Leap This Way: InMomentum Beta Is On

This is what real life should look like.

Edit: Unbelievably, Digital Arrow’s beta sign up page was just the victim of a flood attack, and 200 sign ups were lost. If you signed up in the last hour or two, you might want to fill in the form again.

Edit again: The computer whizzes have managed to recover all lost entries. There’s now no need to resubmit.

In Momentum, the really splendid jumpy-bouncy game from indies Digital Arrow, has just begun its multiplayer beta. Lots has changed since I last had my hands on code, with a new HUD, difficulty levels, and rebalancing of the movement. And if you want to experience it for yourself (Windows users only) – and I think you ought – head over here and apply. The twenty testers Digital Arrow deem to have been the most helpful in this process will receive a free copy of the game. And make sure to read our preview of what we think could be a smash.


  1. kyrieee says:

    Reminds me a bit of defrag
    edit: actually it doesn’t come close to the same kind of flow =(

    • Desiderium says:

      The video in the old review – is old – as the name suggests. The movement has been heavily revamped as per the feedback of our community. We’ll soon pop up a new video, and you can also apply to the beta to give it a try yourself! :)

    • syntax says:

      That’s what I am worried about, in the videos I have seen there is very little emphasis on buildup of speed or flow, unlike Warsow or Urban Terror.

    • Bhazor says:

      The old trailer was *FAR* too floaty. I’ll wait for this new trailer before I queue up for a beta.

  2. zeroskill says:

    Looks sweet.

  3. gohemis says:

    Is their site down? I keep getting an error when i go there, better not be the “lulz” again…

    However the game looks cool.. Looks..

    • Desiderium says:

      Already on it.

    • johnpeat says:

      Yeah, websiteynoworky…

    • Desiderium says:

      The beta signups are back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      We lost some of the recent signups (that happened during the past 1 hour), therefore if you signed up in this period, please submit again to insure that you’ve applied.

  4. Farkeman says:

    As an veteran Hide and Seek(counter-strike mod) player I really hope to get in to the beta .

  5. Edward F. says:

    I tried to get on the website, and it said I was forbidden on both the main and beta sites. Good thing I have the ACLU on speed dial.

    • tanith says:

      Yep, it gives me a 403, too.

    • akaleus says:

      Still giving me a 403. :( Looks really sweet though.

    • Desiderium says:

      The 403 now is just a quick fix that we’re putting in to prevent an issue that happened earlier. No worries. This time it’s us. :) A couple of minutes and all is in place.

  6. Vexing Vision says:

    So what’s the status on the much more interesting (to me) RPG stuff? :)

  7. porps says:

    looks like defrag but without the blinding speed. Think i’ll stick with defrag, i’m not a fan of floaty physics.

  8. porps says:

    i have indeed. Still looks slow, though admittedly a little less floaty. Lets face it though, no unreal engine ever achieved the fluidity of movement that you found in the quake 3 engine. this does look like a marked improvement though.

  9. Hoanui says:

    Yeah, the current video makes the game seem very easy to play overall, due to the relatively slow speed and very floaty jumps, but I’ll reserve hopes for it, by basically assuming the videos are beginner’s gameplay footage, and that at higher levels of skill, the game is actually much faster.
    Also, does the game have a double jump feature, because it looks like it from the gameplay.
    PS: The game’s “slow down time” feature is probably contributing to the negative responses about it, by making it look even slower.