Planetside Next Unveil At SOE Fan Faire?

Earlier in the year we were being told to look forward to a Planetside Next reveal in “March”, but that month happened, and there was no new MMOFPS from Sony. They’ve had other things to worry about, I suppose. That might explain the recent tweet by John Smedley which said: “For all you Planetside Next fans stay tuned for a big announcement at our upcoming Fan Faire in Vegas!” Hmm! That’s just a couple of weeks away, on July 7-9. I – and all of you who forwarded me the link – suspect that this could be the big reveal we’ve been waiting for.

Nervously excited about this one. Fingers crossed for something brilliant, eh?


  1. Anton says:

    Cancellation? =P

  2. Khann says:

    GAL drops for all!

  3. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Fingers crossed, indeed. Planetside was way ahead of its time – and, to a degree, the technology needed to really pull it off.

  4. Ralud says:

    I’m awaiting a pleasant surprise.

    • Dana says:

      Its SOE, await a steaming pile of shit, and you might get surprised :D

  5. dsi1 says:

    Thumbs crossed!

  6. Hawek says:

    Personally, I’ve never played original PlanetSide, but depending on what I’ve heard, this was very, VERY interesting game, so… Let’s wait and see.

    • 200proof says:

      You can get a 15 day free trial from SOE. No card or anything required. It will be enough to whet you appetite. I just use those when ever I need a fix. It’s too bad they killed ps:reserves. I remember playing that in highschool. It kept the servers populated.

    • Gaff says:

      I believe the PlanetSide trial program was cancelled some time ago. Right now there is no way to play other than buying it and subscribing.

      All former subscribers with inactive accounts can get a free 45 days of game time as part of the recent Sony debacle though. You just need to go into your Sony account and activate it.

  7. Ovno says:

    Here’s hoping…

  8. Jorum says:

    I played a lot of Planetside. Often it could be a bit repetitive (if still fun shooter), but the experience-point levelling made it seem you were at least progressing.
    But at moments it really shone like nothing else.
    A few people fighting a desperate last stand against the odds which you knew was futile but fought tooth-and-nail for anyway out of bloody-minded stubbornness and pride. Then, at the last moment a dropship screams in, reinforcements drop from the sky and the attack is turned. And you felt like a fucking hero.

    I think one of main issues with Planetside was perversely the map was too big. It tended to mean players ended up distributed too thin among bases and the battle-line concept didn’t gel.
    And of course some people just gave up on hard fights and just went and captured an empty base for easy XP.

    If new one can make territory and base holding more critical and generate a real sense of battlefronts etc it could be amazing.

    • Dachannien says:

      That’s why they introduced the “lattice” system (I don’t remember how long after release they added it, but it wasn’t in to start with). The lattice essentially defines which bases can and can’t be captured, so that even though the maps are huge, most of the action tends to be focused in bases and in the areas between bases held by opposing factions.

      SOE handed out 45 days free to all current and former subscribers after the Anonymous hacks, and it’s really done wonders for the server population.

      (BTW – capturing an empty base doesn’t grant you easy XP. Base cap XP is based on the amount of fighting that goes on in the base between the hack and the cap, so if there’s no resistance, you’ll get a really small reward. Besides, you’ll get a lot more XP from combat kills than you will for the cap itself.)

    • ZephyrSB says:

      Wait…wuh…eh? A 45 day pass for former subscribers? Why didn’t I hear about this? Better go suit up for my Thunderer and prepare for another thunderstorm…. wonder how long I have left…
      See you on the battlefield!

  9. Surgeon says:

    This makes waiting up until 3.30am, and sitting through all the dross from the Sony presentation at E3 for the briefest glimmer of a reveal, totally worth it.

    Ever since playing PS, I’ve been searching and hoping for a game to achieve even half of its scale and ambition.
    And 8 years laters here we are, with only PlanetSide 2 offering the faintest hope of bettering the original experience.

    For anyone who missed it, there was the briefest hint of a name change to PlanetSide 2, and a small indication of a map/continent/who knows what, last month:

    link to

  10. Nick says:

    They should have laid Smed off instead of all the poor workers, bet his salary would cover a lot of theirs.

  11. pblackburn says:

    Planetside – The only MMO I’ve ever truly loved.

  12. NaFola says:

    Planetside really struck a chord with me when it first came out. It’s one of the few games that I wish I could go back and experience as new all over again. Something about it just pulled you into the world and made you feel a part of it. There was nothing quite like the feel of jumping into the game, spawning your vehicle, and tearing off to meet the enemy in battle. And boy were there battles. From small skirmishes on towers, to full blown assaults on bases heaving with enemy units. Unfortunately though, it did lack something in the progression area. Whilst you could improve your player by earning XP, it still all felt rather pointless in a way. Also the expansion pack (core combat) was a real let down, and didn’t add anything to the game for me. I still can’t help but want to play it all over again though.

    I’m hoping they do something special with it, because there are not many games that stick in my memory as much Planetside.

    • NaFola says:

      hmm, just looked on the planetside universe site, and apparently the aircraft picture in this article is actually a Reaver? What the hell? It looks like a Mosquito. Reavers had VTOL type engines sticking out to the side, and looked a lot meatier and stronger than the mosquito (as they actually were). Also the horizontal stabilisers were angled downward, rather than upward, so as neither of the pictures on PSU actually have that, i’m hoping someone has made a mix up in the images and neither is a Reaver.

      Of course it could all fit once in game either way, but the Reaver was my favourite aircraft, just ahead of the Galaxy.

  13. Jorum says:

    As long as I can get some purple armour and a wicked Vanu rifle I’ll be happy.

  14. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    I can’t seem to find the write-up detailing the Planetside battle where RPS lost to Escapist…

    Care to provide a link?


  15. aircool says:

    Positive: Best online game ever.
    Cynical: Which SOE still managed to ruin
    Optimist: PS2 (or whatever it’s gonna be called) is gonna be ace.
    Pessimist: It will be cancelled or crap.
    Realist: Please be ace, please be ace, please be ace, pleeeeeeeeaaasssseeee SOE. Don’t fuck this one up ><

  16. PlayerofGames says:

    I am unreasonably excited about this. 7 years of daily gaming later and I still look back at my time in Planetside (WNx Sentinels HOORAH) as the greatest gaming time of my life. The game itself was ok, but the opportunities it provided for teamwork and both micro- and macro- tactical thinking have yet to be matched in any game to this day. SOE is a trainwreck of a company that makes trainwreck games, but if Planetside 2 can hold a candle to its predecessor I will be there on day 1 with cash in one hand and a Lasher in the other.