Wot No Blue Milk? SWTOR’s Tatooine

Like a legless robotic ostrich

The Star Wars: The Old Republic intro movie may have been so monumental that we entirely deliberately and definitely, definitely not accidentally posted it twice, but it sure did get a few backs up. All very pretty and very Original Trilogy, yes, but what on Earth has all that pre-rendered willy-waving got to do with playing an MMO? Fortunately, Bioware are now letting us a little closer to their multi-million-dollar baby, with a guided walkthrough of whiny Luke’s adopted homeland – the desert planet known as Tatooine.

This being many moons before A New Hope, sadly there’s no quest to reclaim a Rancor tooth necklace from the charred bones of Aunt Beru, but instead a focus on the Sith exploring the planet’s caves, canyons and lost temples in search of some manner of doohickey. Quest ahoy!

Wow, that sure does look quite a bit like [redacted] with sci-fi stuff. Good thing or bad thing? Little of column A, little of column B, I’d say. John says more, in his two-part mega-preview the other week.


  1. Red_Avatar says:

    Oh look, the new WoW expansion pack … wait, EA? Ooo it’s TOR … (yeah I know it’s a weak joke but I can’t help but get far too many WoW vibes from this game)

    • Koojav says:

      Well it surely looks like WoW to me :)

      Outdated graphics, repetitive gameplay and those speeders that move 20mph exactly like a WoW texture pack.

      And FFS it’s 2011, can’t we get an animation of a Sith guy hoping on a hoverbike instead of appearing on it in a flare ?

    • Rii says:

      A WoW texture pack? Have you seen WoW lately? It looks like freaking Crysis compared to this.

    • Kelron says:

      But it has conversation options! Another revolutionary RPG from Bioware.

    • Dhatz says:

      did you hear the music playing uselessly as they ride their slower bikes? I bet its gonna be more intrusive than BGO music was at the start.

  2. Commander Gun says:

    (Waiting for the inevitable comparison by which Wulf glorifies Guild Wars 2 features again)

    • Faceless says:

      It needs to be glorified? That’s like glorifying… something that is already… glorious.

      Yes, I am not very good at this. We should just wait for Wulf.

    • Falcon says:

      I can’t help but yawn during all of these gameplay videos. They look so boring. The combat is as dry as the narration.

      Maybe I’m just done with MMOs, and I realize there are definitely technical considerations when you have large amounts of people playing, but give me an action-packed, meaty combat system, please!

      Guild Wars 2’s combat looks so many miles ahead of this it isn’t even funny. Maybe it’s a lot more fun playing the game than it is watching these videos…but generally I’m very open-minded and forgiving when it comes to games, and this just looks completely “meh” to me.

  3. TheSaddestSort says:

    The meh is strong with this one.

    • Gorgol says:

      Indeed. The gameplay looks absolutely terrible! Couple that with the poor showings from Bioware’s single player RPGs lately and this is really uninteresting even to someone who has KOTOR on his list of all time favourite games…

    • Betamax says:

      By poor showings I’m guessing you mean DA2? Yeah that’s one. Or are you one of those that tries to make out ME2 was awful and everyone knows it but chooses not to mention it and instead say they really like it?

    • Gorgol says:

      By poor showings I mean everything after Neverwinter Nights.

  4. jeremypeel says:

    ‘You are kind to lie.’ The writing; it’s good. And multiplayer conversations are interesting!

    Does combat stick to the same ruleset as KOTOR? Do we know? It certainly looks familiar.

    • Anthile says:

      Kotor used a modified d20 system, not unlike D&D 3E and this doesn’t look like it.

    • Gorgol says:

      Doesn’t look anything like KOTOTR’s combat, come on! KOTOR’s was exciting, fast pased, and with heavy tactical gameplay. This is repetitively casting a single spell, and with a cast progress bar? WoW much?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Multiplayer conversations are interesting? Another way to see it is that the way it’s implemented engenders solo play more than anything else. If you’re in a group of four and your fellow players choose differently every time I can see where that would get annoying, especially since there’s only PC-to-NPC interaction in that sense. Having in-game argumentation, persuasion and conflicts (again, with the conversation wheel) between PCs -would- make this a whole lot better, I feel.

    • woodsey says:

      “KOTOR’s was exciting, fast pased, and with heavy tactical gameplay.”

      I love KotOR, and the combat (unlike a lot of people), but it was none of those things.

    • bleeters says:

      @ Gorgol

      Funny, I got through KotOR by repeatedly casting Force Lightning :P

    • Gorgol says:

      Woah woah woah, if you were not excited by the final assault on the star forge then you are dead inside. Also KotOR’s combat was fast paced in the sense that you were frequently and quickly called to your next combat decision. It was highly tactical when you’d bitten off a bit more than you could chew. Lastly if you got through it all by spamming force lighting I strongly doubt you were playing on the hardest setting like I was. And compared to watching a cast bar progression in order to cast force lighting anything is exciting, fast-paced and highly tactical, even taking a turd.

    • bleeters says:

      I started on normal. I had to put it onto hard later, around the time of heading to the second star map planet. Force Lightning really was just that good. There was that time I played a light side guardian, I suppose. That differed in that instead of setting up repeated force lightnings, I instead cast force speed and mashed flurry over and over, as if the -1 attack/defence penalty made any difference whatsoever.

      Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the lightsaber scrapping in KotOR, but it’s not what I’d describe as involving edge of my seat tactical genius.

    • Bureaucrat says:

      The final assault on the Star Forge was a sterling example of boring and pointless endgame grind.

    • Gorgol says:

      Very well bleeters, you’re right and I was exaggerating, I retract the “heavy” and “highly” and reduce it to occasionally tactical, but still, compared to the crap shown in that video it was a game of chess

    • Urthman says:

      Funny, I was going to quote, “If he can’t take the heat, he should leave the base!” and congratulate Bioware on hiring George Lucas to write their dialogue.

      I guess good dialogue wouldn’t be canon.

  5. Pemptus says:

    I like how at the end of the second video he reminds us that the Emperor used force lightning against Luke. And we can use it too! Just like the Emperor! SOLD!
    Also, the slow plodding around in “speeders”. Eh.
    edit: Oh, it’s not the same video. I meant this one: link to gametrailers.com

    • Tei says:

      This is a era where the Jedi and the Sith are everywhere on the universe, and not all knowledge is lost.
      By the time the movies, the jedi are almost a myth.

      Jedi use to do all sort of cool thing (but not fly in bullet-time like in a hollywood-honk kong movie) but the trade-off is that power was not concentrated. Thats another mechanic of the Star Wars lore: a lot of force users: the energy is divided, a few force users: the force is very strong in then. By the time of the Emperor the power has highly concentrated. And.. anyway, Skywalker was a dumb lame newbie jedi. Skywalker concentrated some power just because the effect of few force users, lots of power.

      On the time of the old republic, a lot of force users would know a lot of jedi tricks, but the force would be low.

      Is also weird to me that any high level sith would have any problem to kill a sand people. But this is a RPG, and combat is slow in most RPG’s for some reason.

  6. Limey says:

    Director of production? I thought he was a producer of direction.

  7. RaytraceRat says:

    This speeder moves more like a moped

    • Giant, fussy whingebag says:

      It’s a hover-segway…

    • Rush Ton says:

      I thought it looked more like a future segway

      Edit: Damn beaten to it

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Everything about this game is so budget. Appropriate for a F2P game, but god help them if they try to charge a subscription fee.

  8. Vexing Vision says:

    Ah, a level 1 mount. I am sure the level 20 races will have 30% more speed.

  9. Olero says:

    They sure use the force a lot, picking up all those items while standing meters away.
    I’m more into Column B(ad) about this game. Too samey, arcadey, big pop-up numbers to be interesting I guess.

  10. Simon Hawthorne says:

    Oh dear, I really hope I’m wrong but this is going to crash and burn and then LucasArts will be too scaredy-fraid to ever commission another KOTOR game :-(

    I have a bad feeling about this.

    • Zelius says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      What’s even worse, if this game fails, nobody will ever dare to take such a massive undertaking again.

  11. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    I for one am really looking forward to this game. It looks fresh, exciting and the graphics look brilliant

    oh wait, it’s not 2004

    *I’ve never been very good at sarcasm

  12. Escalus says:

    that speeder looks very uncomfortable to ride, what no seat?

    • Nico_101 says:

      If Im not remembering it wrong, He-Man had a speeder just like it.

  13. Grey_Ghost says:

    I don’t follow this game too closely. Glad to hear that your characters light-side dark-side scale is based on your own choices in groups, and not just whomever won the roll.

  14. drowsy says:

    My problem with this game is that they’ve given me no reason to play. I already played this game for three years, and just changing the setting isn’t enough to make it any different. I’ll just go play KOTOR again if I feel like playing a Star Wars RPG(ish).

  15. John P says:

    I love comment threads for this game. Much more entertaining than the videos.

    And why hasn’t Bioware stopped their videos from auto-playing yet?

  16. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Why is there Star Wars music in WoW?

  17. kael13 says:

    Feels like I woke up in 2006 this morning. Steve Irwin’s shooting a wonderful documentary about stingrays and there’s a bunch of agitated birds squawking outside… I bet they have the flu.

  18. v_ware says:

    Why does that Sith sorcerer even have a lightsaber, he uses sith lightning over and over and over and over and over and over…

  19. Spectre-7 says:

    Wowza, that’s looking just incomparably dreary. I was already looking forward to not playing it whenever it comes out, but I must say that this video really got me hyped up to not touch it ever.

  20. FakeAssName says:

    HI I’m [muted] ….

  21. terry says:

    I’m detecting a Star Trek Online type disaster here.

  22. Jacques says:

    Zombie quest!

  23. DevilSShadoW says:


    I’m sorry, I got carried away.

    • FakeAssName says:

      dude, Clint Solo in the opening cinematic literally pulls two blasters out of thin air … well, either thin air or his ass cause he -was- reaching in that general direction.

      if they can’t be bothered with holsters in the cinematic they why would you expect them in game?

    • Erd says:

      Yeah this is one of my pet peeves too.

      It’s more than just a design choice now, it’s more like a trope. Dual weild? Unshieved, on the back, everytime.

    • notjasonlee says:

      ahem, you mean “unsheathed”

  24. geokes says:

    When will lucas arts admit defeat and release the KOTOR game we all want. (and remember Jedi Knight)

    • Zelius says:

      For them to ‘admit defeat’ and create another Star Wars RPG, ever, this game will have to succeed. Otherwise, game over. Game over, man!

  25. Teddy Leach says:

    Why the autoplay? Why the need?

    • Wilson says:

      Yeah, can we just have a link to autoplaying trailers instead of including them in the article? It’s really annoying, as you might want to comment without the trailer constantly playing again in the background. Sure I can mute my sound, but what if I’m trying to listen to music?

    • Tony M says:

      +1 vote for no autoplay

  26. hotcod says:

    Every post on this game is filled with the same rather strange comments. From the start they pretty much said “we want to make wow with mechanics from kotor and our USP is going to be adding a depth of story and player choice in that story” and yet every one still seems shocked that it’s… well.. exactly that.

    If it;’s not for you or you think what they are trying to do is stupid then that’s fine, there’s every chance that it really is. But yes it’s just another mmo in a lot of ways, we all know this and they never claimed that it was doing anything different in that vain. What we are getting in essence is a starwars wow with ideas taken from kotor (companions who join you on a ship while you engage in a story driven rpg.) and in some ways improved on (while you can only have one character with you at a time the rest can be assigned tasks like crafting which happens in real time on your ship) and for me that is pretty much awesome. But that is just me.

    Like I’ve said in every thread I’ve commented in so far the little I’ve been told by people who have played it (including long term testers) is that it’s does what it set out to do very very well. So over all I think the game is going to find enough of a player base to get along well enough.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah, it looks okay to me, also. It’s an MMO, they said it was going to be an MMO, so why the disappointment? I think the problem is genre fatigue, personally. That’s what’s likely to cause this game to be a failure.

    • Gorgol says:

      Nah nah nah, the genre is fine. What’s not fine is people devilering the genre in the same way over and over and over again. We already have a WoW which does what it does better than anyone else does or can do. So, do something interesting with your wannabe MMO and it might work! Of course, we should have expected this from Bioware because that’s what they’ve always said they were going to do, but what really pisses people off is that they had a once in a lifetime, golden opportunity to do something interesting with the MMO genre and the Star Wars franchise, and they totally blew it through being utterly creatively lazy!

    • Wilson says:

      @hotcod – What you say is true, but people were never going to take this game on it’s own merits alone. I don’t say that in a dismissive way either, it was always going to happen with the way they’ve marketed it. People aren’t just comparing it to other MMOs, they are also comparing it to the two KOTOR games. And because it’s Star Wars, people probably have higher expectations and get more upset if they don’t think it’s doing justice to that universe.

      I’m wondering if they may have shot themselves in the foot a bit with the setting. I feel like I might be kind of interested in a story based MMO game, but when it’s in this Star Wars setting all the standard MMO things grate far more. It’s hard to ignore the segway-speeders and the Sith guy hardly using his lightsaber (I’m guessing his class isn’t good at melee), because it doesn’t ‘feel’ Star Wars. I hope the game does all right, but I feel like the extra publicity and such from the Star Wars name may come with some downsides in terms of increased expectations, too.

    • hotcod says:


      So you are saying bioware is not doing something new or interesting with there game at all? They may not be changing the base MMO but simple facts like it having more recording dialogue than any other game ever kind of point to them doing something remarkable with the genre. They put there effort in to a part of the game that has been pretty much unchanged in mmos since way before WoW.


      No I agree, I just find if funny that people will time and time again post the same comments about the game being what the game said it would be. RPS is often an overly cynical place but I at lest expect some interesting bitch based in some kind of fact not just rehashing the same pointless jokes about it.

      But just actually think about the kotor games for a second. How different is the combat? not very but it actually looks improved. I’m a huge kotor fanboy and I was outraged when news of this game first came out but it slowly won me over because all they’ve really done is made a huge mulitplayer kotor game. There are some things that have been lost or won’t be as good as in the kotor games but there are things that are going to make up for that.

      It is true that people wiho are kotor or starwars fans who find a little thing to hate in this will eat it alive all I can say is that, again, the little feed back I’ve been allowed to have from people who have been playing the game on a long term basis is that it’s very very very good at doing what it sets out to do. Hopefully that will win people over but if not I’m still hugely looking forward to it :)

    • Hallgrim says:


      What he’s saying is that changing the art, adding dialog trees and a companion isn’t going to make the game new enough to excite people like him (and I). People who have already fully consumed and digested (and excreted) WoW and are looking for something that moves the genre forward and make it compelling again. We’re disappointed that EA is making (yet another) WoW-clone. I’m betting this one will be more successful than Warhammer, but jesus it looks bad.

      What EA is thinking: 11 million people play WoW. This is WoW with LIGHTSABERS, surely a few million of them will play our game instead.

    • hotcod says:


      I honestly honestly can’t understand how you can look at what they are doing with the game and saying they are not moving it forward. Yes they are not changing the base game play as much as something like guild wars 2 but they are doing even more than guild wars 2 in terms of story and guild wars 2 is doing a hell of a lot there. If their stuff in stor works it is a game changer for mmos in a part of the genre that hasn’t seen innovation since ever quest. I think you are doing your self a huge disservice to dismiss it so readily at the moment… not saying the game will be for you but I think you are giving the game far to little credit for what it’s trying.

    • Erd says:

      I don’t think the story stuff is gonna seperate it enough from the competion. The real challenge will be in deciding the payment model. If they want people to play their near identical game it needs to have a payment model that enables it to coexist with existing subscriptions or is competitive to the point of making people abandon them in favour of this.

    • Gadriel says:

      Story is lovely, and I can definitely respect them for pushing the genre forward in that regard. Since the early days of MMOs I’ve wanted to play one with real, engaging story going on. However, story does not a good game make. There’s a relatively small fraction of people who will do something that isn’t fun just to get the story. I don’t feel that I would enjoy a game that plays just like WoW and its myriad clones that I’ve played for so many years just because it has voiced dialogue and a focus on story. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

      I don’t think anyone is criticising SWTOR on the things it does well. We’re all criticising it because we really, really, really wanted it to be good and are finding that the more we see it the less interested we become, because of those tired MMO tropes. We lament what it could have been.

      I hesitate to bring up Guild Wars 2 but I admit I find myself more interested in it despite having scarcely played the first and knowing nothing of the world or lore or story because the gameplay seems fresh and different and I love their take on dynamic events.

    • hotcod says:

      And there we have it you want innovation of some of the mmo tropes that stor is sticking too, a subjective and perfectly valid personal choice. What it’s not is objective If you remove your personal history and taste in mmos from the picture and look at it in an objective manner then it’s clear that the WoW tropes that STOR is follow are things that have worked well. In fact it’s clearly they still are working well and that people are enjoying them.

      In other words objectively the wow comparison is not a negative one, stor being like wow does not make the game bad. What matters is the individual persons feelings on the WoW type tropes the game is using. In your case you are tired of them and want more innovation in the basic systems like GW2 is likely to offer (i’m not hesitant to bring it up because it is looking fantastic in that manner) and in my case I’m perfectly happy with them so long as they are solid and offer the underpinning to the story telling experience that the game is going to offer. In my eyes it’s really not very different from a mulitplayer version of kotor. Any one who thinks the combat in kotor was not very mmo like in the first place is some what kidding them self’s.

      So if you want to come in to the thread and say “I’m sick of wow’s base mechanics and the USP of the game are not enough to win me over that problem” that a view I understand… but that’s not what is being said in these threads, not by a long shot and it’s annoying as hell. Any interesting debates on our subjective views are for the most part going to be drowned out by noise and I think people who had an open mind towards the game are going to get it unfairly jade by people who can’t devoice objective reality from there subjective worlds…. but then again this is the comment section of a gaming site so I don’t know why I ever expected anything different.

  27. Turbobutts says:

    Standing In Front Of Each Other And Mashing Attack Until One Dies: The Game

    Seriously. Worst MMORPG combat I have EVER seen, and the models, animations, textures, effects and writing aren’t that good either.

    • hotcod says:

      Then I honestly think you can’t have seen much MMO combat.

  28. MiniMatt says:

    I thought RPS was all about PC gaming? This one looks like an iPhone release.

  29. Heliosicle says:

    Anyone else think this is likely to sink EA and they should never have attempted to do this?

    • Wilson says:

      I have no idea, I haven’t been following the ‘buzz’ anywhere else on the internet. They don’t need it hailed as a critical success, they just need players. And Star Wars alone seems likely to bring some players.

    • Wulf says:

      The unfortunate part is that it’s very ‘New Wars’ and doesn’t really have even one really interesting race on offer, and the gameplay is, whilst not bad back when it was new, kind of dated for a new game. It’s been done before, and probably better. So… it’ll depend on just how fanatical the fan is.

    • Gorgol says:

      Is sinking EA even possible? O.o

    • Nick says:

      They need players who will keep playing, thats usually the killer of MMORPGs..

    • bleeters says:

      I shouldn’t think it’ll sink the good ship EA in the event of failure. They’ll just do what they always do and jettison women and children over the sides to compensate.

      A better question is whether this will sink Bioware, I’d imagine. That seems far more likely.

  30. Wulf says:

    I knew I’d seen it in alpha with multiple button bars! I thought I was going crazy since they hadn’t featured that since. I was actually wondering if they were moving away from the WoW UI style…

  31. Nick says:

    I think it actually looks like less fun than Galaxies.

    • Wilson says:

      Yeah. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m sure Galaxies looked nicer than this. I had a bit of fun with Galaxies and a Trandoshan shooty guy in a free trial period.

    • DiamondDog says:


      Also, stop mentioning that game.

    • Thunderkor says:

      At least the space combat in Galaxies isn’t on rails.

    • Gorgol says:

      What game should we stop mentioning? Galaxies?

    • woodsey says:

      *comment on wrong place*

  32. dwl says:

    I think they should just stick to making cinematics..

  33. neolith says:

    These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.

  34. MrThrope says:

    Watching that undead warlock and blood elf hunter run around killing mobs in space age Orgrimmar really got my blood pumping.*

    *although to be honest the interactive story arcs look interesting.

  35. Rinox says:

    This looks like a fun game to do together with my friends, with the conversations etc.

    • Erd says:

      Yeah, I hope they can take this conversation model and apply it to a non-MMO co-op game.

  36. Koozer says:

    I honestly thought that was a Galaxies screenshot with some sort of UI mod for a second.

    “WoW style” MMO combat can be fun with a variety of moves to pick from for different situations, and without an overwhelming number of them you can’t even fit on your screen. I thought Champions Online got it pretty spot-on. That video seemed to show Mr. sorcerer using lightning over and over again, with a token shield that he didn’t even need. Oh well.

  37. pakoito says:

    I knew if from the first moment and I kept saying it in every SWTOR thread.

  38. DiamondDog says:

    I know most people here are taking particular delight in panning this game, but as CoD shows the opinions of RPS folk don’t sync with the majority.

    All I’m saying is just because TOR has got a bad reacting from most of you doesn’t mean it’s an instant failure that will ruin EA.

    Obviously I don’t have a crystal ball, I’m just thinking the Star Wars tag might save it. Plus, when people use WoW as a disparaging comparison because it plays to the RPS crowd, it kind of ignores the fact that a rather large amount of people like the WoW way of doing things.

    TOR doesn’t really need us, it needs a few million bored WoW players to see the shiny lights and go take a look.

    • Rii says:

      Speaking as a bored (ex-)WoW player, TOR looks to be several steps backwards in near every respect save BioWare’s dedication to voiceover work and character-based storytelling. The former doesn’t interest me, and the terrible group conversation system compromises the latter.

      But hey: lightsabres.

    • Nalano says:

      The WoW way of doing things was great and accessible… in 2004.

      It is now 2011. There is no excuse.

    • DiamondDog says:

      I’m the same as you really Rii, but I’m talking about the kind of people that still play WoW but also want something else. The people that see a new MMO like Warhammer Online and go take a look because they want something new, then find it’s not WoW and go back to the comfort of Blizzard. If they get people from WoW to try out TOR and they find an experience that is comparable, but essentially with new content, they might get them to stay. I dunno, it’s just a thought.

      You get my point across better than me, though. Lightsabers. That’s all they need.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      You know, the greatest fallacy is assuming that by making a game like wow, it will draw in wow players.

      It does not work that way. People who play wow are already playing wow, not the new game that plays like it or is even inferior. They aren’t likely to leave either.

    • hotcod says:


      wows way of doing things clearly still works well else it would have died already. Other games are innovating that game play true and that’s awesome but STOR always planned on innovating the use of story in mmos. If you don’t like or can’t accept that then it’s not a game for you but it does not make it bad.

    • Arglebargle says:

      WoW is big, because WoW is big. Certain things hit at just the right time and played their cards well. Ebay, Paypal, WoW. Right time right place. WoW is the name that non game players know. EA may be hoping that the Star Wars name will bring in the subs. If they are smart, they will make a high dollar PR campaign as well. But then, it is EA….

  39. f4Ri says:

    Guild Wars 2 stands unchallenged.

  40. thesonglessbird says:

    I think it looks alright, personally. But then, I think MMOs are shit. Although I enjoyed DCUO. Maybe I just hate the geeky ones with fairies and wizards and stuff like that.

    • Rii says:

      Yeah, because Batman is less geeky than Star Wars.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      Yeah, I hate to tell you this, man, but comic books are just as “geeky” as fairies and wizards.

      You’re a geek like us. Deal with it.

  41. Gap Gen says:

    As long as you can visit Space Planet.

  42. papabear says:

    I wonder why RPS wont cover anything about The Secret World.

    Well, Funcom has a bad reputation but they are taking their time to finish the game.. And the features they revealed so far looks fresh and promising.

    I would happily read a TSW coverage rather than a 722th TOR coverage. Not that it is shite but It is pretty boring.

  43. bogeymanuk says:

    Ive been a star wars fanboy for quite literally decades now and I was looking forward to this for the longest time, but perhaps 5 years of playing wow has dulled my excitement for more of the same even if it does have lightsabers. Hopefully they are showing the dullest class to play cos that looked monotonous as fuck the way it was being played.

    And that bike appearing out of nowhere uuuugh! Couldnt they have his ship fly over and drop one off or something, anything?

    Reskinned WOW with ME conversation wheel me no likey :(

  44. InternetBatman says:

    I guess I’m the only person here excited for this. It looks like WoW but more interesting, with a much better story. If you don’t like WoW or MMOs that’s cool, but there’s no reason to repeatedly post negative and predictable opinions just because it’s like WoW. That’s like complaining that Street Fighter doesn’t have enough turn based combat.

    I too would rather see another turn-based single-player KOTOR, but that wasn’t happening either way. Bioware has made it pretty clear that for now they’re done with turn based games, and for the large part, done with tactical combat. They’ve made it extremely clear that they’re about done with licensed games, they didn’t make Kotor II or NWN II. Kotor III was never coming, especially not from Bioware, so the gripes are kind of empty.

    That said, the biggest worry I have is that it looks like classes don’t have enough abilities. That’s a sure-fired way to kill the joy of leveling in an MMO. Ability pacing is something Blizzard, for all their flaws, has done brilliantly. The Sith looked like he was spamming one power when you would have used three in WoW. That’s a big, big problem.

    • Ace McAwesome says:

      Nah mate, I’m excited as well. I played WoW from release until recently, with a couple of breaks when I got bored or too busy. WoW became a bloated, convoluted mess, but I still like the basic system… I like the fact that it’s a game that essentially never ends.

      I’m mainly excited for ToR for the freshness. It’s all new and shiny and Star Wars-y, sure the graphics are pretty meh but they’re not eye numbing shite, just dated. I would’ve preferred modern graphics, but I see the money grab at work and hey, I’ll take it if the gameplay is good. And it looks like it will be, in terms of, if you liked WoW but want something a little different, we made you this cake over here. So have some. It’s tasty.

      Also, auto-play sucks.

    • Betamax says:

      You are not alone. We are out there, waiting, watching.

    • Althilor says:

      You aren’t alone. It is just that many of those actually not being completely cynical and putting 4 and 4 together and making 10 keep quiet in the RPS comments sections regarding this game, and any other Bioware game at the moment.

  45. Burchard says:

    It’s really just standard Bioware dialogue (which isn’t very good). Choose option 1 proceed with a smile. Choose option 2 proceed with a frown. Either way the person you’re talking to pretends that you weren’t an asshole and goes on with his lines.

    However, this time you earn “social” points from being an ass. Which leads you to greater hat options. An innovative ass-hat mechanic if I’ve ever seen one.

  46. timmyvos says:

    Please be a good game so you can begin developing Battlefront 3, it’s one of the best and one of the best-selling Star Wars series and it’s been 6 years since Battlefront 2. With today’s graphics it’d be awesome. And it’d be awesome if they finally developed Republic Commando 2, also one of the best Star Wars games.

    • Erd says:

      Sorry to crush your dreams, but didn’t pandemic join bioware, go broke, and then all the employees went to 343 to make Halo?

    • FakeAssName says:

      close: Bioware conned Pandemic into hoping into the sack with them (and Bono), then once they had most of the high profile star wars developers under one roof, the Bioware guys could get way more money from a EA buyout than what they could if they had been solo.
      However, EA never really gave a shit about Pandemic and fucked them around for a little bit before forcing them into an early release of what they had in development when EA bought them out, then shut them down because of it’s poor performance after they literally had zero marketing for it.
      The head guys at Pandemic got to stick around (probably because they got EA stock options from the buyout, or something like that) but they told everyone else to get the fuck out.

      you can read about it here:
      link to en.wikipedia.org

    • timmyvos says:

      Yeah but that doesn’t mean there won’t be another developer. I read some rumours that Spark Unlimited might be making it but that doesn’t bode well since they developed the god awful Legendary and Turning Point. Here’s hoping they pull this one of better than those. Also Republic Commando was made in-house so they could just hire any developer (but I’d like to see some PC-centric developer do this one since I think it’d be better on the PC). Apart from that I really want a sequel to Empire at War, one of my favourite RTS’s ever.

  47. Serenegoose says:

    Why would I want to play a bioware game where someone can make all the assholey conversation options and have a 50/50 chance of forcing me to go along with it? I mean really. A bioware game now with -less- autonomy? Are you kidding? Honestly the whole WoW thing doesn’t really bother me at all but that does.

    • Masked Dave says:

      Well then don’t play with that person. You aren’t being forced to team up.
      Also, if you’re playing with a Sith Lord, you can’t be surprised if they choose the arsehole option.

      And you still get the points as if your option had been chosen, so from a game mechanic point of view nothing is different.

    • hotcod says:

      Pick a class that will have skills to influence the dialogue rolls then. I actually like the idea that you if you pick up a random group you have to be willing to deal with choices those people want to make. If you are bothered then do what you’d do in real life and bring along a group you trust. It’s an really interesting dynamic. I also get the feeling that for the quests related directly to your character you will either be doing those alone or be the only one making a choice if you bring some help along.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      @hotcod – “do what you’d do in real life and bring along a group you trust”

      I am also horrified by the idea that I’d go through all the effort of doing a quest and then randomly have to go with someone else’s choices (as in the video – the only player input was killing the NPC, everything else randomly went to the second player, who obviously had different ideas about where the conversation should go), with no recourse to anything because I can’t do what I’d really do in real life – argue or respond to the other player’s choice.

      I mean, it’s not like the player actually asked the agent character to help out, they just seemed to jump in, and then the mission the player started basically gets railroaded into being the other player’s gig, with you as support. I can see this becoming a popular form of griefing, where someone with a character strong in dialogue influence, helps out a random player, then makes terrible choices that screw up that random player’s character, just for the lulz.

  48. Gorgol says:


  49. Masked Dave says:

    Looks so much better than Galaxies, that’s for sure.

  50. bill says:

    I seem to be alone in thinking the Group Conversations system is a nice one.

    But other than that, it looks dull dull dull. mindless tasks, trekking about, killing small groups of sandpeople over and over. Hardly big and dramatic.

    PS/ What did sandpeople ever do to become the cannon fodder of every star wars game? Poor guys…

    • Hoaxfish says:

      sand-people, jawas, and beeping droids are the only good thing in Star Wars

    • Arglebargle says:

      Everyone knows that Sand People are just Evil Bears!

      Lucas said it! It must be cannon!