Battlefield Features Revealed, Intriguing

The latest DICE blog on Battlefield 3 reveals a few bits and pieces about the game, specifically explaining about the new classes. Medic is gone, as they explain: “all the abilities such as medkits and defibrillators typically found on the Medic class are now incorporated into Assault. It makes sense that the class on the frontline will be able to revive fallen team mates, right?” The class that returns is LMG-toting Support, and that also adds another feature to the game: suppressing fire. “When you lay down fire in close vicinity to an enemy, the incoming barrage will show up as a graphical blur effect on his screen to stress him and let him know it’s not safe to pop out from behind cover. Just as importantly, this mechanic also affects his character’s in-game firing accuracy, making him less of a threat by using real world tactics.” You even get XP for this action. I wonder if that will feel “real” enough to work. I hope so, because it could really make suppressive fire a key tool. I’ll be interested to see it in action.


  1. Spider Jerusalem says:

    The more I read about BF3, the more excited I get for RO2.

    Is that normal?

    • Raniz says:

      RO2 as in Red Orchestra 2?

    • Derppy says:

      Perfectly normal.

      To me the scale of battles, the hierarchy system and great mods defined Battlefield 2. Now that the latter two have been dropped, the game is pretty much an average shooter with nice scale and engine. They keep lessening the meaning of teamwork so anyone could play it and win rounds without a clue about what to do.

      I’ll be getting it, but Red Orchestra 2 seems much better. Perfect balance between realism and arcade, very teamwork oriented and it has pretty innovative features. It already has 5 mods in development and it hasn’t even been released yet, so I’m pretty sure there will be tons of content and the games lifespan will be very long.

      I’m a sad panda. I really wanted something like BF2 or RO2 with Frostbite 2.0 engine and mods. The engine seems awesome, but BF3 not so much.

    • rocketman71 says:

      So, BF3 is stealing its good features from RO2, while RO2 is maintaining all those that DICE keeps dropping: public server files, proper LAN support, modding, etc, etc.

      My wallet says that RO2 will be bought soon, and that DICE can go fuck themselves.

    • crainey92 says:

      Agreed RO2 will be pretty much what I was hoping BF3 would be, big battlefields and lots of fun, like BF2 minus the jets (as far as I know).

    • Spider Jerusalem says:

      Yeah :(
      I can’t help but feel like it’s Bad Company 3: Falling Buildings With Jets!
      BC2 was great because I bought it for the price of two beers in a steam sale and I could drop in and mess around a bit when I wanted to engage in the shooting of menfolk, but never in my time playing BC2 did I think: boy I wish I was in a vent server right now so we could put together some amazing strat.

      And BF3 seems like the same thing.


    • skinlo says:

      Butt hurt nerds alert.

    • Velvetmeds says:

      No interest in RO2 at all.

    • Alaric says:

      I’m with skinlo and Velvetmeds.

    • bear912 says:

      While I never actually played Ostfront 41-45, my understanding wasn’t that the weapons weren’t attempting to be a “perfect balance between realism and arcade”, but rather to be incredibly realistic. From what I understood, the weapons were appropriately lethal and slow to reload. Quintin’s rave about Red Orchestra gave me the distinct impression that weapon lethality was a centerpiece of the game, and while there was artificial suppressing fire, a significant amount of the effectiveness of suppression in Red Orchestra simply came from how deadly the weapons were.


    • OctaneHugo says:

      This thread made me happy until a poor insult happened.

    • cairbre says:

      Oh how fickle the internet first Modern Warfare was the bad guy and BF3 the savior now it appears they too are the sellouts and the bad guys. I am sure once RO3 is announced they too will be the ‘bad guys’. Public opinion such a wonderful thing.
      That said down with MW3 or what ever its called and Bobby Kotick is a bellend dont you know.
      Sorry its Friday and I am still at work.

    • Dreamhacker says:

      RO2 would have been a challenger to BF3 if it wasn’t for their fanatically misguided over-focus on realism over fun.

    • bear912 says:

      It’s my humble belief that Red Orchestra is never going to challenge the Battlefield or Call of Duty franchise sales-wise. I think it a tad silly to think otherwise. I also think that’s absolutely fine.

      Also, I think skinio‘s Butt Hurt Nerd Detector (TM) must be faulty, as I’ve been looking hard for the folks he was talking about, and it seems to have been a false alarm. I am disappoint.

      Is it still under warranty?

    • innociv says:


      Their focus is “realism is fun”.

      The original Red Orchestra proved that realism can be fun. It is the counterargument to “realism over fun” that everyone used to say without even having tested if realism was fun.

      RO is fun as hell. It’s 5 years later and there are still full servers.
      Do you really think people just play it because they’re masochists? “Hurr durr I don’t like fun. I’m going to play this game that’s very realistic, and thus unfun. Hnn the keys are all slippery from my wrist cutting.”

    • Rii says:

      @innociv: ““Hurr durr I don’t like fun. I’m going to play this game that’s very realistic, and thus unfun. Hnn the keys are all slippery from my wrist cutting.””

      I laughed out loud. ^ ^

  2. MiniMatt says:

    Basically 2142 classes which was always the better way to do it.

    Do like the idea that I can get XP for failing to shoot men but succeeding shooting the barn door in their vague vicinity. I predict much XP for me in future.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I suspect it will only work for the support dude’s LMG.

    • Alaric says:

      You will not get XP for merely suppressing. The only way for you to get it is if a team-mate kills them while they are suppressed by you.

    • SaVi says:

      I am wondering about them talking as if the classes they already introduced years ago with BF 2142 were something new. I’d have a good laugh if this was Gears of War and not the BF Sequel. Though I like that they are expand the team capabilitys of these further.

  3. Raniz says:

    The more interested I get in BF3 the more I dread the inevitable PC upgrade I’ll have to do to :/

  4. Theodoric says:

    Mind you, in other articles I’ve read it’s been stated that the Assault class can switch some of his medic kit ( I guess the defibrillator) for a grenade launcher; I guess that’s part of the customisation thing they’re going to mention in the next blog update..

    • Lamb Chop says:

      One of the annoying realities of games with destructible environments is that you have to have weapons that can destruct said lego walls. Thinking back to MW2 (and they didn’t even have the enviros), any idiot with 10 kills on a weapon could get to .500 (but not much higher) by just randomly spamming grenades and rockets around the map. It honestly doesn’t make sense in any twitch shooter to have weapons with very compressed skill ranges (you can’t do horribly with a grenade launcher cause you can miss and still kill somebody, but the reload time etc. means it’s never going to be a top weapon). It basically masks player skill…and before anyone cites TF2 as being full of explosive weapons, that game did it right by minimizing damage so it was actually still skill-based firing except on poorly designed chokepoint maps (e.g. Dustbowl). Explosives are rarely balanced for ‘realistic’ shooters.

  5. GenBanks says:

    So now I can call my usual >10% weapon accuracy ‘suppressing fire’ :)

  6. Alexander Norris says:

    Points/XP for suppression is the best thing.

  7. Anthile says:

    I usually do enjoy playing the medic in online games but somehow developers think they have to make such classes as unenjoyable as possible. Nobody wants to be a healbot. What BF3 does seems like a good compromise.

    • cpy says:

      I like to be a healbot, always was, not a big deal.

    • lurkalisk says:

      I always like to play as a medic. In everything. This causes me great conflagrations.

    • Psico_Payaso says:

      I also played the Medic 90% of the time. I don’t think it’s bad at all.

  8. Corrupt_Tiki says:


    I just ruined another pair of underpants.

  9. identiti_crisis says:

    Will the Support guy get a rate of fire bonus if a teammate feeds the belt for him? :P

    The whole suppressing fire mechanic sounds a lot like the TF2 Valve were originally going to make (Brotherhood of Arms). Maybe there was a reason Valve abandoned it, perhaps we’ll see with BF3. I hope it works, because it sounds great, just like it did back in 1999.

    Has any other game successfully managed a decent suppressing fire mechanic?

    • Anthile says:

      In multiplayer? It works quite well in ArmA2, I think.

    • Fondue says:

      Project Reality mod for BF2 does it quite well, and yeah so does Arma 2

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I actually think ArmA 2 suppressing fire was more to do with the extreme levels of realism from the game, ie, bullets that actually go a long long way, only one needs to scrape you, and also death is insta fail/perma death, rather than any actual mechanics, I mean, as soon as I hear bullets coming my way, I run/duck/hide/lie down or all of those.

    • JB says:

      Red Orchestra did suppression fire, works pretty well IMHO

    • rapchee says:

      insurgency (source mod) has a similar suppression effect, and it really ruins one’s morale when one can’t see sh*t because of all the blur

    • Batolemaeus says:

      Arma2 does reduce your accuracy a bit if bullets fly very close to you.
      But tbh., the best suppression mechanic is one that works because you’re instinctively hiding behind cover afraid to get in the open. Anything else just feels forced and crammed into the game. When I come under fire in Arma, I don’t need some shitty blur shit, I just look for cover.

    • Psico_Payaso says:

      @Batolemaeus – “[…] the best suppression mechanic is one that works because you’re instinctively hiding behind cover afraid to get in the open. […]”

      QFT my man.

      In ArmA II, when you hear the bullets coming at you… You get freaking COVER.. Not like other games: “Dude, I’ll shoot -not caring that bullets hit me- until my screen goes really red and then i duck and wait.. Then again..jump up like a freaking Jack-in-a-Box and start shooting again until some grenades kill me and then i repeat…”.. etc etc

      ^The fact that that is becoming/has become some kind of standard mechanic is REALLY annoying.

    • 0p8 says:

      this news (support class new feature), pleases me immensely

    • Nalano says:


      Of course, you actually have to have a fear of dying, which means you’d need a real disincentive against Rambo-ing it up all the time. Even hardcore servers in BF don’t stop people from running in like chickens with their heads cut off and C4 stuffed down their necks.

      Maybe if we made new gaming keyboards and mice administer electric shocks every time you put your character in harm’s way. Y’know, for that real tactile experience.

    • skurmedel says:

      Darkest Hour, RO-mod has suppression effects on all weapons. It actually moves your crosshair. I think it works great. It works pretty well in original RO as well, but it does not move your crosshair. You just can’t afford to get hit.

  10. One Million Monkeys says:

    This is the way I always have tried to play the LMG – but so far no enemies have ever really taken notice, so Im really excited about this mechanic :)
    I don’t know if it’s me, but I really like to spray bullets in the general direction of the opposition, resulting in an accuracy close to zero percent.

    • HeavyHarris says:

      I find myself doing that a lot as well in BC2. That’s probably from my time in Project Reality where a few bullets in the enemies general vicinity would have a real effect..Good times.

  11. Brutal Deluxe says:

    I look at those screenshots, and think they look effing awesome. But then I think about the reality of looking at the game on release, which will probably be very similar but with Origin “Hey, we’ve found some really uninteresting stuff to bug you with” notifications all over the screen.

  12. Brutal Deluxe says:

    Also, I presume that RPG launcher featured in the image really does have a hexagonal rim in real life? Because it sort of looks like a low-poly circle.

    • Alaric says:

      It’s also really, REALLY loud. The kind of loud where you need ear protection even if you are way to the side. =(

    • yourgrandma says:

      Most weapons in real life are really really loud. Most games unfortunately don’t simulate how loud they really are. Games such as cod makes guns sound like they are no louder than popcorn kernels bursting or just a annoying rattle sounds that you can easily yell louder than.

    • Alaric says:

      Another thing I noticed is that most games have completely unrealistic (overblown) ideas of what recoil is like. There was even a video recently when the Deus Ex: HR team went to a range and got to fire real weapons for the first time. They were all surprised to find out that recoil (or “kickback” as they called it) is really not a big deal at all.

      To me is was shocking that a lot of developers don’t actually know what firearms feel like. It’s like if someone was making a racing game who’d never driven in his life. Weird.

    • SoupDuJour says:

      Alaric said: “Another thing I noticed is that most games have completely unrealistic (overblown) ideas of what recoil is like. .. .etc”

      Yeah, true… it seems the most difficult thing is to keep your hands steady. But wobbly aim could potentially be very annoying to players – would require some careful thought to implement such things. But at least this way it would be possible to prevent pistol-sniping across the map, while not nerfing the actual pistol into oblivion.

      Unsteady hands, bullet drop, wind, recoil, accuracy of gun, muzzle velocity (affects accuracy and arc of trajectory)… imho those things should all be taken into account, and when developers do that, there shouldn’t be too much need for artificial things like huge expanding crosshairs that make guns inaccurate at 5 meters – or drawing crosshairs on the screen at all, for that matter. Also, character movement should affect gun movement… aiming well while jumping is difficult, for ex. Not impossible, but certainly difficult, especially at more than 5 meters. Also, jumping 2 meters into the air with a 10-20 kilo gun, ammo and body armor with metal plates is slightly unbelievable. :D

      I guess the point I’m getting at is: artificial (silly) gameplay solutions aren’t necessary if the simulation aspect of an FPS game is done believably.

      On the other hand… it’s sometimes nice for games to not be too hung up on realism and allow players to have their hero moments. :] Though I guess hero moments would not be impossible even WITH physical realism – they would just look different… more based on situational awareness than doing magical stunts.

  13. Unaco says:

    “It makes sense that the class on the frontline will be able to revive fallen team mates, right?” Why are they asking us? They’re the goddamn game developers… shouldn’t they know this sort of thing? Their indecision is slightly worrying.

    But… DICE love the PC gamers though, don’t they? So we’ll get prone and lean and Dedicated servers and a decent server browser… and, of course, some Mod Tools right? That could be a saving grace.

    • Starky says:

      Prone was one of the worst things about the BF series, and will only be any good if they force a timed animation for it (to prevent spam).
      Lean is basically meaningless and almost never useful. I’d much rather they implement the cover mechanic from something like Call of Juarez 2, which had a brilliant auto-lean feature.

      The rest though I agree with you on, it is stupid that they aren’t doing [mod tools].

    • Unaco says:

      “it is stupid that they aren’t doing it.”

      They aren’t doing what? No dedicated servers or decent server browser? Or no Mod Tools?

    • Starky says:

      Mod tools – should have said that – but yeah mod tools have been dropped at launch – which is PR speak for probably never gonna happen.

    • Unaco says:

      Yeah. Just read about that decision. It’s quite the finger in the face of the PC Community… whom I thought DICE loved and appreciated and thought about pleasing every waking moment. I’m thinking they’ve just realised a PC game can make a boatload of money… and they love and appreciate and think about getting more money every waking moment.

    • Starky says:

      Well that’s the rub isn’t it, you can’t sell crappy map packs featuring reused assets from other maps/single player, or remade/updated BFBC2/BF2 maps for 15 bucks/£10 a pop if you allow mod/mapping tools.

      So of course they’re gonna cry “it’s too hard”.

    • wazups2x says:


      You obviously haven’t played BF2 after patch1.5. Dolphin diving was fixed, it’s no longer a problem.

      A Battlefield game without prone is not a true Battlefield game.

    • Nick says:

      dolphin diving was fixed not too long after it became a real problem. Sadly they only fixed AA being worth a damn for a very short time before breaking it again after (jet) flyboys cried buckets that they weren’t invincible anymore.

  14. Screamer says:

    Seems like they are trying to fix the 5 medic squad = unstoppable squad problem in BC2, though it might result in 5 assault squad = unstoppable squad :/

    • Nalano says:

      I thought the medic problem in BC2 was because they could all revive one another AND all had LMGs.

      It seems here that we’re very pointedly splitting them up.

    • Davee says:

      And from what I’ve heard, the “REVIVE, REVIVE, REVIVE” -syndrome is less of a problem with longer delay/charge-up time for the defibrilator pads in BF3 (just hearsay though).

  15. Setroc says:

    Help, help! I’m being supressed

  16. Joe Duck says:

    Yay for the unbalanced, illogical and frustrating medic’s demise. The support class seems interesting and the suppression fire could change the game for the (even) better. And yet, I am afraid that the class that is really loving these news is the recon. No more sniper medics AND a new class that moves less? Yay!

    • spongthe1st says:

      Yay for streamlining. I live in hope that in BF4 there will be only one class who gets an MG with underslung ‘nade launcher, medipack, ammopack, snipz0r rifle, rocket launcher and the ability to call in airsrikes. And infinite dragons. The class will be called the LulzSolider. It will be epic.

  17. markcocjin says:

    Steam features revealed? No? Intriguing…

  18. ikefrc says:

    That’s so sounds like Project Reality..

  19. Kismet says:

    Glad to see Medic is getting back to assault rifles after the (mostly) LMG digression of BC2.

    Don’t care too much how the class is called, as long as I can run and shock-dive (yay for prone being back in BF3).

    Hope the general feeling will be closer to BF2 than BC2 though, I only have a few hours played in the latter (bought it during the recent Steam sale), but I’m finding my favourite class not particularly enjoyable and – I’d dare say – of limited usefulness in most maps, at last on pubs (should probably try some hardcore server maybe).

  20. kulik says:

    …reinventing the wheel.

  21. aircool says:

    Been waiting forever for a true ‘support’ role. I’m terrible at twitcher shooters these days, and overtly cautious in the battlefield. I’m the guy that’s always hiding as a mobile spawn point.

    I think this is a good move by DICE, it could signify the end of wookie dominance.

  22. Dreamhacker says:

    The only downside I see with suppressive fire is that if the game is as deadly as BC2 was compared to BF2, why would anyone use suppressive fire? As soon as someone opens up full auto fire, every enemy will know where to aim.

    • whydidyoumakemeregister says:

      But they’ll be suppressed by your fire and won’t be able to do much about it. That’s the whole point.

  23. OddsAgainst says:

    I think this game looks amazing, but not as a Battlefield game. It has my same problems with the Bad Company series. Battlefield used to mean teamwork, but straight from their blog they say they are supporting lone wolf game play. BF3 is a good Bad Company game, but I am still holding out for the next Battlefield game.

  24. X23 says:

    I’m buying it. Mainly because they are pulling mod support. I liked the first 2, but it’s no big deal to pass it up since it probably be more like the current military games than battlefield.

  25. DOLBYdigital says:

    I like the realistic idea of suppression and how its setup in both BF3 and RO2. I think that will help prevent people from running and gunning too much. I’m interested to see how it will change the gameplay. We have enough run and gun games so I’m open to anything that is trying to make it more tactical.

  26. UlsterWarrior says:

    One of the worst thing about BF3 is they are also reducing the squad sizes down to 4 again…this is sooo annoying as i play with at least 6 m8s at a time and some have to then make another squad…what was wrong with a 5 man team or upping it to6 so ppl would play as a team more? :( sad face all round :(

    • MajorManiac says:

      Yes I find this a little strange when playing Bad Company 2. Why not just leave it open to 12 per squad and let players decide.