The RPS Bargain Bucket: Simply Delivering

I’m fairly sure Valve are trying to kill me. Over 1,000 games on sale at once? What’s a SavyGamer to do. Well, I stuck the whole sale into a list here, which I will keep up to date with whatever is on sale throughout the Steam Summer sale. Valve aren’t the only one’s with cheap games this weekend though, so here’s my selection of the best deals from across the whole internet. You can always find more cheap games over at

SpaceChem – £3.05/€5.09/$5.09
This is a today only offer, with about 3 hours left to get it, so don’t delay. Quinns has a bit of a crush on this one, here’ Wot He Thinks:

This is an incredible game, and it absolutely has a place in the PC’s growing catalogue of glorious indie puzzlers. Alongside the shimmering, yet evasive brilliance of Braid, or the charming wit of World of Goo, we now have a straight-up genius. There’s no other word for it- like all geniuses, it can be demanding and even problematic, but there’s no questioning what Zachtronics has achieved here. This is top-of-the-line entertainment. If you’re a puzzle game fan, buy SpaceChem immediately.

Puzzle heads should not miss out on this sale.

Just Cause 2 – £3.49/€4.99/$4.99
Warning: requires DX10 (therefore Vista/Win7).
Another today only offer, with also just 3 earth hours left. John couldn’t get enough of blowing things up in Panau, here’s Wot He Thought:

A playground of idiocy, with astonishing capacity for letting you have maniac fun. It is so enormous, so densely packed with minute detail, littered with hidden surprises, and just there to be played with. If you see a vehicle you can drive/sail/fly it. The most work involved will be hitting a few number keys in time to remove the current occupant, then it’s yours to do with as you will. In a way familiar to those who have fallen for Burnout: Paradise or Red Faction: Guerrilla, it’s almost impossible to travel any distance to a particular target without getting distracted along the way. Perhaps you’ll be flying a chopper over a mountain to reach a faction quest on the other side, but what’s that nestled in the peak? A military base? With some sort of rocket deep into the mountain? Well that will surely need blowing up.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Subtitle – $4.99
USA only.
Is this one of the games with the ‘orrible UbiDRM? In all the furious thrashing against it, I seem to have forgotton which games actually use their always online DRM, and which had it patched out. After removing most of the platforming and challenge from the previous one, Ubisoft decided to do another Prince of Persia that was more like the one everyone liked. They sort of pulled it off, but I’d still take Sands of Time over this any day. Also, if Ubisoft are going to keep letting save glitches into their Prince of Persia games (they’ve all had them), they should consider using a save system that doesn’t mean you have to start from the beginning when it breaks.

Interplay Promo
Everything’s £1.86/€2.06/$2.99 a pop is this sale, and there’s 32 games on offer. There’s classics like the Descent series, Fallout series, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and lots more. I thought the Earthworm Jim games were utterly brilliant when they first came out, but I would have been around 9/10 when I played them, so don’t hold me to that. I still have a bit of a sweet spot for 16 bit platformers though. There’s other Shiny Entertainment games on sale too, MDK, Messiah and Sacrifice all for cheaps. Something for everyone.

Deal of the week
Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines – £7.50/$13.39
This is only available in the UK and North America, sorry EU types. It’s a bloody long time since this has been reduced, I know a few people have been on the lookout for it for cheap. That Kieron fella originally reviewed this for Eurogamer, and Jim contemplated how come very few other games have tried to outdo it:

Bloodlines is something like an action soap-opera. I truly wish I could say that of more games. So few games have attempted to access this most natural of game approaches: analogy of the real world, with conversation and violence intermingled, rather than simply delivering uninterrupted carnage, or endless management. These ‘immersive sim’ games are tough to make, granted, but when you play something like Bloodlines they also feel like they’re the games we deserve.

He’s not wrong, you deserve to give bloodlines a try.

Also of note:
Sam and Max Season 1 – 3 – £10.55/€11.66/$16.95

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  1. Callum says:

    Some may accuse me of complaining that my diamond shoes are too tight but it’s very disappointing to see all of these lovely sales on each day, only to have bought all the games on sale already in a previous sale.

    What’s even worse is seeing a game like Defense Grid on sale, adding it to your basket, only for Steam to tell you that you already own the game. Sigh.

    • dadioflex says:

      Diamond shoes too tight? You need Maxwells. I’ll telegram him your situation.

  2. DSDan says:

    Has anyone tried Hamilton’s Great Adventure?

    • johnpeat says:

      Yes I’ve been playing it since launch.

      It’s charming and fun but it has a couple of snags which you should really know about.

      1 – the ‘co-op’ element of controlling the parrot is mandatory if you play with the keyboard (as the parrot is controlled by the mouse) and it’s an obstructive and annoying fucker to control. I understand you can ignore if it you use a pad, but I’ve not tried that.

      2 – there’s no rewind, no checkpoints and a LOT of trial and error which means a LOT of repeating yourself

      3 – the camera is part of the difficulty curve with stuff ‘hidden away’ behind other stuff

      4 – it has some nasty design goofs – like putting quicksand in-front of doors which have unskippable animations as they open (meaning if you don’t hit the spacebar quickly, you drown before it opens!!)

      If you don’t remind repeating lots of stuff while you eke-out the solution it’s a good laugh tho – and it has CthuluHumour :)

    • DSDan says:

      Hmm, the no-checkpoints thing sounds unpleasant. How long does a level typically take to complete (ie how long to repeat if die)?

    • johnpeat says:

      As an example, the ‘Steam Ticket’ award level is the first Bonus (not part of the story) level and I did it in about 5 attempts – taking about a minute-or-so each time.

      That was just a Silver Medal (the ticket is awarded just for finishing it) so I stuck-at-it as I wanted ‘EXCELSIOR!!!’

      I reckon that took another 15-20 attempts of which the first 20-30 seconds was repeating the same pattern of the puzzle (to get me to the fiddly bit I’d ignored originally) EVERY time.

      That’s the worst-case I’ve seen – the last ‘Challenge’ I did (end of world harder-than-normal levels) only took 4-5 attempts and required very little arsing about to get ‘EXCELSIOR’ on so…

    • DSDan says:

      Thanks for the advice and the video post. After watching the narrator repeat the same section multiple times, I decided to pass for now.

  3. johnpeat says:

    SpaceChem – oh SpaceChem…

    You’re really just a trainset game – and I’ve always thought that you could make a decent puzzle out of trainsets BUT trainsets are FUN and you’ve squeezed that out completely.

    Not only that, they’ve added-on a layer of gobbldygook which, I suspect, is terrifying a lot of people away from it entirely. Someone should reskin it as a train game with cargos and stations and signals and crossings – remove the space bullshit and put in scenery – then we’d all pile in.

    Well, we would if they put in a tutorial – what ‘help’ there is, is almost more harmful that useful – I’m learning from other people’s (blurry and indistinct) videos atm.

    Summary: It’s great IF you don’t mind smashing your head on the desk for a while AND you don’t resent that it feels like the developer didn’t WANT you to understand it – let alone have fun with it.

    Seriously tho – Hornby trainset mod please…

    • Lilliput King says:

      How can you be so wrong about everything.

    • johnpeat says:

      Because people who disagree with me can’t be bothered to say why, assuming that they’re right and don’t need to????

    • Crimsoneer says:

      I kind of agree with everything he said – found SpaceChem completely unaprochable.

    • Lilliput King says:

      1. The learning curve is so gentle I just can’t imagine anyone bouncing off it, which is the best kind of tutorial. The eventual challenge doesn’t come from not knowing the rules but from not being able to apply them with adequate mental dexterity. I’ve never seen anyone fail to understand the fundamentals.

      2. I prefer the ‘space bullshit,’ but it’s mostly ancillary to the game itself. It could be anything. What does it matter? Would a ‘train mod’ actually be any more intuitive?

    • johnpeat says:

      Because Trains > Chemistry – every damned time :)

      The problem with the tutorial is that it fails to tell you the most BASIC things about the game, instead steering you directly to the solution to some basic puzzles and then dropping you completely when it reaches stuff like bonding.

      The whole game exudes an air of elitism – the terminology is deliberately obscure (again – trains are something most people understand and chemistry isn’t) and looking at their previous games, it’s easy to see that they’re aiming at a particular sort of person (who isn’t your average puzzler!!)

      Good Luck to them – I mean that quite sincerely – but as it stands, enjoying SpaceChem involves

      a – working out a lot of stuff for yourself
      b – overcoming the fact the developer didn’t really want you to do that

      and that’s what I find hardest to swallow – esp when I spend FAR too much of my time creating tutorials and helpsystems and STILL have people moaning that I’m not telling them everything…

    • Xocrates says:

      I agree with Lilliput King, the game has a pretty good curve and takes its time to explain how the mechanics work. Admittedly, the tutorials have some small holes, but I solved most of the game without what little info I lacked, and didn’t really require it for the remaining game.

      Now, the game IS hard, and if you are not fond of its design based approach you will be locked out of it. However it’s hard to fault the game for it since this is exactly what makes it so interesting.

      As for the theme, it’s simply a matter of taste. Personally I quite like it, and I certainly like it more than if it was with trains or some other stuff like that.

      EDIT: “as it stands, enjoying SpaceChem involves

      a – working out a lot of stuff for yourself
      b – overcoming the fact the developer didn’t really want you to do that”

      I agree with the first, but not the second. The game is obviously designed so that you’re supposed, and encouraged, to come up with your own solutions. Which is why the leaderboards are graphs comparing your solution in various parameters with what other people did.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      I’m now going to go back to Spacechem to see exactly what I’ve missed….and hope I don’t just give up post tutorial this time.

    • Lilliput King says:

      john/crimson: I just loaded up Spacechem to have a look at the first world again and it looks like it’s been expanded since I first played it with a few more tutorial levels and a video, so I guess you guys must have been right to some extent. I really just took exception to the idea that the dev didn’t ‘want’ you to understand the system. I don’t think a game becomes elitist because it requires a little effort to really get to grips with, and I’m certain that the game never attempts to deceive or overcomplicate. The complexity that is there is really required for what the game becomes.

    • johnpeat says:

      Just by way of an example of how far short the tutorials go – at no point did the game tell me I could move the ‘bonding’ icons on the board – I only realised that when I saw other people had done that!!!

      The whole approach is wrong IMO – a tutorial for a freeform game like this should address the tools and not the puzzles…

      Teach someone how to solve 1 puzzle and you’ve solved 1 puzzle
      Teach them how to use the tools – show them every bit of the board and the UI – and you’ve solved ALL the puzzles…

    • Gnoupi says:

      My main problem with SpaceChem is that while I think it is a great game… I still haven’t managed to finish the demo levels, so that’s not really motivating me to buy the full game.

      Great game, but too smart for me.

    • Tacroy says:

      Eh. SpaceChem is a programming game, and there’s some people who just can’t program. I think that’s a large part of what keeps people from enjoying it.

      Now to be fair, I haven’t beaten the last level yet – but that’s primarily because I came up with an incredibly efficient system, but unfortunately it’s incredibly efficient at the wrong thing so I’ll have to scrap it all :(

    • Carra says:

      It’s a brilliant game.

      Yes, it might be somewhat inapproachable but that’s ok. This isn’t a game for everyone. If you do not like super hard puzzle games, stay away from this.

    • LionsPhil says:

      My main problem with SpaceChem is that while I think it is a great game… I still haven’t managed to finish the demo levels, so that’s not really motivating me to buy the full game.

      Likewise, and I have a bloody doctorate in CompSci.

      But if I’m going to use the part of my brain that wrangles with that kind of highly-constrained problemsolving, I’d rather get something productive out of it, not Steam achievements. It ends up feeling too much like work.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      I don’t understand how you can say that SpaceChem does the first few levels so wrong when it gets them spot on.
      I’m not terribly clever and I don’t program but the training levels of saying ‘how’ and ‘why’ nodes do what they do and you being in charge of when and where they go about doing it I thought was the perfect introduction to a game about finding your own solution. It does, in fact tell you very early on that you could move the bonding areas and if you didn’t try to move them to help the design you are working on when stuck you are probably not the player for this game. Up until the end of the 3rd and into the 4th planet the reactors can be very simple still once you get your head round turning your inputs into the final product.
      And the music is great, it helps keep the flow of the game and always seems to build to a crescendo just as you are about to crack that vital part of a loop.

    • Soon says:

      Replay the tutorials and come up with your own design afterwards, they can all be done more efficiently than the way it tells you (on purpose). Aim to equal either the least moves or quickest time on the first few (you can rarely achieve both with one solution). That’ll give you a better foundation to work with later.

      Trains would have looked pretty charming.

      I’m an uneducated pleb and didn’t find the demo overly challenging. But, I do work as a design engineer, often involving rationalising processes. So, that probably helped.

    • Avish says:

      Thanks Guys.
      You just convinced me to buy Spacechem a minute before the sale ended…

      I like a good challenge once in a while.

    • johnpeat says:

      On the programming argument – I’ve been programming since 1980, I’ve worked in every sort of programming you can think-of (hardware level/low-level/mainframes/minis/PCs since they were invented upto the latest smartphones and everything else inbetween) – so believe me that it’s NOT an inability to program which puts me off this game ;)

      I will admit that having seen it/done it/kicked it’s teeth-in more than once I am a picky and cynical old cunt but that’s all you have left other than scars, sometimes…

      I genuinely think there’s a great concept in SpaceChem – I just find the developer’s approach to introducing players to it as – and I’m thinking hard for the right words here – sloppy, lazy, elitist and shamefully lazy :)

      There’s so much “now just figure this all out for yourself” going on – a whole community of people running around with pocket protectors on show crowing about their really, really neat ‘trainset’s – an army of Youtube videos showing what you can do by randomly connecting shit etc. and that’s all fine and dandy but I’m not buying into it because it tastes sour….

      It’s the Super Meat Boy of puzzles – the Nuclear Bomb of melee weapons – it’s a game pared to the core and sharpened to a gleam – it kills from afar but it’s distant, remote, unfriendly and lacks fun…

      What’s the opposite of Blue Sky Gaming again? :)

    • sleepysalt says:

      I found the SpaceChem demo somewhat challenging (have a programming/math background), until I realized that I misunderstood a couple of things and was doing things the hard way. It probably didn’t help that I had a gap of a week or so between playing some of the levels. The game’s open enough that you can misunderstand the rules and still manage to work around it – a good thing overall, but it also means that whatever misunderstanding you had gets reinforced.

      So anyone trying the demo and finding it actually quite challenging might want to go back and review exactly what you can/can’t do. I thought SpaceChem was supposed to be that hard to begin with, so I didn’t realize I was doing it wrong for a while.

      If you do end up wanting the full game, I suggest you wait for the last day of the Steam summer sale. They sometimes bring back previous summer sale offers. Or you can buy it direct from Zachtronics (still registers on Steam) for $10 at link to – includes a Linux version, though I’m wary of installing that as Linux is my “work” OS :).

    • Wilson says:

      Hmm, interesting perspective. I personally found SpaceChem pretty easy to get in to, without any particular programming background or anything. I haven’t finished it, and I got to a point where I couldn’t quite be bothered to go on, but that was because I couldn’t be arsed figuring out a better system rather than because I didn’t know what to do. I had plenty of fun with it for the price I paid, and I may end up going back to it someday.

      That isn’t to disparage the fact that the tutorial didn’t work for you. Maybe there’s something interesting going on there, where some people ‘click’ with their tutorial style and other people really don’t.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      But if I’m going to use the part of my brain that wrangles with that kind of highly-constrained problemsolving, I’d rather get something productive out of it, not Steam achievements. It ends up feeling too much like work.

      That’s exactly my problem with SpaceChem. I love it & have been recommending it to all the people I work with & the guys I game with who do maths or programming but when I sit down to play it during the evening after a day of writing code, it feels like I’m back at work. It is an awesome game but I think it’s something I need to save for when I have time off (or when the inevitable winter cold/flu season comes around later in the year).

  4. Mazzwar says:

    Vampire the Masquerade is also on sale for a similar price on steam (at least in dollars, I don’t know about other currencies). Given they’ve finally been given authorisation for a sale, there’s a genuine possibility of it going even lower in a daily sale. My advice would be to wait until the final day of the steam sale to buy it.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Wise words, I mentioned that on the SavyGamer post, but it’s worth repeating.

      Don’t buy anything in the Steam sale except for the daily specials. Wait until the last day of the sale to buy everything else, because you might buy something which is put on daily special (for even cheaper) at a later date.

    • Johnny Lizard says:

      Although as if to spite you, Shogun 2 is on a daily special today and is still a pound more than it was yesterday.
      Edit: Although that has probably never happened before and will probably not happen again.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      On a possibly relevant note, that’s a terrible, terrible Shogun 2 deal.

    • Hunam says:

      If anyone must have shogun 2, are selling it for £13.99

    • Carra says:

      I noticed the deal on Shogun too.

      And I’ll bet you that tomorrow it will be back to its old price. During a crysis 2 steam deal lowered their price to match it. After the deal they raised their price again.

    • Bhazor says:

      Worth noting that Shogun 2 uses Steamworks so I say buy it retail and just launch it from Steam.
      It’s often selling for £15 in HMV and Game.

    • drygear says:

      Can you install the fan patch on the Steam version? Because I don’t think you can with the d2d version.

  5. markcocjin says:

    Thanks so much Lewie. It’s so nice of you to remember these things (VtM:B) for all of us.

    And I’m not even in Europe!

    All I have to say is, Valve and Steam are doing the most important job here for PC gaming by turning a highly competitive games market into a community of people who share the love for gaming.

    Instead of fragmenting fans into die hard groups loyal to a particular franchise or developer, Steam shows you what games you missed, and gives you the chance to appreciate new genres you may have never bothered to try. Turning on Steam is like going to a party.

    To tell you the truth, I was so depressed reading about Origin and how they want their share of the pie. What pie are they referring to? Valve’s? All I see are PC gamers who are free to communicate and relate to each other when before, they weren’t even able to. You have Ubisoft who cooks up crazy plans to make it more complicated to play. Microsoft who secretly wants to kill PC gaming and port XBox Live to PC. You have Rticello and DICE saying that they are going to kill CoD and how it’s rotten to the core. On the other hand, you have Gabe who says that CoD is actually good for games like it because gamers normally want to play more than one game of a certain type.

    Then you have the Steam Summer Sale where you read comments of people having fun playing a low metacritic-rated game because there are these little prizes you can get fo-reals. These aren’t just the dudebro fratboys or the Hammer Legion Members. You see comments from people who don’t even speak English or pee standing up. PC Gaming does not belong to these CEOs and stockholders. It belongs to the gamers and the games we decide we like.

    • Jumwa says:

      Y’know, you’re quite right.

      In all honesty, it was a Steam winter sale that brought me into PC gaming. Before then the only PC games I played could be counted on one hand: Civilization, Warcraft and Elder Scrolls.

      The opportunity for some cheap games opened me up to a whole new world of gaming. I went from a handful of PC titles to 200 on my Steam list over the past few years.

      It’s exposed me to games and types of gaming I never would’ve gotten into otherwise, and caused me to spend a lot of money on titles not on sale afterwards too. As well, it’s had the exact same effect upon many of my friends.

      The brick and mortar shops never encouraged me to try new things, the prices were always prohibitive. Sales were rare and relegated only to the most hated and loathsome of bargain bin shovelware, typically the movie-tie-ins that were pumped out in a matter of weeks.

      So yeah, great job at bringing people into gaming and broadening horizons, Valve. And all while making in the service of making yourselves a pretty penny. Nicely done.

    • Easy says:

      +1. Steam is something quite special, and I have no desire of shopping elsewhere unless they start behaving like knobs, which is unlikely methinks, so long as Gabe is in the bus driver’s seat.

  6. Calneon says:

    No mention of Braid?

    • Fameros says:

      For $2,49 I gave Braid to a friend as a gift. Everyone should play this mind-expanding jewel.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      I played the first few worlds of Braid & it gave me an actual headache. Not saying it’s not good, it’s brilliant, I just need to play it when I’ve got time off work instead of an evening as it’s a good mental workout & my brain needs some downtime in the evenings (same goes for SpaceChem).

  7. Kaira- says:

    Gamer’s Gate has Mafia 1 2,50€ if someone hasn’t picked that up.

  8. Dozer says:

    Nearly bought Just Cause 2. Then realised it doesn’t run on WinXP. DOESN’T RUN ON WINXP. AAAAAAAAAAAA

    I’ll spend the money on other luxuries, like food, instead. Or maybe two days-worth of car insurance.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Whoops, I added a warning.

    • johnpeat says:

      You could skip car insurance for a week and step-out of the stoneage!! :)

    • Dozer says:

      Win7 can be got for £10ish?

      There’s still not sufficient reason to go to all the hassle of reinstalling my primary OS. I don’t play games much anyway! Perhaps when I build a new PC I’ll switch to Win7.

  9. Vinraith says:

    Any feelings on the Just Cause 2 DLC, which is also on sale for the next couple of hours? Hopelessly overpowered? Lots of fun? Both? Will it ruin the game or make it even more entertaining?

    • anjin says:

      I would also like to know this

    • Antsy says:

      They’re all good fun. The signature handgun is great but you need to buy a whole new pistol everytime you run out of ammo, which is a mild nuisance.

    • Vinraith says:


      Do you have to buy them from the black market? Does the price balance out their power level? Having some high end stuff to go nuts with sounds like fun, but I don’t want to shatter what balance the game has.

    • malkav11 says:

      Last I checked it wasn’t working with mods to make the black market prices a bit more reasonable, thus is pointless.

    • Tacroy says:

      If you’re buying DLC, make sure you get the Black Market Aerial pack. It is the best. The Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher is the best thing since sliced bread (and I think it takes normal rockets for ammo, not that that matters), and the parachute jets are fantabulistic to the point where some people think they ruin the game (but I don’t). They make your parachute significantly more maneuverable, which is really nice when you can’t be bothered to find an airplane and steal it. It’s balanced by the fact that the jets overheat, which means that you only get about 10 seconds of thrust. If you’re going in a straight line, it’s faster to steal a car or something, but this makes parachuting across water reasonable and parachuting over trees easier.

      Otherwise, the weapon DLC will ruin the game by not being fun :(

      I got a couple just for kicks, but they suck – when I tried it, every DLC item used its own unique ammo that was not dropped by any enemy in the game! That means you get (say) 30 shots with “Rico’s Signature Gun” and that’s it, if you want to keep on using the pistol you’ll have to call the goddamn Black Market down and sit through the animation to get more ammo. This happens for pretty much all the DLC weapons, and they’re not really powerful enough for it to be a balancing factor.

      Fortunately, you can mod both those problems away (special ammo and black market animations), but still – that’s a really stupid oversight, why couldn’t the special guns just take normal ammo by default?

      The DLC vehicles are okay, but honestly I never use them – the fun of vehicles isn’t calling down the one you want, it’s randomly finding one and stealing it from someone. The DLC vehicles don’t add anything to that since they never spawn unless you buy them, though the hovercraft can be interesting in some circumstances (but at that point why not just buy a jet?)

      Honestly, I had the most fun with the free “Tuck tuck boom boom” DLC (it adds a special Tuck Tuck (the little tiny cars) with a giant cannon on the back). It was just, I don’t know, fitting. I don’t remember how I got it, though.

      Anyway. The Black Market Aerial Pack is worthwhile, the rest of it is “meh”.

    • Vinraith says:

      So the problem is less “overpowered” than “useless due to lack of ammo.” That’s… kind of a pleasant surprise really. Thanks for the advice all, sounds like I’ll get the aerial pack for sure and then see if anything else strikes my fancy.

    • alseT says:

      About the DLC vehicles, there is a mod that allows them spawn so they show up on the roads. Another fantastic mod is the one who prevents civilians from exiting their cars when they hear gunfire and instead drive like crazy enabling you to have high speed adrenaline pumped chases through the city while shooting army men from the hood of their cars.

    • Antsy says:

      I’d just grab them, they really are just pennies. There’s nothing in there that will break the game and its just so over the top anyway that you hardly notice.

      The big stuff is a slight hassle to keep buying so you certainly don’t rely on them.

      Grab em and have fun!

    • oceanclub says:

      +1 to picking up the rocket parachute and skipping everything else


    • ohnoabear says:

      I chalked up being able to breeze through the game on normal when everyone else seemed to be complaining about absurd difficulty levels to the DLC rocket launcher pack. I didn’t unlock the regular rocket launcher in the black market until the very end of the story missions, so being able to call down DLC rocket launchers whenever I needed to blow up stuff (which is often) enabled me to finish missions quickly without being overwhelmed by baddies.

      The aerial vehicles pack is also pretty nice, especially if you want a beefier jet than the base game gives you.

  10. scoopsy says:

    Bloodlines is also that same price (at least in NA) on Steam at the moment.

  11. Mophooft says:

    Eschalon is on sale aswell on Steam. Is it any good?

    • Fumarole says:

      I played Book II last year and thought I got my $15 worth so I immediately bought the first yesterday for the excellent sale price being offered.

  12. FakeAssName says:

    holy shit: check out some of Amazon’s DD sales!

    bad company 2: $4.99.
    Amnesia: $4.99
    Far Cry 2:$9.99
    … thats kinda the highlights, but it still surprises me how much amazon gets overlooked when talking about DD sales.

    • Kaira- says:

      I didn’t even know they did DD before yesterday, when they mentioned on Twitter that they’ll be having DD sales. Then again, Amazon is my place-to-go when ordering physical copies.

    • Vinraith says:

      I tried Amazon DD a year or so ago and after a successful installation the first time (followed by a hard drive crash), was never again able to get the game to install and function properly. I’d be curious if that kind of thing is still going on, or if they’ve got the bugs worked out.

      I also wasn’t thrilled about the level of phone-home DRM that seemed to be going on. As I recall the game checked in with Amazon every time you started it, which is obnoxious.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Amazon always flies under my radar because they don’t do game downloads in the UK.

    • FakeAssName says:

      I’m currently really fucking pissed:
      I bought “HoM&M5: Tribes of the East” for $2.50 (the core game was on sale for the same price, but I figured why not since in that thread about the M&M 25 years video, people were talking about being able to port in all the content from the core game and the first expansion pack so $2.50 for the whole she-bang sounded like a good deal).

      unfortunately the god damned motherfucking piece of shit “amazon games & software downloader” simply will not install, so I can download this thing …. I’m only running windows XP so virtually ever bit of code ever written should be compatible with it, and Amazon’s (completely separate) video downloader works fine: so what the fuck!?!?!

      I’m about ready to flip amazon the bird and download a cracked torrent OF THE GAME I JUST BOUGHT!

    • suibhne says:

      @All in this thread: I can’t comment on the stability of Amazon’s downloader, except to say I’ve had no problems at all with it in buying/installing several games (Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, and something else I’ve forgotten).

      @Vinraith: Amazon has no added DRM, so it’s definitely not phoning home. It’s basically just the retail version of the game, so each title has whatever DRM is stipulated by the publisher; Amazon doesn’t add any. Additionally, they’ll work to get you extra keys when needed, just like GamersGate.

      A colleague did a brief write-up here: link to

    • Vinraith says:


      If true, then that’s new. A year or two ago when I was testing the service it very visibly phoned home every time you started a game. If they’ve removed that, good for them.

  13. Colonel J says:

    My most played and enjoyed game of the last month has been Freespace 2 from the GOG Interplay promo. Simply brilliant with the FSOpen 3.6.12 update which installed easily using the idiots guide on the GOG forum, runs flawlessly at modern widescreen res. Really worth picking up if you don’t have a digital copy or haven’t played it since back in the day, it’s aged very well indeed.

    • malkav11 says:

      There’s also a full port of the original Freespace’s campaign to the FSOpen engine, which can be downloaded automatically through the FSOpen installer (though that wasn’t working for me, personally – maybe wait for an installer update or something).

    • FakeAssName says:

      your supposed to buy the first game before playing “FS1 Open” otherwise you wont get the cut scenes and (I think) the voice overs.

      you probably already know about it but link to is THE place to go for FSopen content.

    • malkav11 says:

      It would probably be most civilized to buy Freespace 1 before playing the port, but actually the port includes all voiceovers, cutscenes and music. There’s nothing missing. It’s Freespace 2 you need to buy from GoG now to get the full package in FSOpen.

  14. mwoody says:

    Anyone seen any deals on Din’s Curse + expansion?

    • Kaira- says:

      Gamer’s Gate had a deal for Din’s Curse some time ago, shame I didn’t pick it up back then.

  15. DSDan says:

    New Question: Is Fable 3 worth $25?

    • Kaira- says:

      It’s a bit there-and-there, depending on your tastes. It’s pretty nice lite-ARPG game, and I enjoyed it on X360.

  16. Delusibeta says:

    Today’s Steam daily dealage, hastily copypasted from a forum post:
    Darksiders £4.99
    Magicka Complete £5.77 (75% off everything Magicka)
    Half Life Complete £6.74 (75% off everything Half Life, in a fine demonstration of trolling Reddit)
    Football Manager 2011 £9.99
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 £5 (Vietnam £3.40 extra)
    Hoard £2.09
    Bioshock 1 & 2 £3.49 each
    Super Meat Boy £5.99
    Aliens Vs Predator 2010 £3.74 (75% off DLC)
    Resident Evil 5 £9.99
    Plants Vs Zombies GotY £2.37
    Fable 3 £14.99 (50% off DLC)

  17. Pantsman says:

    Giants, a classic? Really? I bought it from GoG and played through it about two years ago, and found it a tedious, rather sloppy mess. Ah well.

  18. shaydeeadi says:

    Magicka is currently £2.71 on Steam in the sale, can’t pass that up..

  19. Shroom says:

    Going back to a previously RPS-ed offer if you go to you can get 6 shiny new idie games for £3.72 They’ve just added a new one which is an incredibly gorgeous looking ambient-y space-y psychadelic-y RTS type affair.

    So basically for under £4: Delve Deeper, Spring Up Harmony, Mactabilis, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Digitanks and Star-Twine. Some of the names aren’t great but they all look fairly fun and playable from the vids.

    • rareh says:


    • johnpeat says:

      I bought that pack…

      I love Spring-up Harmony (thinking man’s Peggle) – Delve Deeper is OK if a BIT slow-paced (please speed up the other team’s actions!!), I and I’m enjoying Steel Storm tho it’s a touch repetitive.

      Mactabilis is a decent shooter BUT the controls are nasty (it walks you through the defaults which are on the bottom-row and then expects you to click ‘Escape’ to move on – they clearly have too many fingers!!)

      Not tried Star-Twine yet (it was a late addition to the pack and I’ve only just downloaded it) but it looks pretty interesting and Digitanks is on my todo list for today :)

  20. rareh says:

    Sam and Max Season 1 – 3 – £10.55/€11.66/$16.95

    It says £15.15 for me.

    btw love these articles lewie, thx

  21. maniaks86 says:

    My wallet just died on me. These sales are awesome like dinosaurs flying freaking jets.

  22. malkav11 says:

    I thought I’d mention that one of the Steam sale achievements today is for Garshasp: The Monster Slayer, the Iranian budget God-of-War-clone, which can be had for a whole $2.50 at the moment. It’s rough around the edges, features an odd default control scheme, and is decidedly linear, but it’s a reasonable mythology-infused fantasy romp for the price.

  23. MadTinkerer says:

    “I thought the Earthworm Jim games were utterly brilliant when they first came out, but I would have been around 9/10 when I played them, so don’t hold me to that.”

    What!?! Call Metacritic! Lewie just gave Earthworm Jim PC a nine out of ten!

  24. TLGAthena says:

    Some of the achievements going up are now way out of the area of “slightly challenging” and into the realms where inventing new swearwords is appropriate. The Super Meat Boy one requires performances in L4 ( I believe it is) that are -better- than the requirement for the A+ rating. HORDE’s achievement is hell on earth (tip : Deathspiral is the only map that reliably works for it).

    I thought Toki Tori was bad. But that in the end was merely “pleasingly tricky”. Swearing like a sailor because I’m trapped in the corner of the HORDE level, dodging out to torch the odd caravan with a princess in and playing hop-skip-jump with those goddamned mage towers. ARRRGH.

    All for free goodies through tickets.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Pssh, I booted Super Meat Boy and I instantly got the new achievement. I’d already done it through normal playing.

    • johnpeat says:

      Note: You can earn tickets at ANY time during the sale – you don’t have to do it on the day they’re posted…

      Just FYI

    • TLGAthena says:

      All fine and well, but yeah… HOARD is horrid. Full stop. 20 princesses. ARGH.

      On the plus. 13 tickets. 4 more I can get. 17/27 from four days ain’t a bad haul.

  25. Navagon says:

    Keep up the good work, Lewie.

  26. Araxiel says:

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Subtitle? Subtitle? Some sort of joke that I miss or a auto-correction tool striking back?