Black Prophecy Expands, Americanises

Space cities, yesterday.
Free to play – and frankly fairly okay – space shooter MMO Black Prophecy has expanded today. The expansion is called EPISODE 1: INFERNO IN TULIMA, and I think it is called that to make it sound exciting. The trailer, which you can see below, is also clearly designed to make it seem exciting. I don’t know what is going on here, but it seems like the company who make this game want you, and all of the rest of us, to think their game is exciting. Anyway, the expansion adds a new sector to explore, but perhaps more importantly it does a lot of general tweaking to the game, including new missions, new weapons, new skills, and overhauled communications system, and a customisable UI.

The game is now also available in North America, apparently. Isn’t that right, North Americans? If it is not right, then I am sorry.


  1. Brian Rubin says:

    I played the beta. One thing it wasn’t was exciting.

  2. TrevHead says:

    The only mmo ive play was the fantastic Eve online, However I think im gonna try this game out

  3. Tyshalle says:

    RPS needs an editor.

  4. Hoaxfish says:

    TULIMA dyslexic Ultima

  5. Protagoras says:

    Does americanised still rank worse than consolised in the shitty transformation list, or are we over hating the Gringo’s and back to hating the froggers?

  6. verily says:

    Yes, but is it exciting?

    • Kent says:

      I wish RPS had some critics to tell us if it’s actually exciting or not right about now.

  7. Lazaruso says:

    It is not available in North America and I demand an apology.

  8. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Needs more deep dramatic voiceover-dude.

  9. The Army of None says:

    The combat was actually fairly good! Reminiscent of Freelancer in a lot of ways. Highly advised you check it out, but god help you if you need tech support– theirs is pretty terrible. Took them a month and a week to respond to my request.

    • matrices says:

      “The combat was actually fairly good! Reminiscent of Freelancer in a lot of ways.”

      What…what…what is this?

  10. lurkalisk says:

    Good game, I say. Lacking some things, but it’s clearly a work in progress.

  11. wccrawford says:

    When no single gameplay clip is longer than a second, you know they’ve got a lack-of-action problem.

    • lurkalisk says:

      Much the opposite, actually. More action than there are reasons to keep actioning.

  12. GHudston says:

    I found Black Prophecy to be a massive disappointment. There’s a solid, fun game in there, but I feel that it would benefit from not pretending to be an MMO.

    • Frakattack says:

      I second that.
      From the beta, you can tell there’s a pretty solid game underneath it all, but it’s mired by those MMO lovely tropes, such as a steep leveling curve, repetitive missions, heavy griefing by both factions, and an annoying crafting system that is made even more annoying by microtransactions that reduce your chance to fail by not quite enough.
      It feels like they had a decent single player game that they tried to cram into an MMO model.

    • mejoff says:

      Agreed. I’d gladly have paid a tenner to have this game to myself.

  13. Cirdain says:

    Is this Homeworld?

  14. Dawngreeter says:

    I find their prophecy to be less black than advertized.

  15. Rei Onryou says:

    Does anyone remember this trailer for it? link to


  16. Kdansky says:

    Black Prophecy is just a huge yawn-fest. From the arduous leveling, to the bean-shooter guns, to the bicycle speed (and size) ships, to the “kill ten space bears” quests, and to top it off, pay to win microtransactions.

  17. fooga44 says:

    Black prophecy could have been a good game but the need to drape MMO mechanics all over it smothers it quite a bit.

    Not a bad game but nothing out-standing, something to play when there is a drought of games or you like leveling up/upgrading stuff.

    The whole loot system is average, it really needs to be a lot better… the dearth of weapon/ship types hurts it a lot, since the loot you do get is just upgrades of weapons/items you can get from the beginning of the game.

    It certainly is a lot better then eve online, but I’d rather have Freespace 3. Freespace 2 is still the highpoint of space games and few games ever get anywhere near it.