Cold Soarage: Luftrauser

It's plane to see.

Which browser game should you be playing right now?! Why, it’s very rude of you to jump me with a question like that, but I do happen to know the answer. It’s arcade shooter Luftrauser by Vlambeer, a flawless little bit of work that Vlambeer released “with massive losses… and at a high personal emotional cost”, which was nice of them.

Seriously though, play this one. Incredible music, plus it’s rare for controls to feel quite this good within seconds of the game starting. Footage after the jump.

My pitiful high score is around the 600 point mark, if you wanted something to shoot for.


  1. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    Score 260 First and Last go

    I’m trying not to get sacked at work

  2. Coins says:

    Vlambeer makes such odd, but great games.

  3. DizzyDoo says:

    It does feel great, but then I got two achievements that popped up directly in the middle of my screen, obscuring everything and wanting their ‘okay’ buttons to be clicked.

  4. thristhart says:

    870 first try.

    This game is dangerous, I’m going to get sucked in…

  5. DarkFenix says:

    1420 on my third try. It’s odd, first time round I hardly encountered any enemies, second time I got swarmed quite soon, third time I got swarmed from the get-go.

  6. Berzee says:

    Played it yesterday a couple times — 1360 this morning. It’s so fun! I don’t think planes work this way in real life though, which is another reason to prefer the internet.

    EDIT: And the music!! It’s staying on all day in the background now, yes it is.

    • Berzee says:

      Everything about this except the colors reminds me in some way of Blue Max.

    • Prince says:

      It doesn’t play anything like Blue Max, though. Sure you don’t mean Time Pilot?

    • Berzee says:

      Yeah, I’m sure I mean Blue Max — Luftrauser doesn’t control like it in the least, but to me it *feels* like it, with the ship design and the sounds and stuff.

      I never said it was a reasonable association. *weeps*

    • Fumarole says:

      Looks like Time Pilot to me.

    • Stromko says:

      I think planes could work that way if they had absolutely no concerns about G-forces, a massive thrust-to-weight ratio, and of course they’d probably move in three dimensions in real life.

  7. JFS says:


  8. skinlo says:

    I suck at it, 400 1st go, 150 2nd go. Can’t ever destroy the boats or ships.

  9. BooleanBob says:

    Swooping about is a lot of fun, but it feels like it’s missing something to help you deal with the surface stuff. Bombs, maybe… not very original, though. Perhaps a chargeable shield to let you smash through them, kamikaze-style?

    • Dworgi says:

      Yeah, I found this too. Taking attention away from planes to take on boats got unproductive very quickly, whereas planes allow you to do a quick 180 wherever you are, shoot down 5, then zoom out before they hit you.

  10. Berzee says:

    Also, this game is clearly made by NOT Vlambeer.

  11. Dana says:

    Now I want to play Wings of Fury again…

  12. Diziet Sma says:

    I really really need that game on my fondle slab.

  13. digitdaily says:

    Vlambeer is the God’s honest truth

  14. nubbuka says:

    Is this game based on a true story?

    Looks like fun, I will surely try it out.

  15. JB says:

    Loving it, thanks for the linky. Scored 1420 on my first go, not quite reached that since then. Possibly because I’ve been trying too hard to kill ships & boats. Unsuccessfully.

  16. Terics says:

    Technically its by Not Vlambeer. Either way my best is 1740. It takes a while to actually die in the water and your health refills when you don’t shoot.

  17. airtekh says:

    Gah, I keep kamikazeing into the boats.

    Also, I want more games where I can turn my vehicle backwards in midair and fire at my pursuers. Physics be damned!

    • Meatloaf says:

      Yes. It reminded me of Escape Velocity: Nova, or Freespace 2, or Battlestar Galactica’s dogfighting scenes. I love that feature, the newtonian physics. If a space-em-up lets me build momentum, cut my engines, and rotate as I please without changing direction, it is already far ahead of most.

      Except that one… Evochron, that’s it. That man needs to hire an artist or four.

  18. Luke says:

    I managed a 2300 on my third flight, and couldn’t clear 1000 for the next half hour :)

    It is difficult to take out the boats and ships, but if you just leave them you end up having a really hard time dodging between all the bullets whizzing through the sky. Gotta keep taking them out to keep going and that means practically hovering over them leaving you vulnerable to the planes. It could do with a bomb mechanic, or something, with a low rate of fire.

    Otherwise thoroughly good fun. I feel like a complete nutjob of a pilot though, stalling, diving into the water while enemies chase me down and frantically try to pull up before hitting the water. Excellent fun.

    • Luke says:

      Actually I’ve just noticed that the scoring mechanic for killing boats and ships is a little borked. When you kill the boats and ships sometimes the score for the kill isn’t actually added to your total until a good few moments after the ship has disappeared from the screen. The points aren’t added at the instance that the +40 / +100 appears on the screen, and not even immediately after the explosion animation is done. It’s a little weird.

  19. Qwentle says:

    My first attempt at this I didn’t read the ‘press X to fire’ thing and so didn’t realise I had a weapon :) It actually makes for a rather fun game, avoiding the bullets while trying to ram stuff to death.

  20. stampede says:

    Just released the soundtrack if you like!

    link to

  21. tomeoftom says:

    The new DEATH WORM!

  22. Kollega says:

    Oh, this game is indeed pretty great. Especially the controls – thrust vectoring owns the sky! This thing can turn on a dime, Macross Zero style! * But there certainly should be some sort of bombs or missiles or a ramming shield, as the other commenters suggested – it’s too hard to deal with the full-sized ships with just the main gun. My best score at the moment of commenting is 940, by the way… but i think i’ll get better, it was only my third try.

    * Yes, i know that meme is long dead and wasn’t too popular to begin with. And no, i don’t care. Referencing the obscure memes is “in” now, didn’t you hear?

  23. Antlia says:

    I don’t wanna boast, I don’t wanna brag, but 1760

  24. The Army of None says:

    I can’t beat 2560, despite my best efforts… well, despite ten minutes efforts. whatever. EXCELLENT GAME, been playing it on and off all week.

  25. ColOfNature says:

    Surely that should have been “It’s plane to sea”?

  26. Alehkhs says:

    Wait, NOW I understand why this is so familiar to me, one of the developers (Jan) previously made “Get that Sub!” If you like this game, you should check it out: link to

  27. Shadrach says:

    Now that’s what the Wings Of Fury dogfights should’ve been like!

  28. LTK says:

    I like the way how, once your plane is shot down, you can continue to fire in a desperate, suicidal attempt to take just a few more enemies along with you to your grave

  29. Chakawi says:

    100% awesome! The beat!

  30. Leandro says:

    Wow, this plays really well, like Super Crate Box! I think they really nailed it with the “thrust” mechanic, it gives you so much freedom and control. Makes a simple game truly fantastic!

    The fact that this mechanic completely defies the laws of physics is the icing on the cake :P

  31. neolith says:

    2620 :)