Orc Aye, They Must Die: Trailer

It's not easy being green. Or dead.

Orcs are having a hard time these days. Persecuted everywhere they go and thrown into games and films as the epitome of evil. They just can’t catch a break – they are the poor victims of a McCarthyesque witch hunt. Also, they must die. Robot Entertainment says so. Dan Gril went and had a look at Orcs Must Die earlier this year and found it to be good, if lacking a little complexity. It looks like Robo-Ents is addressing that problem and adding a lot of traps, which you can combine in any number of ways to hopefully create merry carnage. Trailers after the jump. So go on. Jump around.

Fire. Man’s oldest and wisest friend. Here are some slightly older trailers that we haven’t posted yet but are still very silly and fun and make you feel nice inside when filthy orcs die. You monster.

Had enough? Good. Off you pop.


  1. amandachen says:

    Looks like pure fun.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:


      It looks pretty good, I hope they price it accordingly though.

  2. LuNatic says:

    Off-topic: I’d just like to take a moment to question the absurdity of the current Gods and Heroes background advert. What exactly is making that skeletons jaw fall off? The shininess of the hero’s breastplate? How loud the hero is shouting? Waves of body odour blasting out from the hero’s armpits?

    • Robert says:

      It’s cleverly hidden by the skeleton’s arm, so to make it fit for a family website. But he is actually dislocating the jaw by hitting it with his ‘third leg’. I’m familiar with the posture.

    • bowl of snakes says:

      good point, what sort of honorable solder-hero goes picking on a decomposing skeleton that is falling apart by the second! the jaw could have fallen off while the skeleton was trying to surrender to his meaty foe!

    • Jam says:

      Probably the shield he’s just belted him across the face with.

    • karhax says:

      The answer here is quite obvious:
      The skeletons jaw is falling off because he has no skin or muscle to hold it there. The hero just opened an old tomb of some kind and the skeleton fell out. What looks like a brave battle-cry is in fact him screaming like a little girl.

  3. sokkur says:

    Looks fun but I noticed that there are 2 trailers that are exactly the same.

  4. coldvvvave says:

    Plastic crossbow is a bad choice for close-range combat.

  5. Kdansky says:

    Teal / Orange.

    It’s not quite as prominent as some people think, but this game really does it.

  6. Teddy Leach says:

    OK, now I want it.

  7. MonkeyMonster says:

    Looks most fun indeedly!

  8. The Great Wayne says:

    I don’t know why but I just remembered right now – thanks to those trailers – of The Horde. That game was probably one of the eldest ancestor of the tower defense genre, and this game got some kind of similar feel to it.

    Do want.

  9. Ross Angus says:

    So is it true that Orcs are the new Zombies?

  10. Hallgrim says:

    Pity there’s no multiplayer.

  11. Chris D says:

    Did anyone else start feeling sorry for the orcs?

    • Chris D says:

      I guess I’ll take that as a no.

    • sokkur says:

      No, not really… I do feel sorry for them mainly because I love their style of thinking.

  12. Furius says:

    We Scots pronounce “R”s so that headline pun falls flat on its face.

  13. aircool says:

    I hope there’s an option to turn the music off ><

    • skyturnedred says:

      I think they should go full out power metal -mode with the music, perfect orc slaying tunes!

    • SixOkay says:

      I’m deeply troubled (not really) that you don’t like the music, aircool, but yes, we do allow you to turn it off.

  14. mcnostril says:

    That looks way more fun than I was led to believe with earlier previews.

  15. shoptroll says:

    This was a good bit of fun when I played the demo at PAX East. I’m just waiting for a release date and price now.