Undying: Vampire Bloodlines Patched Anew

There's probably a pantless mod for him and all

I’m guessing all these patches are iterative and not of much interest to the rmore casual Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines observer by now, but whenever one of these fan-made updates passes by my inbox I still can’t help but double-take and think ‘wow.’ You guys are wonderful. Completely mad, but wonderful. Bloodlines is now seven years old, was essentially abandoned by its publisher after its developer closed a few months after release, but the fans have just kept on going, fixing things, improving things, digging up locked away extra content and generally trying to keep their dream game alive. And, in a vampire fetishistic subset’s case, entirely gratuitously add oodles of bare breasts wherever possible and regardless of any effect on atmosphere or internal logic. I’ll stick to the fixes and restored content, thanks.

Anyway: patch 7.6 – 7.6! – is now out, and along with a few fixes restores some missing soundtrack music to the game. Grab it from here, along with assorted add-ons. If only every abandoned game received so much love so much later.


  1. oceanclub says:

    arglaar: “The last time the True Patch was updated was about 3 weeks ago.
    Nothing in the True Patch was “copied”, however, some of the fixes were included from other authors WITH THEIR PERMISSION.”

    Out of interest, can you tell me who did the spellchecking/typos fixing for Tessera’s patch?


    • arglaar says:

      I was not involved in the testing process, as I simply did not have the time to dedicate to it, so no.. I can’t tell you who his testers/proofreaders were. Sorry.

  2. g2d1 says:

    Pretty strong accusation from Dominic White says “It’s a hacked together botch-job made of other peoples stolen work”

    On what basis do you base that accusation? Code work is like a signature, everybody codes slightly different and since you are actually using the word “Stolen” this implies that the actual code was copied down and pasted verbatim into another project and then claim as your own.

    To say that the “True Patch is a botch-job” also implies that you actually downloaded said patch, installed it and played the game throughout. If this is so, then what part of the patch actually is botched? I would also presume that you actually read the list of changes in order to link and identify a game-fault event. I can safely assume that you did not download and install it, and if you did, you did not read the “ReadMe_NOW”. Like in most program installations, a read me text file is included to pass on to the user, relative or important information that explains or guides the user through the installation or in addition, it usually mentions or credits collaborators or contributors.

    I have played the game with both patches and this is what my overall thoughts are.

    Wesp’s Patch:

    Things I liked.

    1. Nice Splash-Screen
    2. The mugging attack by the NPC in Santa Monica, was a nice surprise

    Things I disliked:

    The Blood pool depletion was too severe and I thought that it detracts from the game experience. Having to monitor the Blood pool became a distraction to the extent that I stopped playing the game. I don’t mind some challenging tweaks, but not at the expense of the game’s flow-through. Part of the fun is the free exploration of the surroundings and looking for Easter eggs or looking for the game’s subtle messages.

    I also thought that the character progression is accelerated too early. If your inventory contains advanced items early in the game, then it becomes a walkthrough rather than earn-based rewards.

    Wesp’s patch is not just a patch it is also a MOD. What is the difference?

    A MOD: Adds to the game in forms of weapons, skins, dialogue, (game-changing) new content etc.etc.

    A Patch: Addresses known bugs and that is pretty much it.

    Tessera’s Patch

    1. Does what it says and nothing more.

    Tessera’s Mod: This is a side project that only a very few have had the opportunity to play and it is not open to the public

    Tessera makes no qualms about his site being an adult-gamer’s site. Assuming that you are an adult, this would require no explanation. The nude mods are but a small part of the site and tell me what male adult does not like some nudity?

    The bottom line is that Wesp and Tessera are modders but not for the same scene. Sooner or later another modder will come on the scene and think that he or she can do better than Wesp and Tessera and introdce their own MOD. Is that not the benefit of competition?

    and that is my 2-cents

    • Dominic White says:

      Reality check: Wesps patch asks you at install whether you just want fixes, or revised balance and restored content.

      You just chose the latter, then wrote an enormous wall of text about how you didn’t want it.

      That’s crazy.

  3. g2d1 says:

    Obviously, you are not prepared or able to respond to your accusations with facts and so your comments are an opinion which is not based on intimate knowledge of the game. If you read carefully, I stated that his patch contains both bug fix and game changing mods. To patch is to fix a known bug, to MOD is making changes to the game outside its original release. You call my little reply an enormous wall of text? it amounts to a couple of paragraphs. Sounds like you need to pick up a book a read beyond a couple of sentences. Anyways, my questions were directed to you since you are making a serious assertion. As for my opinion of Wesp’s patch, those were formed in my experience playing the game with it, and that is called personal preference.

    • oceanclub says:

      Quote from Tessera here: link to planet-vampire.com

      “For the record, starting with True Patch 4.04AT, nobody “stole” anything from Wesp. There was a lengthy explanation of that entire mess posted on my own board for more than six months. I can not be held accountable for the failure of others to read that explanation, nor can Acrimonious be held accountable.

      The original True Patch was version 4.01AT, and it began as one of Wesp’s mods (his version 3.2). We reverse-engineered that mod, removed most of the changes that Wesp had made, retained the important bug fixes that Wesp himself had originally copied from Dan Upright and then hurriedly released it to the public. That project was not intended to be the beginning of anything important. We had just had a major battle with Wesp on this very board, to which he had replied “If you do not like my work, then try to do better.” Fine, Wesp — so we fixed his mess and we made it better. Originally, that was our only goal: fix his mess and then let other folks have a copy if they wanted it. Mainly, we just wanted our own games to work better.

      Wesp was properly cited in the readme.txt file for that patch, just as he was for every version up to and including version 4.03AT. These repetitious and self-serving claims that Wesp was never credited are totally false and unfounded. Don’t you people read the patch notes..? If you had, then you would have seen Werner Spahl’s name in the credits. I am sorry that we didn’t add bursting bombs and a heavenly choir to Wesp’s name in those notes. Maybe that would have satisfied you… but regardless, Wesp was always fully credited in True Patches 4.01AT through 4.03AT. ALWAYS. Anyone who has a copy of those earlier True Patches can verify that fact for themselves.”

      Tessera doesn’t appear to know what “reverse engineering” is. It’s certainly _not_ meant to be to take something and remove bits from it.


    • Dominic White says:

      Well, that’s pretty open and shut, then.

      Wesp makes fan-patch.
      Tessera rips it off, guts it, calls it his own
      Wesp complains
      Tessera credits Wesp. Calls it reverse-engineering
      Wesp complains about that, too
      Tessera calls Wesp a nazi faggot and the THIEF OF CHILDRENS DREAMS

  4. noobnob says:

    It’s hard to read this thread with a straight face.

    • Kaira- says:

      It’s like a trainwreck – horrible, but you just can’t look away.

    • ezekiel2517 says:

      Oh, so true. I couldn’t avoid to laugh and nod thinking I am doing the same thing.


    • Tom De Roeck says:

      Well, it mostly just reads “[insert people that write personal-ish long rants about something]’s comments have been blocked” for me. All of a sudden, its down to five pages from seven!

    • shitflap says:

      Dammit I must have missed that :(

  5. Matzerath says:

    Oh God, you’ve finally brought the battle to RPS! Epic!
    I like to visualize Wesp and Tessera as an old librarian with thick round spectacles cornered by an obese balding middle-aged man in leather chaps, respectively. Wesp’s posse is a diverse group of general geeks and aging goths; Tessera’s are a bunch more middle-aged men in chaps.

  6. shagen454 says:

    It’s hilarious that Tess was self-righteous enough to titled his pompous version of patches the “True” Patch.
    That’s like saying I make “True” gelato, I make “True” New York Pizza. my wine comes from the “Truth” vine. The only people who go out of their way talking about True this and that are god damn fundamentalist christians trying to create an anti-argument. “God has shown me the truth. It is the Truth” Man, GTFO!

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      But seriously, New York pizza is the One True Pizza. At least in the US.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      TillEulenspiege –
      Have you no decency? Isn’t one ‘Holy War’ per thread enough for you, sir, without sounding the call for the Chicago-style, aka, Deep Dish Pizza, adherents to come and defend their version of the ‘One True Pizza’? ;)

    • Vinraith says:

      Never trust anyone who refers to their version of something as “True” with a capital “T.”

    • Urthman says:

      The wording is unfortunate, but I think he was just trying to give it a title that said,”This is a patch, not a mod.”

      Maybe he should have called it the “Minimalist Patch” or the “Bug-Fix-Only Patch.”

    • Vinraith says:

      No, I think he pretty clearly means his way was the right way, just look at how he’s comported himself in this thread. That’s to say nothing of the fact that Wesp’s patch has a prominent “patch only” option on installation.

  7. Cylnar says:

    Always good to see this classic RPG get some coverage in the gaming community. I just wish such coverage were a little less biased. This “Patch War” has been going on for years between two communities of VTMB players who are obviously passionate about the game. It’s good that Troika’s admittedly flawed masterpiece (the flaws can be laid mostly at the feet of Activision bean-counters and corporate greed) has such legs to still be relevant many years down the line from its release.

    It basically comes down to this: do you wish to accept whatever arbitrary gameplay and balance changes Wesp5 has made to the game, not to mention numerous new bugs introduced with every untested “patch”, or do you wish to play the game as close as possible to Troika’s original vision, with all critical and virtually all non-critical bugs squashed, as you can with the True Patch Gold Edition? To anyone on the fence: try both patches and see which you like better. Simple as that. Or read an excellent, very detailed breakdown of the changes made by both patches here: link to tessmage.com

    To refute the incomplete, disinformative posts by oceanclub and Dominic White, Tessera has openly stated that while the early versions of his patch were basically stripped versions of Wesp’s mod (to remove all the arbitrary changes Wesp introduced) starting from version 4.04AT, all work on the True Patch series belongs *exclusively* to Tessera and Acrimonious.

    Let me be very clear: There is NO reverse engineering in the 4.04AT patch, the 5.04AT patch or the current True Patch Gold Edition (TPG). Every single piece of code in those files belongs to the two authors, with extensive beta testing by members of the tessmage.com forums (including yours truly). Plus, a few hotfixes have been released, which can not currently be found on the mirrors posted above, but only at tessmage.com. The hotfixes contain no critical fixes (just fixes to some annoying but hardly game-breaking bugs) and the TPG, even without the hotfixes, is an excellent experience. I invite RPS to mention, and link, both patches in any future stories on Bloodlines so fans can have the choice the UP boosters would deny them.

    Moderator, tessmage.com

    • Mman says:


      There’s no “detailed breakdown” here; it’s just Wesp’s patch being shit on by a bunch of people who (as supporters of Tessera and Tessera himself) are pretty much the antithesis of unbiased, and don’t even try and hide it in that thread.

    • Yosharian says:

      Actually if you read this:

      link to tessmage.com

      It seems pretty clear that a lot of the fixes and additions are modifications. I’d agree that these guys are definitely biased towards their own patch, but I think there is a core of truth here that WESP’s patch isn’t really a patch, but actually a mod. And I’m concerned, based off other things I’ve read, that it isn’t stable, comparatively.

    • pipman3000 says:

      Patches can add or modify things too you know, or at least they did before developers found out about DLC.

    • Yosharian says:

      But it’s a very thin line between a patch that adds things that should have been there, and a patch which adds things that the author thinks should have been there. There are changes in the basic version that are kind of controversial, i.e. I wouldn’t personally have chosen to modify those things because they’re unnecessary or I disagree with the change.

    • pipman3000 says:

      But it’s a very thin line between a patch that adds things that should have been there, and a patch which adds things that the author thinks should have been there.

      Yes, and Wesp’s patch is entirely the former.

    • oceanclub says:

      “I think there is a core of truth here that WESP’s patch isn’t really a patch, but actually a mod”

      For perhaps the umpteeth time, you can install the basic version of Wesp’s patch which doesn’t include modifications.

      Your source of information is a website which does (bad) Photoshop mockups of Wesp as a Nazi officer. It is hardly a credible source of information.


    • Yosharian says:

      @Pipman3000: We disagree there.

      @oceanclub: except the basic version does include modifications.

    • pipman3000 says:

      List them, meat puppet.

      Prove you aren’t a puppet made out of meat.

    • Yosharian says:

      Don’t get personal. Remove your ego from the equation.

      There are many things. For one, the clan histories which are really overpowered. Second, the skin and weapon changes that don’t fit the original game. There are other things but it’s been a while since I played the game.

    • Fiatil says:

      Wow, we’re really going to complain that he enabled histories in the basic patch? The optional histories with the really funny descriptions that Troika wrote aren’t “true” enough to make it into a True Patch? They had a small bug that made your client crash if you looked at too many of them during character creating, that gets fixed, and they’re perfect. If game balance is your reason for histories not being True enough then you’re really really playing the wrong game. The combat in bloodlines is in no way shape or form balanced; it’s a single player RPG and so no one should really mind too much. Thaumaturgy is ridiculous by default, anything with celerity is ridiculous and not even close to balanced or challenging in the least.

    • Yosharian says:

      Well.. yeah! They’re much more of a mod than anything else in my view. That was all I was ever contending.

    • Fiatil says:

      This whole mod/patch distinction is sort of insane. I could re-enable histories with a three word console command and use a history for an entire play through, they just needed a bug fix to stop an occasional crash during character creation. It was an almost complete feature with a complete (and great) script and a minor bug that was axed because of the development crunch, do you honestly not think the developers would have patched that in within a couple of patches if the studio had stayed afloat? The first and only patch for the game dealt primarily with making the main quest able to be completed, they didn’t exactly have much time to patch in all of the minor stuff that needed a couple days of debugging. That’s why we have both of the fan patches! He didn’t tweak all of the stat changes and rewrite the dialogue, he turned on a console switch and fixed a bug. I guess I’m just really dense, but to me that’s not much of a mod.

  8. bansama says:

    Every time I feel like playing this game, I’m reminded of this stupid patch bickering. Which then puts me right off playing the game as I no longer enjoy it. Haven’t played the game in over 5 years as a result and doubt I ever will again.

    Funny how one overly zealous egotistical personality can ruin something like that =/.

    • Dominic White says:

      Just remember: It’s ONE egotistical, possibly insane person. Wesp is a pretty cool, humble guy and all the ‘drama’ is entirely coming from one side.

    • Shih Tzu says:

      That, um… That’s kinda weird, dude. You really don’t have to get involved in internet drama unless you want to. Just read up on what the different patches do, pick one, and be done with it.

      The nice thing about the internet is that you can turn it off, and it goes away. Usually.

    • bansama says:

      That’s kinda weird, dude. You really don’t have to get involved in internet drama unless you want to. Just read up on what the different patches do, pick one, and be done with it.

      Not really all that easy. As you can see from this very article. Once patching of this game is mentioned the it’s never long before the drama rears it’s annoying head again. I mean really, you can’t go anywhere to talk about patching this game without someone quickly deciding that a certain patch is not a patch but a modification, etc.

      It’s just way too bloody annoying.

      Just remember: It’s ONE egotistical, possibly insane person. Wesp is a pretty cool, humble guy and all the ‘drama’ is entirely coming from one side.

      Yeah I know, but the result is the same. The whole experience has been totally ruined for me. And if the damn game wasn’t attached to my Steam account, I’d have thrown it away a long time ago.

    • Thants says:

      If you refuse to play any game that there’s internet drama about you’ll never play another game again.

  9. g2d1 says:

    If Tessera had taken the patch, reverse engineered it, modified it and released it without crediting the author, then I can see where it could be stealing. But since Wesp was credited, then it is not stealing. The accusation is “Stealing” not reverse engineering. So I ask again how is the true patch a botched-job? If you can, factor out what ever differences Wesp and Tessera have for each other and only make mention of your statements. If you have not installed the True Patch then there is very little you can say as to the quality of the patch. If your comments were just part of a rant and you have no way of quantifying with facts, please disregard.

  10. binarybeetle says:

    First off there’s not much that I can add in regards to either patch which hasn’t already been said. I, personally have used the True Patch and do not intend to use anything else. I’ve seen the patch notes for both the UP and the True Patch and the UP just makes too many changes to the game for my taste. I have never had any problems using the True Patch and I suggest anyone wanting to patch their copy of VTM:B read the patch notes of each patch and choose the one that suits their playing style. I’ll stick with the True Patch.

    • Dominic White says:

      “I’ve seen the patch notes for both the UP and the True Patch and the UP just makes too many changes to the game for my taste.”

      For the n’thtieth f’ing time, it asks at installation whether you want the restored/rebalanced content or just fixes. This seems to be something that the (sudden influx) of ‘True’ patch fans don’t seem to want to admit or comprehend, for some bizarre reason.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Astroturfing ahoy. Lots of non-RPS peoples saying the exact same thing.

    • Yosharian says:

      @DominicWhite: but are they really just fixes?

      link to tessmage.com

      Look at the list of ‘fixes’. A huge majority of these are modifications, not fixes. And they are in the ‘basic’ version of the patch.

    • Dominic White says:

      @Yosharian – That is a 21,000 word disseration/rant/insane screed by one of Tessera’s most batshit insane groupies. The same guy that was calling for Wesp to be permanently banned from Steam for… making a fan-patch.

      21 thousand words of ‘how Wesp is worse than hitler’.


      What the fuck?

    • Yosharian says:

      The idea is to read the words, not count them.

    • Nick says:

      Yosharian is clearly one of them.

    • Yosharian says:

      Hi Nick, welcome to the internet ;-)

    • Ayn Rand says:

      I will carefully consider the words of Tessera, the creator of the TRUE PATCH GOLD EDITION VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE BLOODLINES PATCH, on whether or not the creator of another patch is part of the JUNIOR HITLER LUCIFER YOUTH FOUNDATION. These twenty-one thousand words I am about to read will surely be full of insight.

      im j/k kidding tessera, please overdose on mood stabilizers

    • MarkB says:

      Hey Ayn Rand, was that a subtle and random WU LYF reference? If so, awesome

  11. Iskariot says:

    “Sadly, Werner Spahl (Wesp5) has a very different philosophy and thus, every single version of his work to date forces the end user to accept a plethora of changes to the game that many players may NOT want to have forced upon them.”
    Why is it sad that Wesp has a different philosophy?
    Must everyone have the same philosophy as you do?
    People can choose, can they not?
    Nothing is forced upon anyone. That is absolute nonsense.
    Personally I am very happy with Wesp’s patch, and I am very grateful for his work.
    I have been using it since patch 4 and played with every version since.

    But I like the True Patch too. I keep both patches in a holy VTMB shrine. There’s room for both philosophies. Thanks.

  12. HermitUK says:

    I think Alec realised it was a slow news day on Friday, and posted this just to see what would happen.

  13. kandid says:

    Before all the “we don’t like strangers around here” attitude by veteran RPS members or “Tessera must be posting with different names” nonsense, let me say that this article was brought to my attention by a member of Tessmage.com, of which I’m a veteran member, and I’m really happy to see that Bloodlines still has the public attention it deserves after all these years.

    Apparently many people here don’t share Tessera’s concerns about the “purity” of the game or accuracy of the tweaked/added content. Fine, but know this- for some people, even the “Basic” version of Wesp’s patch has too many unnecessary changes.

    Anyway, since both patches and their changelogs are readily available, you can always try them for yourself.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Seriously, whats with all the “veteran”ism?

      I enjoy reading (sometimes silly) words about PC games and posting (mostly silly) words below them. I don’t feel extra special just because I did that for the better parts of two years now.

    • Vinraith says:


      I believe you’ve confused an awareness of astroturfing with “veteranism.”

  14. Thants says:

    Hey, guys, I was wondering if Wesp’s patch keeps the precious purity of essence of the original game, or if it’s actually a filthy disgusting “Mod”. What would be great is if about twenty people could come and each paraphrase the same answer for me.

    • wyrmsine says:

      Don’t patch the game at all – it’s really best experienced as intended to be played by the publisher.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      Thants –

      It’s times like this that make me glad that I only drink grain alcohol mixed with rain water when I read RPS.

    • Thants says:

      Ignorant Texan: That’s a solid plan. In fact, forget reading websites!

  15. Werthead says:

    I understand that Bloodlines has a reputation of being so fantastically awesome that it’s probably worth £50 and ritualistic self-flagellation before each playing session, but I’m a bit hazy on why I’ve never seen it for any less than £14.99 on Steam. Every time I see a Steam sale I’m immediately onto the Bloodlines page to see if it’s included, and it isn’t. It does seem odd that a six-year-old RPG from a company that no longer exists still costs half the price of a new title, yet with good timing I can pick up Fallout 3 and all its expansions for a fiver, or GTA4 for £4.

    Due to unemployment-enforced poverty I am reluctant to pay out £15 in one hit for one game (though I am very much sure it is worth it, since Bloodlines has a reputation on RPS shared only by Freespace 2, Hostile Waters and Anachronox, games which I love with the intensity of a thousand burning suns), especially since then post-patching it seems to be a process only marginally less complex than establishing a lasting peace in the Middle East. But it does seem very weird that it’s impossible to get this game for what might be considered a reasoanbly cheap price considering its age.

    • Tom De Roeck says:

      Its worth 15 pounds because nobody that actually made it is getting any money for it. Enjoy!

    • Nick says:

      sad but true.. they get no money for it at all =(

    • Shih Tzu says:

      I don’t know if it was the same way outside of the US, but for me, Bloodlines was 33% off (or around $13.00) throughout the most recent summer Steam sale. That’s why I finally picked it up, and I just installed it last night.

      I’m still only just starting the tutorial, but is it just me, or are the characters more expressive and less dead-eyed than anyone in the Half-Life 2 series, to say nothing of Fallout 3? Sure, the facial animation’s more than a bit wonky, but the character design shines through.

    • Yosharian says:

      This game is worth twice that.

      But no, it seems anything you pay doesn’t go to the devs. Shame.

  16. nzmccorm says:

    Do you guys remember how, that one time, Tess got really really upset that he got banned from Steam for inappropriate behaviour?

    And how in order to get his revenge, he was going to teach THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE how to pirate Steam Games like… Fallout 3, and… Dragon Age, you know, games that require steam. Because pirating games is hard.

    Yeah. That was two months ago. So he’s basically immensely out of touch and lacks any sense of proportion.

    I really don’t want to sneer at the mentally ill but jesus christ he makes it hard sometimes.

    • oceanclub says:

      Wait, Wesp banned him from Steam?
      _Wesp is Gabe Newell_?

      > link to i.imgur.com

      Oh, that’s epic. Threatening to bring down Valve, while making sure to include _two_ nudey women in the posting for emphasis.


    • Starky says:

      Jesus that is just epically retarded, I mean hell that is creationist levels of stupid on display right there…

      Teaching people how to pirate games? Oh my gosh, what secret and arcane methods does he know that allow people to get *free* games? It’s not like “google pirate” is all the step-by-step instructions anyone needs.

      I bet Valve are shitting themselves now.

    • Thants says:

      He’s going to teach people the secret way to remove Steam from their computers! A dark, black-market script called “Add or Remove Programs”.

    • Geralt says:

      I can’t believe I just read that. He sure takes this “patch drama” seriously.

    • Dominic White says:

      That whole thread is comedy gold: (NWS, of course)

      link to tessmage.com

      So, just two months ago (apparently he hasn’t cooled off since his racist tirade 4 years ago) Tessera’s still randomly screeching about Wesp being a nazi. His reasoning? Well, he’s german, and doesn’t like having his work stolen so…. NAZI!


      The man is actually, clinically insane and somehow has this small forum-cult of eternally loyal hangers-on.

    • Thants says:

      Jesus, he literally Photoshopped Wesp’s face onto a Nazi general. When you starting to think that calling something a “patch” when you consider it a “mod” is analogous to the holocaust, it’s time to seek professional help.

    • The Sentinel says:

      There really is something wrong with that boy Tessera, isn’t there? I don’t know Wesp at all, I only know him from his posts on other forums about his work on The Precursors but I have to say, having read the bulk of this diabolical thread, he wins any contest of character hands down purely by sheer dignity of his silence.

      Every time Tessera opens his mouth/keyboard I am filled with the urge to save myself from reading any more of it (or seeing any more of his crass uber-sexuality) by stabbing forks in my eyes.

      (re: the link to his forum post – It also irritates me that he can’t spell “lying” properly. Pedantic of me, I know, but hey.)

    • pipman3000 says:

      He’s a Malkavian. It makes sense if you think about it.

    • Fiatil says:

      This is fantastic. Teach me the ancient ways of the pirate!

      “Wesp is German. He lives in Germany. And if we have learned anything from German history, it is that they seem to believe that if you keep repeating a lie over and over again, then eventually that lie will become magically transformed into the truth.”

      Wow. Just wow.

    • Schu says:

      Hey The Sentinel, blame me for the typo, it was my work after all and in case you dont know typos happen.

    • One Pigeon says:

      Schu – It’s not a typo if that’s what you write every time. A typo is a typographical error not simply consistent, incorrect spelling.
      I just read that whole forum thread wanting to turn away but not able to. Just…wow. That picture..
      As well as nicely stereotyping and insulting an entire country of people he also manages to attack anybody who doesn’t think exactly like him. This is the kind of idiot you should never argue with.
      His reasoning will always be “you are sheep and all think alike, if you’re not open minded like me (open minded meaning thinking exactly like him. Oh the wonderful, wonderful hypocrisy) then your opinions are not worth listening to”.

  17. fuggles says:

    Best things about Vtm:B: 1) Trying stealth kills with different weapons 2) The audio is all on MP3’s 3) The atmosphere is amazing 4) I bought it for £10 within two weeks of launching, because that’s how well it sold.

    Played it twice vanilla, once with Wesp. No great difference in Wesps but adding cut content is always nice. I will play it once more again soon, probably using wesp as it is the most recent, although I suspect that both that and the other patch will likely play the same any way. That said I have played wildly differing bloodlines each time, which have a massive effect on gameplay anyway.

  18. RogB says:

    holy shit, what a read on a sunday morning. Last time I saw anything this dramatic was the first ‘new’ XCOM reveal.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Yeah, seriously. What the hell is going on here?

    • Dominic White says:

      Forum raid from Tessmage.com, premium source for nude mods (female only, naked men are for limp-dicked kraut faggots), and home of strong-willed, free-thinkers. No cud-chewing sheeple allowed.

      (No, seriously – read the front page. That’s how it’s billed)

  19. MultiVaC says:

    This is a really brilliant drama. I’ve only used Wesp’s patch so far, and I was considering trying out Tessera’s to see if was better or not… but being confronted by the sheer insanity of its creator has turned me off of even downloading it. I have trouble believing any of the claims he makes about it; he’s managed to sabotage his own credibility so spectacularly that I really just don’t want to bother at this point. I’m sort of curious about Wesp has to say about all of this. I haven’t really heard his side of the story at all.

    • stahlwerk says:

      If you install Tessera’s patch, it replaces your desktop background with porn and turns My Computer into My Harem. It also renames your Steam folder.

      It’s True*.

      *) may actually not be true.

    • oceanclub says:

      “I’m sort of curious about Wesp has to say about all of this. I haven’t really heard his side of the story at all.”

      Wesp just keeps his head down and works on the patches.

      Those krazy Krauts.


  20. rogueoutcome says:

    Gosh, the Battle of Armageddon is being played out here, on an RPS comments thread. I must confess, I never imagined, not in my wildest, most feverish dreams that I would bear witness to such drama and excitement. Thank you all. I am edified.

    It’s wonderful to see threats to perceived value being so rigorously defended with such a noble sense of proportion.

    I’m not sure but wasn’t there a golden age of halcyon days when comments threads like this didn’t exist here or has the delirium of this nonsense forced my mind to retreat into nostalgia?

  21. shagen454 says:

    This thread brought out the closet vampires & some ghouls. As well as the Jester, himself. That’s one creepy creep.

  22. Daz says:

    It’s time to nuke this thread from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

  23. bigdumbface says:

    Holy Fuck… This thread is…. I can’t even comprehend a word to describe how hilarious this thread is to me. I am absolutely loving every moment of it.

    That said, I would like to take a moment to point something out. I agree that Tess’ comments in this thread (as well as the astroturf spilling from his own site) are quite obviously malicious. But those of you on Wesp5’s side truly need to take a moment and step back from your keyboards. Deep breath. Let it out. Deep breath again… You’re doing nothing productive here. You’re pushing forward an agenda that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the basis for this thread.

    The original topic here was that another version of someones patch has been released for a game that many of us hold dear to our hearts. Discuss the changes in the patch. Discuss the game as a whole. Discuss specific things about this particular patch that you enjoy. Don’t screed forth your opinions about another patch that has absolutely nothing to do with the preceding article. You’re all coming off just as childish as the person you’re attempting to chastise.

    I am a long-time reader of RPS (first time making a post as I’ve usually been content with simply reading the goings-on of others) and I made this post purely to point out that, despite what “good” either side of this debate seems to be putting forth… you’re only hurting yourselves. This entire thread has become less about the subject at hand and more a grammar-school recess argument between who has the better version of Hide-and-Seek. Either let it go or move on.

    … With all that put forward, feel free to continue bickering back and forth. I would rather take the high-ground but this thread has given me more than a few simple giggles.

    • anonymousity says:

      How much fun is taking the high ground, and what point would it have? None you say? Oh good, time to continue with the drama making.

  24. nperrin says:

    I can’t believe I actually read through this whole effing thread.

    I played the game for the first time last year with Wesp’s patch and it was amazing. I got scared by the histrionic madness of Tessera and decided to go with the more trustworthy 7.x patch that was available at the time.

    Short version of this drama: “who gives a shit.”

    • One Pigeon says:

      Yes, but it is internet gold and feels soooo good.

      I think I’ll probably enjoy this thread more than the actual game.

  25. wesp5 says:

    Better late to the party than never ;). It’s indeed true that I wasn’t aware of the whole “patch” versus “mod” issue when I continued Dan Upright’s work because he already restored stuff in his first release and this is common for a lot of patches. I later learned it the hard way and therefore provided a basic patch for people who like Bloodlines closer to the original but unfinished game. This basic version has become more and more basic over the years and should be considered a patch. The plus version on the other hand does make some changes and restores a lot of unused content, but it doesn’t make this arbitrary. I have reasons for all the changes, but of course these can’t be listed in a patch readme. Still I wouldn’t call the plus version a mod, more a restoration project in the way e.g. of the KOTOR2 Restoration Project.

    @ Yosharian: There are no changes to the weapons in the basic patch and who would really care about some unused Troika skins that I restored? The histories are purely optional and the threads on the TP board listing all the “modifications” are mostly speculations based on my patch readme which, I would be the first one to admit, is rather cryptic ;). They don’t play my patches, they just try to guess from my notes what might be a fix or a modification. And they are wrong most of the time…

    @ g2d1: There is no changed blood pool depletion in the basic or the plus patch. You must have mistaken it with the Camarilla Edition mod which does exactly that as one of it’s main features.

    • Yosharian says:

      Well, I will try out the latest basic patch at some point and see what it’s like. As I said earlier, I still think both patches are great and worth anyone’s time, it’s just the leaning towards modifications that your patch had that didn’t fit so well with me.

    • MarkB says:

      I had completely forgotten I wanted VtMB until this article came up. It is completely fantastic, thanks alot for making it playable and good job staying out of this stupid feud.

      Also this thread is the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet in years, I’m gonna have to read some of the Tessmage forums when I have time to waste

    • Iskariot says:

      Thanks Wesp for your continued support for the best vampire game off all times.
      I very much like playing VTMB with your Plus patch.

  26. talon03 says:

    The game is currently 75% off (that’s £3.74) on Steam. link to store.steampowered.com

    • Iskariot says:

      Thanks for the tip.
      I already own the original game on disk, but it is nice to have this beautiful game on Steam too.
      I immediately ordered. I saw it was one of their best selling items at the moment.

      I hope that the gaming industry will take the lasting popularity of this game as a clue.
      I want a sequel for this game.

  27. Brutal Deluxe says:

    Is it me, or does any of this remind anyone of “King of Kong”

  28. Zenoseiya says:

    I have to say, who releases 200 patches for a seven-year-old game? Why doesn’t that strike anyone as excessive?

    Has anyone noticed how the Wesp supporters have no substantial rebuttal against the True Patch aside from personal attacks on Tessera, solely for a few drunken rants that are pretty much the norm for the internet? In fact, they’ve never even used the TP, much less read the patch notes or forum posts. Whereas the Tess supporters have actually gone to the effort of making a list of comparisons in order to better inform their audience.

    No one brings up Offkorn’s Unofficial Patch Stripped, either. In fact, when Offkorn released it, Wesp complained that he was stealing. Even though Offkorn outright stated that it was a modification of Wesp’s work, and only claimed credit for stripping it down. Which is exactly the same thing Tess and Acrimonious originally did. These allegations of stealing are lies, pure and simple.

    This “patch war” is silly. Anyone who rationally weighs the facts can see that the TPG is a patch and the UPB is a mod. As demonstrated by a couple of complete strangers to the “conflict” in this very thread.

  29. DestroyYourEgo says:

    Great, great game.

    Wish they’d do a new one- imagine what that’d be like!