Not A Carrey In the World: Arkham 2’s Riddler

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The videogames promotional cycle can be so exhausting – take Batman: Arkham City, for example. It’s still three and half months away but already we’re at a sort of hype crescendo. Yes, I want it. Do you hear me, Warner Brothers? I am prepared, right now, to say that I want to play it and I am prepared to hand over in the region of £30 to make this happen. Do I still have to watch tons of videos that tease and torture me with the fact that it’s probably going to be very really good but I’m not allowed to have it yet? Do you want me to beg? Alright, I’ll do it.

Please, Mr Warner and your delightful brothers, can I have this game now? If I promise to watch another video, can I have it? Please? Please?

So that’s the Riddler. He’s like the Joker, except a bit more like a children’s TV presenter. Looks like he’s upped his game this time around, being very much an active antagonist rather than a Achievement-hiding annoyance. The video suggests a canny mix of the ludicrous excess of the 60s TV show’s crazy contraptions and the laser-focus on sadism that characterises latter-day Bat-villains.

I hope I get to punch the Riddler in the nose. I’d like that.


  1. Newblade says:

    Is this the Riddler or Jigsaw?

    • FunnyB says:

      Exactly my thought as well… Especially regarding those death traps with the blades….

    • Unaco says:

      The Riddler regularly set up ‘DeathTraps’ in his original, early comic book appearances… Long before ‘Jigsaw’ was a gleam in his daddy’s eye. The Riddler has an irresistible compulsion to put his victims in a life or death situation, to see if he can devise a challenge they cannot accomplish/solve. In one of his first proper stories in the comics, he constructs a trap involving a bridge hanging over a tank full of sharks. Then there was the trench he put BatMan in and slowly filled with water. And electrified the sides of.

  2. Mr_Initials says:

    Wow someone is arrogant. I also hope i can punch him in the nose. It should be most entertaining.

  3. Bhazor says:

    So long as the Riddles aren’t as pathetically easy as the first one* he could be a pretty fun main villain. Though I have to wonder about where he got minions from. I mean I get Joker recruiting the sadists, Penguin recruiting mercs, Two Face recruiting gangsters and so on. But what cut throat gang is going to spend the whole weekend painting question marks everywhere and rigging up massive death traps? Are there really that many unemployed sociopathic mechanical engineers in Gotham?

    *With the exception of the question mark puzzles which were pretty clever.

  4. Pop says:

    You know it’s the darndest thing Alec, the game’s slipped! But don’t you worry, we’ve got plenty of videos for you to watch!!!11111!!!11!!@£$^$£^%&*^^!111!

    Warner Botherer’s Marketing

  5. ResonanceCascade says:

    Note to self: Go back and finish the first game tonight, it was awesome.

    • Zenicetus says:

      (Sigh) I should do that too. I got stuck at the fight with Bane, and then distracted with other games before figuring out how to get past it. I’m not good at twitch-button fighting games like this, but it’s such a well-designed game that I want to finish it.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      It’s one of those games that’s like a delicious cheesecake. It’s great, but there comes a point where I just couldn’t stomach another bite. I think enough time has passed to get back into it though.

    • whydidyoumakemeregister says:

      Just play the game on Easy; you get about 3 seconds of slow-mo time to counter every attack. It’s not like the combat is very rewarding anyway.

    • Nallen says:

      The combat was great!

      Also I don’t remember Bane being very far in to the game. You should crack on.

  6. Darkelp says:

    I like the contemporary alt text of the picture, that did make me chuckle.

  7. Unaco says:

    “Please, Mr Warner and your delightful brothers, can I have this game now? If I promise to watch another video, can I have it? Please? Please?”

    Patience, Mr Meer, is a virtue. The secret to which, is doing something else in the meanwhile.

    • Shar_ds says:

      Patience will also save the lives of the numerous developers that Warner Bros will happily sacrifice to the gods of crunch…

  8. reticulate says:

    I share the author’s confuzzlement in who exactly needs convincing at this point. Anyone who wanted this game is going to buy it, no further teasing necessary. Preaching to the converted and whatnot.

    • Commisar says:

      well, i didn’t play the original on PC, I will have to see if I want ze PS3 version or PC version

  9. DeathHamsterDude says:

    Hmm. Well I hope they don’t go too over the top with the Riddler here. I mean, most of the time, he’s pretty harmless, and Batman and he respect one another in ways. It would be a pity to make him an all-out villain.

    • Turkey says:

      Yeah. It kinda feels like they’re turning him into Lex Luthor or something.

  10. Ian says:

    Did he do much trap-building in the comics?

    As in, “will turn you into a pile of red goop” traps.

  11. Turkey says:

    You’ll never find the glowing context sensitive object in time to stop this deadly contraption, Batman. Might as well give up. Hahahaha.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Press X to foil the Riddlers dastardly plan Batman!

    • sinister agent says:

      If they have a set-up like that, and activating the glowing Thing kills you, I may laugh. And then be very annoyed. And then laugh again.

  12. karry says:

    Did you REALLY have to soil the Batman name with the mention on Carrey ?

    • DrGonzo says:

      I really liked Carey as Riddler!

      Maybe I should seek help.

    • karry says:

      You didnt have to add “as Riddler”. Liking Carrey in general, if you are over 12, is already a worrying symptom of a chronic mental imbalance.

    • Rii says:


      I thought the same until I saw him in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    • Flint says:

      Carrey is a genuinely great actor, his more serious works are far superior to the early comedy fluff.

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      Did you REALLY have to soil the Batman name with the mention on Carrey ?

      Seems a fair enough connection to draw, the Riddler voice actor in Arkham Asylum certainly seemed to be channelling Carrey (with a dash, and thankfully only a dash, of Matt Frewer).

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      It’s mind blowing, but Jim Carrey actually had an acting career after 1997, and much of it was quite good. A shocker, I know.

  13. wodin says:

    “I’m Batman”…..

  14. frenz0rz says:

    Congrats Alec, I think this article’s title should win the RPS Pun of the Week award.

    Also, I would like an RPS Pun of the Week award.

  15. Baf says:

    The narration here really makes explicit something that’s struck me before as the basic difference between the Riddler in the Adam West TV show and the Riddler in Batman: The Animated Series and onward. Old-school Riddler really, underneath it all, wants you to know the answers to his riddles. He wants you to figure it out too late to stop his crimes, of course, but all the same, he always seems to be on the verge of blurting out the answers, you know? It’s all about the ritual of the question-and-answer form; leaving off the answer would be like the Joker leaving off a punch line.

    New-school Riddler isn’t like that. He doesn’t want you to know the answers. For him, it’s all about knowing something you don’t. It makes him feel superior.

  16. Outright Villainy says:

    Punch him RIGHT IN THE NOGGIN.

    *ahem*. Sorry about that.

    Hot diggity, I want this game. No more teasing Rocksteady! My… “interest” is already piqued!

  17. TehMadness says:

    I’m an awful lot more excited about this game now I’ve actually finished the first one. Hell, I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see The Riddler. This one should make up for it.