Ocarina of Mine: Zelda Adventure

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bone
Legend of Zelda Minecraft! GameInformer gameinforms us that Minecraft modders Gary520 and Spirale have been working on a Zelda mod that is as close to a proper game as anything yet made in Notch’s blocky world. The trailer after the jump promises familiar locations, eight dungeons, over 10 hours of play and 20 weapons. There’s even a shield for batting away baddies.

Naturally, Gary 520 is still working on it but you can download the unfinished mod over at the Minecraft forums and get five of the dungeons and whatever else has been completed so far.


  1. CaspianRoach says:

    I’m not as hyped as you, probably because Zelda is a console game and I own zero of these playmachines.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      You really are missing out, most of the games in the Zelda series are fantastic.

      Also *cough* emulator *cough*.

      I would start with Link to the Past rather than the two that came before, you don’t miss anything as each game is mostly independent and the first two have not aged as well.

    • Okami says:


    • Gnoupi says:

      Play Darksiders.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Darksiders is a similar game I’ll agree, but it is nowhere near as good.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Windwaker was here. All other action/adventure games are dildos.

    • Chuck84 says:

      Get a Link to the Past(SNES) and Ocarina of Time(N64, recently released on the 3DS), both are absolute classics. The rest are pretty good in general, but fall short of these 2 masterpieces.
      Emulators are your friend here.

    • pipman3000 says:

      hahahaha you’re a pc fanboy lol that’s hilarious

    • Groove says:

      Immense, Link to the Past is still one of my all time favourites.

    • shinygerbil says:

      Psychopomp is correct.

      Wind Waker. If you ain’t Wind Waker you ain’t nothin’.

      Honourable mention goes to Link’s Awakening. Better than LTTP in my opinion.

    • TheApologist says:

      Link to the Past and Windwaker are two of the best experiences I have had with videogames. They are wonderful.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      @shinygerbil: I might have to get Link’s Awakening on the 3DS virtual console when I am done with Ocarina of Time 3D then…

    • Plivesey says:

      I highly recommend Link’s Awakening DX from the 3DS Store, and maybe if you have a DS with GBA capabilities (or even a GBA!) you should pick up a cheap copy of ALttP with Four Swords. Or wait for that to arrive on the 3DS.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      They seem to have no plans for GBA games on the 3DS virtual console at the moment, only GameBoy and GameBoy Colo(u)r. Shame as I would re-buy* LttP in a flash, and if they ported it properly with a new UI for the dual screens like they did with OoT it would be even better.

      *I have the GBA version but that would mean getting my old DS out of the drawer…

    • Farsearcher says:

      You might want to try Alundra as well – it was on the original playstation. A top down Zelda like game but with a stronger and darker story than any of Zeldas various incarnations

    • Antsy says:

      We are more hyped than you, because we love games.

    • Wulf says:

      Nintendo gave me Twilight Princess. A game that even many agree is either the first or second best of the series.

      I will hear no ill spoken of Zelda. To me it’s like hearing ill spoken of Okami. Borne of ignorance!


      Speaking from experience, TP was darker than Alundra. :p

    • Joof says:

      Twilight Princess as one of the best in the series? I would take OoT, MM, WW, and LttP over it probably, putting it only ahead of the Nintendo Originals.

      Okami was amazing though.

    • The Sentinel says:

      Sorry to break the Zelda-love here, chaps (and chapesses) but I really didn’t get on very well with Ocarina of Time. It bored me half to death. And that sodding fairy-light thing….! (Arrrgh! Will you SHUT UP!) I later tried Wind Waker and found that a bit yawnsome too. Presumably not my cup of tea.

    • Wulf says:


      Yeah, but that’s one opinion and one that I don’t feel I need to counter. The prevailing feeling according to the Zelda fans I’ve seen (and reviews/opinions regarding the games around the Internet) is that Twilight Princess really revitalised the series by doing something new with it. Wind Waker almost killed it by going back to more typical Zelda values with cell-shading.

      Not to mention that Twilight Princess was the first Zelda game to have a story. The first! So of course it’s going to be the best according to my personal views, because I value story. It actually had a story! And characters! It had characters too! Midna was more personable than the entire history of Zelda characters combined. It just overall had a better world, it felt like someone was passionate about putting together a storied world.

      Past Zelda games just felt like an excuse for a game. And that’s fine. But Twilight Princess was the very first to really take it beyond that, to propel it far above its predecessors and set a new standard for what a Zelda game can be. And like I said, plenty feel that way. When the game reviewed, there were reviewers saying that they couldn’t decide whether TP or Ocarina of Time was their overall favourite, now, and none of the others got a look in.

      The reason why is obvious and has been stated.

    • Wulf says:

      @The Sentinel

      It sounds like, as was my case, that you quickly got fed up with its twee quaintness and how shallow the games were (and they were incredibly shallow) beyond being good games. They had fantastic dungeons, enjoyable gameplay mechanics, but damn, they were not games where one could stomach being for any amount of time. Plus, there was just no story there, it was typical Nintendo nonsense.

      In Twilight Princess, Zelda is kick ass, for one, she actually has a storyline, and she even SPOILER dies (sort of) SPOILER ENDS. I was kind of sick of how all Nintendo games had had women in a very weak role, but in Twilight Princess, both Zelda and Midna were very strong characters, very wilful. And I respect that. So where you disliked past Zelda games and their very, very olde worlde values, you may enjoy Twilight Princess, as I did.

    • adahn6 says:


      I actually disagree with your sentiments entirely. Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, and Link’s Awakening all contained fantastic stories. I thought TP was a huge step back, in that the story and world were rather dull in their presentation.

      Also. Zelda never having had a kick-ass storyline? Idk about you, but I thought her role in Ocarina solidified her place as one of the most bamf female characters in gaming O-o

  2. mashakos says:

    why doesn’t minecraft have a browser client? Will not touch it until then. No point in spending quality gaming time on a huge time sink, but can justify quick sessions while browsing the web.

    • CMaster says:

      Errrm, it does? It’s even linked from the minecraft.net front page…

    • CaspianRoach says:

      It’s a classic mode, very early release including zero of interesting features. I think.

    • CMaster says:

      Nope, both classic and beta are playable in-browser.

      Go to Minecraft.net, look to thet right of the video, where it says “play beta” and underneath “Download” “Play in Browser”

    • The Sentinel says:

      “No point in spending quality gaming time on a huge time sink…”

      There’s no point spending time in a game when you could be gaming instead? *scratches head*

    • mashakos says:

      oh, so there is a browser client? cool.

    • BebopBraunbaer says:

      but it is not cloudy right? your progress is stored on your computer (even if you play in a browser) so you cant play your world from different locations unless you have a server.

      correct me if im wrong.

    • CMaster says:

      Correct. Even the web version isn’t exactly a web client – it downloads the java executable and game content to your computer, then runs the Java through your browser’s Java plugin. Hence why noone bothers, as you get better performance when not adding the extra layer of the browser with you.

      You can play your world in multiple locations by taking the savegame with you – you could use a USB key, Dropbox, or one of several minecraft save managers with cloud features. But no, it isn’t supported directly by the game.

    • Urthman says:

      I’ve had no troubles Alt-Tabbing in and out of Minecraft. If you want to play bits of it in between web surfing, I don’t see why you think there would be any advantages to running it in a browser.

  3. lhzr says:

    there’s no way a single guy working for free in his spare time could make a game from minecraft, when mojang, a company with a few million euros in their pockets can barely add a couple of new items every couple of months. no way.

    • poop says:

      there’s no way a single guy working for a nominal fee in his spare time could make minecraft, when mojang, a company with a few million euros in their pockets can barely add a couple of new items every couple of months. no way.


    • MadTinkerer says:

      Yes, there’s no way that Mojang could possibly do more than add a few new items every month. No way they could:

      1) Do a MASSIVE bugfix update and still find time to add a little new content.

      2) Make all the items functional in single and multiplayer when they’re introduced. (Most of the time.)

      3) Work on porting Minecraft to other platforms.

      4) Work on a second game at the same time.

      5) Attend E3.

      6) Do interviews.

      7) Work on massively better stuff than “a few new items” that isn’t ready this month because it takes multiple months to get it in place and test it, etc. (specifically: sky world, adventure mode, etc.)

      So yeah, Mojang don’t do hardly anything.

    • yutt says:


      Good point, Mojang seems much more interested in PR and their next revenue sources than completing and maintaining Minecraft.

      People aren’t upset about what Minecraft is. They are upset at the loss of what it could have been if notch had more of a consistent vision he was driven to reach. Our visions for Minecraft are much grander than his seem to be. He appears to treat the development as a boring obligation rather than something he is passionate about.

      Hopefully the official mod support will bring people with more vision and drive to light.

    • Jeremy says:

      He be trollin’ bro.. he be trollin’

    • Robert says:

      “They are upset at the loss of what it could have been if notch had more of a consistent vision he was driven to reach. Our visions for Minecraft are much grander than his seem to be. He appears to treat the development as a boring obligation rather than something he is passionate about.”

      Well, this is what happens when a million people who buy the game enter the project. More customers, means more customer service etc. . It’s not Notch who pushed the transition from oneman-venture, it was just a necessity. Plus, my interpretation of the fact that he tries to keep himself the main developer of the game, instead of all the new hirelings, suggests that he does like it. But I guess it’s speculation, like your interpretation.

  4. Jumwa says:

    As far as mucking about in Minecraft goes, I think you’ve found the most impressive project I’ve yet to see. I mean… it’s Zelda, not just a still monument or recreation but a playable game-mod? How cool is that? Beats out the giant Enterprise any day.

  5. MuscleHorse says:

    Being shot down by Nintendo in 5, 4, 3, 2…

    • ulix says:

      Not being shot down by Nintendo in 3… 2… 1… EVER.
      Because Nintendo generally is cool with this kind of thing.

      If we’d be talking about Square Enix though… *cough*

    • Roaring Panda says:

      Yeah, they aren’t Activision

    • Duck Puncher says:

      They actually have been shutting down a couple of things recently, though they’re mostly related to Pokemon. They had Apple take down some Pokedex apps, and they C&D’d a few American websites that, I THINK, were releasing leaked information taken from ROMs on the Black and White games as soon as they hit Japan. Oh, they also C&D’d a Zelda fan-made film, though apparently they allowed it to actually be released before they said they’d enforce the C&D, so even then, they were fairly lax.

      Given the millions of Pokemon and Mario hacks and fan games that are still out there, and god only knows what else, and the well-known Mother 3 fan translation, though I’m not sure how much the Mother series is tied to Nintendo, yeah, Nintendo is still nowhere near SE or Activision levels.

    • Wulf says:

      I believed that to be true about Sega until they shot down the Streets of Rage Remake. All something needs to be is popular enough or to make enough money (even through donations) for it to be shot down. :|

    • gwathdring says:

      As long as still get Mario Kart source ….

  6. StranaMente says:

    Can’t seem to log in the forums, just pop here to point out this new video for Amy: link to youtu.be. It has zombiefication and god-rays. You couldn’t ask better.

  7. Oozo says:

    Now that sounded harsh. Let’s put it this way: Is it primary an attempt to re-create Zelda in the Minecraft-engine? Or does it use the possibilities that engine has to offer, so that you get a real “Zelda meets Minecraft”-experience?

    Because, for my money, the first thing is something that I respect; but in the end, it’s more interesting for the builders than me as a player. The latter, however, might be really interesting – it could even be the ultimate “SCREW you Zelda with your ‘You Need Object a) To Proceed’-structure, I dig a hole in the wall instead!” in game form. Even more interesting because, in a lot of ways, the two games are opposites. (Zelda = you see this place? Go get the hook shoot to access it. Minecraft = you can get wherever you want, always.)

    • ulix says:

      Why not do something like: You need this kind of shovel to dig through this kind of object? Could be a viable hybrid.

  8. Koozer says:

    It’s nice he went to all the effort, but I’ve already played the real Zeldas. I don’t want to play a sub-par fan tribute. Another fan tribute.

    • gabbaell says:

      Yeah next time you modders go to all that effort of making something like this, it might be a good idea to run it by Koozer first. Otherwise you might just be wasting your time.

    • Koozer says:

      I’m just saying it’d be nice if it was just the tiniest bit original. the Legend of Zelda isn’t defined by having a boomerang and bombs, it’s the world and its style.
      The mountain of Super Mario, Breakout, Tetris, Zelda, Braid et al clones over on the Game Maker site, and flash game sites to for that matter, doesn’t help my bitter and twisted outlook.
      *goes back to Link’s Awakening*

      EDIT: It does look nice though! The sand pit room looked interesting! I’m not a complete misery guts.

    • Wulf says:

      I won’t blame Koozer for being tired of clones which don’t actually really offer much (or anything) over the original experience, whilst actually providing an experience which is secondary and shoddy by comparison.

      The question is though is whether it’ll actually provide something that goes beyond the Zelda experience, will it be a Zelda & Minecraft gestalt, then a nice ++ on top of that? And if so, why not just call it something else and say that it’s inspired by Zelda?

      I can see where Koozer is coming from, and that’s not being miserable at all.

  9. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    There are some pretty castles!

  10. MythArcana says:

    Two wounded badgers and a frog could get together and belt out more content than Mojang lately…and I don’t think we’ve seen the end to the PC cold shoulder treatment, either. It’s a shame…

  11. SIGSEGV says:

    How, exactly, is this news? I really don’t care about Yet Another Minecraft Mod.

    • The Sentinel says:

      Well it’s a very good thing that RPS isn’t here to pander to your exclusive desires then, isn’t it? This is news to a) Minecraft fans and b) Zelda fans – quite a large cross-section of the gaming community covered there, I would say.

      Top tip: If you don’t like it feel free to move on to threads you do like. That way it won’t sound like you’re whining like a spoiled child.

  12. BathroomCitizen says:

    Damn, this was extra cool!

    Anyway, I’ll wait for the full version to come out before trying it!

  13. Bats says:

    I’m actually super excited for this since the Zelda games have always been a good bit of fun, and these days the only thing that keeps me interested in Minecraft are the mods/adventures that come out for it. This is looking good.

    Wind Waker is still by far my all time favourite Zelda game, followed closely by A Link to the Past on the SNES. Can’t say I cared much for the N64 ones, but I haven’t beaten them. Need to get back to the emulated version with high res textures I have and see if I can push my way through it since it’s supposed to be good…

    • Koozer says:

      I concur. Winder Waker needed more dungeons, but I loved that boat.

  14. Birky says:

    I love the fact that this trailer advertises “3D Grass” as one of its features.
    3D Grass!

  15. Wulf says:

    I’m kind of hoping that this will do something interesting to meld Minecraft and Zelda together into a gooey, cohesive gestalt that makes sense from a gameplay and design perspective. It looks like it might, but then, looks can be deceiving.

    And speaking of looks, for this project to work, they really need a texture person and perhaps a graphical effects person working on this. Minecraft generally looks a lot more vibrant than that. No, I’m not talking about bloom and green (that would be Oblivion), but rather a variety of colours used well.

  16. Brainstrain91 says:

    I”ve been waiting for this mod (well, a mod like this) since the day I bought Minecraft. From the first moment, I saw the potential. Ever since, I’ve been biding my time, waiting, growing stronger, preparing for the day when, at last, I can both punch trees and rescue princesses.

  17. Cryect says:

    Hmm will note that the mod being used is actually developed by me. This is a map for the mod AdventureCraft and there is lots of other interesting maps as well for it.

    link to adventure-craft.blogspot.com