Check Out My Rig: Trucks & Trailers Demo


It’s not professional to criticise my colleagues in public, but sometimes a line has to be drawn. It was my day off on Friday, and I entrusted Rock, Paper, Shotgun entirely to the others. And yet no one – NO ONE – bothered to report news of a 30 minute demo for Trucks & Trailers. I can only apologise. And sob. Fortunately I’m here now.

What a half an hour it is. There’s parking trucks, parking trucks, reversing trucks to park them, and parking trucks. Or, if you’re me, within about fifteen seconds deliberately detaching your own trailer and seeing if you can tip it over.

There’s three difficulty levels, each requiring a higher standard of trucking. And boy, does it heap on the praise when you do well:

“EXCELLENT! That was awesome! Perfectly clean and really fast. Congratulations, you truly deserve the top award.”

Of course, it gets equally as angry when you mess up:

“You have failed to accomplish this task to pro standard! A real pro should not make any mistakes.”

I’m sorry truck parking simulator : (

What an odd thing. Odder still are the graphics, that look as though they would be good if someone hadn’t smeared a thick layer of petroleum jelly across your windscreen. Strange, blurry world.

You can test your own trailer-wielding skills for a free half hour (such generosity!) here.


  1. clive dunn says:

    This game would undoubtably benefit from a Dirt2 style trailer home menu system. The player could have a dump, cook up a bacon n egg butty and then maybe answer the phone when your boss wants you to take some office chairs to Doncaster.

    • Bennus says:

      I did rolf

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      You have a WHOLE floor dedicated to laughing? Wow.

    • MD says:

      In my house, the Laughing Floor lies directly beneath the Angry Dome.

    • MinisterofDOOM says:

      A few years ago I saw fit to combine my Laughing Floor and Angry Dome into a Mania Chamber. I haven’t looked back. Neither feels complete without the other these days.

  2. Lacessit says:

    I won’t have any truck with that.

    I’ll get me coat.

  3. Chris Evans says:

    I wasn’t impressed with it, it certainly lacks the freedom of the world offered by the full-on UK Truck Simulator style game. Speaking of which, Euro Truck Sim 2 is currently in development, and it looks pretty darn nice!

    • Land says:

      I am actually looking forward to Euro Truck Sim 2, for some reason I played German Truck Simulator for many many hours. Do I need help? Why do I have this weird obsession for hauling freight across Germany?

    • luckystriker says:

      Indeed that is good news. Euro Truck Sim was one of my guilty pleasures, although it got old kind of fast.

  4. lurkalisk says:

    I have yet to properly learn the ancient Truck/Trailer Pro Standard™. I shall not even disgrace this gauntlet with my stench…

  5. mbp says:

    Yes but is it good enough to compete with the timeless classic “Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing”?

  6. westyfield says:

    I like trucking.

  7. metalangel says:

    I love trucking games… however, the best still seems to be the now-ancient Hard Truck 2.

    The 18 Wheels of Steel games are fun but it’s just been baby steps from 18WOS: Across America seven years ago to 18WOS: American Long Haul (the current one).

    UK Truck Simulator is cack. It’s very clearly Euro Truck Sim with a slight modification to make everything drive on the left, as it’s filled with road signs and markings not found in the UK. The map is cack, with the motorway junctions bearing absolutely no resemblance to their real-world counterparts, huge mountains in East Anglia, and London is a tiny cluster of maybe 3 streets that can only be entered from the north (the M4 abruptly ends at the M25, meaning a huge, lengthy trip around).

    I had high hopes for the long-overdue Rig n’ Roll but I read a few descriptions of the gameplay on forums that put me right off.

  8. Danorz says:

    can i murder prostitutes, though?

    • johnpeat says:

      Only if you’re a journalist desperate to get a laugh from ANYONE>…

  9. Lukasz says:

    Can you pick up prostitutes and then murder them?

    without that the sim part will be somehow lacking.

  10. Henke says:

    The only trucking simulator worth bothering with is – without a doubt – the mighty TRICKY TRUCK!

  11. lhzr says:

    what’s with all the prostitute murdering talk?
    that’s not what truckers do. here’s an educational video about them that should clear things up a bit: link to

  12. Olero says:

    And some nice music to truck with: link to

  13. metalangel says:

    Also this: link to