The RPS Bargain Bucket: Save Yourself

You ready for some discounted gaming fun? I hope so, because that’s exactly what you’re about to find. It’s the Bargain Bucket, and it’s full to the brim of cut price downloads. As always, if you want to keep abreast of all the cheap games as and when they happen, you should get over to

There’s just under 5 hours left to get these first three deals, so don’t delay.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – £3.24/€3.74/$4.99
Frictional’s spooky run-away-and-hide-em-up is a bit scary. Here’s wot John thought:

And did I mention it’s scary? I was inventing new swears by the end of it. “Fucking cocksticks, what the shitstack was that?!” And I confess I yelped on more that one occasion. One of them might be considered, by some, to be a squeal. But more often I’d find myself rigid with fear, my stomach pressed against my desk as I leaned into the monitor trying to reach the next illusion of safety more quickly. I think it is safe to say that Amnesia is the most successfully frightening game to have been made. It feels perhaps a slightly over-obvious observation, but the compliment is utterly valid: It’s Thief III’s Cradle as a full game. Unrelenting in its scares and jumps.

Fallout 3 [Goatee Edition] – £6.79/€10.19/$10.19
Bethesda’s ambitious revisitation of the Fallout franchise didn’t please everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in the Capital Wasteland. It carried over many of the problems from The Elder Scrolls series, but in the grand scheme of things, UI niggles, rubbish 3rd person animation and a colourful mix of glitches never got in the way of my quest to find all the caps. Alec appears to have reviewed the Xbox three hundred and sixty version for IGN, but he sneaks in a fair bit of talk about the PC version too. Nice one. The Goatee edition includes all 5 DLCs, and they’ll be installed along with the game, rather than having to faff around with the GFWL maketplace.

Cheap Mass Effects:
Mass Effect – £3.40/€5.10/$6.80
Mass Effect 2 – £6.80/€6.80/$6.80
Mass Effect Pack – £14.99/€19.99/$19.99
The reason that the Mass Effect Pack costs more than buying them separately is that it includes the Digital Deluxe Edition of ME2, which includes a bunch of bonus tat (but is not on daily special on it’s own). I’d personally save yourself a bit of change and not bother with the DDE, just over a tenner for both games is a ridiculously good price, and you really don’t need “Incisor Rifle – Bonus in-game weapon” and the other stuff. That Kieron bloke reviewed the first for Eurogamer, and John and Alec’s thoughts on the second are located here and here.

Magicka – £2.75/€3.10/$4.42
Registers on Steam.
Some guy call Quinns did the definitive preview of Magicka to get you all excited about how wonderfully silly it is, then Alec & John bring you crashing back down into reality by mentioning bugs. It’s actually in pretty good shape now. It was unplayable at launch for me, but at some point between release and when I played it last month, it got pretty much sorted out. I’ve only started it though, and only been playing single player. How are you lot finding it after the extensive patching?

Deal of the week
Arma II, Men of War, Tower Bloxx Deluxe – Free
Arma II (apply coupon “THESU-NFREE-ARMA2”).
Men of War (apply coupon “THESU-NFREE-MOFW1”).
Tower Bloxx Deluxe (apply coupon “THESU-NFREE-BLOXX”).
Tower Bloxx Deluxe is a bit of an odd one out here isn’t it? I’ve never heard of it, but it looks like a game where you build a tower. Out of Bloxx. The other two are hat thieving sim/RTS Men of War, and obscenely big and high end Manshooter, ARMA 2. Here’s Wot Alec thought of Men of War, and explore the MoW tag to find Jim constantly imploring you to give it a try. Jim tackled thinking about ARMA 2 also, and the results can be accessed here. ARMA 2 has just gotten a free version, which is quite probably why they were happy to do this freebie promotion, but the free version is missing the singleplayer campaign, mod support, “HD textures”, and has a few other limitations. I advise you to not read The Sun.

Also of note:
The Steam Summer Sale
Total War: Empire: Total War & Total War: Napoleon: Total War [Goatee Edition] – £6.70/€10.19/$10.19
Hearts Of Iron III – £3.08/€3.47/$4.95
Earth 2150 Trilogy – £1.49/€1.68/$2.39
Black Mirror 2: Reigning Evil – £9.99/Similar prices in other currencies.
Black Mirror 3: Final Fear – £7.49/Similar prices in other currencies.
Gemini Rue, Date Warp, Bionic Heart & Planet Stronghold – £32.50/Similar prices in Euros/$39.99

For more cheap games, has you covered.


  1. Teddy Leach says:

    GMG’s servers are taking a complete battering, so you’ll have to be patient.

  2. Will Tomas says:

    Lewie, have you changed your mind about GMG? I remember you being very anti-them quite recently.

    Also, the Hearts of Iron III link is broken for me.

    • Heliocentric says:

      He’s always said, free is free, but that green man gaming obscure their system and are thus untrustworthy, “secrets=lies” and all that.

    • johnpeat says:

      What on earth are you talking about “obscure their system” – wot!?

    • Diziet Sma says:

      I have to agree there.. I had an awesome deal of them a while ago for Civ which just punted me an activation key for steam.

      I suspect, but don’t know as I never asked, that Lewie’s problem with them stems from the fact they offer trade in for digitally downloaded games which means DRM. Some of which doesn’t work for enough people to cause problems. OTH the Civ deal I got activated on steam so had zero trade in value.

  3. Howling Techie says:

    Once again I am nearly, and most likely eventually will be bankrupt with the steam summer sale, although I am 40 tickets up and 5 games from the big 200.

    • atticus says:

      I’m actually buying quite a few games I know I’m never going to play on steam during the summer sale… And games which I have originally own on CD/DVD, positioned in a shelf just a few feet from where I sit. Can’t be bothered with disks anymore.

      Bought Kotor the other day just because of nostalgic love. Played through it twice four years ago and probably won’t play it again. But its a great game, and at those prices I just can’t help myself!

    • Mitthrawn says:

      I just hit the big 900. Damn you staem. Now i will have to eat my hard drive, for i have no food money.

      link to

    • passingstranger says:

      I receive a worrisome amount of joy when buying a game on Steam just knowing that it increases the number next to the “All Games” filter.

    • Duckpoop says:


      Very impressive list! Play TF2 much?!? :P

  4. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    Great coverage of bargains as always but I must admit you’re branching out in your advertising, I was surprised to see your name and twitter account appear in the Guardian Liveblog about the Murdoch scandal last night!

  5. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    I had a lot of fun with Tower Bloxx on my cell phone back in 2006.

    • johnpeat says:

      It was, indeed, great as a mobile game – it’s even decent as a smartphone game but I’m not QUITE sure it really needs to be a PC game…

      Horses for courses tho

    • Mitthrawn says:

      What the hell does horses for courses mean? Is it a British thing? Do you guys eat horses like for breakfast or something? I’m sooo confused.

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      link to

  6. mod the world says:

    Yay, got Arma II before the site went down. Thanks Lewie!

  7. Gurthang says:

    GOG is also having a summer sale.

    It’s the second day today and the Earth 2150 Trilogy is at $2.99.

    • Ex Lion Tamer says:

      Earth 2150 looks like my kind of thing – worth playing? (Screenshots and a bit of reading suggest yes – anything sci-fi/near-future/RTS for me)

  8. LieutLaww says:

    GMG site looks like its melted down from all the activity, 3 games, for free don’t mind if i do (internet explodes)

  9. Iska says:

    Lovely illustration at the top too. Car definitely does go wot fast. Above and beyond the call of duty – admirable indeed.

  10. I LIKE FOOD says:

    mmm mm loves me some good deals

  11. jaheira says:

    Is Magicka worth getting just for single-player? I shun the disease in the gaming world known to some as “co-op”.

    • Shark says:

      It turns from a game thats all about killing your friends and healing the enemy to one of the most unforgivable games

    • Farewell says:

      The game is definitely designed around multiplayer, but it’s still very enjoyable in singleplayer with it’s unique combat mechanics and humour.
      Those buying it for multiplayer should be warned that the netcode is severely glitchy. Playing with my friend who lives a few kilometers from me I frequently get 500+ ping lag spikes, desynchronisations and crashes to desktop, which are all made worse since you can only join multiplayer games when they are in the lobby, and in the lobby you can only start games from the very beginning of the current story chapter.
      In spite of this, the game itself is still worth the investment, as the coop experience is brilliantly hilarious when it’s not hindered by the bugs.

    • aerozol says:

      It’s hard to put into words how non-singleplayer Magicka is.

    • johnpeat says:

      I’d say “pass” to Magicka as single-player – it’s really only a practice zone for multiplayer.

      There’s nothing to do other than ‘kill stuff – move on – kill more stuff’ – no secrets, loot, upgrades – nothing.

      If you’ve no intention of co-op or PvP – skip it entirely…

    • jaheira says:

      Yeah that’s pretty much wot I thought. I’ll give it a miss. Thanks all.

    • Droopy The Dog says:

      Actually I rather enjoyed playing the campaign single player, it’s chock full of humour and the combat mechanics really are beautiful.

      Multiplayer may have more slapstick laughs per minute, but single-player is by far a smoother experience.

      Comparing the single player to other games of the ilk rather than it’s own multiplayer, magicka’s totally worth the time and piddly amount of money it is on sale.

      Also, the new pvp mode is suprisingly enjoyable if you’re averse to co-op but not multiplayer. Play against someone with a good grasp of the game and you get some shockingly inventive wizard duels.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      Magicka’s singleplayer is entirely worth it, especially at that price. The multiplayer’s more quirky and ridiculous, but the story is well-made, full of funny references (make sure to look around the levels carefully or you’ll miss hidden stuff), has good pacing, etc. I’d heartily recommend playing it solo at least once. It *is* harder, though, because the game doesn’t really scale with more players.

      As for bugs, most of them have been fixed at this point. Managed to play with a friend without any issue a few days ago. Again, for this price, you just have to give it a shot.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Magicka’s single player is good (as far as the campaign is, in fact, it’s very fun).

      The problem is that it is designed for multiplayer, in the fact that you die easily. In multiplayer, dying means your teammate making a 2-3 keys combination of keys, and you’re back. In single player, that means coming back to the last checkpoint (or change of place). And it can get easily frustrating, and much harder to play.

      I would note however that I never had issues playing with random people on this game. As long as everyone knows how to revive, it doesn’t really matter if you play with people who kill everyone in your team in one shot instead of the enemy, it’s just fun.

    • malkav11 says:

      There are actually quite a few secrets and easter eggs – but they’re there in multiplayer, too. Death is cheap and easy in Magicka, and while you will die more in multiplayer (from misaimed spells and such), you are four keypresses from getting resurrected. In singleplayer, on the other hand, you are fucked.

    • Gonefornow says:

      There aren’t enough checkpoints for the singleplayer aspect of the game to be easy.
      For me that was just fine.
      To survive you have to learn all the possible spell combinations the brilliant magic system allows you to create.
      Passive element shields, rock barriers, traps, beam spells and of course the all magicks (teleport, bolt of lightning [very handy {spam it a lot}]).

      If you think it as an arcade game as opposed to an action adventure you’ll have a blast.
      if replaying the same sequense for the nth time isn’t your thing steer clear of this one.

  12. Mattressi says:

    How does Green Man Gaming work? I’ve heard some say that it installs SecuROM with each game and makes them ‘dial home” every now and then to make sure you haven’t traded it in but kept the game anyway. Is this true? Is it possible to use the game keys that you get from these free promotions to register the game by itself (or on Steam or something)? Can I somehow opt to give up my ability to trade it in (for a meagre 25 cents especially) in order to play the game without it needing to dial home?

    If this is possible, I’ll likely spend more of my money there than on Steam (don’t like that it almost has a monopoly). If not, I’m not sure I even want the free games – and there’s no way I’ll ever buy something from them. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Edit: finally got the site to load and got keys for ARMA 2 and Men of War. Neither key seems to work on Steam (says the key is invalid). Is it just that the keys haven’t been activated or something, or will they never work on Steam? Will they work if I download the clients for the games elsewhere and enter it? I’m paranoid about the SecuROM/dial home rumours about GMG, so I don’t want to have to download from them if I don’t have to.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      It doesn’t install SecuROM or dial home. You also can’t register on Steam unless the game page says you can.

    • johnpeat says:

      GmG games which require/register on Steam are clearly marked as-such on their site.

      Everything else will have whatever DRM the publisher included AND their own Capsule system (which is the means whereby they control their ‘trade-ins’.

      I got some free games from them ages ago which I recently traded-in for a ‘free’ Sanctum key (on Steam) – free is always good :)

    • Mattressi says:

      Ah, that sounds much better than the rumours I was hearing. Can I play these games in offline mode with Capsule? I travel often and usually have spotty or no internet, so I like to make sure I can play without an internet connection. If I can, I think GMG is going to become my main game store.

      Sorry for the questions, BTW. I’m sure I could check this myself, but I honestly can’t even get the site to load so I can download Capsule any more.

      Edit: hmm, been looking through their Support pages and found this: link to

      It says that every three days of offline play, you’ll need to go online to reactivate the game. Probably reasonable to most people, but I like my games to work when I want them to. Are the GMG keys special in any way or can I just use them the same way that I would if I got the key from the game box? What I mean is, can I just install the game through some means other than Capsule/GMG and use the key they gave me?

    • johnpeat says:

      I’ve not tried this with every game but I’m going to say “NO” (at least “NO” to the games which don’t use Steam, anyway)

      GMG’s system allows you to ‘trade-in’a game – that means they want to know that you don’t still play it once you’ve done that – hence online checks and their client and so on…

      This is Lewie’s issue with it I think – but unless you’re on a desert island and/or have some weird compulsion about ‘imagined ownership’ I don’t think GMG impose an unbearable burden.

      Esp not ‘for free’.

    • Mattressi says:

      Damn. I guess I have a “weird compulsion” – just never sits right buying things that I don’t really own. I’m fine with the free games of course, but GMG won’t get a sale out of me now unless they remove the activation thing (as I said, I’d happily remove my ability to trade in if I could remove the activation).

    • johnpeat says:

      The game giveaway is clearly intended to bring in customers who will buy more games/trade-in the games they’ve gotten for free etc. etc.

      GMG’s selling point is their trade-in system – they’re hardly about to dismantle it on demand.

      If you’re obsessed with ‘ownership’ I suggest the best plan is

      a – purchase the game as cheaply as possible from whatever source is selling it
      b – install and play a pirated/hacked/DRM-freed version (which will work anywhere, anytime, anyhow)

      You’re only technically breaking the law – morally you’re doing nothing wrong whatsoever and you have your ‘control’ that you so dearly wish :)

    • jaheira says:

      “morally you’re doing nothing wrong” unless you think it’s wrong to break the law, of course.

    • johnpeat says:

      The law is an ass in this case – it’s illegal to rip your CDs using iTunes (in the UK) but that doesn’t stop hordes of people doing it!!

      If you buy a copy of “Game X” for “PC”, then install and run “Game X” on your “PC” then you’re doing nothing morally wrong whatsoever IMO

      If you’re going to spend your entire life feeling that you’re being ‘immoral’ for ignoring arcane and convoluted laws which are totally out-of-touch with the needs of society – then you’re going to have a miserable time.

      Sworn during a phonecall recently? That’s against the law – as is swearing in a public place and, indeed, being drunk in a pub!!

      Sometimes you need to make a stand and make your own decisions about stuff – it’s called growing up and taking responsibility for your own actions.

    • jaheira says:

      @ johnpeat

      “it’s called grwing up and taking responsibility for your actions”

      Sorry Dad.

    • malkav11 says:

      The thing is, DRM will only go away if it’s demonstrably a chilling effect on sales. Buying a game with DRM, then pirating it, will support DRM.

    • Veracity says:

      You “own” GMG stuff about as much as you do Steam. I’ve never bothered verifying how often it actually tries to phone home, but according to its own terms and by most accounts it’s fussier than Steam, allowing offline use but with limitations. On the other hand, it doesn’t require the client be used as a launcher, in my experience.

      If you have practical or ethical issues with phone-home authentication, though, you should probably avoid it. Its USP is trade-in value on PC, so some kind of repeated authentication obviously isn’t negotiable, unless you’re wanting them to convince publishers to trust the people keeping them in business, or some such insanity. I think it’s doomed because I question whether the market it’s selling to exists, but I do admire the attempt, and I assume they’re researched that question better than I have (ie at all).

      If you want a Steam alternative just for the sake of it not being Steam, I think I’d recommend Gamersgate. They do require online authentication at installation, but not again, and you can archive their installers, if you feel the need. Obviously, as on anything besides GOG, publishers can pile who knows what DRM on top of the shop’s own. Has no community features, really (no client, for that matter), and a virtual loyalty card that works like any real one. direct2drive’s also well-established and has a reasonable catalogue, but I haven’t used them and they hack people’s phones.

  13. McKnight says:

    -edit- nvm, I’m an idiot! :)

  14. Tams80 says:

    Is Magicka constantly on sale?! Not that it was expensive to start off with and was entirely worth the money, but it seems to get cheaper by the week! More people playing it isn’t a bad thing at all though.
    Just checked how much I payed. Realized I payed more for the Vietnam DLC than the vanilla game! More than on Steam; Impluse ripped me off. =(

    Edit: Men of War for free?! I bought it ages ago and only just started playing it (damn Steam sales). Damn sales; like dual Marmite.

    • Lewie Procter says:

      A search of the Savy archives shows that it’s been on sale (that I have noticed) 10 times since February. That’s pretty frequent.

  15. kyrieee says:

    The guy in the car looks like Kieron

  16. johnpeat says:

    I’ve not played a TW game since Rome (which I enjoyed but nowhere-near cleared)

    Is the Empire/Napoleon deal worth a stab – I know some people moan infinitely about Empire in particular – and that Napoleon is a bit limited???

    • Sigh says:

      Empire is currently the 13th most played game on Steam (2 below Shogun 2) and Napoleon is currently around the 23rd most played game on Steam.

      Empire is a sprawling massive game and Napoleon takes part of the Empire experience and creates a more focused and slightly limited game. Both have their strengths though. There were some issues with Empire when it was first released such as the enemy AI avoiding naval warfare and I don’t know if that has been patched out since then, but Empire definitely has its followers.

      However, you are getting a LOT of game for £6.70/€10.19/$10.19. Let me repeat A LOT OF GAME for that price. The potential hours of play time to the dollar spent is absurd and beats most other deals during the Summer Sale.

      I know I was a little vague, but both games have their dedicated communities and still played extensively and while perhaps not the best Total War games they are still very solid offerings especially for the price right now. I hope this helps.

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      There were some issues with Empire when it was first released such as the enemy AI avoiding naval warfare and I don’t know if that has been patched out since then, but Empire definitely has its followers.

      Naval invasions were fixed, I’ve seen the AI use boats plenty of times. My favourite example being the Portuguese expeditionary force sent to recapture Goa from my Marathan clutches. It turned out that so many troops had been packed on board that the Portuguese had left Lisbon practically undefended. With the menacing fleet a scant turn from my own undefended underbelly, Spain conquered Portugal and the fleet disappeared in a puff of smoke.

      In general the AI in Empire now puts up a just about satisfactory fight, both on the campaign map and in the battles. The big exception being sieges, which remain dreadful. The late campaign can also get dull as campaigns become a matter of simply deciding who to steam-roller next. Overall though, it’s well worth getting stuck into (certainly at this price).

    • johnpeat says:

      It seems that those who consider Empire a ‘crashfest’ aren’t budging in their opinion – but a lot of people reckon there are mods which improve the experience exponentially…

      Now to see if the mods get along with Steam and/or get wiped everytime it updates the game…

  17. fitzroy_doll says:

    Having played all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games into the ground, perhaps it’s time to take a look at Fallout 3.

    • propjoe says:

      I think you’ll probably be disappointed by that transition, unless while playing STALKER, you were thinking, “I wish this were more like Oblivion.”

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I love the Stalker games and still play them. Couldn’t stomach Fallout 3. Preferred Oblivion.

    • Vinraith says:

      Fallout 3 is absolutely brilliant (especially with Wanderer’s Edition), but is nothing like STALKER. It’s very much a game about exploration and (with FWE) survival, and a game about finding your own story (the main quest is disposable and ignorable). It’s more Morrowind than Oblivion, IMO.

    • Xocrates says:

      Fallout 3 can be roughly described as a big budget more casual version of STALKER. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on personal preference.

      Although more specifically, the difference is that Fallout is a RPG that plays as an FPS while STALKER is an FPS that play like an RPG. This means the games are kind of similar, but do not expect them to be the same.

      On the Oblivion vs Fallout 3 front I’m a bit undecided. I probably preferred Fallout mostly because I like guns more than bows, but also because you have more options on how to approach quests. Oblivion had a more fleshed out world with more stuff to do however.

      EDIT: And I should probably note that New Vegas, particularly in Hardcore mode, is likely to be a better substitute to STALKER than Fallout 3

    • sinister agent says:

      I loathed the first stalker game due mostly to its complete brokenness, but respect what it tried to to.

      Fallout 3 I enjoyed a lot more, but I had to mod a few things out immediately, and the longer I played it, the more things I felt myself needing to mod away/in to enjoy the game very much.

      I still recommend Fallout 3 as an entertaining game – a bit flawed, but even just a couple of mods will more than double its longevity.

      Other than the vaguely radioactive themes and scavenging (and even those are treated quite differently), I wouldn’t really consider the two closely related, to be honest.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Not much of a fan of the Fallouts. I completed Fallout 3, and it was an enjoyable experience. Tried New Vegas and it was completely terrible. I think the amount of time passed just made me loathe the terrible acting, animations and graphics. It was a game completely lacking atmosphere or soul.

      Stalker on the other hand is fantastic. To this day I’ve still only played the first one through. I tried to play the second one a couple of time, but never could progress. It seems way to damned hard compared to the first. I briefly tried the third, but again, time hadn’t been kind to it. And it also just didn’t feel like a Stalker game to me.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I enjoyed both the STALKER. series and Fallout 3 (also New Vegas), but as noted above, they’re very different games. The STALKER games made me feel vulnerable and cautious most of the time. They reward good inventory management and shooting skills. It’s a more hardcore game. I enjoyed Fallout 3 mainly just for the fun of running around with futuristic weapons in a more “classic” post-apocalyptic environment. It’s a larger sandbox to run around in too, especially with all the DLC (some of which is better than others).

      Fallout 3 does have a flaw in the difficulty scaling that bothered me. It starts out fairly balanced — there are areas and enemies you have to avoid because they’ll kill you. About halfway through the game though, you’ve accumulated enough buffs, armor, and weaponry that you’re a walking death machine. You can’t be touched, unless you do something stupid. There are mods that improve this, and I’d recommend checking them out.

      New Vegas scales a little better, and it has better combat (more effective use of iron sights). It also has a hardcore mode that isn’t all that hardcore, but it’s an improvement for those who found Fallout 3 too easy.

    • malkav11 says:

      Fallout 3 is the reason I have some hope for Skyrim. It’s no New Vegas (and not much like Stalker at all), but it displays much more thoughtful, conscientious and enjoyable design than Oblivion.

    • fitzroy_doll says:

      I know Fallout 3 won’t be anything like STALKER. I like open worlds and the radioactive wasteland setting, so it always seemed like something I should try some day. I’m looking forward to sightseeing more than the game itself.

  18. sinister agent says:

    How worthwhile is that deal for Napoleon War, Like, Totally if I already have Empire?

    • Preciousgollum says:

      You will get all of the Empire DLC and Napoleon Total War Imperial Edition, including the Peninsular Campaign and other DLC, for less money than buying Napoleon Total War by itself. It is a big game at 20GB so I would either buy the CD or, in this case, make a back-up.

      Napoleon is worth the money, I got it when it came out (for around a tenner from GAME) and played the stuffing out of it – still not quite finished everything. The game is like stepping in to the best bits of Empire, particularly where land battles are concerned. I have done well out of it considering my PC makes the graphics look like an unpolished Rome: TW.

      I don’t think that you will get the ability to pass-on a second copy of Empire.

      I will add that, given the more sophisticated nature of cannons and muskets, I am hesitant in getting shogun 2. It doesn’t help that my PC is beginning to run like an old dog.

    • johnpeat says:

      Note: If Steam is going to let you gift surplus copies it will TELL YOU when you get to the checkout.

      If it’s NOT possible, it will ALSO tell you – before you buy it – so there’s no excuses for missing it :)

    • sinister agent says:

      Thank you!

  19. Tams80 says:

    Just realized that GMG offer is in association with The Sun. Can’t complain with free games though. It does explain why it was so busy.

    *comment about Sun readers here*

    • marach says:

      hopefully this will be enough to make them bankrupt themselves.. spread the word

    • mod the world says:

      I, for one, would like to express my deepest gratitude to THE SUN for supplying me with free games and for preventing the UK from joining the Euro zone.

  20. Navagon says:

    GMG is still dead. Talk about not anticipating the demand.

    • malkav11 says:

      Their servers have been consistently terrible for me. Their site collapsed every time they had a deal worth looking at.

  21. Chorltonwheelie says:

    It’s sunny outside.
    It’s bad for your skin.
    Saved by the sales!
    I won’t have to go outside ’till bonfire night.

  22. Gnoupi says:

    Terraria for 2.5 euros, I think everyone should buy it, now, no excuse :P

  23. Krimson says:

    Why does Black Mirror 2 cost more than Black Mirror 3? Surely those prices should be the other way around?

  24. Milky1985 says:

    Terraria currently £1.50 on steam.

    If you don’t already have it then you really should get it., at that price you have no excuse

    … what are you still doing here, i said go get it!

    • Lewie Procter says:

      Actually they doubled the price part way through the sale.
      Not the first game to have seen it’s price rise whilst on daily special.
      Pretty poor form if you ask me.

    • johnpeat says:

      Oh my good god, changing the price on Terraria has brought out an ARMY of over-entitled, angry, argumentative oxygen thieves who are, at this very moment, making the Steam forums as miserable place as they DEMAND to know why the price was changed…

      Honestly if you could funnel their energy into something useful and worthwhile you could probably change the world.

      As it is, they’re just an astonishing amount of cellular waste – no, seriously, we’re talking a sum of money smaller than a cup of coffee for a game which is better than Elvis – WTF!?

    • Deano2099 says:

      There’s a principal at stake though. The whole point of this Steam sale is it’s a time limited set of 24-hour deals. You put the game up, you put a price on it, and then you put a big bloody timer at the top saying “these prices until this timer runs out”. And then you change the prices.

      It narked me as I had the thing in my basket, along with a few other games. Went to check out and just realised before confirming that the price was a bit higher than I thought it should have been. Sure enough I checked and the price of the item in my basket had been doubled, without any mention of that on the checkout page. That IS shoddy (see: Amazon, that will inform you if a price of anything in your basket changes).

      The irony is I’d have bought it if the sale was 50% off all along. Now I won’t on principal. Sure, it’s only £1.50. But it’s only £1.50 to Steam as well. Even if Steam screwed up, they could have easily eaten the difference. I mean it’s only £1.50 isn’t it?

    • Shih Tzu says:

      So now you have no game AND you can’t spell “principle”.

      OK, so changing the price of things in your cart without informing you is bad form on Valve’s part and worth writing a Sternly-Worded Letter. But denying yourself a game because you have to spend two more bucks than other people had to to get a still-amazing sale price on a game that, on a regular day, is still only TEN DOLLARS is a sign that maybe your principal should not have gotten tenure.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      I managed to still get it at 2.50 and today rechecked the page and was like wtf happened was the only repriced game within a daily deal cycle I’ve had on steam ever.

      I was advising a friend to get the 7.50 four-pack the other night..he coulda made a nice sum just reselling it today for a 5er..but nooo.

      I think it’s shameful and should be against 9000 Terms of Use to publically declare something on sale for price x for 24 hours and then welch on the deal halfway through.

      That’s like buying a game, playing half, then returning it and continuing on with the pirated version. Not that that’s possible anymore, thanks to modern return policies, but you get the point.
      “Look, I’m being nice…NOT!”

      Bait and switch, they call it.

    • johnpeat says:

      Oh god, the oxygen thieves are here too!

      Maybe it was a mistake – maybe they had limited copies they were willing to sell at the full discount – maybe they just felt like screwing with people – it’s their store, they do what they like.

      NOWHERE on Steam does it say the offers will last a full day and/or that they are obliged to sell at the full price – sales are entirely at their discretion.

      It’s not the first time they’ve done this – not the first time in this sale even (TDU2 on Day one was increased by rather more money at around the same time in the day).

      “Bait and switch” – someone on the Steam forums tried to use that expression with the same level of ignorance as to it’s meaning and purpose as you have – it’s doesn’t even remotely apply here.

      You need to stop behaving like over-entitled little kids and realise the world can be a mean place sometimes…

    • Deano2099 says:

      @Shih Tzu
      I’ve plenty of other games to play. It’ll be 75% off again and I’ll get it then. Like you say, it’s no big deal. It annoyed me so I voted with my wallet. It’s a matter of principals.

      I think if the price of something in your cart goes up when you press the checkout button it is a bait and switch. And there’s a big sign on the front page saying “Today’s deals end in:” – I don’t know what clearer statement you want.

      I’m not that bothered, I’ll buy it another time. I’m also totally fine with people thinking it’s no big deal and keeping their mouths shut. What narks me is people like you that feel the need to attack people that are making a legitimate complaint. Sure, it’s only a few quid, it’s no big deal, but it’s bloody cheeky if nothing else. It’s certainly not good for the consumer, and I can’t understand why people like you want to denigrate consumer rights by attacking people that are trying to defend them. If you don’t care, just shut the hell up and let other people stand up for you instead.

      Because in your world, whenever you went to a store online, the prices could be completely random, and only when you got to putting in your card details would you see what you were actually paying. And you’d be fine with that?

      Yes, the world is unfair, but some people don’t like to lie down and take it. They like to do something about it because they believe that they can actually change things for the better. If you’re not one of those people, if you just like to roll over in the face of unfairness then that is fine too. Just don’t attack the people that are standing up for themselves. You’re the pathetic kids that stood behind the bullies at school shouting “hit him Steve!”

      Over-the-top reaction? Maybe. And yes I’m sure all the whining in the Steam Terraria forums is really annoying and some of the people doing it are a pain in the ass. That’s why I haven’t read them. I just hate it when people attack others for standing up for themselves.

    • Kittim says:

      @Deano2099 – I Agree.

      I would have done the same.

    • Shih Tzu says:

      Just FYI, the Terraria devs have responded on the Steam forums. It was apparently a mistake on Valve’s part; 50% off was the correct sale price and it was labeled as such in the update popup.

      So, uh, go ahead and keep punishing a tiny indie developer with your wallet, for the sake of two bucks, for a mistake they had nothing to do with. That’ll show ’em.

      (If I were Re-Logic, and I had confirmation of the sale price in writing from Valve, I would probably be asking them for compensation right about now for the lost revenue on every sale made at the incorrect price. I’m not involved and I don’t know for sure how these things work, but one would hope Valve does not make contracts that allow them to say, “Oops, boy, sucks for you,” in these cases. I guess that’s why everyone needs lawyers, even scrappy indie devs.)

    • Milky1985 says:

      IN fairness for a indie dev i think they are doing ok. There game was in the top 20 sales during the first 5 days of the steam sale…. and it wasn’t discounted at that point! (and its all on revenue taken in so it was up against £15 games)

      Its still well worth it for hte current sale price, hell it was well worth it for full price tbh, have just beaten that skeleton dude myself!

    • johnpeat says:

      Terraria is doing really well on Steam – it’s frequently in the Top 5 selling titles on there – I doubt the developer is too worried about a small loss of income against the WAVE of money it will have made.

      Valve did the same trick with DOW2:Retri tonight – it was posted as a 50% off deal (repeating it’s earlier daily deal) but for the first 30 mins it was actually 75% off (£7.50) – thank you VERY much Steam – bargain GET! :)

      Some explosion of rage on the forums after that – but oddly not to the same degree DESPITE it being a much bigger different in price – just goes to show that people will pick ANY fight tho…

      Of course part of the explosion were people who’d been chuffed at getting it for £15 earlier in the week *coughs*

      Anyway – moving on…

  25. Ateius says:

    What is this “Capsule” thing? Can I trust GMG not to infest my computer with horrible viruses? They’re associated with the Sun, they must be shady.

  26. mogofogo says:

    PORTAL 2 50% OFF.
    apologies for the caps.
    I am just so very happy right now.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Why would I get a game I can beat in a day for a sum for which I can buy ten games on sale right now?

      Now that’s just being silly.

      I’ll get it once it goes below 6 EUR.

  27. Araxiel says:

    Damn, Steam does not accept using a Hotel Wlan spot for buying since it’s not an IP that fits with the country I put in the payout….damn you Steam for…for trying to help if somebody hacks the account.

    It still sucks since the offer will expire in 14 hours and I will be back in 7 days, that means 154 hours to late. There should be some sort of safety measure which involves sending a mail to an account and then answering some secret question in the Language of the county you’re registered or Idon’tknowbutsoemthinggoddamnIwanttoparticipateatthesummersale

    • Alastayr says:

      You can email Steam support and explain the situation. They will most likely flag your account for “international use” or something. I know a couple of expat / military / wanderer types that have done this and enjoy their US prices from around the world.

      Although, it’s the weekend so the ticket probably won’t get through until it’s too late. Still worth a try I’d say.

    • RegisteredUser says:


      Get someone to buy it AS A GIFT.

      They will then gift it to you and you pay them back.

      Don’t you have any friends that have steam?

    • Christian says:

      Exactly…try the smuggling-thread in the forums for that, there seem to be lots of friendly people willing to help out (I guess I’d be of limited use because games tend to be censored and quite expensive here, but it’s worth a try I guess).

  28. Christian says:

    While I’m not quite sure about this whole GmG-deal (I have a bit of a strange feeling due to their client) I’m just trying it out right now. At least the download-speeds seem to be fine.

    Also: they seem to have run out of activation-keys for Arma 2, but they state they’ll send me one via mail within the next three days. This will be interesting, I guess I’ll try that key on Steam first?
    And it will be interesting to see how the trade-in system works..

    • malkav11 says:

      It won’t work on Steam. ARMA 2 is neither a Steamworks title, nor one of the handful of GMG games that they’ve tied to Steam for whatever reason.

  29. mwoody says:

    If anyone is interested, I typed up lengthy recommendations and posted them on another forum for games to buy that are on sale, but not on a daily sale.