Skyscraping The Barrel: Rage’s “The Dawn”

Ha, the latest Rage diary has Id’s Tim Willits uttering one of those phrases that (fortunately) tend to only come from the lips of game designers: “…then we had to decide how to destroy the planet.” In this case, of course, it was a convenient asteroid impact in the 2030s which sets the scene for Rage’s ruined world one-hundred years later. Yeah, I think you know the sort of thing, but anyway this latest trailer-diary, entitled “The Dawn”, has loads of new footage and some of it is quite spectacular – that ruined/infected skyscraper is a thing of beauty.

(I also love the juxtaposition of Matt Hooper saying the words “deep and meaningful story” as the player shoots a red exploding barrel on screen.)


  1. ResonanceCascade says:

    This game looks absurdly fun, which is all I ask from an id game. I’m just praying that a lot of the awful FPS design decisions that have become so common over the last few years aren’t present here. When even a Duke Nukem game is loaded with quicktime events, you know the genre needs a swift kick in the ass.

    Don’t fail me id, I beg of you.

    • Monkey says:

      Go here shoot someone, drive a bit shoot someone, baddies get body armour you get bigger guns. Looks groundbreaking.

      Best part of this game will be the first 30 minutes, mark my words

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      I believe the word I used was “fun.” Not “groundbreaking.” It is possible to enjoy a nice genre game every once in a while, as long as its well-designed. I didn’t even imply that this would be remotely original, I just want it to not have all the problems of games like Call of Duty, Call of Juarez, Homefront, Duke Nukem Forever, Killzone, and every other poorly-designed FPS of the last 5 years.

    • Brutal Deluxe says:


      But you can always enjoy it for the art design.

  2. Echo Black says:

    Rage looks sweet and I’ll be an id fanboy to the day I die, but damn, will they ever get NPC animations right? People STILL interact with you gesticulating in that very robotic, ugly, Q3-engine fashion. It’s 2011!

    • Synesthesia says:

      Im getting the same impressions about npc animations in the new deus ex.
      (The mutants look well enough, though)

    • Brutal Deluxe says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s how animators and software developers look when they talk.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    If only you could talk to the barrels, now that would be something.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      You can talk to the barrels all you want, it’s getting them to talk back that’s the hard part.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      If a barrel could talk, we could not understand it.

    • golden_worm says:

      Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

    • Wulf says:

      Sigh. So disappointed.

      It’s nice that my chosen play-style and desire for more open-ended games has started a stupendously moronic meme that has nothing to do with my chosen play-style and desire for more open-ended games.

      And faced with something the average gamer dislikes, they opt for the chan approach of memes.

      (For those not up to speed, this all started when I expressed the desire to have options like talking to people/critters, making deals, or sneaking around rather than just killing people/critters in games. Ever since people have been making ‘if only you could talk to X’ meme-styled jokes.)

      So incredibly typical. Not surprised. Just utterly disappointed.

      My opinion of the Western gamer subculture and its collective critical capacities has taken yet another sizeable nosedive.

      Well done. I guess?

    • Vandelay says:

      Err… are you sure it isn’t in reference to the Edge review of Doom (or was it Quake?), where they said “if only you could talk to the monsters?

      I think most on here would agree that games should look for more varied interaction with the world than shooting things.

    • Farewell says:

      One could ask the barrel what it’s one purpose in life is.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      And if you look out the window to your right, kids, you’ll see someone who takes themselves much too seriously and definitely sweats the small stuff! :)

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Ah, my dear Wulf. Taking jokes far too seriously as normal. IGN was OBVIOUSLY mocking you when it wrote that review.

      *Holds up finger.* Here’s Wulf.
      *Holds up finger on other hand and rotates it around the other finger.* And here’s the rest of the world.

    • Nick says:

      Guess what Wulf, its literally nothing to do with you at all. Well done I guess.

    • dan. says:

      Well at least he didn’t accuse Heliocentric of being xenophobic, so that’s something I guess? :p

    • LionsPhil says:

      If only you could reason with the furries.

    • Metonymy says:

      When I was younger I was under the impression that I started half the trends on the planet. The truth is more unsettling, countless people arrive at the same conclusions, prejudices, jokes, and beliefs simultaneously, because we all live within a much smaller box than we believe. The same emotional and creative landscape affects us all in much the same way, and individuals are not as different as they believe themselves to be. Even what we call intelligence is often just how much confidence we possess, and how willing we are to believe that our arbitrary preferences are facts.

    • golden_worm says:

      The world is the totality of facts, not of things. Then again, nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      — Thus saith the wise Barrel-O

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I really want to talk to that barrel.

    • Echo Black says:

      “(For those not up to speed, this all started when I expressed the desire to have options like talking to people/critters, making deals, or sneaking around rather than just killing people/critters in games. Ever since people have been making ‘if only you could talk to X’ meme-styled jokes.)”

      Oh man are you deluded and egomaniacal or what

    • Fumarole says:

      Red barrels do talk, it’s just that they only ever say one thing in videogameland.

      Maybe it’s just schadenfreude, but I got a chuckle just now seeing in my mind Wulf sighing or shaking his fist at the screen every time he saw that meme used here at RPS the last few years or so only to just now realize there was no reason for all that indignation.

    • Nick says:

      Its almost as bad as that time I spilt my drink.. now people constantly make fun of me in comments threads for it.

    • BobsLawnService says:

      But they do talk. They say : “Boom!”

    • thebigJ_A says:

      Oh my, how embarrassing. He honestly thought every time anyone said something like that they were referencing some random thing he said years ago.

      The sound of delusion popping and ego deflating is deafening.

    • edit says:

      Everything talks.

      If you speak to a barrel via an impact with a hard object, it will sing you a song about the dimensions of its resonant cavity and the material it is made of.

    • Urthman says:

      Could you guys please stop making comments about that time the whole party died because I didn’t heal people fast enough? I’m not a bad healer, I just had never played a druid before. Okay?

    • Burning Man says:

      @edit Oooh….. The engineer in me is turned on.

    • Garret says:

      I think there is some irony in that we dogpile on him for his comment, when he thought that we were dogpiling (indirectly) on him by regurgitating the meme.

      So sayeth the barrel.

    • battles_atlas says:

      And lo, a meme is born

    • James T says:

      If only you could talk to the STOP signs.

    • Nallen says:

      @Wulf Amazing. That is some advanced trolling. I’m giving you an 8/10 and a successfultroll.jpg

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Nallen, the scary thing is that he’s not trolling.

    • Hidden_7 says:

      Is this why he’s so frustrated all the time? The pieces, they are slotting into place.

      Actually the persecution complex required to think this sorta explains why any game that doesn’t let you pick a sentient swarm of frog-beetles as a player race is xenephobic rather simply not feeling the need to be that weird for the world they want to build.

      Seriously though, Wulf you’re great, just take things less seriously sometimes, maybe?

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Using DOOMED you could mod DOOM to have the gun of your choice(rocket launcher for me) shoot the barrel themselves, which would then explode on impact.

      BOOM sayeth the barrel, *burp* the gib-sound. And it was good.

      The barrels of justice would prevail.

      As for me personally, if it’s supposed to be a shooty shooter about shooting, I’m fine with not having to babble with everythign in my way. It’s why I could not get through Mass Effect..I got sick and tired of everyone telling me their life’s story before giving me that damned side quest(that and never knowing which good/bad/neutral choice would lead to an optimal outcome…I am SO not made for “play as you like”, because I as an ancient gamer like to get the “high score”, not play as I feel..I WANT TO WIN AT CONVERSATION DAMMIT).

      Right. What I _DO_ want to encourage is Build Engine game commentary/livelyness, i.e. a hero and enemy that speaks, squeals, shouts, whoops and otherwise gives signs of life, enjoyment, over-the-top-ness. Not crude sex jokes, mind. But someone enjoying their work when mowing down legions of enemies. Heck, even humming the first few notes of Feist’s 1..2..3..4 would be a funny quip when getting 4+ minigun kills in a row.
      You get the idea, dammit, now go make more fun shoot-it-all-to-hell games!

  4. Rii says:

    This is looking better and better.

    • buckchoi says:

      agreed. was on the fence a little bit but they have caught my interest.

    • DD says:

      I wasnt too excited at first either but with each passing trailer/interview, the more my love for id comes out.

  5. LazerBeast says:

    The resistance fights against the authority? Sounds compelling.

    • LionsPhil says:

      The Crackdown 2 writers have been busy.</stealing-yahtzee’s-material>

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      That part seems a bit staid, yeah. I’d have much rather seen the game forcing the player (and perhaps selected NPCs) to wake up people/factions to have them fight against the ‘Authority’. Of course, I don’t suspect this will be more open world and especially a more interactive game than Borderlands.

  6. tomeoftom says:

    “…something new around every corner” while player-dude slices the pie to Shoot A Dude In The Face.

    • Rond says:

      I noticed that several of the Shot Dudes were around corners.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Strictly speaking there will be a new dude to shoot behind every corner, because previous ones will have been, uh, “used”.

  7. kurtcocaine says:

    Great now it’s looking like its Borderlands and fallout3…!!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trolling, i love id and their games and this was probably in development before either of those games but the similarities are just too uncanny to ignore..

    Sure they started developing the engine 6 years ago but somewhere along the plot formation someone played a early build of both these games.. Or perhaps they’ve never played either of the 2 games and are completely oblivious to the similarities which is why they continue to highlight them in these videos..

    Anyway all that said, I loved Borderlands but didn’t really like fallout and look like they’ve kept the best parts of Borderlands and improved on the worst parts of fallout and sprinkled some of that magical id dust on top, so looking to be an awesome game overall…

    @ Echo Black.. I was referring to how its similar to Fallout in the sense of it’s ” you’re the sole survivor of a group of people sealed away in a capsule hidden underground for years and now emerging”, not in it’s post-apocalyptic setting, I love any game with that setting..
    Personally i believe every game should be set in a post-apocalyptic world..! Post-apocalyptic Pac-Man for one would be a great idea!
    Pac-Man gets stuck between dimensions while he does that “eating himself thing and disappearing into a dot” between level progression and due to an aberrant solar flare gets transported to an alternate reality in which there was no Pac-Man and earth got overrun by dots and ghosts and the US government nuked the Planet as a last resort and also blacked out the sky for good measure and now you play post-apocalyptic pac-man the only person who can save this planet from its dot and ghost infestation..!
    I would play that game!

    hmm got carried away there.. *ahem* gotta start eating those ADHD meds again..
    anyway, awesome game and i wasnt calling it a ripoff of anything, it just feels like its taken one really awesome game (borderlands) and mixed it with the setting and characters of another game (fallout3) and churned the 2 together in that tech-innovating marvel of a blender called iD and spewed out a delicious looking smoothie called RAGE!!!

    and if someone call’s it a ripoff of borderlands, i’m excited that it is!! coz that is one awesome game to be ripped-off..!!
    PS: in case i haven’t made it clear already, I loved borderlands and am super-duper excited to play RAGE, so excited that i just used the term “super-duper”!!

    • Echo Black says:

      Is this a real issue? “American Wasteland” is pretty much a stock motif for fiction, no more of a “ripoff” than if the game took place in the middle east, or in classic space opera settings, and etc.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Borderlands meets Fallout 3 is exactly what went through my mind as well. I enjoyed both, don’t see why this won’t be as good too if it can take what was good about them and polish it.

  8. Moni says:

    I’m liking the music. Mostly because I’ve been watching a lot of Justified, probably.

    Also, working Apophis into the story is cool, because space is cool. Here’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking about the big silly rock:

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      …I see those long hard time to come….

      What a show!

  9. Teddy Leach says:

    Those animations are horribly exaggerated.

    • Turin Turambar says:

      I love the exaggerated animations, it gives an unique style, a more cartoony touch.

    • Jackablade says:

      Cut! Cut! Cut it! I said this is a talkie, damnit! You’ve got to emote more! And you extras, wave your arms and make faces. What is this, a morgue?

    • MD says:

      Hahaha, indeed. The talking animations struck me too, but I hadn’t thought of Harold Zoid until now :)

  10. Faceless says:

    I find it exceptionally ironic that the main character’s arc’s neighbours don’t survive, yet people in the outside world do.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Then they say they don’t want the main character to be unique. Because being the sole-survivor does not make you unique or special in any way whatsoever. No, sir. Not at all.

    • Rii says:

      The obvious implication is that there were many other arks built against the possibility of some failing, which yours evidently did. It doesn’t suggest that you’re in any way special.

      In terms of the game it no doubt explains an initial lack of friendly NPCs to assist or inform you as to the situation. Likely the aim is to further the player’s sense of isolation (potentially reminiscent of more old-school titles from id?) before the game moves on to other things.

    • Tei says:

      Some post-apocalyptic movies/books/animes explain that with the idea that you are not the first one to awake. That others have survive in pods before your time. That most pods fail, and people die, but one in 100.000 can survive somehow (maybe got luck with the energy system somehow still working after all this time). You can imagine the first podder rescueing a group of podders and creating a town.
      You can even imagine other systems to survive the hit. Stuff like Arks (Fallout style), in space, etc..

    • Wraggles says:

      I personally feel it would’ve been a nice touch for a bunch of podmen unarmed to walk out into the daylight, going yeah we survived, high fives all round, then MUTANTS, followed by a chase scene after which you would be isolated, sole survivor, and probably more afraid of immenent death. After all it seems likely mutants would find these ark survivors easy pickings.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Rii: Uhuh.. and later on they go on to say that Ark survivors are (and especially the player) special.

  11. Dominic White says:

    Semi-open-world FPS with light RPG elements and… is that an electric crossbow I see?

    So far, so Strife.

    • gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

      Lord don’t I wish it was! Also, I salute you for mentioning Strife, one of my favorite PC games of all time.


  12. CaspianRoach says:

    Okay this trailer may have convinced me that the game is good. Good job, id.

  13. StranaMente says:

    Am I the only one who can’t see the video? I can only look at an embedded black square with firefox 5.

  14. aircool says:

    I know what my story will be…

    .. The story of one man and his shotgun!

  15. Pinkables says:

    A suggestion for anyone who may one day find themselves attempting to reunify a post apocalyptic humanity: Don’t call your organisation “The Authority” otherwise you’re just begging to have rebel factions springing up all over the shop and trying to overthrow you.

  16. Turin Turambar says:

    Looks great, but i am not going to reallly play this game for the plot, lol.

  17. Pop says:

    Love the way the phrase “deep and meaningful story” is juxtaposed with the player shooting an explosive barrel.

    Posted too soon/too late

  18. Demiath says:

    id talks about story as part of the game in such a basic way that it almost makes you think they’ve never even thought of the possibility of putting, y’know, dialogue and narrative structure into a video game before. And the art design is jarringly close to both Fallout 3 and Borderlands (which, in turn, obviously learned a great deal from those Mel Gibson movies in which everyone dresses funnily). I hope the game is good – and the shooting looks great – but even for a modern shooter it’s almost comically derivative in all its individual parts.

    • LionsPhil says:

      id talks about story as part of the game in such a basic way that it almost makes you think they’ve never even thought of the possibility of putting, y’know, dialogue and narrative structure into a video game before.

      The explanation for that is in your first word.

      But, y’know, that was fine. Space marine, portal to hell, demons, run run, shoot shoot. I don’t want “characterisation” bogging that down. I can get that from my Immersive Sims and adventure games and RPGs.

      This…yeah. This is pretty much Fallout 2’s setting, which itself is a big melting pot of post-apoc influences. May not want to big it up too much as being an innovative step. It looks like it might be fun despite the story.

  19. Metonymy says:

    It’s nice to see that fallout 3 is being redone with an even better action based design. I can only hope they retain the exploration, scavenging, and discovery that made FO3 what it is.

    I believe it’s important to provide quality material for all preferences, and not form useless opinions like ‘too much story’ or ‘too much egoshooting.’ Why not just get everything right, and give the player an avenue to succeed even if they hate or are bad at part of the game.

  20. gcmwalker says:

    I don’t like id’s tired idea that the more blank and un-constructed your avatar is, the more you can “fill in” and associate with that character. I have always found it to be the reverse: the more distinct and identifiable the character is (it helps for the game to not be a first-person so I can note the character’s appearance), the more I identify and associate with the character.

    • BobsLawnService says:

      The player in a first person shooter should merely be a vessel through which you shoot things in the face.

  21. Revolve says:

    Am I the only one getting huge Fallout 3 setting and character/faction vibes from this?
    High tech faction wanting to take over/retake over – Enclave
    Resistance fighting them – BoS perhaps or maybe NCR?
    Faction armor I heard a hint of there when he said “and you don’t look right” (not limited to Fallout obviously but certainly sounds most similar to it’s implementation)

    Coming out of a safe zone in the ground into a “barren wasteland” all alone -> Arks = Vaults

    Perhaps not necessarily a bad thing, but still its pretty apparent and jarring when watching that video there. Still really looking forward to it though, if it’s basically a more polished fps Fallout that works for me.

    • Hidden_7 says:

      I dunno, the Ark sounded more like A Boy and His Dog to me.

  22. DeanLearner says:

    MM / DD / YYYY

    will I ever get used to you?

  23. Squeeby says:

    Why is it so dark in Id’s studio? I saw another video of them a while pack and it was really dark too.
    Surely it’s not good for their eyes?

    Edit: Also is it just me, or did they just tell us the entire story?

    • Rond says:

      Why is it so dark in Id’s studio? I saw another video of them a while pack and it was really dark too.

      That would explain a couple of things about Doom 3.

    • The Magic says:


      That’s actually true. I remember John Carmack saying that. It’s amazing how something so simple could derail a multi million dollar operation

  24. Iskariot says:

    This is going to be a must have game for me.
    I do not care at all that it is a Fallout clone.
    Bring it on.
    I bet it is better than Fallout NV.

    The only thing that worries me is all the enemies running blindly into your gunfire. That’s stupid. I want interesting shootouts.

    • Hidden_7 says:

      Humour me in a thought experiment, if you will. Imagine instead of this being set on Earth after a terrible asteroid, it was set on some alien planet. Imagine if your character, rather than waking up in the Ark, was on a long haul sleeper ship that crashed on the planet, him the only survivor. Imagine instead of an art direction that takes its cues from Road Warrior and the Old West, perhaps a Steampunky Russian steppes / temperate rain forest. Leave all of the game mechanics untouched. Is it still a Fallout clone?

      It’s fine if it is, I’m just curious. When I was growing up, before FPS’s were FPS’s, they were Doom or Wolfenstein clones. In my mind, to say a game is a “X clone” means it plays like X, not that it shares an aesthetic or setting with X. Maybe that’s changed now? Just the other day a friend referred to Dark Messiah of Might and Magic as an “oblivion clone” which left me flabbergasted, because those two games are almost nothing alike. They are both fantasy? There is character progression and fighting with swords from the first person? That’s about it.

      I don’t know, maybe I missed the memo, but I see a lot of people mentioning how this will be “like” Fallout, or a Fallout clone, and I can see why you would say that, they LOOK similar, but they also will probably play nothing alike. I’m just wondering if what it means for a game to be “like” another game has changed from when I was younger. Is STALKER like Modern Warefare? Is Splinter Cell like Alpha Protocol, but unlike Thief? Which game is Knights of the Old Republic more similar to, Dragon Age, or The Force Unleashed?

      Just curious what people’s perceptions are here.

  25. grundus says:

    Like others I’m getting heavy Borderlands and Fallout vibes from this, with a bit of Metro 2033 as well. The thing is, though, this is id we’re talking about here, and I did particularly enjoy each of those three games, Borderlands especially, but I always thought it was too lacking in NPC interaction and the world itself was just really dull and boring. If this can combine the best of those three games (Fallout’s world and interactions, Borderland’s RPGish elements (without going as far as Fallout did, as this is obviously more shooter than RPG) and vehicles and Metro 2033’s physics and combat) then I might consider buying it in a few years when it’s £5 or less on Steam.

  26. DeCi says:

    It seems I’m not the only one who gets a Massive Fallout 3 Vibe from this.
    I mean, Rage pretty much borrows the entire concept from fallout 3. The arks(vaults), survivors, the authority (Enclave), Mutants etc… I Wonder if it will have the same RPG-esque elements in it.

    Meh it looks good think I’ll try it. ID is known for good modding tools.

    • alseT says:

      Except they specifically said there won’t be any modding tools at all for RAGE because “it would be too hard for modders” and “modding is dead”.

    • gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

      Modding is dead? ID thinks MODDING is DEAD?

      What the crap guys? Nobody widespread gave a shit about modding computer games until Wolf 3D and Doom and the tools made it so any idiot, even me, could make a map and a shotgun that fired other smaller shotgun sprites.

      Modding isn’t dead, based on the fact that people make their own games out of Source, and the HL2 engine, and modify Bethsoft games to the point that they’re practically whole other games.

      Modding isn’t dead based on the fact that crazy people all over the world mod STALKER to godlike levels of awesome.

      Jesus ID, did you guys lose it or what? No ducttape on Mars, no clue what gamers want in your heads.

    • FakeAssName says:

      you have got to screen out what is coming from ZeniMax and what is coming from Id.

      modding tools = people will have access to the tech 5 engine.

      ZeniMax has stated that they WILL NOT LICENSE tech 5 for anything other than their own projects.

      the reason why Skyrim will have mod tools is because it is still using the same Gamebryo engine from Oblivion/Fallout, not tech 5.

      I give Id 3 years or so before most of the current employees walk out and start working on (actually creative) indie projects / 5 years before Carmack quits to work on his space rockets full time.

    • nil says:

      Mod tools available at launch. Caveat: megatextures may need nontrivial compute and memory to edit and bake.

  27. DeCi says:

    @alseT: Y U NO RELEASE UDK? i mean really? in this day and age where anybody with limited knowledge can construct a web page or make a 3d model or heck even a simple flash game one would think they would have faith in the modders. Or this is again to prevent us from making superior ‘DLC’. BF3 did the same thing.
    They want short Shelf lives.

    • FakeAssName says:

      they don’t want people to have access to the tech 5 engine.

      Crytek / Epic WANT people to use their engines because it gives them stronger leveraging power/name recognition in the realm of engine licensing … at the expense of sacrificing absolute control of their game’s content.

      ZeniMax / Bethshitta couldn’t give a shit less about all that because they are already king of the hill in terms of name recognition, and selling DLC is kinda hard when you got users developing their own expanded content and distributing it for free. additionally they are scared of the prospect that licensing the engine would be sort of like selling a weapon to be used against them as any game not developed in house with the tech 5 engine would be competing against them.

      …. sadly it was mod tools that shipped with worrowind made them the hing of the hill in the first place, so this change in philosophy is bound to end up biting them in the ass.

      success always goes to ones head, unfortunately it almost always goes to the wrong head.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      Wow, way to spout uninformed. Since the complete id Studio will launch from the console day 1, and has been confirmed in multiple interviews.
      Shake your fists less.

    • Hidden_7 says:

      ZeniMax may not want to license the idtech5, but Bethesda has gone, what five games now (if you count New Vegas, and believe their claims about Skyrim) in a row putting non-trivial effort into releasing user-friendly, fairly robust (though obviously not a full on SDK) content modification tools, even though they only work on the less profitable SKUs, and directly compete with their own DLC.

      It hardly seems fair, or factual, to accuse them of trying to stifle modding.

  28. stele says:

    Holy aliasing, Batman!

  29. theblazeuk says:

    I like how this article is placed as the previous/next ones read =

    Bioshock Infinite: Gillen vs Levine | Ramblings Of The Mad God

  30. The Magic says:

    I love the designs of the people. Aside from the freakishly exaggerated, a lot of these look like ordinary men and women…
    or atleast that’s what I thought until the girl in hot pants appeared and I got totally distracted

    @edit: still though, they’ve done good people. Leaps and bounds from Doom3

    • FakeAssName says:

      welcome to the asteroid Apocalypse: where the dudes all look like trod upon defecation, but the chicks somehow manage to all be cali-style beach bunnies.

      …. funny how the cosmetics / cosmetic surgery industries always manage to shrug this sort of shit off.

  31. Sunjammer says:

    Why am i seeing so much sadness in those faces.. Haha they really do seem like they are just labored with this horrible god damn game they have to make. They ran out of other options. Nothing else to do. Just make Rage.

  32. Davie says:

    This looks pretty great as FPSs go, but what really got me excited was the twangy blues guitar music. I hope the actual game is full of that; it’s missing from a lot of soundtracks that would benefit from it.

  33. Longrat says:

    I can’t help but notice striking similarities between this and fallout.
    I’m sorry, I can’t help it!

    Ark = Vault
    Resistance = NCR
    Authority = Enclave
    Asteroid = Nuclear war
    “Anonymous player” = Wanderer/Courier/Whatever
    etc etc

  34. Kadayi says:

    I must admit up to now I’ve been a bit down on RAGE, however I have to say that, this video has made me rethink my position a bit. Sure there’s a certain sense of Fallout deja vu to it all, however that doesn’t get away from the fact that it seems like ID have made a proper game here and not just a fancy tech demo.

  35. RegisteredUser says:

    I am just glad that by meaningful story they did not mean generic post-apocalyptic setting with the usual binary faction blandness.

    Oh wait.

    Swap out arc with vault and you have a FO3 copypasta.

    But wait!
    There’s also stealing 90% of concept look and feel from Borderlands! Sans the stupid XP popups and randomized gun loot, thankfully.

    At least in that regard I hope Rage will be what BL failed at, i.e. a SP experience you might be able to enjoy.

    I am actually not bashing the game per se, just that them claiming to be doing even an inkling of something new or unique or involving plot, design or environment/mission wise is ludicrous.

    People are going to want to play this for execution and tech, and if it doesn’t deliver there, it’s going to be crap. Expecting anything new or singular here at all is completely wrong.
    This is purest generica, but it has a chance of being the smoothest, most well made generica.

    Let’s see.