of development is you don’t have to cut features, you just don’t do them yet. So you have this huge backbone of concepts and ideas available to you. All sorts of people have a pet idea, saying this should be the thing we do next. But I think the most important thing we can do is leave them there and see what the players want, what becomes most popular. And I can pretty much guarantee that we’ll have an idea for it.

Torfi: If I was to predict, then there would probably be more meta-gaming than we assume, and more organisation. That is what we sore in the behaviour of corporations in EVE, the deep, intricate meta-gaming and meta-meta-gaming on top of the meta-gaming, with the plotting and the scheming and the double-agents, and economical and logistical warfare. And also the scale of organisation and the skill of the players was amazing. That people managed to build alliances of six or seven thousand players, and coherently command and control those alliances to destroy their enemies, it was, and it still is, hugely impressive. I have a lot of respect for the people who manage these alliances.

RPS: When I first heard about the idea of DUST and EVE, I felt like there was a class structure to it. You have your upper-middle class people flying ships, and then they employ the grunts on the surface. Now, that sounds massively appealing to an EVE player, but how do you sell that to a DUST player?

Thomas: It’s actually not quite the case. It’s not a one-way relationship. The way we’ve designed it, and the way we’ve iterated on the design, is that if you have a corporation that’s pure mercenaries, pure DUST players, then sure, an EVE corp can say, “I want you to go over here and destroy this guy’s infrastructure. I’ll pay you this much to do it. And if you don’t do it I’m going to be kind of pissed at you.” But then you can also have that DUST corp load up their war barge, go to any planet, and just attack it themselves. And they can take control of that infrastructure. There’s no difference between the infrastructure being deployed between the games. So a pure DUST corp can come in and just start attacking, or if it’s a virgin planet they can deploy planetary infrastructure themselves. So they’re not slaves. They can be self-sufficient. But unless they cooperate they’ll never get the full benefits, because the orbital constructions and the surface-based constructions, they do literally need to be linked to form a space elevator, to gain the maximum benefits and impact sovereignity, so that encourages players to act together.

RPS: So can you see it happening the other way around? Can a DUST corp hire an EVE corp?

Thomas: It’s funny, a lot of the talk has been the other way around. But there’s absolutely no reason why not. Right now there’s not an awful lot a DUST corp can do about orbital control centres and things like that. So it could go the other way.

RPS: Thanks for your time.


  1. Chalky says:

    RPS: People have been surprised about DUST 514 being a PS3 exclusive.

    Torfi Frans: Eve players have known about it for quite a while, so they weren’t that surprised, although they didn’t know it was a PS3 exclusive.

    That’s got to be one of the most confusing responses I’ve ever read.

    • Gormongous says:

      Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.

    • Zetetic says:

      I almost think it’s a shame that Torfi wasn’t excluded from the interview at that point.

    • dsi1 says:

      He meant that Eve players have known DUST is going to be a console exclusive for a while, just not a PS3 exclusive.

    • John Walker says:

      Oh, this is entirely my fault. I summarised a long, rambling question poorly.

    • AzatiPrime says:

      I think he meant to say EVE players knew about Dust a long time ago, just not that it was a PS3 exclusive.

  2. Wyrm says:

    Console only, fine. But bring it out on the sodding X360!!!

    Also, why wouldn’t releasing it on PC hold the possibility of gaining more EVE players as new people get drawn into the universe?

    ..and oh yeah, FPS = KEYBOARD AND MOUSE, NOT PAD.

    • dsi1 says:

      You can play PS3 with M&KB link to . (and 360 too but thats a different, and paid for, product that I can’t remember the name of right now)

    • phenom_x8 says:

      Using m&kb on PS3(or console) will be considered cheating! CCP will ban you for that! :)

      Actually, they (exclusive console gamer) usually cannot use M&K because its just too fast for their hands eye coordination, it will make them dizzy and disoriented (always looks up/down without knowing how to center it back because PC doesnt have autocenter for crosshair)!
      I have been through it when migrating from console FPS (PSone with MoH and Alien Ressurection) to PC FPS (half life DM, counter strike). I even use arrow key to turn around when playing CS for a few first matches!

    • Chrisdark says:

      Damn I just did this profile to reply to Dsi1 user on the comment that PS3 and 360 can use mouse and keyboard. It’s simple, there no better reply to that statement. What a dumb reply to say that console use Keyboard and mouse when it is actually use for Chat and console interface management, without the proper modding. YOU CAN’T use the keyboard and mouse IN FPS console games, because they are completely made to run with joypad, there’s no ingame input mapping, the game don’t see the peripheral at all . It make me mad when someone say that you can use them, when is not true, you just can’t plug in and play without the proper modification that a console player will not care to do, READ the LINK you post Dsi1. *bitch slap*

      On the other hand I don’t care if they trow it at consoles has long has it make to PC, that it will probably happens, look closely, consoles are obsolete(all of them) and they will come, if not soon with the next-gen, the game will die if is not on platform that can live on. End of story. Thank you and good day.

    • Raniz says:

      You do realize that the page he linked is about an application that emulates a sixaxis controller, right?

      By using a bluetooth dongle that can change it’s MAC address you clone the MAC address of a sixaxis controller already paired with the PS3 and then the application reads mouse/keyboard input and sends stick-movement/button presses to the PS3 via bluetooth.

      It’s essentially turning your computer into a PS3 controller.

  3. hellboy says:

    I sure as hell won’t be buying a PS3 to play this…

  4. UW says:

    This is quite a bold and interesting concept, actually. I would actually like to see it succeed.

    I don’t think I’d enjoy playing it, but I’ll enjoy reading about it. Kinda like EVE itself. :P

    • abremms says:

      agreed, I really hope this succeeds, and then I hope they bring it to PC so I can play it. It looks like a really interesting way to be a part of the EVE universe.

      not interesting enough to buy a PS3 though.

  5. afarrell says:

    For the nervous EVE planner who fears the change, will it dramatically affect their game?

    We’re talking about a game where your shit can be destroyed while you sleep – what is a nervous planner doing in EVE?

    • J-Spoon says:

      Well, I’m sure they exist, and I’m sure they have a medicine cabinet full of Maalox (do you guys have Maalox in the UK? I have localization problems).

    • JB says:

      I seem to remember seeing some in my dad’s medicine cabinet at some point in my life, so I’ll say yes.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      According to wikipedia it’s some anti-acid thing, so yes, we have something similar.
      (I assumed it was some prescription downer from the name)

    • Ovno says:


  6. jplayer01 says:

    Wow, it feels like even they aren’t sure why it’s a PS3 exclusive. They weren’t able to deliver any arguments aside from “don’t want to cannibalize existing user base”, “it’s a different experience” and some bla-bla about focusing on one platform.

    It’s all a load of bullocks. I, as a PC gamer, would love to take part in the EVE universe. However, EVE Online as it exists now doesn’t interest me. Now Dust 514, a game I used to be very interested in, is only being released on a console and I won’t buy it (I don’t play FPS on consoles).

    I think they’ve failed to realize that there’s a very large potential user base on the PC platform who believe that the EVE universe is a fascinating sandbox … but who can’t stand the game itself enough to join it (like me). People who enjoy reading about the game and what happens in it, but aren’t interested in the kind of gameplay offered in EVE Online (spreadsheets anyone? mining?). I think there are plenty of us who want to jump into the EVE universe who currently aren’t playing EVE Online.

    Additionally, I think it’s only logical that Dust 514 be released on the PC. Consoles already have very powerful franchises which dominate the scene (CoD, GoW, Halo, etc.) while Dust will be a completely new and unknown contender. On the PC, EVE is a very well-known game … many have heard about it or even regularly read about the crazy heists, fraud, and betrayal that happen. It has at least some visibility, as well as a sizeable existing user base that can promote the game to non-EVE players. On the console, CCP has none of this. They’re up against entrenched franchises with literally zero name recognition amongst console gamers.

    So, CCP, seriously … what about us?

    • dsi1 says:

      Thomas seems to imply that PC is still on the table with “Never say never”.

    • jplayer01 says:

      …. oh, well, that invalidates all of my arguments. /sarcasm

      I would assume that any possible future version of Dust 514 hinges upon the success of the console version. If Dust 514 is a successful game, manages to retain a significant amount of players 6-12 months down the line (instead of losing them to, say, MW3 or BF3) and the whole meta-game between EVE Online and Dust 514 works out as well as they hope, then yes, at some point in the future, we might get a port. However, the chances of success are much higher on the PC because of the points I made in my first comment.

      Furthermore, the possibility of a future port doesn’t negate the criticism I made about the decision to go PS3 exclusive in the first place.

    • J-Spoon says:

      Oh, the interview sounds confused but I doubt they’re all that confused. It’s just poor PR to come right out and say “SCEA paid us a boatload of money, and also included the boat the money came in.”

    • bglamb says:

      They do know why, they just don’t wanna say.

    • RonCutty says:

      I’m guessing the main reason we aren’t seeing it on PC is that they don’t want to throw controllers against mouse and keyboard.
      If this is the case then they probably aren’t saying this so they don’t offend their new console fans

    • Baboonanza says:

      The reasons for PS3 exclusivity are pretty obvious actually.

      – ASFAIK Microsoft insist that every online component must run on LIVE servers. This means there’s no way of integrating the game properly with EVE, which is fundamental to the whole concept.
      – As he mentions in the interview, EVE thrives off the anonymity of it’s players. LIVE forces the player to be linked to an identity that crosses games.
      – A more minor issue, but patching and updating is a notorious pain in the arse on the 360 because you always have to be approved by MS. For a PC MMO developer having someone else audit every change before you can get it out is unthinkable.

      Basically DUST isn’t possible on the 360. That’s why it’s exclusive.

    • papabear says:

      “They weren’t able to deliver any arguments aside from “don’t want to cannibalize existing user base”, “it’s a different experience” and some bla-bla about focusing on one platform.”

      Why do they have to?

      Think about those hardcore, meta-meta-meta-gaming Eve players. They would need to split themselves into two if DUST is installed on their computers. That would kill all those metagaming, espionage and cruel politics because they would literally have no time for those things anymore.

      I don’t think CCP is willing to develop a casual game where you can alt-tab to another. Eve is only fun if you play hardcore. Maybe they are planning the same thing for DUST.

    • jplayer01 says:

      That’s assuming they had any console fans. :P I’d hesitate to say that it’s on any console gamer’s radar right now.

      I never thought it would be released for the X360 anyway. Reasons are obvious. It wasn’t really in any of the points I mentioned above, since I was arguing about why Dust 514 should be on PC’s first.

      They should be able to deliver concrete arguments. Inside the company, there need to be clear reasons for investing in (as I point out in another comment) a new game on a new platform with a new idea. It’s rather telling that their public reasons are anything but concrete and can’t even remotely explain why they’ve decided to go with PS3 exclusivity. Many of us believe this obviously means that the only reason for it is Sony has given them plenty of money.

      I don’t care about those hard-core, meta-meta-meta-gaming players. I care about expanding EVE’s reach across a potential user base that *already* knows about and has interest in the EVE universe, because they’re much more easier to bring in.

      The hardcore EVE players will play what is most fun to them. Artificially limiting their choices isn’t the way to go. I highly doubt the people highly invested in nullsec will initiate a mass migration to Dust 514 if it’s released on the PC. Instead, it becomes a supplementary game for the hardcore players … corps begin creating mobile infantry divisions. People with interest in both fleet battles as well as FPS gaming will be able to choose how to best contribute to their corp. Corp leaders will have more flexibility in choosing how best to conquer territory. People who aren’t interested in fleet battles (or logistics, or mining, or production) can contribute to a war by going mobile infantry.

      While it becomes a supplementary game for these long-time EVE veterans, people who aren’t interested in the gameplay offered by EVE Online can join the EVE universe and contribute in a completely different way by playing Dust 514. Because communication is so much easier between PC gamers (Mumble, Teamspeak, IM, in-game chatting/mail), a tighter bond can be created between Dust and traditional EVE players. It’s easier to coordinate across the two games (and, literally, the two different interfaces into the same universe) and it’s easier for both user bases to form a cohesive whole.

      Dust doesn’t have to be a casual game simply because it’s on PC’s. There are plenty of people who don’t play EVE yet but would love to be a part of the universe. These players, those who already know the game but are locked out by EVE’s gameplay, are the most obvious potential players for a new FPS.

    • Alexnader says:

      Yeah right, I’m sure the meta-meta-meta gaming Eve player userbase would really be split between their original game and an FPS manshoot. Like the dev said they’re different experiences.

      However maybe they put it all the way over on the PS3 to make doubly sure no PC using Eve players would play it and try to shape what happens on the ground as well.

    • adonf says:

      Could it be they don’t want to lose Eve players? They need both the income (although I don’t know if Dust will have a monthly fee) and the population to keep the game alive. They want new customers, not the old ones to switch games.

    • MiniMatt says:

      Actually, they do kind of have a point when they say “erm, we’re kind of crap at doing user interfaces and so Sony teaching us how to do it is a good thing”. If anything I would think that kind of experience is going to filter into other projects including Eve. Although glacial timescales remain possible.

      I’m not sure I buy the “cannibalising our own userbase” argument against a PC release but I can see the point that a restricted single platform makes development significantly easier and cheaper – and this being CCP they don’t exactly have Call of Modern Medal Duty money to throw around.

      What will be interesting is how they monetise the ongoing element – Eve is a subscription model (yes there’s PLEX, but that’s still a subscription, just that someone else is paying their RL cash for your subscription) – given that they’re pumping the persistence element in Dust to be beyond mere stat tracking and server hosting (in itself expensive) I’m wondering where that cash is coming from. I’m guessing some heavy cross subsidising will play a part, but not all.

    • Azaraius says:

      Seriously guys? You are all still complaining that its not coming out on PC? Saying CCP’s reasons are illegitimate reasons for not producing a PC version? The only reason you care is because A: you’re a kid who cant buy anything for them selves. B: you’re too poor to buy a new console (either you have x box or a PC now). C: you are ignoring all the things CCP has said about how eventually you should be able to do ANYTHING (be it walking in stations to blasting people on a planet and doing it all everywhere in between) as a POD pilot or a Merc grunt. D: you don’t care and you are a troll.

      At first I was upset that it was a Playstation exclusive. I have a PC and an X box. Then I thought about it… I don’t have to keep my x box live subscription up to play this… I have a controller in my hands and don’t have to get used to m+kb… I’ll finally have a reason to try all the other great games PS3 has to offer…

      So I may have to spend 400+ dollars on a new console… So friggin what. If you cant do that sucks to be you. Just pay attention next time some one gives you reasons for why things are being done the way they are and re-read if you don’t understand. If you understood what it takes to develop a game for multiple consoles you will understand why CCP went with Playstation and why that is a better choice for the moment. Did they ever say it would stay exclusive? New consoles are only a few years away and EVE is FOREVER.

    • minipixel says:

      Azaraius, you are completely trolling. The main argument against consoles is that they are castrated computers. PC gamers just understand the freedom of a more open system.

    • rapchee says:

      “So I may have to spend 400+ dollars on a new console… So friggin what.”
      well, FU

  7. Vexing Vision says:

    Hmmm. Nope, sorry, still not making much sense. They’re jumping from one argument to the next, starting with “not wanting to cannibalize the playerbase” to “bringing this to a broader audience” (by limiting access?) to “it’s a different experience, we don’t see why people shouldn’t play both”.

    It’s still a fun to watch experiment, and for the sake of Whitewolf I wish them a lot of success, but I’m just not seeing it yet.

  8. Ridiculous Human says:

    Applause for not letting them get away easily with their non-answer about being PS3 exclusive.

    “Why isn’t it on PC too?”
    “Because it’s on PS3.”
    “But hnnnggghhhh.”

    • Koojav says:

      I got it more like:

      – Why isn’t it on PC ?
      – Because PS3 is better than X360

      W T F.

    • Erd says:

      To me it read “because money”.

    • ix says:

      The three real reasons:
      Dual platform is double as costly (especially if you count risk). Someone wanted to go console, but they really don’t have the in-house knowledge to do multi-platform games right. PS3 exclusivity means more money from Sony.

    • Reapy says:

      Yes I appreciated how you didn’t let them escape the console thing with PR BS and hammered at them again and again with polite questions.

      I wonder if another factor is cheating. Maybe they don’t have the capability to prevent rampant cheating, and honestly in an eve universe I expect pretty much ever stat whoring cheating SOB move you have ever experienced in an FPS to be the norm. Meta gaming, a corp owning both sides of a conflict, paying a dude to repeatedly TK during a map. Wall hacking/ aim botting, whatever, it will all be there.

      When your success or failure is going to cost you $$$ and time, yes people play harder, but they also cheat harder too. I wonder if there is a bit more control on console architecture that will curb this? Though I’m sure the cheats are out there, it is a bit harder for casual cheating on a console than PC.

      Either way I’m sure there is a good reason they are going console only, I think that the reason though is probably one that won’t make them look too good if it comes to light. For us PC gamers, many of whom would love to have an FPS with deeper meaning, seem to be pulling our hair out screaming WHYYY, I’m sure they are aware of this as well, and have pretty good reasons behind it, but again, probably not reasons you want to say aloud.

  9. niffk says:

    people who play EVE are different to FPS gamers. FPS gamers who are that seriously dedicated to investing time in a game are generally PC players. how does this make sense?

    • J-Spoon says:

      Not that I have any particular love for the console industry, but this strikes me as incorrect, or at least outdated. Have you seen some of the time-sink achievements in console games? Or freaking JRPG completists? They spend far more time on games than I do, an avid PC gamer. Yes, most of those things are for bragging rights, or some intangible goal, but the problem isn’t that they’re not sinking enough time into games, it’s that console games typically don’t have too many benefits beyond achievement badges.

      Why not offer them something better?

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Console players are generally playing their games and not moaning on the interwebs.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I… What???

      You ARE aware Halo is a console game, right?

  10. Nikolaos says:

    So they won’t release it on PC because we already have EVE?
    What if I don’t like EVE?
    What if I don’t want to play a space combat/management sim?
    What if I want to shoot some men in a Scifi setting while being a cog in some massive player driven corporate machine?
    Screw the fleet! I want into the Mobile Infantry!

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Have you heard of shops?

      You can buy the mythical PEE ESS THREEZ there.

      Then you could play Dust.

    • westyfield says:

      No, I’m not shelling out £200+ to play one game, with gimped controls on a platform that is likely to be dead and buried in a few years.

    • Odiee says:

      Yeah on a frikking CONTROLLER. You just don’t play FPS’s on controllers.

    • HeavyHarris says:

      I love the PC elitism here. I finally feel like I have a home <3

  11. phenom_x8 says:

    RPS: Do you think there’s evidence that there’s a hardcore in the PS3 community? This isn’t Modern Warfare (asking for a fact).
    Thomas : blah…blah…blah…blah (cannot give any fact)
    Torfi: We’re pretty sure that they want to do this. They just haven’t had the opportunity yet (answer it with opinion).
    RPS: I get that, and obviously no one can yet prove otherwise, … (then you answered it by yourself that surely put the nails in the coffin )

    Ah, I love your interview very much, guys!

    Edit : typo

    • jplayer01 says:

      It’s a bit worrying that they can (inside the company) justify the significant investment in a new game on a new platform with a new, untested idea with these … ‘arguments’ for PS3 exclusivity.

    • CapnClusteroo says:

      In fairness to the first fellow, it is a basic fact that console players–a whole lot of console players–have dedicated themselves to playing console games, investing massively in time and effort. I guess whether or not you define this as ‘hardcore’ is up to you–but I would argue that it is a kind of hardcore. What John really wanted to know was whether those kinds of hardcore players would ever transition to another kind, since Call of Duty (the most obvious in-thing for consoles, although there’s definitely more than just CoD) sure sounds a lot different to DUST 514.

      Ultimately, what both men were saying was that they thought console players could appreciate DUST 514 (a debatable assertion, no doubt) but that these players had never been given the opportunity to demonstrate it (possibly true; I don’t know of many other games doing similar things that have been released on console in recent memory). RPS certainly wasn’t asking for a fact, they were asking for a line of reasoning (“do you think…”), and they got it.

      I would say it was the best response from these dudes in the whole interview. Most of the rest was them trying to dance away from the obvious question of why they are not bringing DUST to PC or Xbox. It seems that, given how DUST has always been console-exclusive, they could have at least brainstormed a sensible-sounding answer as to why that is. But in the question-response you quoted, they sort of made it sound like they thought console players might be something more than meatsacks stuffed full of stupidity and CoD-love, like most FPS games released appear to assume. And that is a laudable (if, again, debatable) stance.

      There were definitely faults in their reasoning in this article, and John did a good interview dogging them on it, but you seem to have picked the one thing that they were at least being reasonable about.

    • phenom_x8 says:

      agree with you, its always worrying when pc exclusive dev tried to play around in console area because usually there is only 2 exact result out of this, failed hard (ionstorm with invisible wars, anyone?) or big success (infinty ward with their annual COD)!

      The “think” part was asking for opinion (or something they can remember related to the subject), but the “evidence” part was asking for a fact. So its more like RPS was asking for a fact that they (CCP)can remember about hardcore PS3 community!

    • J-Spoon says:

      I find the stereotypes to be over-reaching and spurious. What, CoD didn’t sell well on PCs? There are no cerebral games on consoles? Most of the innovative indie stuff that gets posted here ends up selling very well in Xbox and PS marketplaces, and hell, we don’t GET a lot of innovative games that console players do get. And yes, when MW3 comes out, that will eclipse all console games, your LA Noires, your Catherines, your Demon’s Souls. But it will also eclipse whatever’s coming out on PC, too; Minecraft will never, ever sell as much as a generic Infinity Ward shooter, it’s not like consoles have a lock on the audience that enjoys derivative games. Proportionally, I don’t even believe that the PC crowd is even higher-brow, college days playing Counterstrike provided me with the sort of perspective on my fellow man that makes me hate life. Ventrilo and Teamspeak have all provided me with examples of idiot gamers, repeatedly, inexorably.

      As a PC gamer (primarily), I like to think that all, or even most, PC gamers are a rarefied crowd that’s very discerning about what makes a good game, but really, I think we’re about as stupid as the console audience when it comes down to it.

    • CapnClusteroo says:

      @ Phenom
      And nothing else about my reply interested you?
      Since not, I assume that that was all you disagreed with.

      My response:
      CCP provided what was (in their opinion, since that was what was being asked) evidence as to there being a hardcore community on the PS3, in that there are a lot of console players who devote massive amounts of time to excelling at these games. They don’t have to point to market research or phone surveys for that, because I would hope it’s self-evident. If you think that what they said is not sufficient evidence, then that is the point of contention, not that they answered with an opinion rather than a fact (since they did answer with a fact in order to support their opinion). Criticism resolved, let the real discussion begin.

    • phenom_x8 says:

      Double post!My bad!

    • phenom_x8 says:

      @Capnclusteroo thats not what I tried to say!
      My last reply just focusing to the difference of understanding between us regarding to the RPS question! I tried to explained to you what the RPS question means to me! Its my opinion about it and honestly, I love john when in the end he’s some sort of answering his own question!
      I dont know anything about the hardcore PS 3 community, because in my console era (PS ONe) there is nothing like that! Me and my friends was playing multiplayer game just for fun at that time. There is no love to its world or some other reasons! Maybe you know better than me about it (especially in this recent console era with XLIVE and PSN) and I bet your opinion was better than me because of it! So, I’m not disagreeing with you!

  12. dsi1 says:

    I expect to see a threadnaught about this interview by tomorrow morning EGD, GET ON IT.

  13. Fathom says:

    All the bullshit talk around the fact that they gave Sony an exclusive for the money was making me laugh really hard. I wish RPS would have just called them out on it after the ridiculous first statement. If they actually are trying to reach a “bigger audience” they would release it on PS3, 360, and PC.

    • dsi1 says:

      Microsoft wouldn’t allow them to do what they’re doing with Sony, but you’re right, there is no good reason for it not being on PC as well.

    • mondomau says:

      “All the bullshit talk around the fact that they gave Sony an exclusive for the money was making me laugh really hard.”
      Ayup. Exactly what I was thinking – They even state that Microsoft’s restrictive online policies don’t necessarily make it impossible to do on the 360, just difficult. Combined with the evasive and nonsensical responses to why it isn’t on PC, this just screams ‘paid exclusive’ to me.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      From what I understand LIVE is very restricted. I expect they would have had to have made a lot of compromises to get it past Microsoft. Compromises they probably didn’t want to make. As for the no PC thing, well sure they could have done it on PC, but we have known it wasn’t going to be since they first announced it.

      That said, I am not an EvE player, not going to be, it sounds boring, but this I possibly would play. Just not on a console as I don’t own one of the current three under TV boxes.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      maybe they can release a Kinect game for XBox, where you stand in a space-station and wave at passing players

    • Chris says:

      I always hate it when “the Industry” treats me as a stupid Person. They just did it for the Money, nothing else, and they wouldn’t even tell us. Probably some WSJ Article later this year will reveal some sudden Cash Flow coming in that pleases the Shareholders.

  14. Spacewalk says:

    “M.I. does the dying. Fleet just does the flying. “

    • mondomau says:

      “M.I. does the poorly controlled pew pew-ing. Fleet just does the boring repetitious grinding. “


    • RCGT says:

      “Come on, you sons of bitches! Do you wanta live forever?”

    • Stick says:

      Well, at least the M.I. can be expected to have respawn times less painful than “travel across half the galaxy, buy new fittings, assemble ship from scratch, hilariously die to next gate camp, repeat”. :P

  15. Lack_26 says:

    I can understand their reasoning and their thought-processes they used to come to that conclusion; not bringing it out on 360 I can understand, Microsoft’s and CCP’s ethoses seem to be quite different (Microsoft don’t appear to be that coöperative when it comes to updating and modifying the core experience, but CCP seem quite keen on shaking things up) and it is easier to work just on the one platform.

    I can even see why they don’t want to bring it out on PC, I just think their reasoning is off and based on stereotypes of PC and console players.

  16. pyjamarama says:

    I have nor interest in playing in EVE but i like earing about the stories so I hope they aren’t spending a lot money on this because I can’t see anything but failure on this PS3 exclusive future.

  17. aerozol says:

    I thought them only releasing it on one system made sense, how they said it.
    It basically sounded like they were bringing in some very complex tech to make it work together with the EVE shards already. I can imagine making it work in tandem on two more systems would definitely bring on some headaches in future.
    I don’t particularly see the point in exposing more capital at this stage, which isn’t exactly guaranteed success. If there turns out to be a huge market, well, ‘exclusive’ has definitely never meant ‘exclusive forever’.

    I wanted to throw in my aberrant opinion :D
    Also, I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I don’t have a PS3.

  18. Choca says:

    When the game crashes and burns on PS3 because most of the console players have no idea who CCP is and would rather play Call of Duty and Killzone, please bring this to PC.
    You know, where your players are.

  19. Milky1985 says:

    “But you already have EVE on the PC, and what we’re trying to do is introduce the world of EVE to a larger audience.”

    “We wanted to make that accessible to a wider audience, to invite new people in.”

    So they want to make it more accessable to a wider audience…… so make it exclusive to one console?

    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    Hearing sony bang on about the exclsuive content they have for multiplatforms makes me think that sony are chucking money at developers for stuff like this :/

  20. studenteternal says:

    You know I almost wonder if they are not playing dodgy definitions here. with Incarna, I think they would like EVE to include the dust gameplay. They are not releasing it for PC because eventually what we already play will include the full Dust game in the EVE executable?

    Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part though.

  21. etho says:

    On the one hand, all of their points for why it is a PS3 exclusive would be more compelling as reasons for it to be multi-platform. Except for the “cannibalize the user base” thing which just seems crazy. Does Activision worry about cannibalizing the WoW population with a new Call of Duty? Of course not, they are vastly different games, and still more similar than EVE and DUST appear to be. (As far as I can tell. I wouldn’t rule out a spreadsheet/asteroid-mining-sim based FPS, though)

    On the other hand, I’m not a silly platform purist, so I fully intend to get as much enjoyment as possible out of DUST 514, and the fact that it is a PS3 exclusive is just a mildly confusing irrelevancy to me. I like to play awesome games wherever they turn up! I highly recommend trying it!

    • J-Spoon says:

      I don’t know, that’s the one thing that made the most sense to me. DUST players need EVE players, vice versa. Both communities need to be there for this to be relevant. And if DUST is even half as time-consuming as EVE, well… bunch of guys on the ground with no overarching EVE construct? Then it’s just a slightly modified FPS.

  22. ericks says:

    I’m sorry, but it being PS3 exclusive is not a good idea. I personally love the thought of Eve but cannot play it myself, but I would LOVE to take part in the world like what DUST is trying to do. For something like this, you want as many players as possible, why you would limit it is beyond me.

  23. MonkeyMonster says:

    Do you guys harking on about xbox360 v ps3 not read his point about xboxlive identities? Part of EVE universe is the ability to be exceptionally sneaky and not be linked to anything that can be traced to a particular individual – I know more than a few eve users who run 2/3/4/5 different accounts in entirely separate and often opposing companies. Afaik you can’t do that on a xbox (no idea about ps3 mind) PLUS your liveid will be known and traceable through the system/forums etc. You won’t be able to hide or do anything vaguely underhand as people will be able to find your details…
    It may be of course that MS said your code/server has to exist on our network in our own “secure” environment so CCP said no chance.
    Or pehaps even gnomes ate the initial agreement they had with MS and Bill Gates won’t print a 2nd copy as unicorn skin is really hard to come by…
    Or its an evil attempt to cause strike and angst in PC users who need, nay DEMAND all games exist on the PC because otherwise the planets will align and evil will come again to destroy the world…
    Or …

    • Hannah says:

      @MonkeyMonster too true! It’s like people are deliberately trying to ignore what these guys are saying. Do you guys not know what happened with Steam and Portal 2? Have you guys been living under a rock or something? Do you guys not know how MS works when it comes to XBL? Especially all you Xbox fanboys? You call yourself fans?
      X360 gets tons and tons of timed exclusive content and games and nobody bats an eyelash, and then this happens, and everybody starts calling CCP moneyhats… Twisted!

  24. Nallen says:

    The success or failure of this almost certainly hinges on early, huge inter-game drama that gets reported everywhere and drags everyone in. Drama is what EVE does best, and it’s about all it can bring to shooters.

  25. kenoxite says:

    It looks like they want to make a console game and the rest is absolutely secondary. That’s what I get with all those vague responses about the PS3 exclusivity and game concept.

    “The kind of game that I’d like to play”. He probably was mentally adding “on a PC”. Somehow it’s quite hard for me to imagine them as avid console FPS players, playing CoD on a PS3 and thinking “This really needs even more time commitment and forced teamplay for a player to succeed, not to mention huge doses of responsibility in a high risk/high reward scenario where you can lose everything in an unlucky clan match. I’m sure I’m not alone here! So sure I’m willing to invest tons of time and money on a game like that just for you, console CoD players!”.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see how this thing develops. I’m honestly, positively intrigued.

  26. aemskelley says:

    Boo hoo hoo! So much negativity in this thread, the local shops must be making a fortune selling E45 cream for all your sore arseholes.

    CCP is a company. A company survives by making money and profit. So what if it’s a PS3 exclusive, they have their reasons, and they’re entitled to do what they want in order to make this money. They’re clearly having issues with Microsoft, even at the early stages of development.

    The fact that a few keyboard warriors are throwing their toys out of the pram on what is a predominantly PC gaming website will cause little to no concern I’m sure.

    I’m over the moon to see a project like this going ahead – I think it has some serious potential and might actually be a breath of fresh air/pivotal testing point for future MMO crossovers.

    • J-Spoon says:

      I’m actually hoping that they will release a Facebook exclusive game that just does farming/mining/other menial things a la Farmville that nests inside EVE. And a slew of other games not bound to any platform that changes every minutiae of the EVE universe into a full-on metagame.

      So I’m with you, I think it has potential and I’m glad to see someone trying to do it.

    • aemskelley says:

      Definitely – it’s horses for courses as they say – they should be allowed to test the water with it.

      And to quote that famous Russian boxer, “If he dies, he dies”. (He being Dust).

    • Wilson says:

      @aemskelley – To be honest, you sound more annoyed than many other people in this thread. Relax! It’s just people and their opinions, CCP aren’t going to shut the game down because of a few posts on a comments thread (as you obviously know) so why shout about it yourself?

      It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out, and I don’t think anyone has been suggesting they shouldn’t be trying this idea at all, just some disappointment that they won’t be able to play it on PC.

    • aemskelley says:

      @Wilson – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit annoyed. Certain posts just seemed to grind with me.

      Like you said, it’s people and their opinions – and that was mine ;)

      *Aemskelley backs away from the thread, breathes, and tries to take it all in*

  27. Iskariot says:

    The promise of Dust514 was what made me hold on to EVE.
    This is a slap in the face.
    No more EVE for me.

    • sebmojo says:




      F A C E ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Stick says:

      If you were only playing EVE because of a vague hope of Something Interesting happening…

      Oh, wait, that is why anyone plays EVE.

      (Clarification: EVE has the highest highs of any game I’ve played, but also the most downtime between said highs. “98% of EVE is spent looking for the Fun.” Further clarification: I’ve spent most of my time as a small-time pirate, not a cog in the “blob”.)

  28. Batolemaeus says:

    What is their target demographic?

    The people playing competitive fps at the moment can’t be the target, they won’t suddenly leave for a different game from a completely unknown ip.
    The people playing Eve currently can’t be the target, as CCP said themselves.
    People playing fps like the Battlefield or Arma series can’t be it either. They’re playing on PC.

    So, how are they going to populate the servers?

  29. mandrill says:

    Torfi never interviews well unfortunately. In conversation with him his passion is clearly evident, but within the strictures of an interview he has to be very careful about what he says. Its a shame really because the guy really does know what he’s talking about, its just that he can’t talk to the press about it.

    • Richie Shoemaker says:

      Yep. Torfi used to be an interviewer’s dream – before the PR Gestapo started writing the scripts and threatening to pull fingernails.

  30. destroy.all.monsters says:

    I expect this to fail miserably until the PC version comes out. I don’t think the existing player base is going to buy ps3s for this game.

    It will be interesting to see the reviews and first day sales.

    • aemskelley says:

      What about the potential playerbase?

      Just because you don’t own a PC and play EVE doesn’t mean you’re not going to play it…

      All “new” IPs have to start somewhere.

  31. Stevostin says:

    I do get the point of “enlarging EVE’s audience”. But seriously. The point of EVE is to take a ship, explore the ridiculously huge map, find a planet, land on it, get out of the ship and explore in FPV, then wipe out the cum on your screen with a towel. A wrong way to do it would be to have both space and walk on a console, because hey, consoles suck. But the absolutely wrong way is to have space on PC and walk on console. Because it makes it absolutely sure that the continuity that is the huge thing in a space MMO is lost for everyone. And besides, pad is probably better than mouse for piloting ship (well, analog stick can’t hurt) and mouse keyboard is clearly better for FPS. So even if you split that’s the worst split.
    It’s sad because there are so many good things to be said about CCP. One thing that shines again in DUST is how they totally rules the Art Direction / Design worldwide community in the space opera / sci-fi area. Every engine, every grunt they do just look insanely neat. The have the new Syd Mead in the team, or a couple of them.

  32. PatrickSwayze says:

    As a true gamer and not some platform fan boy, CCP’s choice of platform matters little to me because I own a gaming PC and both the consoles.

    Some of you guys should think about getting jobs so you could pay for such things.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Heh. Heheh. Heheheheheh. Sorry, you were kidding, right?

      Aside from that, one wonder whether they did some research into the people who already own a PS3. From what I hear it’s not as popular as its predecessor.

  33. DigitalEccentric says:

    The only thing I’ll agree with from the naysayer camp is that CCP didn’t really explain themselves very well here – they’ll probably need to work on that if they want to quell some of the unrest.

    Don’t quote me on this, but they’ve said from the start that DUST was going to be a console project, and they’ve almost said as much here – they want to make a console game. Not a PC/Console cross-platform, but a console-only game. That’s what they want, and you guys have to at least respect that to some degree.

    Maybe Sony paid them allot of money to keep it exclusive, maybe it’s easier for them from a design point of view just to focus on one platform. I don’t think you guys quite grasp how difficult and ambitious this project is going to be. You’d rather they risk ruining it just for sake of putting it on other platforms?

    The PS3 Install-base alone justifies their desires to include ‘new’ people into the mix. The Console audience and the PC audience, are, for the most part, quite different in their playing habits. I know there’s plenty of cross-platform ownership, but CCP have little-to-no way of gauging that.

    It’s a shame, but it’s not the end of the world, and who knows maybe once they’ve got it right they’ll introduce it to the PC as well (I doubt it’ll ever get on 360, not while MS has their more restrictive business policies in place), but remember this is meant to essentially be an MMOFPS of sorts, and PC players have an advantage over consoles players – that’s not exactly a good decision either.

  34. Davee says:

    Mmmh. I want to play this, but I won’t buy a PS3 for it.

    Damn it, CCP!

  35. Surgeon says:

    “Why can’t I play it on my PC?” But you already have EVE on the PC, and what we’re trying to do is introduce the world of EVE to a larger audience…

    Utterly, utterly mental.
    I have a PC. I like EVE, but I don’t play it anymore, and never will.
    I do however love the universe and would love to be a part of it again, in a totally different way.
    I WANT to play Dust on my PC.
    They’re insane.
    I just don’t get their argument at all.

    • banski83 says:

      Agreed. I’d love to still play in the EVE universe, I just can’t be bothered to re-learn all the changes and minutae of the economy, politics and mechanics all over again, since I stopped playing a year or two ago.
      I want to be a mercenary groundpounder; a planetside gun for hire, taking contracts from shady corporations.
      Bring it to PC, and I’ll buy it.

  36. Daave says:

    let’s face it – EVE is not the most accessible game in the universe

    EVE is not even going to be the most accessible game in the EVE universe

    • Stick says:

      Hey, EVE is accessible. I mean, given how many people manage to “play” it without even being logged in…

  37. Chaz says:

    The question that imedeately comes to my mind is, aren’t they taking a rather dangerous route by making their cross over title yet another team based shooter? There’s rather a lot of them about and the console market is especially fickle when it comes to long term support of them. That’s why Activision feels it has to keep knocking out a new CoD every year to keep the players interested. The danger is that if Dust doesn’t launch with a bang and keep things fresh, then it will quickly fall by the way side as its players jump ship to the latest shooter, and then Dust will be left hanging off the body of Eve like a dead limb.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      Indeed, it is the equivalent of making an everquest clone post-wow to cash in on the wow-crowd.
      I doesn’t sound like the CCP I loved which would occupy a niche and defend it fiercly..

  38. Premium User Badge

    It's not me it's you says:

    I really hope this game will do well as the concept is awesome but I can’t see anything other than this being a complete dead zone by the time the game’s out for 6 months.

  39. Zurechial says:

    “RPS: Do you think there’s evidence that there’s a hardcore in the PS3 community? This isn’t Modern Warfare.” I think that question raises a point about what’s going to be the biggest risk with this game.
    If CCP redesigns EVE to rely somewhat on DUST, but fails to capture a large market on the PS3; then is EVE going to suffer as a result?

    My bad, Chaz above basically made the same point.

  40. Odiee says:

    I don’t care if it get’s xbox, pc or ps3. I just want to play the FPS with a KB+Mouse as God intended from the start.

    BTW if I fix my PS3 to work with a KB+Mouse is that like illegal or against some rules?

  41. Stochastic says:

    Out of curiosity, what constitutes meta-meta-gaming? More generally, what’s the difference between X-order metagaming and y-order metagaming? Is metagaming something that is theoretically infinitely recursive?

  42. MadMatty says:

    I quit EVE after playing it for about 7-8 months in total. The space bits weren´t Space enough, with its “car-in-space-physics” – doing missions against the AI was kindof boring… the multiplayer was ok, but it takes like 12 months of “pay-to-level-up” before anyone would accept you in their 0-sec Corporation, bar a few Zerg Corps which i never got into. Seeing as Goonsquad was dissolved, i finally quit because i was bored, and dissapointed.
    My main reason for playing, i guess, was that there wasn´t any other game in competition.
    As for splitting the fan base with this Dust, i dunno. It does seem like theyre appealing to different markets?!
    Ofcourse, joypad users would´ve been violently snuffed by m&k users, so i suspect thats the main reason, as others have also noted.

    …Elite 4 plz, and make it an MMO while youre at it.

  43. DrazharLn says:

    What a shame.

  44. Goronmon says:

    It sounds like they are giving plenty of reasons why they chose the PS3 as the platform for DUST, even if they aren’t the answers the current EVE player base wants to here.

    They want to hit a different audience with DUST, so the easiest way to target a different audience is to pick a different platform. How is that not a valid reason?

    It also sounds like they are looking at consoles as a way to limit the number of decisions they have to make. Instead of have to develop a shooter on an open platform such as the PC, they are limited to the hardware and interfaces available to them in a console. As a developer myself, I can appreciate wanting to take the simple path for an ambitious project like this.

    In the end though, these reasons don’t really matter. CCP wants to develop DUST on the PS3. All the bitching in the world from their playerbase won’t change that fact.

  45. SwiftRanger says:

    The meta-game connection sounds intriguing but with just 32 player battles I am not gonna invest time in this, not even if it ever comes out on PC.
    I think they miss the point of what makes an MMOFPS great: it’s not only getting progression as a player or as a clan but also the pure thrill of all-out war with hundreds of players (the PlanetSide way). As others have said, they don’t have much else besides the Eve link to set this game apart.

  46. Moonracer says:

    As a ps3 owner who put a year into EVE this sounds quite good. Though it is strange. I think the experience of designing for a console will benefit EVE greatly. They will have to work around the limitations and possibly use that learning experience on the PC side. I’m thinking in the long run EVE players could get a more streamlined User Interface for one.

    And the PS3 certainly needs more thinking man shooters. Thankfully Sony is usually willing to try new things.

  47. Arachnyd says:

    I’m not buying the cannibalizing your userbase bullshit. I’m a former EVE player going back to the beta, and I stopped playing because I simply didn’t have the time anymore and didn’t want to do the carebear mining aspect. I would LOVE to be able to help my old corp (Reikoku) in another way through DUST.

    This game looks and sounds amazing, and is something that only CCP would ever dream of attempting. I fucking sucks that I won’t be able to play it. Even if I were to buy a console, it wouldn’t be a damn PS3.

    • J-Spoon says:

      Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? You’re not a current EVE player, which means they AREN’T cannibalizing anything, whereas they might be if an EVE player was forced to split time between EVE and DUST.

      I read it as “we have enough EVE players right now. Reducing the EVE population for DUST will hurt EVE -and- DUST.”

    • sexyresults says:

      How would 2 very different games, with 2 very different player bases hurt 1 or the other?

    • Arachnyd says:

      Your point is taken with regard to my specific case. I am not a current part of their userbase. I would like to be, however, because of my history with the game. Anyone who has played EVE-Online knows that it is an extremely complex, and thus time consuming game. This is particularly true in PVP, where you must often spend hours maneuvering in order to get a real fight. The only other option is pirating, and I got enough of that in m0o.

      My point is that DUST has incredible potential to be the EVE game that you don’t have to write into your schedule. I’m sure there are thousands of former EVE players who quit for the same reason I did – lack of time – but would love to log in for an hour and shoot people in the face in the name of their Alliance/Corp. It really sucks that this is denied to us unless we buy a shitty outdated console and learn to use thumbsticks.

  48. sexyresults says:

    I own a PS3 but I don’t want to play a bloody shooter on it. That’s what my PC is for.

  49. verysneaky says:

    Reading the comments posted by other users here has been an excellent display of complete ignorance and butthurt.
    The reason CCP are bringing DUST out exclusively to PS3 is simple:
    1. They want to extend the eve universe to a larger audience (being console players, as opposed to pc users – the reasons it has not been pursued on xbox have been detailed quite proficiently in the interview). This will also help to establish CCP as a gaming brand among console users; it builds brand awareness.
    2. There is a market for this type of game in the console gaming segment. I cant see that there will be much in the way of competitors for the given target market (Games such as COD, Killzone, MOH have different target markets); CCP have identified a niche and established a value proposition aside from the standard FPS-point-and-shoot model.
    3. There is obviously a lot of risk involved in bringing out a new game. Bringing the game out on one platform allows them to develop hype and interest without making a large commitment (i.e. to two platforms). They have already hinted at a possible release to PC in the future, which i suspect depends largely on the success of the console release.
    4. Using SONY allows for logistical ease in terms of merging DUST into the Tranquility server.
    5. Releasing it straight to PC could potentially take current EVE players away from EVE, CCP’s current main revenue raising venture, which could be initially problematic.
    6. Releasing to PC and console at the same time would cause joypad v m&k conflicts, which would put console users at a distinct disadvantage being on the same server.

    Bottom line is, CCP have made the correct marketing decision releasing this game the way they have. It seems to me that a lot of the complaining done here is a result of the fact that people dont want to fork out the money to buy a console; Thats the price you’re going to have to pay if you want to play this game in the next 3 years.

    • whydidyoumakemeregister says:

      This is the newest comment so I’ll ask– are you guys shitting me? They say right at the beginning that they wanted to get into console development, so they picked the easiest console to interact with their servers and they’re focusing on it. “Never say never” to them some day creating a PC version, but right now they’re focusing all their energy on making a good product on one platform.

      As if everybody wouldn’t be bitching and calling it a console port anyway.

  50. MTB BR says:

    I’m on EVE for more than 5y and i was hopping to some day it has a fist person battle too like dust.
    Got sad to know that it will be only for ps3 wond be cool to land my ship in a planet and explore it if some planetary veicle our by foot and angage some enemis and planet aliens creatures.. see my instalations from a planet view and stuff.. i have a ps3 and wold be great if i have the right to decide to play on the console our in the pc… and use my eve char for Dust like an continuous playing exp.
    its not cool to have to starte a new game on ps3 new char new every thing….