Project Mimicry Is A Sandbox Game

A sandbox game with real sand. Developers Monobanda explain: “Monobanda has created a sandbox game with real sand, in which up to four players at a time control a ball that can roll around, jump and glide through the Mimicry world. Tiny virtual characters roll around in the sandbox. You can build obstacles for them or create a racetrack.” Yes, you play in your sandpit to create the game’s environment.

This bizarre and extraordinarily clever augmented reality project has a video and a couple more images, which you can see below. (Via the almighty Indie Games.)


  1. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Clever girl.

    Also: I want this game to be called Mandala.

  2. Njordsk says:

    What the hell

    Is this delivered with a 10m² room full of sand?

  3. konrad_ha says:

    Damn hippies! Imagine how cool this would’ve been as a multiplayer shooter. With the blood stains showing up in the real sandpit. So much wasted potential.

  4. Bodminzer says:

    This rules and makes me feel good. Thanks, sand.

  5. Berzee says:

    Yep, that’s nifty!
    They also made this: link to

    (I linked to the best part, but you should watch it from the beginning if you…hm….like….puppets? They also made this: link to

  6. Metonymy says:

    “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. “

  7. razgon says:

    I wish video journalism weren’t so popular these days – I’d much rather just read what’s going.
    Honestly, from reading the text in this article, I have no idea what’s going on – I guess today is one of those days, since I didn’t understand a word of the 3D printer article either

    Edit: After watching the video, I still dont understand it. Are we supposed to make a sandbox ourselves, or is this game not for us? I seem to be missing something crucial here

  8. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Interesting, but Maybe I’m just a washed up byproduct of all these AAA titles or something, because I found it really boring to watch.

  9. ArcaneSaint says:

    So, I guess this won’t be available via Steam then?

    • Wunce says:

      Steam dissipates too quickly for you to make the entire map without loosing your work. Luckily the Shattered Glass platform works wonders providing that you don’t use you bare hands.

    • kirkbjerk says:

      You could also apply steam to the Shatterd Glass model for a more unique and rewarding experience.

      Pictures within pictures, oh my.

  10. AbyssUK says:

    good idea for a kinect game, import your own worlds.

    Hmmm kinect plus lego = minecraft ?

  11. Ezhar says:

    You got sand on my controller!

  12. Matt says:

    Is there any “point” to the game, or is this actually a toy and not a game? The final statement in the video makes me think the latter.

  13. tomeoftom says:

    “From Sand”. Mesmerising.

  14. ColOfNature says:

    I remember when a sandpit was just a pit full of sand. And cigarette butts.

  15. edit says:

    Awesome concept.. could be taken in fantastic directions. Imagine (probably with the aid of AR HUD style glasses or something.. projection has its limits) a little society of AI characters for whom this is the landscape. You terraform etc a la From Dust, perhaps interact with the people in a multitude of ways (Black & White, for instance, could also be a source of inspiration).. Basically, imagine doing what you did as a kid with figurines and sandpits, only this time the figurines have minds of their own.

    • Nathan_G says:

      There’s lots of potential game modes you could incorporate into this idea. ie. A four-player game with a sort of ‘Golden Snitch’ if you will, two people on the standard controllers maneuvering earth-bound characters, two people controlling the sand. The ‘Snitch’ flies all over the place, and the people in the sand must build roadways, bridges and dig tunnels and ditches to allow the earth-bound characters to pursue it. Could allow for some pretty complex, fast-paced competition and would rely on communication between the sand-controller and the dude-controller :D

    • Tatourmi says:

      I logged in only to say that: That would be friggin’ amazing. BEHOLD THE POWER OF ASYMETRIC COOP!

  16. Tatourmi says:

    Failed reply…

    Interesting idea anyway, I am just a little bit disappointed with how the marbles interact with the world.