Knickers Twisted About Win 8 and Xbox 360

Well, so many games are just as brown as they were 20 years ago

The story that won’t go away at the moment, other than the one about the people and politicians of Britain finally trying to overthrow the secret ruler of the world, is that Windows 8 might, just might, have some kind of support for Xbox 360 games. It’s a story that’s arrived from rumour and speculation, but apparently that’s enough for less salubrious places to claim it as fact. So, this is not another irresponsible post that headline-screams ‘Windows 8 will be able to play Xbox 360 games’ in the hoping of snaring hits but proceeds to offer absolutely zero proof. This is a post to say ‘don’t take that rumour seriously – yet.’

There simply is not any concrete evidence right now, and until there is make sure you keep that eyebrow raised at anything or anyone claiming this rumour is fact. Sure, it’s an incredibly appealing prospect as it would put PC very much front and centre of videogames once again (or at least more so than it already is), as well as meaning folk like us get twice as many games to play. I’d welcome it, though obviously with some concern about the dark empire of Xbox Live, achievements et al gaining a major foothold in our free cities.

There are thin scraps of evidence to support some sort of greater integration between Microsoft’s two most beloved children – the recent merge of the Games For Windows Live store with, for instance, and Engadget‘s recent discovery of error code references to 360 in a Windows 8 beta – but let’s keep sober heads here.

The main argument against this happening is that Xbox 360 games run on completely different processor architecture to consumer PCs (PowerPC as opposed to x86/x64). Emulation would potentially entail a significant (if not fatal) performance hit, and while recompiling Xbox 360 games for PC might not be quite as much work as it sounds given there’s a lot of DirectX commonality, it still sounds like an improbable amount of effort to me.

Also, that telltale error code could really be anything – something to do with streaming media from Windows to 360, some kind of remote control of the console, simply gamepad and headset support, or even Kinect support given there’s now an official SDK. And Kinect is something that does make me wonder if there’s really something to this. I hear various whispers that Windows 8 will include some manner of Kinect-based navigation – so perhaps some of the Kinect games will be made available for PC as a result.

Dammit, now I’ve said a bunch of stuff to imply there’s something in this. I’m honestly not prepared to call it one way or another at this stage – I’m just alarmed by how many places have gone heavy on suggestions it’s real. You should be too.


  1. Teddy Leach says:

    I don’t want to play Ekkbawks Threehundredandsixty games. They’re smelly and ugly. Like goblins.

    • emotionengine says:

      You mean like Ewoks.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      That is a bit harsh…

      On Goblins.

    • Baka says:

      I’d love to play through GoW 2 (and then 3) with a buddy once. Other than that, honestly no idea.

    • Wulf says:

      I’d be into this if it was the PS3. The 360? Meh. The 360 tends to symbolise what I dislike about gaming.

      That’s in contrast to the PS3, which is doing interesting things like Journey, the Last Guardian, Ratchet & Clank, and… yanno, things that you won’t find anywhere else (except perhaps on portables). This is one of the reasons I’m excited about the NGP, so long as Sony doesn’t completely fuck that up, as they have a penchant for doing, but I digress.

      The 360 though isn’t really doing anything at all at the moment that compels me to want to play on one. There were two games that I could think of that I maybe wanted to play, but one of them is now headed to the PC anyway. It’s generally that the 360 markets itself as the more mainstream choice than the PS3. The 360 is sports, guns, and beer. That sort of thing. The PS3 is that too, but it’s also peculiarities and zealously guarded and updated antiquities.

      I really wouldn’t mind seeing some PS3 and PC bondage, to say, but the 360? Keep that thing away from my PC. :|

    • Splynter says:

      PC and PS3 bondage? Rule 36?

    • Milky1985 says:

      Wulf , I think yuor on the wrong site, you seem to have somehow turned somethign about a PC into sony is best so i guess you are a new member of the SDF.
      Just so you know eurogamer is over there, i think that will be a better place for you ——>
      (BTW its not he PS3 that is donig the interesting thigns , its the developers, sod all to do with the console itself)

    • soundofvictory says:

      I honestly don’t understand 360 hate. I understand maybe 360-user hate, but the platform itself has a lot going for it. I am saying this having owned PS3 and never an Xbox. The 360 essentially pioneered console indie-gaming, and there are several platform exclusives that I have yearned after for years (Alan Wake, Shadow Complex, countless XBLA/XBLIG titles). Can’t we just accept all games?

    • PoulWrist says:

      I’d totally play Forza 4 on my PC.

    • mjig says:

      Only console games of this generation I’d be interested in would be Red Dead Redemption (played it on console, no AA and gamepad controls prevented me from really enjoying it), Demon Souls, and maybe Uncharted, though it might be a bit too cinematic for my tastes.

      Edit: Do not try to spell properly right after waking up.

    • Vandelay says:

      Totally agree with Wulf. There is no way I would ever think of buying a Xbox 360 if I were to buy a console. The PS3 just has a much more interesting ethos. Not that I have a real problem with the grizzly gun games on the 360, but I have enough of those on the PC.

      If this were at all true, the only game I would probably be interested in is Red Dead Redemption, which is also on the PS3.

    • ghiest says:

      10x the amount of people to play against (numbers taken at the same time of the day for the same game on all 3 platforms of release), allot more games to play and not locked down to a console … sorry is there something bad about being able to play 360 games on win8? Don’t like 360 or the people don’t bother.

    • Tams80 says:

      The only things really ‘special’ about those games to the PS3 in exclusivity. Well, that does lend game mechanics and designs to be associated with the PS3 due to the exclusivity. Take Journey for example. It’s only on the PS3 because That Game Company still have one game left to make in their exclusivity contract with Sony.

      That said, the PS3 is definitely more appealing than the eggsbox fullcircle.

    • egg-zoo-bear-ant will e 91 says:

      @ MIlky 1985 now you sound harsh too!
      I get that getting protective and close to brands as if they are wrestlers is childish and exactly what the big ol’ corporations want you to be doing, but the consoles are still platforms competing for our money with a big influence on the gaming ecosystem. I think comparing them can be a valid line of discussion.

      Is odd how Microsoft has a hold on both ends of the hardcore spectrum – Gears Of War players & Minecraft players, and Sony is the middleman here. I think this is why Sony wins everytime! (trolling) I think this is why Xbox in Windows gaming doesn’t sound right; they have forged, apparently accidentally, very different identities.

  2. Tei says:

    I have notice that XNA games include #ifdef conditions for XBox and PC. ..How much ‘magic’ would be needed for Microsoft (maker of the OS) to make so Windows support the exe file format of a XBLA game? do XBLA games talk directly to the hardware?

    Can I play Trenched, please?

    • wccrawford says:

      As noted in the article, 360 and PC are different architectures.

      The XNA games run on both because there’s an XNA runtime on both that takes the XNA opcode and translates it into native machine code. They could theoretically be ported to any other system in the same way.

      XBox 360 games most likely do not use XNA or .NET exclusively, and so they cannot be easily ported from one system to the other. It would involve emulation, and we know how efficient that is.

    • Phoshi says:

      Unreasonable amounts of effort. PC emulation on the 360 will never, ever, happen, emulation simply has too great a performance hit.

      In XNA’s case, however, because all the nitty-gritty is abstracted away through the framework, the same code can be compiled to target either system. Same source code, but completely different output, and you’d never get the output from one running on the other.

      The only reasonable way I can see “Win8 can play Xbox 360 games” being true is if MS are changing their requirements to enforce multi-platform releases, as 360=>Windows ports are absolutely trivial compared to any other solution.

    • Zephro says:

      They will never get the emulation running.

      If you want to look for a similar emulation look at the way Mac OS X handles old legacy PowerPC programs on an intel chipset. Then bear in mind that those are single core PowerPC programs running on brand new multi-core intel chips.

      The xenos is a triple core, hyper threaded chip at 3.2Ghz. So upto 6 threads. It also has really high floating point operations. 360 games unlike the XNA games are programmed down to the metal. So there is no way they’re going to get the emulation running fast enough in a month of sundays.

    • Milky1985 says:

      360 games re not meant to be run down to the metal tho. It was one of the complaints about force unleased 2 apparently, that the devs have to work with the 360 api which limits what they could do. The PS3 lets you code to the metal however.

      This could mean that IN THEORY they could code a emulator of sort to handle the PAI calls in a more windows way and do it that way, certain games wno’t work but they woudl be misbehaving anyway.

      Again just an idea, probably not happening.

    • Tei says:

      I said XNA games. Maybe Microsoft can make so XNA XBL games to run in Windows 8 automagically. Using tecnomagic.
      Can make a request for a XBL submited game to run in a Windows 8 pc.

      No one has replied to my question. Do XBL/XNA games on XBox 360 have parts that access the hardware? these are the parts that will be hard to support in Windows.

    • Stromko says:

      I can’t see emulation ever working from a first-party source, they simply won’t put in the time or effort to make it happen. My source for this is the fact that 9 out of 10 of the original X-Box games that are supposedly supported by the 360, don’t work correctly. Not just obscure titles either, the original Fable doesn’t work correctly on the 360 despite being on the supported list.

      What they might do is have new titles released that are compatible with Windows 8, but can only be played with a game pad and require you to log in to a whole front-end where they can monitor your activity and sell you things through their store. That sounds like something Microsoft would do.

  3. Rii says:

    I would be shocked if Microsoft did not attempt to leverage their various consumer platforms (Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone) in support of one another as part of the Great War for the Future (principal opponents: Apple, Google) but I don’t expect that this, specifically, will happen.

    • Temple says:

      Can I play that Future War game please?

    • Jake says:

      I can imagine the Apple faction having a lot of similarities with the Temple of Nod, with Steve Jobs as Kane. For some reason I imagine a Google faction playing like the Zerg.

    • therighttoarmbears says:

      The sad bit? You would hope for an uneven RTS like Starcraft with different sides, playstyles and units, and you would end up playing a game where all three sides had units that did more or less the same thing – with varying degrees of success – and in which all units looked marginally different.

  4. Skystrider says:

    Ha! This is about as likely as the new XBox 720 will be a PC designed by Rahul Sood.


    Still, it could be neat if it is true. I personally doubt it.

  5. ArthurBarnhouse says:

    But for this to work, there has to be limited hardware options. Otherwise you just run into the same problems that people talk about when they say they stopped using a PC to switch to Xbox. The only way I could think this would work is if there is hardware that is specifically branded “XBox compatible PC” and it used very specific hardware. They might even have some sort of limitation so that people who build their own can’t make their own box that plays XBox games. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t they doing that for a while with Windows Media Center?

  6. groovychainsaw says:

    There’s a huge number of games on demand just waiting for a new audience there (and not just the arcade, but there’s a couple of hundred retail titles now on xbox live you could pick up).

    IF they could nail the emulation down (which would be the only way I could imagine this working), they would suddenly have a digital download store with a couple of hundred of full retail games that steam haven’t got, along with ~1000 arcade title (not to mention the indie games store). Would be an interesting fight at that point (and lets not be childish, SOME of those xbox-exclusive games are worth playing and we’d like to try out, even if a lot of them are throwaway titles)

  7. Dominic White says:

    The worst thing about this just being a rumor? I want it to be true. A PC with a decent quad-core and relatively beefy video hardware could, logically, run 360 games if Microsoft really put some thought into it. And my 360 runs a lot louder than my PC, and has a tiny hard drive, so I wouldn’t mind officially retiring it at some point.

    The problem is that Microsoft managed to completely balls up Xbox 1 backwards compatibility on the 360. Only a handfull of games from the original system are supported, and even fewer in PAL territories (despite 360 games naturally running at 480p, and the PAL versions just had a software switch to cripple them), so if they can’t even handle that, this doesn’t sound like it’d work either.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      I think that whole emulation fail was about them switching from Nvidia to ATI between consoles. And Nvidia not wanting to give up the drivers. Hence why all 360 games have to use a DirectX-type API (the Dead Space devs wrote their own, and it got rejected) to ensure better back-compatibility in the future.

      But there must be about 4 exclusives worth getting if this happened, if this is true it’s dumb!

  8. abremms says:

    interesting, I guess it would be alright if it was real. I have to wonder, though, if 360 games are playable on PC, who would develope for PC? wouldn’t most dev’s just drop thier PC departments in favor of just putting out console versions and expecting PC gamers to buy the 360 version?

    obviously some indie devs would still cater to PC, but I think we’de lose the majors who already work heavily cross-platform pretty quick.

    that might not be that big a loss, now that I think about it…

    • Cinek says:


    • Zyrxil says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty much a nightmare scenario. PCs would end up as gaming machines limited to 360 levels of rendering while being unable to use the power and customization of PCs.

    • jonfitt says:

      “I have to wonder, though, if 360 games are playable on PC, who would develop for PC?”

      Any one who didn’t want to pay royalties to Microsoft just to sell their game on PC!!!!
      Or any game that needed a mouse and keyboard which wouldn’t be allowed in a 360 game.

    • Jad says:

      This is my worry about this. I wouldn’t mind playing the more recent Halo games, but I have absolutely no interest in playing a shooter with a controller. While it’s very unlikely that a Halo game will come out for the PC ever again, it is theoretically possible. An Xbox 360 emulator in Windows 8 will utterly end that possibility.

      More importantly than Halo, other FPS developers with weakening ties to the PC will just not go through the effort to do a PC port with mouse + keyboard controls and will just rely on the cheaper option of Win8 emulation. Fancy playing Bioshock Infinite with a controller? Or FarCry 3?

      Anyway, this is not going to happen. The technical hurdles are too great, and Microsoft has way too much invested in making the Xbox the home for gaming and entertainment.

    • sneetch says:

      “Any one who didn’t want to pay royalties to Microsoft just to sell their game on PC!!!!
      Or any game that needed a mouse and keyboard which wouldn’t be allowed in a 360 game.”

      Well, the first one is probably covered by the increased price for 360 games over PC games. As for the second it depends on whether it is not allowed in a 360 game or just not allowed on a 360 console.

      It could be nice, but the idea of devs not bothering with a proper PC port just because they know some PC gamers (I just got Win7 about a year ago so I don’t think I’ll be switching again all that soon) can buy a more expensive 360 copy is not appealing.

  9. zipdrive says:

    Do consider that by the time Windows 8 comes out, all the new hotness may have moved to Xbox 3, so this rumored support will be kind of backwards compatibility.

  10. MiniMatt says:

    Scrap Windows 8, just focus all energies on Microsoft Office for EggsBox and you can do away with those dirty smelly PCs once and for all.

    • Eddus says:

      I have a feeling the merger (if happening) would be heading in that direction instead. Maybe if a few years you’ll all be arguing about emulating x86/64 games and powerpoint on your xbox 720s/tablet/onlive/funtimeboxes.

  11. db1331 says:

    What’s the point? Any good 360 game will also be available on PC, but with better graphics and more features for less money.

    • Rii says:

      Yeah, except, y’know, not.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Like Splosion man, Pacman championship DX, Castle Crashers, etc.
      Not to mention games which are released first on xbox and only a month, a year or more after on PC (Super Meat Boy, Braid, Limbo…)

    • squirrel says:

      Nope, we dont have Gears of War 2.

    • Duckpoop says:

      I don’t give a shit about Gears or Halo or whatever else AAA xbox exclusives there are, but I would love to finally be able to play Red Dead Redemption on my PC, if playing an Xbox version on it is what it takes…

    • db1331 says:


      I said good games.

    • Kaira- says:

      Today on RPS: doomsayers and people who treat opinions as facts.

    • Khemm says:

      Like Gears of War 2 and 3, Red Dead Redemption or Dark Souls?
      Where can I buy them for PC?

  12. marach says:

    Ack I swear this keeps popping up. The video doing the rounds is based on something from MS research..

    link to

  13. diebroken says:

    Wow, might actually be able to play Condemned 2: Bloodshot on a PC sometime then…

    • Navagon says:

      Unfortunately from what I’ve heard, unlike the original, it’s just another dumbed down console FPS with some really annoying console FPS crap smothered on top just to drive home the point it doesn’t belong on PC.

    • FalconEagle says:

      I don’t understand what is it about a beard that attracts Monolith’s franchises. I know they are awesome, but do all their protagonists have to have one? Yes, the answer is yes. Everyone in every video game needs a beard, it implies deep emotional troubles and in scary games it adds to the emorsion.

  14. karry says:

    Just to remind people, there still isnt a working emulator for the original XBox. If _highly_motivated_ emulation enthusiasts cant do it – some half-assed attempts by Microsoft hacks surely wont be able to either.

    • Rii says:

      Right, because having access to all the architecture documentation doesn’t make a lick of difference.

    • Grayvern says:

      Considering relatively how easily it would be for so many existing games to be released on PC this is ridiculous, publishers obviously don’t want their games in the pc market and microsoft would therefore piss off publishers who see using consoles as a way to circumvent casual piracy.

    • psyk says:

      A soft modded xbox is one of the best consoles you can get .

    • Lukasz says:

      i want wreckless…
      i played the demo till my eyes bleed 10 years ago…

  15. Savage Henry says:

    Reduce Mircosoft’s Games Division profits by shrinking releases on two formats to one? Unlikely.

    Fiddling around so you can have a (mostly) useless full-body Avatar on Games for Windows?

    Great. Fantastic, even! I can make my (mostly) useless Avatar’s head spin and belch, but with a Mouse and Keyboard! Stuff your jetpacks, THIS IS THE FUTURE I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! PHREEEOWWWW!

  16. Rossi says:

    If this has any truth, I would image that future Xbox titles would be ‘dual format’. You say that the architechure is different, which is true, but compiling the main binaries for a different processor and putting them on the same disk with some kind of detection of the hardware, wouldnt be beyond the bounds of possibility. So I’m guessing, not backwards compatible, but maybe future games would work?

    • Rossi says:

      Or having existing games on some sort of download services which have been adapted for PC, and maybe even burn them to DVD for Xbox? Who knows.

  17. Flibberdy says:

    That just looks like an enum used to store error codes. Microsoft may very well have started to share the enum across platforms to that the two devices never ever output the same error code for different types of error.

    At least that’s what it looks like.

  18. Vayl says:

    This would be the worst thing that could happen to PC gaming.

    • Wunce says:

      I can’t see how this would possibly be bad.

      PC gamers would get more games to play and if you don’t like it then simply keep using the PC version.

    • Vayl says:

      Would most likely mean the end of any game being developed/ported to the PC, you think anyone would spend a dime on the PC if you could just run Xbox games?

      Besides MMO and stuff that can’t be played with a controller we would basically become Xbox with same games, same limitations.

    • Vagrant says:

      Amen! At least somebody realizes the truth. If this turns out to be true, say goodbye to mouse support, along with everything else we love about PC gaming.

  19. Ilinx says:

    Probably daft suggestion, but here goes:
    Could MS make a PC peripheral that enabled Xbox games to be played? For example, a card that you could pop into an PCI slot and that contained the necessary PowerPC architecture to emulate an Xbox 360 effectively without all the impossible-sounding emulation.

    At least that would tackle the issue of splitting markets and putting developers in a tricky position.

    If this idea is totally implausible, please feel free to explain why. Would love to know.

    • squirrel says:

      Sounds like Apple Mac’s solution for x86 compatibility in 1990s.
      Correct me if I am wrong, but I recall that a gaming platform called 3do offer such similar products.

    • AndrewC says:

      Because the peripheral is called an XBOX 360.

    • Ilinx says:

      Yes… good point. Although MS should be able to sell something that is just the barebones of a 360 for a lot less than the current console and make profit on the sale itself. If it was, say, £50 for the peripheral and then whatever profit on sales of Xbox games, that doesn’t sound like such bad business.

    • AndrewC says:

      Definitely, but then it rather undermines their 360 price point. But then again, if it gets EVERYONE playing on your hardware and in your LIVE system, who cares if it is a seperate box – the money is in the software and subs.

      So it depends on how loooong term and conspiratorially you believe Microsoft to be thinking. It is both much more fun and much more unlikely to be true to believe they are evil plotting geniuses.

      I’m kind of on the side of this being internet hooey.

  20. squirrel says:

    Windows 8’s launch day is so damn soon, DAMN!!

    My purchase and installation of the well – built Windows 7 is just half a year ago. I dont have a tree that grows money for god sake.

    And I serious doubt about performance hit by emulation of Xbox 360 being not fatal. Someone tried to get Final Fantasy 12 to run on a 32 bit Windows XP machine run by Q9400 with 4GB system ram and ATI4850 512MB just to barely get an unstable FPS of 20, considering Playstation 2 itself is run by a CPU with clock speed below 300 MHZ and total ram only 32MB – system ram and graphic ram together.

  21. derella says:

    As much as I would like to have “MOAR GAMES!!!!” I worry that this sort of thing could ultimately kill PC gaming, at least from larger studios. It seems unlikely to happen though, so that’s good.

  22. Bhazor says:

    A lot of people seem to really be overstating the difficulty of emulation. There have been working PS2 emulators available for years from modders and that a had completely different architecture to a PC.

  23. aircool says:

    Sounds like a shit excuse to stop developers making PC games once we’re all using WIN8.

  24. Vexing Vision says:

    I love that picture. That is all.

  25. somini says:

    I can only think of 2 games that I want to play that are exclusive to the 360:Brutal Legend and RDR.
    Other than all the Arcade games,I literally can’t think of any other game that I want to play and is not available for PC.

  26. Daiv says:

    Interesting. So Windows 8 being XBox 360 compatible would kill all incentive to make PC games?

    Wouldn’t it… you know… Make all XBox 360 games into PC games?

    Or is there some indefinable essence that makes PC games separate and apart from 360 games?

    Is it dumbing down? Because if it is “consolized dumbing down”, I assure you there are dumb PC games too. Are those PC games? Or are only good games PC games? Perhaps it’s only good PC games are PC games. What about really good multiplatform games? Are those PC games?

    Is there some concern that Microsoft is going to round up all the indie developers and shoot them? Maybe the 360 is to indie developers like sunlight is to a vampire – they’ll avoid it and turn to dust if it touches them?

    I think I got a little carried away, but I fail to see how adding capabilities to a PC can kill PC gaming.

    Unless Win 8 requires that all PC games sign up to Microsoft’s absurd 360 game accreditation policies (Patches bad! Achievements good!).

    • vodka and cookies says:

      It wouldn’t stop developers making PC games as PC games don’t pay a cut to Microsoft even though practically all PC games are completely reliant on Microsoft’s Windows platform. Xbox 360 games on the other hand Microsoft does get royalties every time they buy.

    • abremms says:

      i would say that it wouldn’t KILL PC gaming as we know it, but it would diminish it. cross-platform developers would no longer develop PC versions of thier games. it is far easier for a studio to just develope a 360 version than a 360 version AND a PC version. We would lose the things that make PC gaming great, M&KB support, mod support, graphical and technical features that far outstrip anything the 360 is capable of.

      don’t get me wrong, there are dev’s and publishers like Valve or Paradox that I’v no doubt would continue to put out excelent PC games, but big companies like EA and Activision would lose a lot of incentive to build PC games if thier custumers can just buy the 360 version.

      of course even assuming this is ture (longshot) then it will likely be a moot point since the next xbox will likely be out not far behind windows 8 and any xbox360 capabilities w8 does or does not have will simply be welcome backwards compatability. I don’t have a problem with backwards compatability, but ongoing development in this area would almost certainly be bad for PC gamers.

    • Nalano says:


      “Or is there some indefinable essence that makes PC games separate and apart from 360 games?”

      Graphics. Controls. Depth. Complexity. Graphics. Savegames. Dedicated servers. Graphics. Mods. Graphics.

      But really: This is not making the PC market larger or more diverse. This is shrinking the gaming market overall by playing to the lowest common denominator. There will not be PC and 360 versions. There will only be 360 versions.

    • FalconEagle says:

      think about both resolution and frame rate. Games won’t magically be rendered at 1080p, or whatever monitor you have, they are locked at 720p. Frame rate is also locked at 30fps. If a game has a low FOV and it’s making people sick from using their monitors, they can’t change the settings files to accomodate their motion sickness. No mouse/keyboard support. No graphical options whatsoever. It will basically make your PC a 360 and since most games are made for 360 there would be no proper PC port because we are all obviously pirates. Obviously.

  27. vodka and cookies says:

    During the Xbox 360’s development Microsoft seriously considered releasing an add-in card for PC’s that would allow playback of Xbox 360 games, it was ultimately scrapped due to security/piracy fears but it did exist in the labs.

    At this point with MS switching focus with Kinect as it’s window to the mainstream they may be re-considering but it’s very unlikely.

    I seriously doubt that Win 8 will play 360 games anyway most games on the 360 come out for the PC although MS does get a cut every time you buy a 360 game & gets nothing from the PC version so there would some financial incentive in marketing Windows 8 plays Xbox 360 games.

  28. Pointless Puppies says:

    This isn’t going to happen, and I’m kind of disappointed in all the people who think the only real effect this will have is “Bam. More games”. It’s not that simple, in either execution or consequences.

    First of all, most of you don’t seem to realize the real reason why MS even went into the console business in the first place. Microsoft absolutely loves the XBox brand for its gaming division because everything is essentially closed. Closed hardware, closed systems, closed peripherals, closed online, closed everything. These are the only people in the industry who charge $60 for peer-to-peer gaming and support for a bunch of websites that can easily be accessed on a PC. These are the people who write their own proprietary drivers for every one of their peripherals so that third party accessories like controllers and headsets only work if the manufacturers already paid royalties to use said drivers. These are the people who charge 2002 prices for hard drives. Microsoft can’t do any of this on the PC, and they’ve tried (paid GFWL, etc.) Supporting 360 games on Windows 8 allows every single PC gamer to completely bypass the need for a 360 and all of Microsoft’s “wonderful” pricing. Does anybody HONESTLY believe that Microsoft would do this? When they have done nothing but deliberately screw up PC gaming just to further their own 360 brand?

    Second of all, how exactly do you people suppose this would work. The architectures are completely different, and IF such a thing would work it would not be nearly as simple as magically getting thousands of PC ports of 360 games. We complain how shitty console ports are on the PC, so I really don’t get why people want games that will be WORSE than those. No, don’t expect custom resolutions, expect to be able to render at 720p max. No, don’t expect mouse+keyboard controls, expect to use either really terrible emulated controls on a keyboard or be required to use a 360 controller. And no, don’t expect to have any of the other PC features like mod support, dedicated servers, or graphical options because they’re not anywhere to be found on 360 games. And expect to pay for Xbox Live.

    Third of all, I’ve “been” to 360-land and let me tell you, it’s really not that great. The amount of true exclusives (games available only on the 360 and nowhere else, not even PC) the platform has that are worth a damn is very small. Apart from Halo, Gears, and Forza there’s really not anything that warrants ownership of the system. Everything else, even the very good indie games on XBLA, eventually get ported to the PC. If you somehow WANT to stomach through everything I’ve said in the previous paragraph to play 360 exclusives, there aren’t even that many games to make you wish this fantasy were a reality.

    There’s absolutely no reason for me to believe that this “rumor” is true. If ANYTHING, expect a specially-designed version of Windows 8 on the next Xbox console, to make development even easier and unify things a little more. But bridging console and PC in this way goes exactly against why Microsoft is in the console business in the first place, is going to provide a poor experience for PC gamers, and the advantages of having this are minuscule.

    • shoptroll says:

      Well put. You also forgot license fees which MS collects on every game sold for the 360 as is standard with console platform holders. On the PC they only collect the $90 for the OS install. 360 buyers put gold in the coffers with every purchase. It’s their own little Apple.

      Completely agree about the exclusives. There’s really not much outside of manshoots. If Twisted Pixel is coming back to PC and someone could convince Double Fine, The Behemoth and Epic to bring their downloadable games back home that pretty much removes any incentive to pick up the 360 for me.

    • Nalano says:

      This this a thousand times this.

  29. shoptroll says:

    I’d much prefer MS encouraged native ports of retail and XBLA titles on the PC. It’s a crying shame that we have to wait months and up to a year or more for some games to make their way over here, all in the name of “exclusivity”. It’s especially discouraging when we read stories about smaller developers talking about the state of XBLIG or how they’re seeing 3X as many sales on the PC than the XBox.

    If MS is actually serious about re-engaging with the platform, they’ve yet to do anything that suggests they have a clear vision about how they plan to do this.

    • FalconEagle says:

      With their games for windows platform, I wouldn’t mind if their XBL arcade titles worked their way on to Windows Marketplace as exclusives. Imagine having the Street Fighter II HD on PC. USB up a controller and play for hours with a buddy. In fact I can see the XBL arcade coming to PC as a totally legitimate business move on their part as well as account for the recent Xbox/PC compatibility rumors going around. Holy shit I think I may be on to something. If this were to happen, I would build a nice affordable, small, and quiet PC with Windows 8 and gift that to my sister and her family. I know I can technically already do this with Steam, but having the titles specifically on XBL Arcade (you know all our childhood titles) would be fantastic and the Xbox Live Dashboard that has been leaked as a one stop access to everything on the Windows Marketplace with a controller input method would be heaven for the casual market.

      Confirmed:XBL arcade coming to PC, not blockbuster titles as previously reported. Is that meme getting old?

  30. AttackOfTheThumbs says:

    I wouldn’t mind 360 support. I had one for console bound titles like EA’S NHL series, Skate and what not. It broke. Not having to import a new one from Europe would be real nice.

  31. Kadayi says:

    Even if you could run through emulation, the bigger issue is probably being able to support monitor resolutions.

    • Dominic White says:

      The 360 already does that – you can hook it straight up to a VGA monitor, and it outputs at pretty much every standard resolution.

  32. Navagon says:

    Obviously bollocks. It would require so much in the way of emulation that, unless MS have somehow made the process of emulating drastically more efficient, would not be viable on even the fastest PCs around at the moment.

  33. NegativeZero says:

    People have clearly gotten this reversed. The Xbox 360 runs a customised kernel derived from the one in Win XP, which required a whole lot of extra engineering effort. What this will be, is preparation to use the standard Windows 8 kernel in the 360’s successor so that they’ve got the one core platform across PC, Console and Phone. Remember, Windows 8’s kernel will run natively on ARM hardware in addition to x86/x64, and NT 4 ran natively on PowerPC too. They don’t ship a product on that architecture any more, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer possible.

  34. ZIGS says:

    People who think this is going to happen make me lose faith in humanity

  35. egg-zoo-bear-ant will e 91 says:


  36. egg-zoo-bear-ant will e 91 says:

    I think the “nearly fatal performance hit” would just mean it would only work on more powerful computers. This would be another strike against diverse computer architectures since hardware companies would have this extra box to tick. It would be a similar thing to software. PC’s sandbox could become a less commercially viable environment since you could just release on 360 and cover that market.

    PC will eventually get over it’s problems and start making sense to put in your living room- so your tech will basically be your handset, tablet-netbook-ereader thing and mothercomputer, all streaming and sharing data with each other, and hopefully not blindly “syncing” and taking control away from you so you feel like you’re renting it from skynet. Very startrek. Very economical if you can still fish around inside them, and the clutter of the way it is now, with DVD players and skyboxes and stereos and things like AppleTV, has to end sometime. I bet the next Xbox will let you do wordprocessing and image editing and stream to anywhere in the house- up to your desk and everything. A great big shallow, subisized windows 8ish box that does all the important stuff a pc does in a super intuitive way, is what a lot of people want.

    The convergence makes sense. I look forward to the time social networking services are just competing interfaces and I can log into one and just see in all my circles of friends who is ONLINE on any platform or service, and their status, if they are up for a chat or up for a game of something, and my message will just go to the platform they are currently using; sms, skype, fb chat, steam, police radio, whatever. Tech companies keep cordoning off their stuff when it wouldn’t be much work not to- they keep trying to engineer their own monopolies, and it’s counter productive because it limits their functioninginess. The downside is the sense that all your eggs are in one basket. Microsoft still have their stranglehold on DirectX for example. Steam is still a walled garden.

    The free cities might be under attack. We shouldn’t lash out though, like Hollywood complaining about films going straight to DVD, we should just stay good at what we do, stay on our toes, and we will absorbaloth all this like a big city just absorbing invading barbarian hordes into it’s pubs and jail cells. It’s what we do best isn’t it?

  37. Brutal Deluxe says:

    I rather suspect it will be the other way around- the Xbox 361 will in fact be built on a flavour of Windows 8.