Anyone For A Game Of Terraria?

UPDATE: Looks like the server is struggling to handle a lot of people at once. Might reduce playerlimit a bit.

The handsome server admins of Multiplay have provided us with one of their Terraria (1.0.4) servers to play on. I’ve heard that game is popular, so I am sure some of you lot will find time to fill it. The IP is and the password is: rps

Dig, dig for victory! And stuff like that. Details on Multiplay Terraria servers are here.


  1. pblackburn says:

    I’ll bring my golden pickaxe!

  2. Nny says:

    I’ll pop in tonight :)

  3. DSR says:

    I’d like to play it, but usually people are full decked in “epic stuff” already. Items, weapons and so on.
    If someone wants to start over, I’ll be happy to join you. Because I’ve yet to experience this game in its full glory but I feel cheated when playing with geared up people.
    I can host a server if needed too.

    Reply to this message if you’re interested.

    • Squire says:

      Sounds good, i’ll show you the ropes and go at any pace you like, i should insist i bring you a magic mirror though, so as we can teleport to spawn whenever. sound good?


    • Petethegoat says:

      Sounds like it’d be fun.

    • DSR says:

      You can add me on Steam if you wish, I think I’ll start sorting it all out when I get back home from work.

      link to

      ^ Custom url so I can change it later and remove unwanted public link to my profile, clever, isn’t it?

  4. Frantics says:

    trying to get into this, failing so far. keep comparing it to minecraft and finding it lacking in most areas i care about (not items). i know i shouldn’t but can’t help it, blame the hype and the similar concepts. wish the inherent mechanics and clicking were more satisfying, or you could build cool surreal stuff like in minecraft, 2d is pretty limiting. does sound like it gets a lot better once you properly get into it, please tell me you get a pickaxe that does more than 1 block at once
    @DSR: I’d probably be up for that, my character hasn’t really found anything useful yet, just have wood etc.

    • Meat Circus says:

      Think Metroidvania, not Minecraft.

      Exploration is the key.

    • Frantics says:

      Hmm, nice that does sound like a better mindset to have going in, loved those 2 games on the SNES. will attempt to block out all thoughts of minecraft and appreciate what’s there. so far it is true that the best bits have been when i’ve been jumping around and suddenly found cool actually defined things out in the world. which usually then kill me. building little villages also awesome

    • DrGonzo says:

      I would say that is quite misleading. It’s very much 2d Minecraft, with more game. There are elements of metroidvania in there, but it would be quite a stretch to describe is as that kind of game.

    • Highstorm says:

      Meat Circus has it right. If you go into Terraria with a Minecraft mindset of building fantastic, wondrous things, you are bound to be disappointed and, honestly, miss out on what the game is offering. It is very much about the exploration, combat, adventure and “powering up” of your character.

    • Hematite says:


      I felt much the same way – the differences between Minecraft and Terraria push me slightly onto the side of Minecraft, but I really appreciate the direction both games are going in. I can see the attraction of the platform game combat and gear tiers of terraria, but I blew through the available content far too quickly without ever really connecting with it. I know the developers released it earlier than they wanted, and I look forward to starting a new character when it’s got more meat on its bones.

      The thing I really love about both games though is that they point the way to a future where I can be fully engaged by the world of Dwarf Fortress. I’ve followed its development for a few years, and even managed to play through a couple of games; enough to understand the possibilities it offers. The best games I’ve ever played, bar none, are the games I IMAGINE I playing in Dwarf Fortress without being constantly rebuffed by the interface.

  5. Meat Circus says:

    You shall have MY AXE.

  6. KauhuK says:

    Server went down :(

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    It should restart automatically if it crashes for any reason. If it stays down for any length of time please poke me for a reboot.

    • Squire says:

      Poke? seems to have been down for a few mins now. Also did you get my email about Black Mill Tapes Vol. 2?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I did, and I follow them on Twitter!

      Also: rebooted.

    • Squire says:

      Aw right, cool, i just cant get into twitter or facebook for some reason.


  8. Jacksie says:

    Lol, that didn’t last long…

    At least we defeated Eater of Worlds!

  9. man-eater chimp says:

    It’s fun as everyone has waaaaay better stuff than I do!

  10. Squire says:

    Should there be a cap on it? To stop the crashing?

  11. nokill says:

    seems to be supper laggy and offline again
    at least i got a little castle going :P

  12. Koojav says:

    Is Terraria good in multiplayer with people you don’t know? Is griefing common/possible?

    • thaspius says:

      Griefing is possible, not sure how common it is. There are more ‘difficult’ blocks to mine later in the game, that can not be mined with a lower level pickaxe. Some of those blocks also damage you… Think box of hellstone around the spawn area…

      I’ve been playing with friends on my own private server, so it doesn’t happen. The servers are rather easy to setup. Forward one port on a router, the server software is free to download from Terraria’s website and doesn’t require an install. Download, unzip, launch and theres a server.

    • Koojav says:

      @thaspius Thanks :)

      Also does Terraria reward cooperiation with other players in any way?

  13. Jam says:

    Hmm, trying to connect but keep getting knocked back with the wrong password. Is it still rps?

  14. Stuart Walton says:

    Might need to consider setting the player count a bit lower.

  15. Tomm says:

    As of 14:05 it seems to be down.

  16. PudgeTheButcher says:

    server port? im new to the ip n crap

  17. Daz says:

    Can’t cnp the ip into the input box in Terraria, rage was initiated! :)

    Played for about 5 mins before it died, boo :(

  18. SilverSilence says:

    Uh we have two unofficial servers you can see in the forums, they pretty much don’t crash at all either.

  19. noom says:

    Crashy crashy crashy. Fun to see that many players on one server while i lasts though.

  20. mondomau says:

    Down dooby do0 down down.

    (It’s down.)

  21. JRB96 says:

    can the world be reset or something now cos theres been so many griefers on it wrecking everything

  22. Boarnoah says:

    Someone make a Castle Shotgun already !

  23. wolfi says:

    can someone please send me the password over terrarria online same name and i was on the server before it gets griefed and i had repair with some other friends the ground an at least the heaven.

  24. Boarnoah says:

    Server seems to be online, but the password was changed? I couldn’t find the new password anywhere T.T

  25. STG Gem says:

    Hey, I remember this server. We got griefed three times, and we rebuilt every time. If the server is still up, I would love to play on it again. I remember building a spawn box made of hellstone and spikes. Couldn’t trust anyone. But, we rebuilt. The ground by three layers of dirt, and the Sky Tower was of constant importance. So, please return the server. I really liked it.