Arma 2: The Player News Report

It doesn't end well.
I don’t know why I am surprised to see Arma 2 players effectively role-playing in their game, but it was still a bit strange to watch this video (below). It’s a bunch of footage shot by a “cameraman” as he and a reporter accompany the chaps from UKTF clan in their patrols on the game. They get ambushed, obviously, and plenty of dodgy-voice acting and life-threatening excitement ensues. Get through the first couple of minutes and it actually becomes pretty tense and exciting. Good job, those men.

Relatedly, if you an Arma 2 fancier, why not join our Arma 2 community?

Full marks for effort, especially on those dodgy news tickers!


  1. CaspianRoach says:

    Noooo, AK47’s are dropping! Sell! Sell!

  2. Inigo says:

    “Steve and Edward remained transfixed by the mysteriously levitating engine oil container, while Carl wondered who had stolen the giant honeycombs he had kept in the walls.”

  3. squareking says:

    GMG finally got some serials, so I can finally see what the fuss is all about tonight.

  4. Orija says:

    I logged in to the RPS server yesterday, no one seemed to have any idea of what was going on. People just ended up blowing the dozen helicopters that were clumped together.

    • egg651 says:

      That was undoubtedly the free/public server, and should not be taken as a representation of our regular sessions on our Combined Ops server. The RPS free server is pretty much just like any other free server (IE a bit of a clusterf**k) but with RPS branding and occasional visits from our sadistic reasonable and fair admins.

    • egg651 says:

      That was undoubtedly the free/public server, and should not be taken as a representation of our regular sessions on our Combined Ops server. The RPS free server is pretty much just like any other free server (IE a bit of a clusterf**k) but with RPS branding and occasional visits from our sadistic reasonable and fair admins.
      (This reply didn’t show up first time so sorry if it bugs out and this becomes a double post)

    • Stranglove says:

      Were you on the Free server? Because that’s a disorganised wasteland.

    • Unaco says:

      In future, take down names, give them to admins.

      Sounds like you were on the RPS A2Free server, which has no password protection, rather than the RPS OA/CO server, which is passworded.

    • Alex Bakke says:

      That’s the ArmA 2 Free server – for anyone to join, RPS or otherwise. We play on a private server, and use much more teamwork. Jump into the RPS Steam Chat in the evening if you’d like to play with us.

      (Evening GMT)

    • Bodge says:

      The A2Free server is generally not where our ArmA community hangs out. We use the passworded combined ops server more often. Have a look in the thread linked, pop on the steam chat room and ask if anyone would like a game.

    • Nullkigan says:

      And, to join the pile-on, when there are a few of us on it the free server DOES generally improve. It’s still not the best way to experience Arma, though.

      We should probably have an RPS-only event on it one of these days, would be much more organised and friendly.

    • Chauvigny says:

      Oh, it depends.
      I once connected to the empty ArmA 2 Free – server and there was no mission running, so I started one and quickly 3 other guys joined which obviously had a clue about the game.

      The mission objectives were the assassination of a group leader and securing the city in the middle of the night. We had Russian equipment which was a welcome change for me.
      Communication was allright though nobody used a microphone, it was like in the good ol’ days of Rainbow Six, where VoIP software wasn’t that common.

      So we started our mission by approaching the perimeter, calling out snipers and marking groups of enemies on the map, after beeing spotted an intense firefight erupted and I got hit several times, but always had a team mate which dragged my bloody arse out of the firing line and revived me.

      More and more players joined and there were now actually two fireteams consisting of about 4 members which worked their way into the city, where the tension became higher and higher since enemy shooters could be around every corner, gangwalk or elsewhere.

      At the time I had to leave the server was almost full and it was still some coordination and teamwork visible.

      I never experienced this kind of teamwork on a Domination map where the action becomes repetitive.


      Missions are more fun than the Domination mode.

      Greetings to Liam & Bad_Bone thanks for some excellent teamplay!


    • Orija says:

      Yea, it was the Arma 2: Free one, will make sure to give the other one a try.

  5. hifibry says:

    They really DESTROYED my effort from ArmA 1 a couple years ago.

  6. Rykane says:

    Hey, I’m =UKTF= Rykane and thanks for doing an article on our clan. I’m the co-leader of =UKTF= We wanted to do a video which wasn’t scripted as this was all out of the blue really. We didn’t know the Taliban were going to hit us at that specific time. We heavily rely on our training we do every week and we use real world tactics which are displayed in the video.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks.

  7. oceanclub says:

    I’d love to try Arma 2 (paid) MP, but I’m a _complete_ novice. Can I still jump into the RPS server?


    • Nullkigan says:

      Of course. Why wouldn’t you?

    • oceanclub says:

      “Of course. Why wouldn’t you?”

      Well, I’d hate to ruin anyone’s game by being the mil-sim equivalent of Frank Spenser.


    • Bodge says:

      don’t worry we have several of those already.

  8. Snuffy the Evil says:

    I remember Shack Tactical doing something similar with a “reporter” joke role in an Arma 1 mission.

  9. sgt. grumbles says:

    “Put all your money into AK47 shares,” he said. “Eaaaaasy money, you’ll see,” he said. Gah!

  10. Rykane says:

    You can take a look at our website here:

  11. Freerider117 says:

    Hey Im Freerider117 I lead UKTF along with Rykane

    Just to say what you are seeing here is a trail of what we are aiming to achieve in every operation we do.

    Yes this video has its flaws but like Rykane said NOTHING in this was scripted at ALL. We are aiming to setup a true PVP simulation in ARMA which NO ONE else has done before.

    This is not RedvsBlue player versus’s player competitive gaming.

    What it is is the most realistic form of ARMA you can have.

    We are striving to make this a reality in UKTF and we are growing all the time. With help from clans such as 16AA 2 Para and TF86 we are having brilliant operations.

    War is not fair and neither are the numbers in battle.

    For example

    2 sections
    1 apache
    1 UAV
    2 QRF teams

    12-20 Insurgents/civilians

    There are strict rules of engagement in our operations and loss of life is always a last option as we always aim to capture militia alive. However the firefights and intensity of operations is something you cannot experience ANYWHERE else.

    If anyone does want to join we offer excellent training brilliant operations and a true community checkout http://WWW.UKTF-CLAN.CO.UK for more detail.

    thanks for taking the time to read this :)