Eve Online In Crisis: The EG Coverage


Eve Online’s player base is currently ANGRY. The above image is of a riot that took place this Friday in Jita, one of the virtual universe’s biggest trading hubs, and this thread on the official forums is keeping track of all the subscriptions that have been cancelled in protest- some 4,500 so far.

Why all the rage? In short, CCP are dragging the game in a direction the players are deeply uncomfortable with. I know all this because I’ve just finished reading Eurogamer’s sterling coverage of what they’re calling the “crisis”, and you should too. You can read it here, or get yourself a taste after the jump.

It starts like this:

It should have been a triumphant week for CCP.

The Incarna expansion to Eve Online – AKA Ambulation, AKA Walking in Stations – was first announced over five years ago. Launched last Tuesday, it brought human avatars to a game previously focused solely on spaceships.

But instead of becoming a jubilant landmark, the past week has been dominated by an escalating crisis fuelled by leaked internal documents, a proposed attempt to further monetise a game described internally as a “golden goose”, and a developer attitude that has caused consternation and anger within its community.

And continues right here. And for those of you who aren’t aware why the universe of Eve Online crumbling and/or losing its majesty would a miserable disaster, I direct you to our own Jim Rossignol’s memoirs of his years in Eve- “The Five Year Spree“, and my interview with Eve spymaster Mittani. This is a glorious game. It’d be awful if this did end up being the beginning of the end.

Edit: here’s a little footage of the in-game protest. Also, DISCO:


  1. Kirioth says:

    It certainly looks like they’re upset about something, doesn’t it?

    Or they’re having some sort of rave. In space.

  2. keith.lamothe says:

    It might be somewhat ironic that the idea that the game’s nature actually allows an in-game riot that generates a screenshot like that… it actually makes the game more appealing ;)

    The fact that the company running the show acts in such a way as to provoke that kind of behavior… well, if it were the first time I’d say that’s normal internet behavior, but CCP does seem to draw a statistically suspicious amount of ire.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      I don’t understand what’s going on in the video & I played EVE for a few years.
      They all appear to be shooting at a station, I’m assuming Jita 4-4 since it’s the biggest trade hub in empire space & yet they’re not getting their ships exploded by CONCORD (NPC police) for aggressive acts in empire space.
      Either stuff works differently to how I remember it or that’s a very silly bug right there.

    • GHudston says:

      They’re shooting at an indestructible monument so as to lag the cluster as much as possible and/or create a pretty light show.

    • westyfield says:

      Yeah, why haven’t Concord shown up and politely explained to the protesters that discharging laser, kinetic or self-propelled weaponry in the vicinity of a trade hub is prohibited?

    • cummerbund jackson says:

      From what I’ve read, Concord did show up and they destroyed a Concord battleship. Apparently, that was quite an accomplishment.

    • Fierce says:

      I’m sure that would do WONDERS to the current PR situation…

    • simonh says:

      I just hope the leaving players will be enough of an economic reprimand that it will be clear that this sort of thing doesn’t pay. The company has been swept along by buzzwords while disregarding the integrity of their virtual world.

      They would have done perfectly well if they’d just continued to support the game and taking steady subscription fees. It would have been the safe thing to do. But they just felt they had to join the hip young crowd of microtransaction-peddlers.

    • psyk says:


      Nice if true, I remember going to shoot at some macro miners and concord is swift and deadly was good times.

  3. Dozer says:

    Isn’t EVE the biggest object in the Icelandic economic landscape?

    If it goes down – more bad times for Iceland…

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Maybe. But IIRC it’s “only” the third biggest source of income, after aluminium and fishing.

    • sinister agent says:

      What kind of preposterous situation would require aluminium and fish?

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Surely not? The GDP of Iceland is $11.82 billion, EVE can’t be taking in more than $90m in subscription fees (350k subscribers * 15 EUR * 12).

    • Meat Circus says:

      Iceland should nationailze EVE and have CCP’s PR people segregated for their own protection.

    • mickygor says:

      Wow, there are some serious repercussions for Iceland if this unsubscription protest snowballs. Think that the government might intervene?

    • skurmedel says:

      They seem to have some popular bands, and obviously tourism. Income from tourism is hard to estimate though.

    • Freud says:

      Iceland has some amazing candy. Especially liquorice.

    • Eukatheude says:


      Fair enough, but i don’t think the government gets a cut of Sigur Ros’ or Bjork’s revenues.

      Or do they?

    • Derpentine says:

      Game development and equipment is just over 2% of Icelandic GDP, but CCP has competition and there’s also some other gambling companies that produce equipment etc. CCP only posted a final profit of 3mil usd last year, and that’s ontop of a healthy loan and share creation to raise capital. Choo choo SOE.

    • meatshit says:

      The main thing is that it’s a major source of foreign currency. Iceland, being a tiny, frozen island, has to import a lot of basic necessities. The Icelandic Kronor is worthless since the crash, so they have to use Euros, Pounds and Dollars when trading abroad.

    • FakeAssName says:

      Iceland is green / Greenland is the one that is all ice.

      also, that 3 million is how much profit they made in a year AFTER paying all their bills and employees, governments track their GDP based off of how much EVERYONE in the country makes (and then breaks it down by occupation to track what are their primary industries).

      if you really want to see how much EVE contributes to Iceland’s GDP you need to add up how much money CCP paid it’s direct employees, contractors, and shareholders. then combine that with the income associated products generated in relation to EVE (like telecommunications, electricity, computer sales, and junk food).

  4. Lukasz says:

    but but… greed is good. how can it lead to bad things?

  5. abremms says:

    CCP absolutely made some mistakes here, mostly in regard to communicating with thier players and just general wording of releases. not to mention several very inconvenient leaks. So yeah, CCP is rightly in trouble, but the playerbase is overreacting in a big way. If people would just take a reasonable, rational look at this stuff instead of blind internet rage, something might be able to get done.

    I’d recomend this bit from Mittani (member of the CSM) for a rational, reasoned rundown of what has happened so far: link to tentonhammer.com

    of course, this is the internet, and if the internet doesn’t have something new to completely lose its shit over every week or two, it will collapse in on itself like a dieing star.

    • kikito says:

      Nah, CCP deserves it.

    • Mitza says:

      Don’t really like Mittani, but that’s a pretty good article. After reading this and what Seleene had to say about the whole situation, it seems more of a huge communication cock-up, combined with some even huger (yet not unexpected) internet rage.

      Conclusion: this will pass, EVE will grow bigger and, hopefully, CCP will learn from this.

    • bowl of snakes says:

      @Mitza so CCP is having a big internet kidney stone?

    • slight says:

      As I said in another thread on this, I think it’s really the straw that broke the camel’s back. CCP have pretty much completely neglected the actual spaceships part of EVE for a couple of years now because they’ve been focussing resources on WoD, Dust and Incarna. All paid for by EVE subscriptions. So people are a bit pissed off. Plus pay to win transactions on the new MT store (items created out of nowhere, not via the EVE economy) are potentially very damaging to the whole system of how EVE works.

    • mpk says:

      Rationality and EVE rarely go hand in hand.

    • Negativeland says:

      It might be worth noting that that article was written well before the current controversy, and The Mittani has since changed his opinion quite a bit.

  6. Kablooie says:

    So they goonswarm’d Jita?

    LOL! Right on. Power to the people!

  7. silverhammermba says:

    That forum thread is a shit storm. Half the people are unsubscribing and half the people are gloatingly saying “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

    I can understand the latter sentiment: every time there’s a big TF2 update there’s always a host of people who say they will never play the game again. However this crisis seems a little more significant than TF2’s own overpriced item problems. The gameplay of Eve actually relies on the economy, whereas in TF2 it can be ignored without consequence.

    Some people do seem to be in support of Incarna, however. One guy claimed that he is planning to buy monocles for three (!) of his accounts.

    • slight says:

      It’s not really about the monocle prices, it’s about the leaked newsletter which said they are planning to sell ships and modules via their new MT store. Contrary to common misconception this *wasn’t* just in the debate style part of the newsletter, it was in a separate part laying out plans for Incarna. The alledged leaked email from their CEO basically saying they would ignore any outrage from the player base was what finally triggered the ‘riots’.

  8. Nighthood says:

    Students protesting, Greeks protesting, loads of Arab countries protesting, and now EvE too! It’s the beginning of the end!

    • Meat Circus says:

      Yeah, and unlike the Greeks and Arabs and Students, these people have big fuck-off pew pew lazors OF DEATH.

    • Uglycat says:


    • Nick says:

      Soon the entire coast of the internet will be on fire..

    • pepper says:

      By [INSERT DEITY] do I wish I had a huge ship, which I would then use to conveniently position myself near the monument and pronounce the following words on the (voice)chat:

      Now witness the power of this fully operational battle station! in a palpentine voice.

      But alas I neither have a space battle station nor a crooked emperors voice… yet..

  9. Meat Circus says:


  10. sinister agent says:

    MMO in ‘licence to print money’ shock. More at ten.

    • RP says:

      This is slightly more along the lines of McDonalds leaking a memo entitled, “Fat is good!” You know it’s true but there’s an entire advertising industry based on making it not quite so obvious.

  11. Noc says:

    Come on, CCP, you know you want to send CONCORD out to disperse that “riot.” It’s very pretty as it is, but it just doesn’t “feel” right without the smoke-filled streets and the tense standoffs.

    • dsi1 says:

      Imagine what would happen if Eve’s playerbase declared war on CONCORD.

      (And CONCORD only had its in-universe capabilities and wasn’t infinite)

  12. Unaco says:

    4,500 people have left? Oh noes… that’s, like, 1.5% of the (estimated) 300,000 active subscriber playerbase (from a 2009 article, I’d assume there would be more people now). It’ll be a shame to see the EvE dream die, but I think it’s a little early to start measuring up the coffin.

    • johnpeat says:

      I think the more relevant problem is that in a week where they released a new expansion which should have been a positive for them and the players – they’ve scored a MASSIVE own-goal.

      MMOs rely on expansions to bring back grizzled veterans and other ‘quitters’ – if that doesn’t work out it can actually be quite nasty because it takes a long while to do another one.

      It’s not just a pile of rage-quitters – it’s the fallout of what should have been a subscription booster and is looking anything like one now…

    • mickygor says:

      Yea, 1.5% of the playerbase but still €0.8mill a year lost. That’s not insignificant money, to any business.

    • Unaco says:

      But… but… but… All we’re talking about is the subscribers saying they are going to leave. No mention has been made or figures been provided for people coming back to the game (I know a few people who are going back) or people picking it up and trying it for the first time. That is, 4,500 subs have been cancelled (or 4,500 people have signed a thread or whatever to say that they are leaving/cancelling their sub) but we haven’t seen any word on the number of new or returning players. May be that that numbers is greater than those jumping ship.

      I see that this maybe isn’t the headline CCP would have wanted, but we have no evidence that this isn’t the Subscription Booster they would have wanted (or, not this, but the Incarna release).

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      link to eve-offline.net
      All time (daily average) graph speaks for itself.

    • Archonsod says:

      “No mention has been made or figures been provided for people coming back to the game”

      Or indeed the attrition figures associated with usual running or expansion releases. 4,500 could actually be significantly less than the number of players who quit during summer, or small fry for a major expansion release.

      1.5% of the playerbase is well below what I would expect the average MMO to turnover in a month.

    • Phydaux says:

      link to eve-offline.net
      All time (daily average) graph speaks for itself.

      Slight increase?

    • Amuro says:

      Its not that 4,500 people have left, its that the better part of a million dollars annualy has left at a minimum. Keep in mind that many of that 1,500 will be multi-accounters as well and that number starts getting a lot bigger.

    • malkav11 says:

      Not 4,500 people. 4,500 subscriptions. I gather quite a few of the people in question -are- multi-accounters…that’s why there’s 4,500.

  13. frenz0rz says:

    What a shame, I was just about to give EVE a go this week now that I’m out of uni and have boatloads of free time. I’d actually quite like to hear the opinion of the RPS Holdings chaps. Does this situation bother you? Do you think events like this might put off new people like myself from trying the game?

    Oh, I’ll also be dropping by your thread soon to request a few of those fancy 21-day trials of yours for myself and a couple of mates. In return, we shall pledge our undying loyalty and wallets to the RPS cause. So long as we enjoy the game of course :P

    • johnpeat says:

      Don’t worry about all this – by the time you to get anywhere in the game all these people will be dead of old-age – as will you, really…

    • abremms says:

      honestly, none of this flap is really effecting the game so far. the captains quarters is pretty cool, even if its just the tip of a much larger as-yet-unreleased iceberg of walking about stations, but the game goes on. the micro transaction items are absurdely overpriced, but you don’t have to buy any of them, and there is such a small number of them that I’m frankly glad they aren’t cheaper. It’d suck to see every one and thier mother in the same outfit because it was cheap and the only one available.

      most of this rage is about the “what could happen” not the “what is happening”. give Eve a shot, the new player experience is pretty stellar, a huge step forward in getting new players into the game. If CCP is every stupid enough to go through with the worst case scenarios that the forumpocolypse so fears, then all this ragequitting will be justified. until then, Eve is still a pretty fun game.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      Reply fail!

    • dsi1 says:

      This is a great time to get involved in the game, just don’t pay for it yet.

      Start a trial account, get involved with protesting, who knows where you’ll end up.

  14. Jajusha says:

    Capitalism, ho!

  15. CriminalJustice says:

    CriminalJustice thinks Eve is the only game that is boring, but CriminalJustice loves to read about the current events of the game.

  16. TooNu says:

    300,000 subscribers…I have yet to see more than 60,000 odd on at the same time. I think that number is intentionally misleading.

    • jalf says:

      Most people play less than 24 hours a day, you know.

      I think most other MMO’s would be proud if they had one fifth of their total subscriber base online *at the same time*:

    • Dolphan says:

      Umm, having 20% of your active players on at one time is reasonably high, even for a game like Eve where a good few of the players will be logged on for long periods.

      Edit – Snap! :-p

    • Unaco says:

      Here’s a source for the 300,000 claim, is 2 or so years old, and I think a more recent figure was 350,000 Active subscribers. If you think they’re lying, take it up with EuroGamer or CCP.

      link to eurogamer.net

    • TooNu says:

      Beleive what you will.

    • mpk says:

      Do you also doubt that WoW has millions of subscribers, despite there only being – from what I can tell via google – a 2000 player limit to each shard?

  17. ALJA says:

    @TooNu yea but its the only mmo I can think of that genuinely has a worldwide playerbase, you have to factor in timezones

  18. Bluebreaker says:

    Eventually they will cede to pressure, soften the draconian prices but remain still absurd microtransactions. Then people will be “Everything went better than expected”.

  19. Bilbo says:

    Darwinist that I am, I have trouble attaching the same level of sentiment to the survival of a studio and even of a game that others seem to be; in a nutshell, if CCP are dumb enough to fuck things up this much, they don’t deserve to survive, and if their competitors are doing a better job then they deserve the opportunity created by CCP/EVE’s demise. There’s obviously a market for games like EVE, and if CCP bugger up their position thoroughly enough that they lose out, a competitor will rise up to take their place. That’s capitalism.

    As a side note, I think the statements made by CCP in the last week, and frankly the U-turn on microtransactions in the first place, represent a betrayal of developer-player trust and a surprising level of contempt for the community on the part of CCP, and as such I don’t really have any sympathy for CCP at all.

    • Bassism says:

      Normally, I’d agree with you Bilbo. The only problem in this case is that there is nothing at all like Eve. I think that’s where CCP got their attitude from, because they know that most people will keep playing, simply by virtue of there being nowhere else to go.

      And sure, if Eve falls somebody might step in to take their place. But it’s taken 8 years for Eve to get to where it is today, and the sheer technological necessities to make the game work must scare off many who would try to recreate it.

      And that’s the real shame. If WoW, it would be a shame, but people would just move on to any other MMO in the world. Eve players are moving to World of Tanks, which is nothing like Eve in the slightest, or Perpetuum, which is much like Eve, only a bit rubbish.

    • Bilbo says:

      By and large I agree with you, I’m just skeptical that anything CCP have done is all that clever or difficult to replicate. Sure, there isn’t really a direct competitor to EVE at this point in time, but that isn’t to say that one won’t exist in the near future, and CCP’s botching of their position coupled with the comparative age of EVE makes this a good time for a competitor to emerge.

    • Basilicus says:

      I’m kind of a socialist at heart, so I say give CCP Bilbo’s money! Or, wait…give Bilbo CCP’s money! Whoever has more money, give it to the other- oh, forget it, this is why socialism doesn’t work.

    • Jae Armstrong says:

      By and large I agree with you, I’m just skeptical that anything CCP have done is all that clever or difficult to replicate.

      Weeell, there’s an interesting point to probe. People keep trying to make space MMOs… and they keep failing. I’m left with the uncomfortable and depressing conclusion that for all CCP’s fuck ups and failure to fix broken features and iterate what they promised to iterate on… they’re actually doing as good a job as it’s possible to do.


    • mpk says:

      EVE is, what, 8 years old now? No one else has ever tried to copy or clone it – Perpetuum aside, which plays so much like EVE that it made me resub, rather than start as a new character all over again.

      The fact that it is still almost unique, when there are so many Everquest/WoW clones out there, leads me to believe that no one really gets the game enough to know how to steal from it.

    • Bilbo says:

      I find that all a bit hard to believe. Yeah, there have been few imitators, but in terms of raw subscriber numbers and MMOs as a whole EVE is small time – and I concede that technologically it’s more sophisticated than the everquest clones – so why would budding developers *want* a slice of the EVE pie, when it’s most likely easier to go after the WoW crowd?

      I think aside from current events as an effective reason – CCP arguably losing their grip on their universe – there’s the history of Everquest inspired MMOs performing fairly badly – none of them reaching the dizzying WoW heights they gear themselves up for – and thus it’s really apples and oranges and by no means some unique technological or design mountain to be climbed

    • malkav11 says:

      Are there really that many people who want an Eve-like experience but aren’t already playing Eve? I wouldn’t think so.

  20. BobsLawnService says:

    So except for over-priced, optional vanity items what have CCP actually done? Oh, right, in a few private internal emails they spitballed some ideas to possibly try to increase their profits…

    Really, what the hell is wrong with PC gamers? About 4500 people need to get out of their parents basements and regain a bit of perspective.

    • Stupoider says:

      Bunch of whiners! Let’s whine at them!

      I didn’t know apathy and perspective were synonymous.

    • BobsLawnService says:

      So in which bizarro world are the only responses to this either rage-quitting or apathy?

    • GrandmaFunk says:

      “Really, what the hell is wrong with PC gamers?”

      well people keep assuming they live in their parents basements, that would get pretty annoying for anyone.

      try to think up some new throwaway insults, pc gamers deserve at least that much.

    • Archonsod says:

      “well people keep assuming they live in their parents basements, that would get pretty annoying for anyone.”

      Given the level of rational thought they usually display I don’t think it’s an unfair assumption.

    • Stupoider says:

      Being annoyed at paying for vanity and non-vanity microtransactions on top of your monthly fee is rather rational. Is nothing sacred?

    • Pie says:

      Would have been perfectly fine if the player-based economy isn’t the main focus of the game.

    • poop says:

      waaa waaa gamers are voting with their wallets waaaa entitlement a bloo bloo bloo

    • Thants says:

      It’s not like they’re sending letter-bombs. They’ve stopped playing a game because they disagree with the actions of its developers. These knee-jerk “anyone expressing an opinion is entitled” comments are getting old. As is the whole “needs perspective” thing.

    • BobsLawnService says:

      I’ll give you $1,000,000 if you can point out where I used the word “entitled” in my original post.

      My point is that CCP haven’t actually done anything yet except for try to sell over-priced vanity items that have absolutely no effect on the game. Sure, if they do start trying to sell Mega-Ship-Killing-Torpedos+10485438345 for real cash then quit – but they haven’t even said that they are going to. People are rage-quitting at shadows. It’s pathetic. They’re internal emails spitballing wild ideas.

    • Antsy says:

      No, people are rage quitting at a very real shift in perceived priorities on the part of CCP. Again and again they’ve bought out content which has added nothing of value to the game and ignored the very real need for exisiting content to be improved/rebalanced etc.

      The introduction of Wormholes in 1999 was the last thing of any real significance brought into EVE and since then its been pretty poor fare. Frustration with the game and with its developers has been bubbling away for ages now and this new situation is a result of that as much as it is about monocles and vanity items.

  21. ArcaneSaint says:

    I can’t watch the video, it’s blocked because of copyright-y stuff.

  22. Christian says:

    Can’t watch the video here in Germany, as there seems to be some music in there that someone hasn’t licensed for listening in Germany.
    So someone (the German GEMA, sort of a group of copyright-maintainers or something) wants someone else (youtube) to pay ridiculous amounts of money (something like 20 cents per view?) so that us germans can watch a music video.
    Talk about golden geese. Kind of ironic in this context, isn’t it?

    Also, I hope they will fix this and keep EVE a fun-to-play game. I don’t have the time to play it myself, but certainly enjoy reading about it.
    They should have taken the Valve-approach here: get people fixed with small, semi-free hats, then start making a full shop out of it. But maybe this only works with a giant playerbase?

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      I’m a little angry at GEMA for not sorting this stuff out (I want better streaming music services than Simfy), but mostly at people who insist on using copyrighted music without permission in YouTube videos. I miss the days before agreements were made, where the video would be taken down or the audio track disabled.

      It’s not fair use, kids. In the real world, you pay the big bucks for licensing music to use with videos. Go find good CC-BY or CC-BY-SA stuff on Jamendo.

    • Christian says:

      Also..I would be quite happy to just view the damn video without the music, as most youtube-videos have crappy music anyway (and I’ll not start “the argument” by saying that I’ve found some great music as well through youtube videos which lead me to purchase said music).
      So there should be some convenient way of separating video and audio so that music-companies can just keep their music, but I still get to see the video (my life doesn’t depend on it of course, it would only be nice).
      Also, I kind of agree..it’s not that there isn’t enough ‘free’ music out there.

    • Urthman says:

      Christian beat me to it, but I was also gonna say this video really doesn’t need music, even if you could find music that lots of the people interested in your video aren’t going to hate, which you can’t.

  23. Mozai says:

    So, how has the game changed for people who will not and will never use vanity items?

    • BobsLawnService says:

      It hasn’t.

    • mpk says:

      Captains Quarters turned out to be non-optional, meaning you have to enter them when you dock in station. Apparently it’s a graphical fuckup that’s causing overheating issues. That would annoy me. Dunno about you.


      How’s the weather?

    • Torgen says:

      I think the rage is rather for a) the contempt the developers apparently have for their player base; and b) the fact that non-cosmetic, game-altering items are planned for the shop. This would be similar to WoW selling top-end raid gear for real money on the PVP servers.

    • gwathdring says:

      It sounds like a huge part of the anger is just that: none of the glaring gameplay issues players have been begging to see fixed for ages have changed. But you can buy hats! Progress!

    • Batolemaeus says:

      Mozai, CCP designing Eve deliberately inconventiently, so they can sell convenience later on, is affecting everyone.
      See the reduction in stored fittings to just 50? Wanna bet what they’re planning to sell at a later date?

  24. gwathdring says:


  25. Carra says:

    What the heck. “This video is blocked in your country”.

    It’s ok for me to buy the game but I can’t watch a vid?

  26. Azazel says:

    Don’t fuck with The Culture.

  27. dsi1 says:

    I believe that is the perfect song for that video.

  28. 0p8 says:

    anyone else gone over to Perpetuum? i subbed today.
    really liking it (when i get to play, they’re swamped atm)
    didnt go there coz of eve drama just went coz i wanted too :P

    • RCGT says:

      Just installed the client :D

      Hopefully we can make this game into a new EVE, without all the fucking shit bits.

  29. Eukatheude says:

    By the way, does anyone know what happened to Cally?

  30. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Cant the players just, you know, not purchase the hats?

    • Kapitol says:

      Everyone who suggests this on the forums gets called a ‘CCP alt.’ It’s like Russia in 1923. I saw someone actually use the word ‘counterrevolutionary’ yesterday.

      Anyone who posts something remotely measured and benign can be expected to be called out by the disgruntled. And these people are seriously disgruntled. For the average player, it’s been a difficult week.

    • Vinraith says:

      Not purchasing hats doesn’t magically make one immune to the massive price inflation these vanity items are causing in the overall game economy.

    • RCGT says:

      Or the effect that pay-to-win will soon have on the ability to do anything within game.

      The reason these posts get called “CCP alts” is because they betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the EVE economy. Everything is interconnected.

      NON-vanity items are on their way. Imagine a monocle that gives you +10% laser damage.


  31. Skitt says:

    It’s a shame really.

    I was gonna buy Dust 514 when it came out, but since the Universe is gonna be seemingly empty by that time, I guess I’ll have to settle with BF3

  32. bill says:

    Has anyone worked out any logic behind the anger yet? Other than “a company wants to make money – shock!”

    • Thants says:

      Yes, there’s been quite a few explanations in these comments.

    • RCGT says:

      Well, to be fair to know that he’d have to read them.

    • mmalove says:

      The fuss is simply this. EVE’s been becoming a duller place steadily as rampant botting fuels the economy for established alliances/power blocs to run massive numbers of supercaps, ridiculous to the point that not only can smaller alliances never hope to compete, but the bigger alliances themselves can’t even have a battle royal because their systems simply can’t stay up for such a fight.

      Rather than fix this, they gave everyone hats charged everyone 70 bucks for hats. This was simply an awakening for many that CCP will never fix their game.

  33. pipman3000 says:

    everyone who wrecked havoc before canceling their account post here :D

  34. Ankheg says:

    I gave them reason for riots
    Bitches love riots.

  35. aircool says:

    Deep down, we all know that producers of video games are just after our money. However, to have that fact thrust right into your face is something that the punters never forget.

    ANGRY… Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  36. TreeBeard says:

    Does anyone know which station they’re attacking during that riot? Does it hold any significance?

    EDIT: Found the answer to my own question : ‘players are systematically attacking in-game trading stations. These stations facilitate the purchase and acquisition of current micro-transaction items within game. ‘

    • Shinikake says:

      -It is actually an indestructible structure

      Also worth noting:
      -they’re doing it to lag the node
      -the vid is of the jita system and I believe there were 2 other systems as well
      -cap of 2500 concurrent characters logged in and present per system
      -if it wasn’t indestructible, the in game police “concord” would have annihilated them all

      I think it would have been amusing if ccp dropped a titan in there and used a doomsday weapon to destroy them all at once… :D