Brink DLC Will Be Free For Two Weeks

Dakka-dakka! Sound effects there, for you... No problem!
Brink DLC is coming soon. It is called Agents Of Change. That’s it up there in the image. The news about it is this: it will be free on Steam for the first two weeks, say Bethesda, and will appear at some point in July. As previously mentioned, the DLC will include “two all-new environments, five new player abilities, two new outfits, and two new weapon attachments.” (We asked about why it’s not on Steam in the UK, incidentally, and got a “no comment”. It seems to still be missing, so that remains an oddity.)

Anyway, Splash Damage are reportedly still at work on new balancing changes for weapons, and other patch stuff to improve the game. I might knock up an RPS game of this at the weekend, if anyone fancies it. Join the Steam group for clever notifications!


  1. by.a.teammate says:

    I can’t wait to find out more about all these games disappearing from steam, this is the 2nd game i wanted to get on steam that went before i could get it.

  2. Berzee says:

    When you say free for two weeks, does that mean that after two weeks it will not work anymore unless you buy it (so like a trial) — or that you have two weeks in which to download it for free, after which you will own it forever?

    • werix says:

      I think this is a very important question that needs an answer to. I seem to be the only PC fan that liked the game, bu thought it was a little lacking, especially in the map department. If it is free as in you have the first two weeks to grab it permanently and after that pay for it, awesome. If it’s free as in you get to try it for two weeks, well screw that. Please clarify in what way it is free.

    • killmachine says:

      since its announced for free for a long time now, i guess it means that when you download the dlc in this first 2 weeks than its free and you can keep it. after the first 2 weeks you have to pay for it. but thats just a wild guess, could of course be like some sort if trial, too, if you put it that way.

    • qrter says:

      My guess would be that it won’t really matter if you download the DLC in those two weeks, but whether you own Brink within those two weeks. In other words, if you already own the game the DLC is free, otherwise you have two weeks to buy the game and also get the DLC free, after that you’d have to pay for the DLC too.

      It’s pretty confusing, whichever way it turns out to be.

      EDIT: Some guy posted this on Steam’s Brink forum:

      For clarification, according to a Bethesda staff member replying in the Bethblog comments section, “When the content is released, it will be available for two weeks for free. Whether you own Brink or not, it’s available for free. If you don’t download it during that period, you’ll then need to purchase it.”

      So if that’s true, it does rely on a download, but if you have the game installed, it would automatically do that, I guess.

    • Thomas says:

      Actually i think it means the exact opposite, what they mean is that at some point, Bethesda will release the DLC for free on Steam, everyone (whether or not they have the game) can opt to have the DLC.

      But people who don’t install the DLC in that time period will not get it for free.

  3. Njordsk says:

    That game sucked (and still does to me) donkey balls. Lag, CTD, sound problem, aweful feeling, crappy balance…

    The least they could have done is make it free foe the whole time

    • Gundato says:

      All stuff that is getting fixed in patches?

    • Linfosoma says:

      @ Gundato:

      Too bad this still doesnt fix the game not being even remotely like what the preview videos led me to believe.

      Parkour? What for? All levels are corridors?
      Awesome mission based gameplay? It would be if most of the missions weren’t about standing in a place for 15 real life minutes while killing wave after wave of dumb bots with the occasional real player that has absolutely no chanceof winning.
      Character customization? What for? You can barely see the characters in-game anyway, you are always looking at the cluttered HUD anyway.
      And the graphics were rather disappointing too, not than that is very important, but it still remains a fact.

      Brink is no a bad game, it’s just not even remotely what I wanted it to be, which is my bad I admit

    • torchedEARTH says:

      There is other stuff that won’t be so easy to patch such as the body type imbalance and the choke points on certain maps and the horrible mingle player AI.

      There are only two guns worth using – which should be easily changed by patching, but has yet to happen.

      I think you really need to believe this game has some real spark in it before you buy it. Otherwise defer to your favourite online FPS instead. You will save money and ultimately have more fun.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      I really don’t understand the problem people have with the choke points. I’ve beaten every map on both sides. It’s not as hard as people think, as long as you’re smart about your assault and have a moderately balanced team. Choke points are a multiplayer map’s bread and butter. It’s a way to control the flow of battle. TF2’s maps abound with choke points. Although most opt for the most tried and true, there’s plenty of opportunities that work very well. This isn’t an “arena runner” like Q3 or CoD. Think more of payload and capture point. (albeit, class-specific capture point)

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      The body type imbalance can certainly be patched. It’s not impossible. Change health stats and such. They recently added some NetVars to tweak spawn times for maps in future updates. Certain other things, like changing command post locations and redoing maps, would be difficult and bandwidth consuming.

      Also, gun patching has already happened. It happened a few days ago, in fact.

  4. Optimaximal says:

    I’ve heard rumours that it’s disappearance from Steam is very similar to Homefront – that is a brick&mortar/e-tailer has obtained an injuction preventing it’s sale on Steam for a limited time.

    GameGears did have an exclusive on the steelbook Limited Edition. Potential culprits?

  5. Snargelfargen says:

    A patch was released yesterday that tweaked weapons quite a bit. I’m sort of dreading having to acclimatize myself, now that both my fave guns have been nerfed (carb 9 and sea eagle).

    Definitely a move in the right direction though, a lot of guns simply weren’t viable choices.

    • CNCJ says:

      Because of yesterday’s patch I now SUCK at this AWESOME game :-(
      But, yeah. REALLY looking forward to DLC :-)

  6. Vagrant says:

    It’s rather ambiguous from the patch notes if they actually fixed ATI support. I’d really like to give this game a shot, but not when my chances of playing it are 50/50. Also, not sure I want to pay $50.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Unless you’re lucky, no.

      New drivers and updates actually make my framerate even worse.

    • killmachine says:

      the update that was released yesterday did a lot to the ati performance. i have one test spot in one map where i had 30 fps, lowest in the whole game. since yesterday i have 40 in that particular spot.

      every other map runs pretty smooth now. i have a q9400 @2.67ghz, 4gb ram and a ati radeon hd 4870 with 512mb ram. it barely drops below 50fps with 16x anisotropic filter, antialiasing enabled. i have shadows disabled though. i get ~5-10fps more without shadows.

      ati still has its issues though, but there are no more massive frame drops.

  7. Tei says:

    I trought “Agents of Change” was a good sci-fi-ske title, so I googled if theres any book with that title,and I found this.
    What it is? I don’t even — But is much in the style of Brink :D

    “”Agents of change cast burning glances at anything or anyone capable of bearing witness to their condition, their fever of lux et voluptas. I am awake only in what I love & desire to the point of terror – everything else is just shrouded furniture, quotidian anaesthesia, shit-for-brains, sub-reptilian ennui of totalitarian regimes, banal censorship & useless pain.

    Avatars of change act as spies, saboteurs, criminals of amour fou, neither selfless nor selfish, accessible as children, mannered as barbarians, chafed with obsessions, unemployed, sensually deranged, wolfangels, mirrors for contemplation, eyes like flowers, pirates of all signs & meanings.

    Here we are crawling the cracks between walls of church state school & factory, all the paranoid monoliths. Cut off from the tribe by feral nostalgia we tunnel after lost words, imaginary bombs.

    The last possible deed is that which defines perception itself, an invisible golden cord that connects us: illegal dancing in the courthouse corridors. If I were to kiss you here they’d call it an act of terrorism – so let’s take our pistols to bed & wake up the city at midnight like drunken bandits celebrating with a fusillade, the message of the taste of change.”

    H. Bey. (Canada)

  8. mda says:

    Game still runs as an unplayable slideshow on my quad core and 5870 rig.

    -edit- trying new drivers, apparently that will fix it

  9. Linfosoma says:

    Test test (RPS ate my previous comment)

  10. NukeLord says:

    It’s a shame they didn’t fix the problems with the game when people were actually playing it. I’m not sure some free dlc coming some time next month (pushed back from some time this month) is going to do anything to help at this point. A month and a half after release and there are less than a 1000 people playing.

    • Vandelay says:

      Seriously? I have to admit I’m one of those that has not played for quite some time, but that is due to being distracted by The Witcher 2 and deciding to work through my Steam list of unplayed games.

      I thought Brink, after some initial frustrations, was brilliant fun. I can imagine it being even better in an organised team of friends. Definitely needed some patching and a couple of extra maps, but it certainly doesn’t deserve to have lost so many players.

    • Warskull says:

      There aren’t very many servers left either. There are just way to many problems with the game to leave it broken for a month. Even fixed it isn’t exactly a good game, mediocre at best.

      In summary this game says 2 things:
      -Never buy anything with the Splash Damage logo again
      -Never buy anything with the Bethesda logo at launch, wait for the GOTY edition that comes with the DLC and the mods that fix their screw-ups.

    • Thants says:

      Never buy anything with the Splash Damage logo again because it has a few problems at launch? Christ, gamers are fickle.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Games like Shogun 2 are stomping BRINK into the ground. Here’s some surprising numbers from Steam’s “Peak Today” player stats. (btw, you can find these by clicking on the “Gamers Online” graph right above your “friend activity” panel on the Store page)

      1,099 R.U.S.E
      1,142 BRINK
      1,315 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
      1,014 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Game of the Year Edition (and that’s just Steam)
      4,046 Day of Defeat: Source
      3,781 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (singleplayer)
      2,178 Killing Floor
      2,197 Left 4 Dead
      7,632 Total War SHOGUN 2

      Here’s the Top Ten (top ten are ranked by “current players”, these are their “peak today” numbers)

      69,241 Team Fortress 2
      61,350 Counter-Strike
      63,774 Counter-Strike: Source
      19,440 Terraria
      27,234 Football Manager 2011
      33,419 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Multiplayer
      15,983 Sid Meier’s Civilization V
      25,532 Call of Duty Black Ops – Multiplayer
      13,162 Left 4 Dead 2
      8,104 Spiral Knights

      It makes sense to offer the DLC for free. It would also make sense to do a concurrent big Steam sale to push numbers up. A lot has been fixed and it’s still a fun game, but I think it’s difficult for people to understand. They think in TF2 terms (staying as the same class a lot of the time), or they think in CoD terms (Rambo to the objective). Neither really work. Enemy Territory has it’s own little take that is nuanced and needs to be understood on its own. Then, atop that, you have the parkour elements and body types that add an extra layer of complexity.

      I remember reading a SD dev saying, “if you’re spending most of you’re time shooting, you’re playing it wrong.” And in many ways, that’s true. Just racking up kills isn’t gonna get you anywhere. Capturing posts helps your team and disadvantages the other team, yet many players largely ignore them, costing their team in the process. So many players don’t take advantage of alternate routes and climbing aove, opting for the most obvious route and sticking to the ground level.

      I don’t know if this is SD’s fault for not explicitly and constantly hand-holding the player with what to do, or the player-base’s fault for being horrendously ignorant to the fundamental game mechanics of what they are playing, or what. Either way, a lot of players got frustrated for various gameplay and technical reasons (for me, half the maps had sound and/or invisible player bugs at launch) and gave up, calling the game a turd. (still loved the game, despite its bugs) It is a strongly competitive game, at its core, and maybe that’s why it’s so difficult for so many to pick up. Who knows…

      One thing I do know is that this feels, unfortunately, like a repeat of Quake Wars. Server and player counts dropping off rather sharply, whereupon a dedicated and hardcore membership resides. This isn’t terrible, but it isn’t exactly conducive to a robust community and leaves the playerbase somewhat stagnant. I could always find a game in ETQW, but not quite as easily as TF2.

      SD should have had an open beta to catch the bugs. Seriously annoying bugs. Playing an online FPS without sound isn’t much fun, and it happened to a VERY large percentage of the playerbase. They also should have tried to reel in the hype by explaining that SP was mulitplayer with bots. I feel like the launch would have gone over better if they had, and maybe they could have saved some face as well as some of their playerbase/customers.

  11. Turin Turambar says:

    Lol. First they announce “DLC will be free!”. And now they say it will be only free the first two weeks? Nice bait & switch.

  12. Lilliput King says:

    Confused, possibly disappointed. What does “free for two weeks” actually mean? Like some kind of trial? That’s not what they promised.

    I still think the game offers something no other games do at the moment, but I do wish they’d get their bloody act together.

  13. woodsey says:

    “We asked about why it’s not on Steam in the UK, incidentally, and got a “no comment”.”

    Amazing customer care right there. If there is a problem with a legal technicality or whatever, JUST F*CKING SAY SO. Don’t leave people pissing in the wind.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      If there is an NDA (nondisclosure agreement), then, legally, they can’t say anything except “no comment.” I horrendously despise the lawyerly black arts that birthed the concept of the NDA into the public business sector.

  14. Vandelay says:

    Strange way to release DLC, but I assume it is a way to please early buyers. I also imagine that Splash Damage wanted the DLC for free and this is the compromise with Bethesda.

    Will certainly join in with some RPS Brinkage. Had a lot of fun with the couple games I played on the RPS server.

  15. ChiefOfBeef says:

    Is there a consensus yet that paid DLC is killing games? Items and clothing I could just about tolerate, but maps? No mod or map-making scene either.

  16. jon_hill987 says:

    OK, so if I can’t get Brink on Steam in the UK when the DLC comes out I will have to pay for it assuming it even shows up at some later date.

    The game is nearly dead already and crap like this will not help matters. I honestly wish I had not bought Brink now.

    • ChiefOfBeef says:

      Without wanting to make it look like we agree on everything; I agree. I had high hopes but the business model being pursued combined with the actual game being neglected mean I also wish I had not bought it, let alone pre-ordered it.

      I think they should look again at the Team Fortress 2 model and support the game extensively through free content updates and comprehensive bug and balance fixes before they even consider micro-transactions.

  17. DerShcraa says:

    I really WANT this game to do well, because it’s the only choice if you want a TF2-alike without DOTA elements (aka Monday Night Combat), and it’s more fun too, for me.
    But the performance of the engine is beyond horrible.
    I bet it’s more AMDs fault than Splash Damages and i can’t run Catalyst 1.6 because of BSOD troubles.

    • Noviz says:

      I disagree. I doubt the drivers are to blame. Obviously the situation is a lot more complicated then we know but why would other high graphics games run perfectly well when Brink doesn’t. If there was a serious issue with the drivers it would show up in other games too surely?
      But did Splash Damage not test Brink at all?! The game plays like it’s in an Alpha or very early Beta state. They should have worked with AMD (if it is driver related) to iron out the serious issues with their range of graphics cards before release. The game is good, but just like ETQW it runs like ass when its first released which therefore results in players leaving for other multiplayers.

  18. suibhne says:

    This is a bit crazy. Brink is a shell of a great game with lots of problems that still need to be ironed out. The biggest problem, tho, is the rapidly declining player base – no doubt largely due to the game’s rough state at (and shortly after) release. Bethesda/SD should be releasing DLC for FREE, permanently, in order to drum up interest in the game and give an impression of long-term support/commitment. Instead, this bizarre, confusing approach just serves to further alienate.

  19. Sigh says:

    The comments here make me a little disheartened (not because of the writers but due to the facts they contain). I was one of those individuals that had the OpenGL CTD for the first month of the game’s life (though I believe it is fixed now) so I decided to wait it out and jump in after a series of patches inject more stability. If the comments upstream are true–i.e. dwindling player-count to around a 1,000 and vanishing servers, and now DLC that is only free for 2 weeks–I cannot imagine myself jumping back in at this point. The remaining playerbase will be comprised of hard-core players that really know their shit and my noobishness will not mix well.

    I am also finding it hard to justify investing time in Brink when I recently discovered what pure joy Section 8: Prejudice is and I always have Bad Company 2 to fall back on since that is a stalwart.

    This game is starting to rank up there with Elemental: War of Magic as one of the worst pre-order decisions I have ever made and will probably be the game that prevents me from ever pre-ordering again.

    Also, the term “Mingle Player” is so fucking annoying.

  20. batmantis says:

    How was Enemy Territory such a good game and Brink is so terrible? ET was free too.

    • killmachine says:

      i guess games were a bit different 8 years ago.

    • Thants says:

      Because it isn’t? I mean, bugs and launch screw-ups are one thing but that doesn’t make it a terrible game.

    • Noviz says:

      To be honest, and in my opinion, the reason why Enemy Territory was (and still is) popular was:
      It was free
      It ran amazingly well on pretty much any hardware
      The game was simple… 5 classes with only one or two weapons with the exception of Soldier. For an average joe player who just wants to get into and play the game he doesn’t want to mess around picking and customising weapons like you need to in Brink.

      Obviously these aren’t the only reasons but I would say they are some of the biggest.

      Enemy Territory was essentially a mod of RTCW (sort of…) It just seems Splash Damage are incapable of making a full game. ETQW was good but suffered from many of the same problems as Brink. Brink itself is also good but runs like ass on a huge variety of hardware. As I have said in my other post on here, it seems that SD haven’t done any testing on Brink. It plays like its at Alpha stage of testing still…

  21. Bungle says:

    Brink died a swift death about two weeks after its release. I checked the Steam player numbers last night and 400 people were playing WORLDWIDE. No amount of patches can fix this. The only thing they could do at this point would be to make the game free. And even that probably wouldn’t increase its player numbers by much.

    • Tei says:

      The game is not that bad. I say is a decent game. The only reasonable explanation is that people play games that already know, and new games must be really good to break that. Or that you have read it wrong.

    • Noviz says:

      Tei I disagree and agree at the same time with you.
      Obviously Brink still needs a lot of work on it to fix many of the frame rate problems users are having. Moreover the balance of the game still seems off. So yes, to get people to continue playing these problems should have been solved during testing and therefore the released version would have been good and free of bugs.

      However I do disagree with this:

      “The only reasonable explanation is that people play games that already know”

      The fact is that on launch there was around 17,000 people playing online. Players obviously wanted to play the game and were willing to try something new instead of COD 20 or something. So “play games that already know” is kind of wrong in my opinion as the playerbase was there. To be honest from 17,000 to 400 means there is a serious problem with the game itself.

  22. Oak says:

    I don’t understand the logic behind paid DLC for a multiplayer game with a playerbase this size.

  23. Noviz says:

    It’s nice to see constant updates but it would be even nicer to see some fix for ATI Graphics Cards getting terrible fps. Obviously there is something seriously floored with either the drivers or the game, or they would have fixed it by now… and to be honest I doubt its the drivers as ETQW played like crap when it first came out too (is it just Splash Damage that aren’t capable of making a full game???)… It would be interesting to see how much they tested Brink and how many different hardware specifications they used. The game just stinks of lack-luster testing. A fundamental problem of crap frame rates for a huge percentage of your customer base should have been picked up in testing on the first day… wtf were they doing?

    Frankly a game which pretty much exists solely for online play and therefore relies on clan competition, you would have thought they’d have released a development kit on release of the game…

    As for the actual game, it’s pretty good… sadly its just unplayable at its current state for a huge percentage of potential players and thats killing it.