Rock, Paper, Shotgun Goes Free-To-Read!

Premium users can pay three times as much!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd. announces Rock, Paper, Shotgun is to go free-to-read, introduces new NanoPayment™ Technology™

BATH, UK, 29 June, 2011 – In a move once more demonstrating that Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd is at the forefront of online PC gaming news development initiatives, the organisation is delighted to announce that as of the 1st July 2011 will be going free-to-read.

“Once again Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd has proven that it’s ahead of the curve, pushing forward new synergic stratagems for dynamic reader integration,” explained RPS representative, Dave Tosser. “We believe that by moving RPS forward in this free-to-read direction, our web enterprise once again advances the scheme for all interactive users on a broad dynamic scale.”

Where other gaming sites are still using the outdated model of offering their information without the option for consumers to choose to pay for content at will, Rock, Paper, Shotgun is taking the bold step forward to introduce optional micropayments to all its free-to-read posts.

“This is such a great opportunity for our readers,” RPS founder and creative director Dave Tosser points out. “As we continue to transition our business for the future we’re reviewing our practises, like most media organisations, to ensure we are investing even more in the areas which will advance our progress and secure the company’s future as a successful and profitable publisher. Finally people will be able to pay for the free content they want to receive.”

Of course there will be no need for readers to pay anything at all to read the new Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The first two paragraphs of every post will always be accessible to everyone, and readers can read them as often as they want, wherever they want, unlimited times*. The rest of the post will become available to those who make the RPS patented NanoPayments™, of anything from just $0.59® to only $299.99 per article. And Premium Users will continue to receive the same excellent service for exactly the same price as everyone else.

Launching at the start of next month, this new initiative aims to make the site more accessible to both readers and advertisers alike.

“This is the next big step forward in online content distribution,” said RPS co-owner and CTFO Ian McProfits. “Our readers will have access to more opportunities to make payments than on any other gaming site out there, thanks to the new paradigm of online games reading technological innovation opportunities. Paying for free content has never been easier!”

The NanoPayment™ technology is being introduced as part of Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s plans to be delivered exclusively via RPS Ltd.’s new offline portal, the rMat™. The mousemat/portable browsing device will be launched exclusively on Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s rStore in September, for an RRP of £989.99, and will be the exclusive way to read the site.

*Up to a maximum of four times.


  1. President Weasel says:

    As someone who subscribes to RPS, I am angry that you are trying to introduce both payment systems simultaneously.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Exactly. What about the people who paid for it earlier?

      Are we getting a “premium” hat?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Yes. Two paragraphs? That’s two paragraphs too many. I’ve been a subscriber for eleventy years, and I demand a refund!

    • DBG says:

      Need Premium Hat now!

    • Brutal Deluxe says:

      Well that’s it, you’ve left me no recourse but to pirate your website. So long, suckers.

    • Out Reach says:

      what happens if rogue journalists put way to much text into the first two paraphrases to side step this initiative?

    • Lajcik says:

      What about Platinum and Diamond accounts? Will those be discontinued? :/

    • Odeon says:

      Won’t SOMEbody PLEASE think of the CHILDREN!

    • PoulWrist says:

      Indeed, I cancelled my subscription this minute.

    • smokingkipper says:

      I would buy an RPS hat, I already own the t-shirt.

      Give me hat, damn it.

  2. Meneth says:

    My comments are going free to read as well!
    Anyone can see the first paragraph or so of every comment.
    To see the rest of my comment, just send me $10.

  3. Njordsk says:


    that’s why I love RPS

  4. Schaulustiger says:

    I guess this is the only way a PC gaming site can be as profitable as a console site.

  5. bglamb says:

    In the past I’ve been forced to overlook many free articles due to there being no system to pay for them. I’m glad RPS are finally starting to correct this.

  6. Dlarit says:

    I’m going to rage quit right this second! wait where is the cancel account button!

    • Stupoider says:

      Bah, bunch of WHINERS. RPS is a BUSINESS working for PROFIT, not a CHARITY. The SELF ENTITLEMENT in this community is bloody rampant, you all need to get some PERSPECTIVE. DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT, CRYBABIES.

      (How do you like my anti-protest buzzwords?)

    • Batolemaeus says:

      You clearly are unexperienced at this. You should’ve asked for his stuff, and also told him to get a life so he could pay.

    • RCGT says:

      I’m going to buy PREMIUM ACCESS and take screenshots to TROLL YOU ALL.

      Don’t you wish you had $300 bucks to waste like me, PEASANTS??

  7. STiger says:

    “$0.59® to only $299.99”

    Now owned by an American company, yeah?

    • arccos says:

      All other currencies are charged at three times the current exchange rate.

    • Carra says:

      As he said: an american company.

    • RCGT says:

      Icelandic company tbh.

    • HeavyStorm says:

      So maybe this means EUA will receive content earlier? And heck, will there be any kind of pre-ordering articles, like that so much hyped Skyrim review?

      I can’t wait to spend more money on free stuff! F2R is the best!

  8. povu says:

    Oh you…

  9. drakkheim says:

    Can I get it on steam?

  10. RiptoR says:

    Where can I put my creditcard info? Can’t seem to find the payment option anywhere?!?

  11. alphager says:

    RPS has a capture-the-flag officer? Splendid!

    Also, what happens to buyers of RPS:Gold Edition? Will we be grandfathered in? And who is going to wear the virtual hats?

  12. jealouspirate says:

    Multiple payment options empower me as a consumer! Spending money makes me feel good about myself! Where are the hats with puns written on them?

  13. applecup says:

    A++ would lol again

  14. subedii says:

    This is ridiculous!

    Do you truly believe that such an industry model is sustainable without the provision of hats?

  15. Berzee says:


    Wouldn’t it be moar fiar to allow people to pay for only cosmetic changes?

    (For example, you could make the text be lightest grey on a white background, and in the RPS Shop you could buy black text.

    Also, can I buy a red background for my comments plz, to finally get the respect I deserve.)

  16. JohnArr says:

    I hope there is some sort of cosmetic change to my avatar when I pay $299.99 for an article. I want other readers to look at me and think, ‘Wow, he’s cool. He’s making a statement.’

  17. Nathan says:

    I for one welcome our nano-transaction overlords.

  18. kikito says:

    I could not find the “RPS Hat Shop” link. Where is it?

  19. Gnoupi says:

    link to the page is now dead.

    Is that a coincidence?

  20. Nero says:

    What about hats?

  21. skinlo says:

    NEEDS MOAR HATS!!!!!!11!!1!11

  22. mynameisme says:

    Will reading monocles be available in the nanopayment store?

  23. juandemarco says:

    What about the DLCs? :P

  24. amateurviking says:

    Where do I sign?

  25. Freud says:

    How can you guys give an information advantage to the readers with the biggest wallet?!? My rage about this is almost endless.

  26. Keukeu says:

    Can I buy monocle for my avatar?

    • niko86 says:

      Virtual monocle’s are required for reading RPS small print. None compliance with said small print can and will incur addition NanoPayment charges.

      Monocles can be purchased using RPS NanoPayments to purchase virtual F-U credits. RPS Monocle retailing at 42 F-U.

      Current exchange rate 1 F-U —> £2.21.

  27. VA1N says:

    Take my money!

  28. pakoito says:

    But D00000000DS it’sa free like leage of leyents!!! bettar tat odar games cus is frii

  29. Lack_26 says:

    Thy should rlas DLC as wll, the Vrb DLC could b £12 and contain 4 randomly slctd vrbs that will b addd into posts. That or rmov all the vrbs and hav thm addd in by day one DLC sinc thy wrn’t rady whn th articl wnt gold. You could gt micro-DLC for punctuation, as wll.

    The Letter ‘e’ DLC can be purchased at just £10.

    • ucfalumknight says:

      I think the DLC should be released BEFORE the actual article. That way we can get really excited about the potential of a potential article that we may be potentially interested in.

    • Temple says:

      e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

      [pirated the DLC for you]

  30. Mike says:

    Aww, David Tosser is back! He’s been behind the scenes for too long.

    • Lambchops says:

      David “call me Dave” Tosser. A legend indeed. May all his opinions be lauded and his profit margins engorged.

    • westyfield says:

      Indeed, long has Dave Tosser lain in wait, biding his time. Now the twin forces of Tosser and McProfits unite, and are shown to be unstoppable!

    • sonofsanta says:

      He’s not been behind the scenes, you just needed to press the Reveal button on your remote to see him pop up on the front page.

    • Nick says:

      I thought he was in prison for mass murder!

  31. benjamin says:

    This is the day RPS dies.

    • subedii says:

      I’ve been saying this for months now, ever since they went “mainstream”. Blegh.

  32. lasnicholaslovell says:

    I know that this is satire, but you are wilfully missing the point of free-to-play.

    It is to remove the barrier that paying a monthly subscription puts in the way of attracting new users
    It is to allow players to choose to spend on what they want to spend on (progress, self-expression, collection, whatever)
    It is not about selling the first two paragraphs of content: all the content is generally free. It’s status items that sell
    It will enable more games to survive. Games that are too niche to have massmarket appeal, but which have core fans
    It means that those who use the game most, and enjoy the games most, pay the most, rather than the current experience where those who don’t really play very much subsidise the rest.

    I know that you like to get angry about things. I get the satire. But it would be better if you weren’t missing the target.

    • ucfalumknight says:

      Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you! Party Pooper!

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      You make me sad.

    • Buttless Boy says:

      “I know that this is satire.”

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means

    • John Walker says:

      That’s a bold interpretation of getting the satire.

    • wu wei says:

      It is not about selling the first two paragraphs of content: all the content is generally free.

      Not in all cases. Champions Online definitely has non-free missions.

      It’s status items that sell

      Spiral Knights charges you for more game time per day.

      It will enable more games to survive. Games that are too niche to have massmarket appeal, but which have core fans.

      I’m not so convinced. I think many free to play games are going to rapidly hit the other hard economic limiter on their success: gamers only have a finite amount of time.

      I get the satire. But it would be better if you weren’t missing the target.

      It’s almost as if “free to play” was a broad term for a bunch of different marketing & business strategies, which the article itself was cross-referencing in a humorous melange with recent events, related tropes and parodic representation of the more common knee jerk responses to the whole concept.

    • subedii says:

      Oh someone’s definitely missing the target alright…

  33. Mr_Hands says:

    With this pricing structure, RPS is poised to compete with console video game news sites!

  34. AlabasterSlim says:

    Well this sucks. It’s just going to attract a bunch of griefers who will eat up the free content and ruin the site for the rest of us.

    At least with the old subscription model there was a pay wall keeping all those 13 year old Chavs at bay.

    • fiddlesticks says:

      I see a lot of people with this attitude, and frankly, I think it’s disgusting. Rather than shun any new member as potential griefer or cheater, we should embrace this change. Yes, there may be problems at first, but over time, those griefers will get bored and leave. Yes, many newcomers may have problems with reading at first, but with time and practice, their skill level should rise sharply and they too, can become part of the hivemind.

      It is now our chance to show that we’re an open community, one that’s willing to accept anyone, regardless of their income or social status. Aquinas spoke of the mythical free-to-read magazine. That magazine will soon be a reality and we will be crowned its kings.

      Or better than kings. Gods.

    • subedii says:

      Oh come on, you don’t live in the UK Slim, you don’t get chavs over there. Think of this as a valuable cultural experience.

      On a slightly more serious note: You were seriously able to buy a full game by selling off your hats? Man, I’ve been missing out.

    • Dozer says:

      Quit screwing around.

    • WhenInRome says:

      My NanoPayments are augmented (it gives you access to the 4th paragraph!) All of you mech-NanoPayments are electronic old men! WE HAVE THE SUPERIOR PAYMENT METHOD!

  35. lunarplasma says:

    Why are the prices not in €?

  36. Kdansky says:

    How long until Lawyers will descend upon RPS because they have not really trademarked “Nanopayment” and registered 0.59$?

    >Our readers will have access to more opportunities to make payments than on any other gaming site out there, thanks to the new paradigm of online games reading technological innovation opportunities.

    I love it.

  37. Lambchops says:

    I paid £18.73 sterling for the status privilige of posting in bold. It’s superb and truly show that what I say is much more important than those plebian commentators with simple unboldened opinions.
    Oh and I’m oh so much better than those bold n’ underline toffs. More money than sense that lot. Extra 300 shillings and a thruppeny bit for an underline? Entitled gits!

    • westyfield says:

      Italics, bitch. Now who’s laughing?

    • DiGi says:


    • westyfield says:

      Shit! Where’s my wallet?

    • Joe Duck says:

      I would pay for a Comic Sans upgrade. Then we’d see who rules the interwebz!

    • Nero says:

      What now?

    • McDan says:

      I’m scared.

    • Dozer says:

      ▲ ▲

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      I’m so poor, that the only way I can feel the assertiveness of writing in bold and italics is by copy-pasting all your comments.

      I paid £18.73 sterling for the status privilige of posting in bold. It’s superb and truly show that what I say is much more important than those plebian commentators with simple unboldened opinions.
      Oh and I’m oh so much better than those bold n’ underline toffs. More money than sense that lot. Extra 300 shillings and a thruppeny bit for an underline? Entitled gits!

      ▲ ▲ (What the fuck is this?)

      And the best part is, RPS’ patented RPS Anti Cheat program and DRM can’t do shit to me.

    • liqourish says:

      Hahahaha. You can’t triforce.

  38. Terics says:

    Finally maybe my friends will try this.

  39. GoodPatton says:

    NanoPayments…Maximum Cash out!

    Hope the site gets a Hi-Def texture pack and tessellation down the line.

  40. nerd says:

    I was hoping this big announcement was going to be about Episode 3.
    oh well…

  41. Gundrea says:

    I totally called this about a year ago. Link to my comment on this very article predicting it was only a matter of time before RPS went F2P.

  42. andyhavens says:

    Will this update my Facebook Friends(tm) every time I read a premium story so that they’ll be jealous and have to read it too? The only reason I pay for anything on the ‘net anymore is to make my Friends jealous that they haven’t had the chance to pay for it… yet.

    I don’t mind paying for Quality Content, but I insist on being able to rub my Friends noses in it.

    PS: I’m looking for an RPS reader who has read all the articles, ever on this site and made at least 500 comments to sell me their account.

  43. darkkis says:

    CCP did satire dev blog about ‘subscription 2.0’, mocking micropayments in 2008 aaand look where we are today :) link to

  44. trioptimum says:

    Do those of us who have been reading from the start get some sort of cosmetic and ultimately meaningless reward?

  45. chabuhi says:

    This is total bullshit! Next thing you know we’re going to have to pay $9.99 for verbs and prepositions. Where’s the horse armor? RPS sucks – f’ing sellouts. And you still haven’t fixed crafting.

    Oh, BTW, when are you planning on getting around to reporting the hacker breach of RPS’ thousand monkeys on typewriters that exposed all of our passwords and credit card numbers?

  46. R10T says:

    .. and 4.500 people just cancelled RPS subscription..

  47. JFS says:

    Will we be able to customize our comment avatars? I’d pay as much as 25 € if only I could put a monocle on that beast.

  48. Ikkusei says:

    I can’t wait to revel in my premium status, browsing RPS while wearing my $1000 Japanese jeans and selecting virtual headwear on the rMat’s rHat app. (Free to all us premium users, $Your Soul to everyone else)

    Edit: Edited for redundant tautology. Waitaminute…

  49. Ezhar says:

    You forgot to leak an internal newsletter first.

  50. bwion says:

    You know who wins in a scenario like this? The pirates, who can use all the money they save by not buying any games ever to pay your exorbitant nano-fees. Meanwhile, we honest gamers who have all filed for bankruptcy as a result of games being like sixty bucks these days and also the DRM makes your computer explode, it totally does, it happened to a friend of mine, must drag our shattered bodies to the Transfus-O-Mat to sell our blood, all to afford your free content.