Free Puzzling: Puzzle Moppet Awareness Day

It's not a smiley game.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that it’s Puzzle Moppet Awareness Day. The puzzle game by Garnet Games is adopting a trick widely used in the iOS world (gratuitous plug for Free App Hero, which offers a daily round up all the best free games for iThings) of going free for a day. While the PC has recently been enjoying Steam sales, pay-what-you-want schemes, and so on, few have adopted the model that’s working so effectively on Apple’s handhelds of just being free for a single day so word gets out. That’s what’s happening here.

Of course it’s likely to not work as well here, since a single PC game floating out on the internet isn’t going to have the advantage of iTunes’ charts, ratings, etc. So it’ll be interesting to see if it does Garnet any favours.

The game has a peculiarly morbid atmosphere for a traditional-ish block-pushing puzzle game. Which certainly makes it more interesting than most block-pushing puzzle games. You can get a feel for that vibe in the trailer below.

Or an even better feel if you just download the whole game for free.


  1. icupnimpn2 says:

    For individual PC releases like this, there’s no single place for people to leave glowing, public reviews after playing the free download. It’s harder to get the message out to potential paid users. Five star, four star, whatever. Because it takes greater effort to advocate, PC users may sit in silence, even if they enjoy the game. That makes a move like this pretty risky. But the dev probably wouldn’t be doing it if the game weren’t getting a little dusty, anyway. Good luck!

    • devtesla says:

      Yea, this is probably a bad move. But still, FREE GAME. And if I like it I’ll tell the peeps.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    The lack of comments on this article suggests that there are now too many free games. Start charging for games, people!

    • edgeblend says:

      It could be that people just don’t like the word ‘Moppet’.

      Hmmm, moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet moppet… Nope it hasn’t grown on me

    • Gabe McGrath says:


      If you check your server logs, you’ll see 3,847,248 RPS readers…

      1. Clicked on this article,
      2. Were disappointed at the lack of Kermi, Fozzy and Animal
      3. Went off to google 1970’s Jim Henson shows

    • sleepysalt says:

      Maybe people are still working through their backlog from the Steam summer sale (and possibly the winter sale…and last year’s summer sale)?

  3. Buemba says:

    Giving The Shivah for free for a limited time put Wadjet Eye Games on my radar, which resulted in me buying Puzzle Bots and Gemini Rue. So this tactic can have a positive effect for the developer.

    • icupnimpn2 says:

      Offering a free Kindle book on Amazon helps, too. If the author has more books to sell. “The first one’s free” and all that.

      Helps to have a second one, tho.